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Date: 2010.11.06
Location: EW - Weyrling Barracks
Synopsis: The candidates have finally moved out into their own barracks giving the weyrlings much needed extra space with their rapidly growing dragonets. A game of ‘Turnip’, results in an interesting discussion between Weyrlingmaster and weyrlings.
Rating: PG13
Logger: L'ron

It is late morning on one of the rare free-days, if it can be called that, of weyrlinghood training. Not that it means they can neglect their dragons of course, and more than a few have opted to go ahead with their usual morning of physical training even if it may or may not have been directed by one of the assistants to the Weyrlingmaster. Ahnika is one of these weyrlings, annoying as it is for those who prefer to just do the bare minimum to get by. She and Jhath were up at dawn as usual and out for feeding and bathing and oiling and a jog around the lake. Ahnika, in deference to her still healing wounds - as better as they are by this point - foregoes the situps and pull-ups if they aren't required today, and keeps it to the jog. So, when she and her tall camo-colored green return to the barracks, she's a little winded, but not too much to neglect to greet those she sees in the now much more spacious barracks. The towel around her neck is used once more to wipe off her face when she and Jhath arrive at their little area, with Ahni sitting on the edge of her cot, while Jhath chooses to sit closer to the aisle and take an interest in the other dragonets activities as opposed to settling on her couch.

L'ron…is not quite as industrious as Ahnika and those that have followed her example, for after having done the bathing, oiling, feeding bit with Balkrith he has chosen to use this rare day of lighter workload to do…nothing. The blue weyrling is currently face down on his cot with arms hanging over the edges and apparently, taking the chance to catch up on sleep. That is until Balkrith having decided the extra space in the barracks must mean more space to stash turnips, promptly dumps a mawful on his poor bonded's back. Still nothing from L'ron. He's either that used to being bugged by the blue by now over one of his hare brained turnip schemes, or…he is seriously that deeply asleep.

W'red has finished his morning routine of exercise and has had a quick wash to get rid of the sweat and dirt of training, he steps out of his office to check with a quick glance around the barracks, which now seems a lot bigger with the candidates having moved to their new quarters. A nod here and there to the Weyrlings wandering around, some seem to be taking the day off much more lightly than others, the brown rider however says nothing but makes mental notes of who is doing what, this stored for future reference and the day he is asked to point out possible leaders from the group.

M'zen has finished his own exercises and his own additional ones. After all, those muscles don't workout on their own. Though he isn't the only one who works as Tuorth often stretches along with the man. The pair, despite being so big in their respective natures are often quiet, working extra to keep themselves only noticed as Weyrlings… Except when Ahni needs her butt saving. They return to the barracks, fresh, clean and oiled (Tuorth, at least). Green eyes are cast in Ahnika's direction and he's instantly moving to her with only a pause to salute W'red. "Ahni. How are you doing?" A glance L'ron is made, if only to check on the status of the rest of the Weyrlings currently present. The bronze, however, lumbers over to his couch and plops down there while he, too, surveys.

As Balkrith dumps turnips over L'ron's back and the bluerider doesn't budge, Jhath issues a little snort of amusement. Well, it's meant to be a little snort, but the green is still getting a handle on her volume with respect to her surroundings, and so now that the barracks are much more spacious, the snort echoes in the hollowed out stone chamber. Ahnika grins ruefully and rerolls the towel to rest over her neck. She is in her usual long-sleeved tunic since the incident, in an attempt to hide the bandaging on her arm. Unlike the others who worked out as well today, she hasn't washed up, so there's still a slight sheen of perspiration around her where she hasn't wiped her face with the towel. When Ahni spots W'red's arrival, she stands up, and even if he is still over by the office, she salutes him from across whatever distance there is, before turning her attention to Zen and nodding slowly, "Doing fine," she glances over to where Tuorth has settled on his couch, "And yourself and Tuorth?" Jhath rumbles a sober but amicable greeting to the bronzerider weyrling.

