Commissioning A Candidate


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Date: 2010.08.06
Location: Beast Caverns
Synopsis: Nenienne shows up for stable duty and finds herself with work of another kind.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Max

After breakfast finds those that had gone to the living caverns for their meal, returning, and those that ate on the hoof so to speak, carefully stacking bowls onto a crate set off to one side. Max it would appears is one such meal-on-the-go eater this morning. Standing in the centre of the aisle, dark eyes keeping careful watch over the change in shift as he scoops up the last spoonful of porridge.

Nenienne walks in, carrying a shovel, and looks around for something or someone. Her eyes light on the wheelbarrows and she heads over to them, but is still looking around as if hoping to espy whatever (or whomever) it is she's looking for.

Max’s keen gaze pins onto Nenienne the minute she enters the caverns. He leaves her to wander about for a bit, watching her with some guarded amusement and then finally setting the empty bowl with the others, strolls over, hands in pockets. “You lost?”

Nenienne shakes her head. "I was hoping to see Suzan, though. Last time I was on stable duty I worked with her to fertilize the pasture."

A dark brow lifting, faint amusement still evident, "Suzan, eh?" shoulders roll in a shrug, "Think she said something about needing to check up on the herdbeast that calved yesterday." Max fixes a more intent look onto Nenienne, "Haven't you heard? It ain't safe to come down here to the lair of that unruly beast manager without an escort?" Likely simply playing the fool.

Nenienne merely shrugs, her ever-present frown not even deepening. In a voice lacking any real emotion she says, "Men have never bothered," there is a slight pause here, as if she were omitting a word, "Me before. Why would one start now?"

Moving over to where someone is needing duty sheets signed off on, Max continues the conversation regardless, “You want one to bother you?” dark eyes flicking over Nenienne’s way.

Nenienne's voice lightens somewhat, despite her face seeming to be frozen in the frown. "No really. Between candidate chores and working on the commission for after the hatching, I don't really have time."

Sending the stablehand on his way, Max turns back to Nenienne, a piece of straw he’d plucked up now stuck to the corner of his mouth as a chuckle arrives. “We’re really not all that much work you know. Feed us, stroke our egos, flash a pretty smile and you’re about done.” Yeah, like it’s that easy. “What commission?” light interest showing up.

Nenienne gives a snort at Max's list which could be addressing any or all of the points contained therein. When he brings up the commission, however, her eyes light up and even her frown lets up a little. "Jaya asked for a necklace for her sister. I've been working on different drawings in lieu of having materials or a workbench here. So far I'm looking at sapphire, lapis lazuli, or iolite as the focus stone, and wither beads or shells as accents."

Max’s expression goes momentarily still and then he’s simply nodding in response to the commission received by the candidate. The making of jewellery not really his forte, however he does ask, “That your line of work before that landed on your shoulder?” the candidate knot.

Nenienne nods, then finally remembers the whole social graces thing. "I'm Neni. I was posted here as a Smith with a jewelry specialization before Zhiyth searched me."

He’s not a total boar and as such when Nenienne introduces herself, Max unpockets a hand and offers it forward, “Max, unruly beast manager,” the latter said through a roguish grin. As to the candidate’s former designation he takes that in, a small silence developing and then as the edge of a boyish grin peeks out, “Got time for another commission maybe?”

Nenienne shakes his hand gravely, showing no indication of having heard good or ill about him. She seems quite comfortable in the silence which follows, but when he asks about another commission her face once again lights up… even the frown. "I won't be able to do much but design right now, and that only when I'm not doing chores. The Weyr doesn't yet have the workspace or materials I would need. But after the hatchings I could always get a ride to Landing and work on it. What did you have in mind?"

Of course aside from the rumours that had circulated with his name attached, Max really has no idea what’s being said of him. He just likes to push buttons. Amusement flickers in and out as Nenienne’s face lights up at mention of a possible commission. What did he have in mind? “Something that’ll have a girl’s face looking just like yours when she gets it?” his grin turning crooked. Shoulders lift and fall in a light shrug, “How about something in green and silver? But it must be able to be worn everyday.” Giving the candidate the chance to pitch a few ideas of her own.

Nenienne hmmmm, her expression going distant. "Depnding upon how much she works with her hands it could be a necklace or a bracelet — if she does a lot of stable-mucking or cooking or Healing, a ring would be a bad idea. If she likes light green, then something with the greener peridot or a nice green amethyst would work. If she likes darker, emeralds, although they're so fragile… and expensive. And hard to find at eye clean, let alone better. Tsavorite garnet might be nice, or pittado if cabochons would work better. Beads are also always a possibility, especially for a bracelet or necklace, and especially since they can be dyed. If the recipient likes all shades of green then maybe a graduated set of beads going from light to dark. Oh, there are a lot of possibilities."

