Commission Exchanges


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Date: Sept. 8, 2010
Location: The Bar
Synopsis: Nenienne comes by to fulfill the commission hatched upon prior to the hatching.
Rating: PG
Logger: Jaya

It's getting into the late evening with a few stragglers left in the bar before closing. Suli is there, already starting up the cleaning process, and there is a heavy pallor about her as if the older woman was in a bad mood. Jaya, on the other hand, is behind the counter working on cleaning out mugs and whatnot - and is idly engaged in light talk with one of the patrons seated at the counter. It's a very relaxed atmosphere, despite the barmaid's dark and quiet mood.

Nenienne peeks in, then enters properly. She's carrying the three sheets of hide she made before the hatchings. She heads over toward where Jaya is, but stops politely when she sees the bar owner is already occupied.

The scarred-faced woman's laughing when she sees Nenienne enter the establishment, her posture straightening a little as she nods to the patron she was conversing with. Gesturing for the former candidate to come forward, she spies the sheets of hide in hand, letting her voice carry to her as she continues cleaning. "Guess you and I got something that needs fulfilling, hm?" she sends by way of greeting, nodding sharply toward the hides Nenienne holds.

Nenienne nods, also sharply. "I just wanted to make sure about materials before starting. Did you want the chain made from tin, copper, silver, or gold, for instance? And I've forgotten, did you want a light or a dark blue stone?

Questions! Jaya reaches over to collect up the marks that suddenly appear on the counter from the patron she was talking to, and a stool suddenly frees up. "What's affordable?" she askes on the chain, settling to leaning against her side of the counter. "I think either copper or silver would be choice, but…I imagine the silver would cost more? And dark blue stones would work." Brows lift and the bar owner's looking at Nenienne in askance for further questions.

Nenienne says, "Silver is more expensive, but copper will leave green marks on the skin once it oxidizes. For dark blue I'd recommend lapis lazuli, if you want opaque, or iolite if you want transparent. Sapphire would probably not be an option if you're looking at cost as a factor."

Jaya nods to that, regarding the woman for a moment as she makes her decision in silence. Hands pausing in cleaning out another mug, "I'll indulge in the silver," she agrees to that, "and I think she would appreciate lapis lazuli. As long as it looks nice, tasteful." Back to work she goes now, though her gaze never wavers from Nenienne. "How soon can I get that made?" she asks now.

Nenienne says, "As soon as I can get a ride to Landing or the Hall, which shouldn't be too long. I can offer the riders jewelry in exchange for rides. Meanwhile, we need to narrow down which of these designs you want."

"Very well." Jaya leans forward, her hands reaching out for the hides in question. "Does that usually work? Offering jewelry for rides, especially the males?" she notes, allowing some wry amusement enter her husky alto.

"This will be my first time trying it," admits Neni. "I'm hoping that even the male riders will have someone they want to impress." She hands over the sheets to Jaya and leans to get a better look.

"Tell me how that goes," Jaya is dry in remarking, but her lopsided grin is very much present on her face. Back to the sheets once they're taken, she goes silent as she flips through each carefully. It seems the second and third are getting her once-over over and over again, the constant flipping back ad forward rapid that it would be almost hard to tell if the woman was really -looking- at them. Settling on looking at the last, "The males /always/ have someone they want to impress, shuga," the bar owner picks up the conversation again as if the pause never happened. "Some would say we women should be thankful. This one," and she pulls the last sheet and passes it over to Nenienne. "Simple and elegant. Fits my sister to the last stitch."

Nenienne says, "I will." She stops watching as the flipping gets faster and faster, but then looks carefully when the decision is made. She names a price, then adds "I generally like to have half down for materials, and then the rest upon completion. Does that sound acceptable?"

Straight to the point when it comes to price. Jaya likes that, and it shows. "I can manage the price," she says, nodding firmly to that. "Once I do my profits for this evening's business, I can have Suli seek you out with half the price down tomorrow. Where do you keep yourself these days since the hatching? I see you're still here…" she looks the woman up and down, curious.

Nenienne nods gravely. "I'm down with everyone else in the lower caverns. That reminds me; I need to track down Neythan about a better lock for my press."