Even if he were aware of the mental notes being made by the Weyrlingmaster, L'ron would probably simply point out that those in the front always need someone at the back, to watch their respective sixes. Either way, Balkrith not having gained the reaction he'd been looking for, suddenly produces a loud and obnoxious sound very similar to that of a car horn honking…right…in his bonded's ear. Perhaps having taken cue from Jhath's snort. The blue weyrling quite literally tumbles off of his cot sending the turnips covered in dragon gob that had been piled on his, scattering all over the place. "Balkrith I swear by Faranth's glowing tail that if you don't knock it off I'm going to…" words falter and come to a halt as he claps eyes on W'red. Ahem. Cue the rather haphazard salute given from his position on the floor, and the sheepish, "Sir." That goes with it. As to the blue? Well, there's a turnip rolling toward the brownrider…that needs rescuing!

The Weyrlings may have the day off however the Weyrling Masters work is never done, whether it is just watching what the dragonets and the Weyrlings are doing or keeping the training records in order and up to date, it seems he never really is off duty. Well this is the impression that he would like to give and this keeps up the front so that he can do other things when he feels like it but seeming to all around him that he is busy with Weyrling Mastery stuff. The salute from M'zen is returned, in as snappy a salute as he expects from the Weyrlings, watching where the young bronzerider is heading he sees the salute offered by Ahnika and returns that one too. Seeing from the corner of his the blue pair, L'ron now lying on the floor and the haphazard salute given, the brownrider bellows, perhaps making the same mistake many will make in the now much emptier room, his voice much louder than he originally intended, "Attention Weyrlings," realizing the loudness when he hears his own voice echoing back to him, he grins slightly and lowers his voice from a boom to a more acceptable level. "New ruling," he continues, "on off days when you are all in and out of the barracks no saluting! My arm can only take so much of this up and down. But remember this only counts on off days as those are few and far between you and I can have a break from formalities."

Dragon > To Tavaith, Balkrith's mental voice rises up amidst the sounds of pots and pans clanging together in a kitchen, « Yours is…loud!» Not an objection, merely an observation and then he slips away leaving behind the soft sound of floors being scoured only to return and put forth curiously, « Is this because he ate all his turnips whilest growing from egg to man? »

M'zen eyes Ahnika with green eyes, wary and careful in his looks as if seeking out even the finer details that have been covered up by the green weyrling. He relents with a single nod. "We," the royal we, "are doing fine. Thank you." He considers Jhath and nods politely in her direction for a greeting. Both bronzerider and bronze turn at the same time to consider the felled L'ron, no amusement showing for the bluerider. Though it only lingers so long before quickly returning towards W'red as the man bellows. "Yes, sir." There's a slight twitch of his arm, but that's it. He'll remain by Ahnika, secretly making sure she's actually okay.

Dragon > To Balkrith, Tavaith warbles, his melodic voice floating on the air, « Mine is loud, and will get louder if not listened too young one. Mine does not eat turnips, herd beast has given him that voice. »

Dragon > To Tavaith, Balkrith takes this in and mulls it over, the panting of a dog in the background, « We listen, » him and L'ron. They just don't always get it first time. Well to be fair, the bluerider gets it. His blue? Not so much. « I bet if he had eaten turnips, he' be even louder! » Because louder is good, right?

