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Date: 05-03-2011
Location: Weyrling Barracks
Synopsis: Zen makes a confession to Andi about what happened with Ahnika.
Rating: PG
Logger: M'zen

The normal calm of the bronze weyrling is evident at most times except for the times in which he is in the company of one of the few people he trusts the most. Such times when they are not around the pair is silent in their resolve, sure-faced with no hints of hesitation. However, Zen does not rest in this state of calm, standing against the wall with his arms folded and waiting for Andi to arrive. Tuorth is near, watching the man with whirling eyes coloring in mild irritation. "I know, Tuorth." Irritation is evident in the man's voice, something rarely heard and even more rarely directed towards the bronze who huffs in response to the statement. He lids his eyes and turns his attention away from the man, irritation coming from both rider and dragon as they wait.

Hadath is practically fluttering as she trails along in Andi's wake, the girl having taken a better part of the last turn and a half to settle fully into Weyr life, the green pair talking back and forth - with only half the conversation audible. "I know you want that one but.." She shakes her head a little, the conversation ceasing abruptly as she spots Tuorth and M'zen, pausing with her hand on Hadath's nose. "Zen?" She offers hesitantly.

Relief crosses Zen's face, though it quickly warps into a few other emotions as he pushes off of the wall and crosses easily to close the distance between them. Tuorth lifts his head to consider the green and her rider with a careful eye before he chuffs softly in greeting, his head once again settling down. "Andi." Zen responds, a smile easily forming on his lips though it is hesitant as he offers a hand out to her. Then he looks to Hadath and gives her one of the more charming smiles that he can muster, attempting to melt the heart of the green it seems. "Hadath, as beautiful as always." Is his greeting towards the green before his attention returns to Andi. He doesn't say anything beyond this, lingering in silence as he waits for her to either take his hand or reject it.

Hadath settles down on her haunches, curling her gold-flecked tail loosely around her person, even as she stretches her muzzle out towards her larger brother, chuffing softly in return, offering a little croon as her wings settle more securely to her back. Zen's hand is taken easily as she steps closer, dipping her chin for a moment before she tilts her head to peek up at him. "Is everything okay, Zen?" She hesitates, fingers giving his a gentle squeeze.

M'zen looks to Hadath, assessing her mood for a moment before he again looks to Andi as she takes his hand. He holds firmly, but not to the point where it would hurt. Green eyes focus intently on the woman in front of him and he gives a slight shake of his head in response. He leans in, pressing his lips gingerly against her cheek before he leans in further to brush his lips against her ear. "I love you, Andi." He reminds softly, his voice firm and he leaves it at that. A deep breath is drawn before he finally speaks again. "I kissed Ahnika." His grip loosens then, so not to hold her to him if she chooses to leave.

Brows furrow at him as he shakes his head, Hadath turning her head to regard the young man cautiously, eyes whirling a little faster, reflecting her rider's growing unease. As he whispers in her ear, she nods slow, lips starting to smile for a moment. "I.." And then, there's his confession, and she's taking a quick half step back, pulling her hand away hurriedly, Hadath rumbling low in her chest.

M'zen only moves to accommodate the lack of Andi being there now, his head bowed slightly before he moves to meet her gaze. Green eyes reflect the mix of emotions that linger inside. It was a mistake. He starts, though he stops it there and shakes his head. "It was more than just a mistake, Andi.. I'm sorry. You can hit me. You can punch me." And his eyes plead for her to do so, while Tuorth looks on with growing irritation for his rider's need to apologize. A soft huff follows as the bronze keeps out of it.

Hadath pushes herself around Andi, then, gold-specked green settling against her rider, shifting to put her head between M'zen and the young woman. A little grumble, and then Andi narrows her gaze, fingers curling around the green's headknobs. "W-why?" She finally asks after a moment, looking to him with watery eyes. "I mean, if it was Tuorth.." She starts, slowly.

The question is met with silence, and the look in her eyes causes him to drop his gaze away from her for a moment. He takes a breath and then the final statement has him considering the bronze. Zen stares at the bronze for a long moment and then slowly shakes his head in response to the bronze. "He was bonding with Jhath… Not anything like a flight, but, they were in an understanding." He looks to Andi slowly, facing her with guilt clouding his vision. "I'm sorry. I should know better.." His hand lifts to run through his hair and he wears softly, cursing himself entirely. "Andi.. Please, just hit me or something.. Don't just leave me…"

Eyes continue to water, tears threatening to spill forth at any moment, before she shakes her head, forcing herself to take a deep breath, shoulders rising and falling. "I.. I know that.. I know that you'll be…" And she colors, holdbred tendencies still evident when sex is being discussed, "With them, because of him, but…" She shifts to wrap her arms around Hadath's neck while the green stares almost accusingly at the bronze and his rider. "I.." At least she's not walking away?