There's a low flash of sympathy from the bar owner over the older woman not Impressing, there and gone in an instant as she nods to Nenienne's words. "Suli lives down there too," she admits, her eyes stealing out towards the moody barmaid that was currently busy talking to one of the patrons. "I'll get her the marks you need and she'll send it on over to you. And, thanks." There's a warm smile for the crafter, nodding again as one cleaned mug gets deposited away for another one.

Nenienne nods. "Thank you as well. Having these commissions took some of the sting out of not impressing, I think." She pauses, then adds, "I'll probably be able to do the necklace in one day once I get that ride. Do you need it any sort of time frame?"

Jaya grins a bit, propping her chin ontop of her hand. "Impressing isn't everything, shuga," she says, hitching a little shrug to her statement. "Us folks without dragons do just fine on our own. Stronger, right?" She makes a fist, lifting it up in indication. "Sometimes I even think we are the stronger ones for it." To her question then, she shakes her head. "There's no rush. It's going to take time getting it to my sister, and well….still on the fence on whether I even /want/ to send it or not. Complicated. I appreciate you doing this though, Nenienne," and her smile returns at that.

Nenienne contemplates. "Given that I had never even thought of impressing before being searched, you have a point. I still have to wonder about those two dragonets, though. I got such a feeling from one of the eggs."

"From one of the ones that got destroyed?" Jaya ponders on that for a moment, a light frown settling before her gaze seeks out Nenienne's firmly. "Maybe but…how can you be sure of that as well?" Head tilting a little, "And, there's always next time. Maybe the one you're meant to be with has yet to come?" There's further thought on this, then the bar owner's shrugging and moving on. "Missed chances like that, my father always said to never linger on them," she states somewhat sagely with a nod. "Opportunities will always come, so why focus on the past? I'm glad you're staying on here, really. Not just for the commission's sake."

Nenienne almost manages a smile at the last, but not quite. "Thank you," is all she says in response to that. "I am looking forward to standing again, this time since we won't be digging the lake. And I'll always have my jewelry."

"Always," Jaya agrees easily with that, straightening from her lean to set a glass aside. A close smile is good enough for the bar owner. "And you'll always have those looking for you to make jewelry for them, shuga. Even those male dragonriders looking to impress ladies like you and I?" The crooked smile is mischievious at best, then a passing patron briefly gets her attention as they wave a farewell to her. "You know where to find me when that necklace is done, eh?"

Nenienne nods. "I wouldn't mind if some day someone commissioned something from me to give to me, I don't think." She nods in answer to Jaya's question, then says "I'll know where to find you — and maybe I can spend some of the profits here on some more of that juice."

"Any men you fancy that could do that, here?" Jaya muses over that, her interest piqued at the comment. "And hey, you and me both there. Perhaps soon we shall toast to men and them making us pretty jewelry?" There's a low, companionable chuckle to that, then she looks pleased by the last statement. Profits always pleases the bar owner. "I might be getting new blends, soon," she lets Nenienne know, nodding at her conspiratorily. "Maybe not as good as the apple spice one but worth a taste, shuga."

Nenienne hmmmmms. "None come to mind. It was funny to see how the others were pairing up, though. I wonder how Ciara and L'ron or Andi and M'zen will deal with the color issues." Then she shifts topics, "I especially like the apple because it's so exotic. We never got apples back home."

Jaya blinks, eyes narrowing slightly at the names given as her washing of a glass stills. "L'ron and…?" It was so unexpected - that, and it completely takes the bar owner aback for a moment for some reason. She's even slow to recover when Nenienne shifts topics, and it's her familiarity with making conversation and asking the probing questions that has her involuntarily asking, "And home is where?"

Nenienne says, "A cothold beholden to Misty Hold." If she is aware at all of the conundrum she's just caused, she doesn't seem to notice. "Oh well, I'd better go now and let you close up."

"Dunno a Misty Hold," Jaya notes, another patron leaving getting her brief smile and nod. "I don't think." She probably doesn't, but the woman's crafty enough to recover from /that/ quickly. "Anyways, come find me soon? I'll have the other part of your payment ready." She nods Nenienne off then, going back to closing up behind the counter as Suli approaches with the broom.

Nenienne nods once, sharply, and heads out with a polite nod to both Jaya and Suli.

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