No doubt there is a cheer that goes up from some of the other weyrlings, echoed perhaps by their respective dragonets, as well. Jhath continues to regard Balkrith and his attempts to rouse his lifemate all the way up until that turnip goes skittering across the floor toward W'red, deciding that this could pose some useful exercise for her clutchmates, she trumpets loudly on the tail end of W'red announcement, so it is likely to just go unnoticed with the other cheering - except that Jhath tends to be so over-the-top loud without meaning to. For all the stealth her camouflaged hide predisposes her to, it doesn't do her much good if she won't ever learn to tone her physical voice down. While everyone else is expressing some pleasure at not having to salute on their rare days off, Jhath is doing that trumpet and pivoting in place, sweeping her tail out toward that skittering turnip to smack it hard enough to bat it forward again at an angle, hitting a little bump in the floor and sailing off toward Tuorth on his couch. Home run? Well … that depends on your criteria here. Ahnika, herself, grins a bit at W'red's announcement and dips her head politely toward him in lieu of an actual salute, before Ahni's attention returns to M'zen, "Good. Max thinks you're avoiding hi-" there's a lift to one eyebrow as Jhath bats the turnip off deeper into the barracks, "—m."

Dragon > To Balkrith, Tavaith waits for the young blue to consider this, « You listen because he has a loud voice. » The big brown lazily opens an eye to look at the blue, « Turnips do different things for different people, just as you enjoy to play with turnips other young ones enjoy to play with wherries. »

That booming call to attention has L’ron scrambling to his feet to…well…attention, and Balkrith skidding to a stop setting multi-faceted eyes on the Weyrlingmater before ducking his head in a sort of ‘My bad’ type gesture. Only once the rest of what the brownrider says sinks in, do both bluerider and blue relax, with the dragonet carefully stretching his neck out to pluck up that errant turnip that had gotten away from him. Except that Jhath is quicker than he and sends it skittering off in Tuorth’s direction with a whap of tail. The blue goes bounding after it and then quicker than one might expect, diverts his course and all but bounces around in circles a little ways off encouraging the big bronze to send the turnip his way, « Hit it, hit it! You can do it….Whap! » demonstrating with a flick of his tail, « Just like that! » The blue weyrling’s first instinct is to deliver a low groan when the turnip becomes a focus of play, sure he’s likely to get chewed out for that one despite it having been Ahni’s green that started this game. Brown eyes flicker over toward where the green and bronze weyrlings are talking, sending them a lopsided grin and then back to W’red, curiosity for the big brownrider in his expression.

Dragon > To Tavaith, Balkrith goes quiet again, even the softer sounds of his voice silencing with just the lingering scents of fresh mud left in place. He's thinking. And that requires effort. Eventually, through the sounds of a rug being beaten he puts forth, « We listen because you know better, big one. But loud…opens our ears. » Yeah. Soap suds rise up and float back and forth, a true sign of distaste from the young blue, « Wherries have feathers. Turnips do not. » Ergo, turnips beat wherries. Never mind that he has never eaten a turnip in his life before and more than a few dead wherries as provided them.

W'red smiles at the cheer from the Weyrlings, at least they still seem happy if given small mercies. He is about to take evasive action seeing the turnip heading his way and the bumbling blue seemingly charging after it when the ever resourceful green bats it in another direction with her tail, now it is heading for a bronze and this could turn out to be quite the dragonet game of chase the turnip, which could also become dangerous. Tavaith senses the possible danger even as W'red is forming the thought, one eye open and whirling the red essence clearly visible in his unusual multi faceted eye « young ones, let the turnip be » floats melodically from the big brown that one may have thought was asleep. "Thank you Tav," the brownrider thanks his dragon, before addressing the Weyrlings themselves, "A day off this may be but you still need to control your dragonets at all times, whether during training or not." This is good subject for a lesson but the Weyrling Master withholds himself as this is supposed to be a relaxing day, not time for yet another lesson. He looks over at L'ron with a meaningful expression on his face although no words accompany the look.

M'zen's attention is again drawn by the green, curious of her actions for a moment and a single brow lifting. There's a slight cough to clear his throat before he considers Ahnika again. "Perhaps." Aloof and avoiding a direct answer, he smiles and moves carefully out of the way, should the game turn into something more action packed. Tuorth, however, is unamused only looking down at the turnip briefly before he bats it away, but it does not go far, however. He has come to learn some control of his strength and he's none too interested in the game. And then the command to leave the turnip be is met with a smug little huff.

