Comings And Goings


Keane.jpg Vaputero (NPC)

Date: April 26, 2011
Location: Blood and Bucket, Telgar area and stronghold, Bitra area
Synopsis: The turn is ending. Keane is returning a letter from Indira while Bitra's crimelord makes a pivotal plan since the discovery of Olira's giving birth to his son.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Keane

By the time Keane finally got Indira’s letter, missions have been completed and a certain baby girl has been rescued.

Since being back at the Blood and Bucket, things up in Telgar have been hotbed of activity. The lands were a stir with renegades, though most manages to keep clear of the watchful eyes of dragonriders and guards. Telgar’s crimelord, Loriendovus, was having a little meeting event over at his stronghold where only Delaus of Crom, Timekis of South Boll and Jorro of Fort were invited. That meant their entourage of men and women were roaming all over the Telgar area while the three men met for two days – and that meant a boon in business for Keane.

He Rordan kept the bar running efficiently through packed nights, making sure that one faction was not being favored over the other – something that would spark off a fight right away – and making sure that relative peace was kept between the groups. Despite the crimelords meeting being allies, that didn’t mean that their seconds and people were with each other. As long as such rivalries didn’t smash the Blood and Bucket, the bar owner still maintaining that his bar was a zone of neutrality, then he could really care less who hated who.

That particular night that Ralik breezed into the bar bearing Indira’s letter, he was just closing up and finally retiring to his chambers. By the time he was able to settle down at his small desk, having not been able to wait to read the letter in his room so it was opened earlier, he already was reaching for clean sheet of hide and a stylus to write his reply.

Dearest Indira,

I have missed your face since leaving the south, those precious days still lingering in my head as I work. It will never abate, and I don’t think I want it to. I think I rather like being distracted these days. You fulfilled dreams for me in those short days, my lady.

The Blood and Bucket is as busy as ever up here in Telgar. Lorien’s allies have been summoned for some sort of meeting, so their people are providing good marks for my pocket. In the case you (or your son for that matter) didn’t know, his allies currently are Timekis, Delaus and Jorro. Jorro only half the time, I imagine, for the man doesn’t bother to come when he’s drunk – which is most of the time. He’s a rigid man, Lorien, so all I can gather about that meeting is that it’s business related. If it has anything to do with your son, the new crimelord, I’ll let you know.

I am pleased to hear about my girls. That baby will keep Olira occupied enough. I have a blanket for the boy that I want to sent down there, and it is enclosed with this letter. See that she gets it? I’ve had it woven by an old seamstress of Regane’s. It amuses me, I must admit, to hear about a Dicori girl being as besotted with someone far from the lifestyle she’s used to. Despite the amusement, I think this Shijan will be good for her. He seems to truly care for her, and that, I cannot fault the man on. He seems honorable – more than she’s used to. He remains true, then I think you may see a change in Dicori. Maybe. Even felines have a hard time being tamed!

Max is a brave sort of man to return to his past to rescue his daughter. I agree on your words on this child not knowing him, and therefore, rejecting him however. He’s not in a good place right now, and I do wish that I could be present when he returns with his child to guide him through it. I never had a child myself, but I know how tough it can be to be reunited with someone you haven’t seen for the better part of their lives. It’s a good thing he has YOU, my lady. I truly think that your son will recover. Things will smooth out for him. If he needs me, he is always welcome to visit up here at the Blood and Bucket. I’m surprised to say that I’ve grown rather fond of him. In some ways, he reminds me of myself the way I was back when I was his age. I want to see him prosper. He WILL get through this!

You, my lady, your son, and my girls are deeply on my mind and in my heart as the days grow shorter. I await the day soon when you’ll be up here – once your life and the lives of your son and granddaughter have been settled. When all is well enough, I will watch the door and wait for you to arrive. In the meantime, dream of my love….



And so, Keane folded the letter up and sent it to a waiting Ralik, left in his chambers in deep thought about daughters rescued, sons delivered, and longings for a blonde-haired Headwoman down south.


Vaputero was not pleased.

News of Olira going into labor and bearing his son came to him late – later than he had wanted thanks to the fact that his informants in the Weyr not doing theyr jobs efficiently. At least in hiseyes.

“What do you want to do about this?” his second-in-command asks then, already feeling the coming of the storm in the Bitran crimelord’s eyes.

Vaputero shakes his head and turns away from him. His son. His son is in a Weyr – probably being prodded and poked over by those dratted dragonriders! It mattered little to him that Eastern Weyr was home to southern’s newest crimelord. His jaw grates as he thinks, his stormy eyes darkening to black in his frustration. No. He was not about to sit by and let his son be raised by dragonriders.

“I want to go down there and see for myself,” he decides coldly, straightening up from his chair. His second wasn’t about to remind him about the potential trouble of his going down there – no one questions Vaputero. Looking to his second, “Arrange it. Alert Lorayit of my coming. Make sure he knows, and sends to that damned crimelord down there, that this is merely diplomatic meeting. I don’t want him pulling on airs because I’m in his territory on a matter not having to do with him.”

His instructions delivered, he gets up and walks out with the tension fading from his large frame. He was going south. Vaputero was coming to Eastern Weyr.

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