"I know… Tuorth may not even chase very many…" But, that's assuming the bronze isn't out to win conquer all. Zen takes a step forward, despite Hadath being there and attempting to block him off. He looks to the green and then Andi as she wraps her arms around the green's neck and he hesitates there, watching her with sorrowful eyes. "Andi, please. Just do anything. Ask me to do anything… I'll do it." Tuorth snorts at the desperation of his rider, tilting a careful look to Hadath and remaining in silence.

A gentle push at Hadath's head, and Andi is loosening her hold trying to get the protective, possessive green out of the way. "M'zen.." She starts, hesistantly. A slow breath, and she lifts her eyes to his, Hadath chuffing at Tuorth - shush! As Zen closes the distance, she shakes her head a little, lifting her hand to reach for the front of his shirt, determined to pull him close, aiming to plant an uncharacteristically possessive kiss on him.

M'zen braces himself as Andi pushes Hadath away, the use of his name earns a wince and he expects the worse. Expecting her to hit him, punch him, or go for that one place that makes all men weak. But her hand lifts and grabs his shirt instead drawing a wince from the man that lasts only until she's pulling him down and kissing him. Perhaps the biggest shock of his life, right up there with Tuorth as the usually shy and hard to coax kisses out of woman kisses him. His arms move to wrap around her, to encompass her and keep her from running away as he returns the kiss.

Caught in his arms, she settles, even as Hadath is grumbling her own sort of disapproval over her rider's reaction, slipping to the ground and resting her head on her forelimbs with the equivalent of a draconic sigh. Reluctantly, Andi finally breaks away, blushing darkly as she ventures a peek up at him. "T-there. Now you can just… Just think about kissing me." She offers sheepishly, cheeks a bright pink as she promptly begins avoiding his gaze.

Relief is evident simply by his posture alone, the fact that he holds so firmly so not to let her ever get away being one. Even as she breaks away, his arms remain around her and he looks to meet her eyes. Her words, however, earn her a wide grin as his hands lift to cup her cheeks. "Only you, Andi." He returns, leaning in to brush a loving kiss over her lips. "I do only think of you." He promises, attempting to keep her gaze on him.

Andi lifts her hand to his cheek, still pink as she stammers for a moment before a slow breath and she manages to collect some semblance of poise. "Zen.. Just… Tell me it meant nothing?" She asks softly, eyes searching his. "That.. That I'm not a fool, for… For hoping that you.." She trails off, glancing away over his shoulder at the bronze.

M'zen tilts his head into her hand, watching her with careful eyes before he nods. "It meant nothing." His voice is firm in this resolve as he keeps his eyes focused on hers. "You're not a fool, Andi. I am yours, and nothing I do in flights will never mean anything. I will always come back for you and will be here for you." His thumb gingerly strokes her cheek. "Would you be my weyrmate when we are tapped?" Tuorth watches the pair, unmoving and his eyes whirling colors of calm while showing no outward irritation to their conversation.

"I.. I really hope you're right.." She starts slowly, leaning her cheek into his hand as he touches her cheek, eyes lidding slowly. At his question, her breath catches audibly and eyes snap open, meeting his even as Hadath's head lifts hurriedly from the ground to stare at the human pair. "I.." And she stammers, before she swallows and nods her head, apparently at a loss for words.

M'zen nods, "I am right." He doesn't say more than that, and he doesn't hesitate in the response. Though the reaction to the question isn't what he was expecting and he quickly adds. "We can get you your own bed and we can section it off so you can have some privacy. Or, we don't have to at all if you don't want to." Though she's nodding and there's a sigh of relief. "We can get you your own bed if it'll make you more confortable."

Andi blushes and shakes her head. "No!" She says quickly, a bit too loudly, before she's hunching her shoulders and wincing as she looks around, before peeking back at him, and shaking her head. "N-No… Don't be silly." She finally manages with a shy smile, leaning to kiss his lips softly. "I.. I want to be in yours."

M'zen chuckles softly at her outburst, smiling as her gaze returns to him and he gingerly strokes her cheek. His hand drops as she leans in to kiss him, gingerly returning it as he smiles even wider. "Then we'll share a bed." He promises and his smile reaches a grin as he slowly pulls back and considers her. "I'll find us the perfect one." Another promise and then he considers Hadath before turning his gaze back to Andi. "What were you two discussing? I'm not keeping you from anything?"

A blush, and Andi shakes her head with a little giggle, Hadath offering a rumble of her own. "N-Nothing…" She shakes her head and wraps arms around his neck for a hug. "Can we… go look at the weyrs?" She asks with a smirk, and a squeeze. "Pick out ours?"

Zen doesn't press the greenrider, merely tucking her arm in his and then Tuorth rises behind them as all four make their way out of the barracks to “weyr shop” as it were.

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