Dragon > To Balkrith, Tavaith lets out a small rumble, « If you listen, then there will be no need for loud young one. » The beating of drums can be heard softly in the distance, « Wherries will allow you to grow into a fighting dragon, turnips may not have feathers but do not provide enough energy for a dragon. »

Dragon > To Tavaith, Balkrith's mental voice rises up in a clanging of pots and pans, noisy, « Perhaps if yours rewarded ours, » their riders, « with turnips for good behavior, he wouldn't have to be loud? » It's a thought isn't it? Maybe not a good one. But a thought nonetheless. The pots and pans soon start to clang together in time with Tavaith's drum beats, a noisily cheerful sound, « The energy of turnips is not for dragons but is instead reserved for repelling Thread. » That given with such gravity as to lead one to believe that Faranth herself had told him that.

Some of the other weyrlings may laugh, enjoying the little sports show, or even try to join in, but Ahnika just watches with calm amusement. Jhath seems to regard both Tuorth and Balkrith's reaction as if a general might assess the physical aptitudes of 'her' soldiers, leaving her rather disappointed when Tuorth just bats it a little away without much strength to it, even if it was really the more sensible thing to do considering W'red and Tavaith's reaction to the game. She straightens and starts to go over to retrieve it to think of another way to exercise herself and the other dragonets in the now larger space, when Tavaith's order comes. She stops then and turns to regard him, her gaze a mild challenge, but eventually stands down. With the way Ahnika is now watching a little more intently, she's the reason why, having had some internal discussion with Jhath in reminder of 'choosing one's battles'. With a discontented rumble, Jhath settles her butt on the floor, seated in a rather stately and dignified manner that belies the bit of sport and fun she was just trying to have, not far from her lifemate's cot now, and curls her tail around herself. "I know, Nobleheart. Perhaps another time," Ahni says aloud to Jhath for the benefit of those around her, not wanting to be rude. Ahnika is far from apologetic for her green's behavior however. Ahni settles back on the edge of her cot once that's settled and gives L'ron a commiserating look before nodding to M'zen, "He's not upset about the fencing, you know," keeping it vague and her tone light as they are likely easily overheard here.

Balkrith eyes what to his mind, is a pathetic attempt at swatting the turnip from Tuorth. Eyes the turnip, eyes Tuorth and then carefully starts nudging and rolling the turnip over to Jhath. No, he's not ignoring Tavaith, he's simply…forgetting he heard him. Well not really because he's not hitting the tuber root so it's no longer really a game now is it? Mmhm. And the winner of bat-the-turnip is…*drum roll*…Jhath! As evidenced by him nosing it just enough to roll and come to a stop before the green, « Mi'lady. » W'red's words draw a slightly vexed look onto otherwise usually easygoing features and L'ron nods uttering a, "Sorry, sir." It may however be hard to perceive if the vexation is with the Weyringmaster himself, or leaning toward his blue for having yet again, dropped him in the dwang. It doesn't last long however, for soon he's got a bucket and is going about gathering up the turnips lying about the place. Passing by Ahnika and M'zen, lips twitch in a show of being amused for the game started despite it having turned out to be a 'no-no' and a wink is sent their way although a light note of curiosity flickers in his eyes for mention of fences and someone not being upset about them. "It wasn't Balkrith," he's very quick to state. And then working his way back over to W'red, the last turnip goes in the bucket and their leader is set with an interested expression, "What did Tavaith used to get up to when he was young, sir?"