That gives Max pause for thought before admitting a little sheepishly, “Don’t rightly know that she likes green. Just it’ll look really good on her.” And then he’s listening carefully to all that Nenienne says, brows furrowing as he tries to keep up with all the unfamiliar terms. Eventually he just gives up and lifts a hand in defeat. “Woah, back up there darlin’, you lost me at Tsavooo…” something, “Expense ain’t the issue if you can get your hands on an emerald.” The beast manager appears to have a made decision, “Something simple like a silver chain that’ll not easily break with an emerald in a…” fingers twirl about in the air making little loops as he fails to find the correct words, “dainty design?” he eventually settles on as a descriptor.

Without missing a beat Neni says "Tsavorite — a gorgeous deep green garnet. Far more sturdy than emerald, although if she's careful than a necklace should be fairly safe. Hmmm. Silver chain, and just the stone? Maybe a filigree setting, if you want dainty."

Max snaps his fingers as Nenienne correctly identifies the word he'd been searching for. Filigree! Yes! Listening as the candidate explains the gem with the tricky name, the beast manager's shoulders roll and then he's asking, "Which of the two is the most precious and enduring? This Tsavooorite one, or the emerald?" Because that appears to be of importance to him. And then adding, "Do you do engraving too?"

Nenienne says, "Trick question. Emerald is definitely more precious, but tsavorite is more enduring. Emeralds are ridiculously fragile, which is why I cringe any time someone sets one in a ring." She pauses at the final question, weighing her words carefully. "I know how to engrave, but my writing is perhaps not the most flowery available."

Taking what Nenienne says into consideration, Max's head dips and his eyes study the ground as he contemplates the best course of action. "Ah shards. Make two. One with that Tsavorite thing and another using emerald. She can decide which she wants to wear when." And here is where his expression turns a touch awkward, perhaps even boyish in its presentation, "Don't have to be fancy," the engraving, "just my name." Which isn't fancy in itself.

Nenienne nods. "I can start drawing pictures as soon as I get an all-clear from Jaya for a design. Is your name spelled em-aye-cee-kay-ess or em-aye-ecks? I will probably also need to get some marks up front, especially if I want to procure an emerald.' she hastily adds "But I wouldn't ask for the marks until I begin the work."

“It’s Lomaxin actually, but Max is what I go by,” the em-aye-ecks variety. Nenienne needing marks up front seems to have been expected by the beast manager for his upper body half turns toward his office, “You sure don’t need it now?” Lets hope he’s not stupid enough to actually leave his marks just lying about in there.

Nenienne shakes her head firmly. "Definitely not now. I would need to find out how much I need for an acceptable emerald first, and I can't talk to any Miners at the moment. Besides, the candidate quarters aren't exactly the most secure place in the Weyr, and someone said it may be months before the eggs hatch."

Nodding in understanding of what Nenienne says, something suddenly occurs to the man, “What…happens if you impress? Will the commissions be passed onto a colleague of yours?” Now that the idea’s formulated, Max seems pretty determined to see it carried out.

Nenienne's expression briefly changes to that of confusion. "I've not really been thinking about impressing. It seems more realistic to concentrate on just doing as I always have, given how the odds are stacked against impression." She continues to think on this, then says, "If I impress I imagine they could be given to my replacement, oir perhaps to master Jarvys at Landing. He was working on a gorgeous tiara when I went to ask permission to stand."

Max simply shrugs at Nenienne’s confession of not having given impressing much thought, “You might want to have a back plan in place for just in case, aye?” Scepticism now crosses his features, “Master Jarvys? I ain’t no Lord Holder, darlin’. Just a beast manager looking to have something made for his girl.” Yeah, he said it. His girl.

"Probably a good idea," admits Neni. She nods an acknowledgement to Max's protest about commissioning from a master of the craft. Then, not begrudgingly but perhaps regretfully she picks up her shovel. "I'll be thinking of designs," she promises, "But I should get to work now lest someone reports me for slacking. It was good to meet you." And not just because of the commission.

A short round of laughter spills out for Nenienne’s words and has Max leaning toward her to utter quietly, “Darlin’, the only person they’re going to report you to, is me, as manager here.” Sending a wink at the end there he straightens and nods turning toward where Waine is beckoning him, “I got work to get through as well. Well met, Nenienne.” And with that and a smile, the beast manager is sauntering over his stablehand’s way.

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