The big brownrider takes a few steps towards the offending turnip, but stops short. Today is not the day for authoritative actions, the barracks has extra room and the Weyrlings are obviously going to enjoy the little bit of extra freedom of movement they now have, the dragonets themselves do not have to continuously keep looking for non riding people that wandered in and around the barracks. W'red moves again but this time away from the turnip and more in the direction of where M'zen and Ahnika are and where L'ron is mulling around picking up the turnips that were spread out all over the place. A lesson in mind but not really, "dragonets are playful by nature, well most of them anyway," W'red drawls in a voice now much more relaxed and easy going, "and they will take advantage of most situations to create havoc, it is up to you, their riders to control just how much trouble they cause, and just how much responsibility you are prepared to take before either stopping them or creating a distraction that will get you back in control." As he gets closer to the area where the Weyrlings are, he stops again, his face creasing into a big grin for L'ron's question, "Tavaith was as naughty as most dragonets, but always with as little effort as possible, he is and always has been more interested in being a dragons, dragon though rather than being playful, he was considered arrogant by most, and most probably still is, but a dragons, dragon he is nothing frightens him and certainly nothing makes him back down, other than me. It is a very deep bond that you are still creating between your dragon and yourself, Tavaith still argues with me but bends to my authority." For the first time since arriving at Eastern the Weyrling Master has an opportunity to talk with the Weyrlings on a different level than out on the training grounds.

Dragon > To Balkrith, Tavaith snorts, « Young one, you will learn in time to come that turnips do not repell thread, only flame from a dragon repells thread. » Tavaith's eye closes, and he settles himself more comfortably, « I will leave you to believe what you believe, one day you will know I am right, I am always right. »

Dragon > To Tavaith, Balkrith throws up a whole sinkful of horrified soapsuds and then remembering who it is he's speaking with, carefully mops them away while asking as politely as possible, « Have you tried turnips as a means to repelling Thread, big one? » It's a fair question, is it not?

M'zen gives Ahni a look, but nods once. "That's good." Green eyes flicker to his lifemate, considering the bronze with a careful look before returning attention to everyone else, mainly Balkrith to consider his actions. And then back to W'red to consider his words as well, listening but offering no real input. He turns, moving to his couch and settling beside Tuorth and looking over the bronze for a moment before he nods to something spoken just between the two of them.

Dragon > To Balkrith, Tavaith rumbles from deep within, « Young one there are markings on my hide, that were put there by thread, if thread can mark my hide, then it will mark your turnips too…..Flame is all. » The last offered in the most melodic of voices sounds of harps wisping on the wind.

Dragon > To Tavaith, Balkrith shifts from his position starting to make a slow circuit around the big brown, perhaps to more thoroughly investigate those thread scores. Much like a doctor putting together a diagnosis but missing, 'mmhmms' as he goes along. Eventually upon returning back in front of Tavaith, the little blue sets him with a long and silent look and states gravely, « You shall be among the first to wear the Protection of the Turnip, for you have already proven yourself worthy of doing so. » So sayeth, Balkrith.

Jhath was ordered to leave the turnip be, so as Balkrith presents her with her 'trophy' Jhath will leave it be right there in front of her. Begrudgingly, to be sure, but she will leave it be. Instead, she draws her shoulders up a bit and curls her neck so she is eyeing the thing in ceremonial reverence - melodramatic to a fault - and then bows her head with a slight tilt toward Balkrith in dignified, gracious acceptance of the gift, « I shall honor and treasure it always, Battle Brother. Thank you. » Well, Ahnika can't help but grin at that and shake her head a little, but it's L'ron's question for W'red that has the redhead weyrling sliding her gaze from her own dragonet to Tavaith in consideration. "Havoc, sir?" Ahnika returns her attention to W'red, standing up from her cot once more, however, for the sake of politeness and respect than saluting. "Some perhaps, but not all. At least, not everyone in this weyrlinghood class by my estimation, sir." Of course, her disagreement, politely toned though it is, could be a simple matter of disagreeing as what constitutes 'havoc' rather than disagreeing with anything else the Weyrlingmaster said. She gestures to M'zen in demonstration, "The only havoc M'zen has to worry about with Tuorth is purely accidental mishaps due to his size, and he's gotten better at that. Nothing intentional." Well, so Ahnika thinks anyway.

The bucket still cradled under one arm, L’ron can’t help but shoot Balkrith a wry grin when W’red speaks of Tavaith still arguing with him but ultimately bending to his authority. And then he offers a light nose wrinkle, “At least tell us,” or him if none of the others seem to be battling with similarly ‘joyous’ minds linked to theirs, “That it gets better with time?” M’zen’s failure to participate in the conversation at hand has the blue weyrling setting him with a long look as he turns and heads back to his cot, a concerned look fitting onto Ahnika next, “Something I said?” Never really having had much to do with the bronze weyrling, he’s a little unsure of how to read the man. The gratitude, however melodramatic, appears to sit well with the blue for soon he’s puffing his little chest out and stating solemnly, « And you too shall be amongst the first, mi’lady. » First what? He doesn’t think to clarify for next he lifts up from the position he’d taken up and starts a slow circle around Tavaith, leaving his bonded turning a weary eye onto the blue for just what exactly it is that he’s getting up to now. But soon his attention is going to the green weyrling’s response to the Weyrlingmaster, another short look flickered over to the bronze pair and then back to the leading brown pair, as if trying to piece together a puzzle.

Nodding in agreement with Ahnika, W'red smiles, "Havoc is veiwed diferently and on merit for each dragonet, my sense of havoc may not be yours, but take for example the dragonets in their clumsiness or just pure boisterousness break down the fence to the feeding pens, you may think it is not havoc, but to the beast manager it is pure havoc that could have and should have been controlled." Looking directly at M'zen, but still addressing Ahnika, "Bronzeriders, even more so than most, need to control their dragons, as they are potential Weyrleaders in the making, so the bronze dragons become the leaders of Weyrs full of dragon wings. So the size of your dragons should not be used as an excuse, but rather use the dragonets size to teach it, as he," W'red head nodding towards Tuorth, "needs to realize his size and how to move with grace and stealth, something that his rider needs to assist with, if he is allowed to just move as he please bumping into things and not taking any responsibility for it, that is how he will always be and that is not how dragons work as teams, which is what they have to do when fighting thread, you don't want a dragon twice the size of yours flying through a wing as he pleases just because he is bigger?" W'red looks at L'ron, "It gets easier as your dragonet ages, but it takes a lot of effort on your part, as you will have to reign him in all the time until you are tired of doing it, and then do it again and again, it does however get easier." The Weyrling Master gazes around waving his arms in a wide gesture, "anyway I thought this was supposed to be a celebration of sorts, the candidates are now housed in their own barracks and you weyrlings have this whole barracks to yourselves. If no celebrating is going to happen then we may as well get back to training." This said with heavy sarcasm and a fold of his arms.

M'zen rests a hand upon Tuorth's head, looking to Ahni as she uses him as a demonstration with his brows lifting and giving her a questioning look for throwing him under the bus. Though, Tuorth has become better at watching and making sure that he knocking everyone over as he passes. Most of the time… When Zen is constantly reminding him that he is bigger than he thinks. The look is returned to L'ron, but, blank and not so annoyed as he considers him. Again, though, he doesn't speak as he quietly considers everything that is said. A nod follows W'red's words, though they only serve to deepen the silence in which the bronze Weyrling lingers in, slowly allowing his thoughts to drift elsewhere while Tuorth's eyes begin to whirl a color of pleasure. Their thoughts quite evident through the bronze. Somebody is plotting…

Dragon > To Balkrith, Tavaith's rumbling continues as the small blue makes his way around the big brown, as the blue comes to a halt in front of the brown, once again one eye opens lazily, « I do not think I will be wearing any turnips young one, thread does not respect the turnip as much as you seem to. »

Dragon > To Tavaith, Balkrith his mental tone filled with all the respect the little guy can muster, so much so that one could almost picture him bowing so deeply that his head would curl inward between his forelegs and his eye ridges touch the ground, « If you do not try, you can not know. » This as he begs to differ although the turn of phrase used is more than likely one oft sent his way by his rider. With a hint of dust rising up, « Although it grieves me that wounds of valor might yet again touch your hide without such protection, I shall respect your wishes, big one. »

"Of course it does," Ahnika states confidently in answer to L'ron, even though the question was directed at W'red, though there's no condescension in her tone. "It's certainly not going to get worse. We'll have our own weyrs and more liberties when we graduate, even if our schedules will be governed by Threadfall, and … other constraints," like, oh once a month when a certain green gets all glossy. A thoughtful frown tugs her lips down briefly glances back at Jhath, but her expression smoothes to L'ron's next and she raises both eyebrows uncertainly, looking back at the bluerider, saying, "Doubt it," and with that, Ahni starts to look around for Andi and Hadath as that is the next logical conclusion her mind leaps to. As to Jhath, she'd stand a little more proud and dignified at Balkrith's sentiment if she could, but she's pretty much standing as tall and proud as she can already. It doesn't matter that she doesn't know what the 'first' is in regards to. It's 'first' of something, which in her mind means leadership, and she responds « My heart and honor upon your faith and fidelity, Battle Brother. As one, we shall be steadfast in the face of danger. » Whatever that means. Ahnika appears to listen attentively to what W'red says, tensing only when the topic turns to the Feeding Pens fencing going down, and she slides her gaze over to M'zen. "Feeding Pen fencing? Something happened to the Feeding Pens?" her tone is all too light. Great. Just great. Yeah, Ahni, you'd be stellar under interrogation. By the way, don't get into a game of cards with … well, anyone. "What?" She asks sharply, defensively, to M'zen's arched eyebrows, "I said he'd gotten better." Dragging him into the conversation whether he wants to be or not. But something W'red said sticks out to Ahni and she nods a bit solemnly, "I've heard of dragons not sticking to formation like that, sir, and ending up in the fire-spray of another dragon or worse." Like getting nailed by a cluster of Thread. "I think as long as whatever it is we have to do to keep our dragons under control makes sense and is explained adequately," talking about any specific circumstances, Ahni? "and clearly and we feel like we can ask questions when we have them or point out something that doesn't make sense to us, it's not as hard to keep them reined in. We know how to explain things to our dragons best, you know? Especially when they're not getting it. So, when we're better informed, we can better inform and better control our dragons from doing anything really foolish. But if we're kept in the dark and not given the chance to explore what we're being taught from other perspectives? Well …" her voice trails off and she shrugs a little.

As mention of a celebration to be had gets around the barracks, many of the rest of the weyrlings start chattering excitedly, and a few of them appoint themselves to running off to the kitchens for sweetcakes and juice. A low buzz of activity begins.

Oh joy! L’ron’s expression says it all for having little choice in the matter but to keep hammering away at Balkrith until he learns the idea of there being a time and place for everything. Not one to let something weigh him down for long, he’s soon putting a fond smile into place for his lifemate, “The turnips at least give me a way to explain things to him sometimes. Or to reward him with when he gets something right.” Easily finding the silver lining in a situation that might have driven most weyrlings to distraction by now. Ahnika’s response on whether or not he’d upset M’zen somehow has him turning another look onto the bronze weyrling and catching th look coming from him, sets the man with a friendly smile. Yeeeah, he’s likely now just made M’zen his next pet project of sorts. For Jhath’s return, Balkrith indeed, appears to strut back over to his couch and settle down in his idea of a regal pose, although it turns out to look more like a great hound dog with its back legs splayed out sideways. « Danger mi’lady? I laugh in the face of danger! » And why would that be? Because he has a Cunning Plan! Listening to what Ahnika says as he stashes the bucket of turnips under his cot, a quick smile fits into place and then widens at W’red’s pronouncement of choice with regards to celebrate or train, “Right you are, sir. I’ll head up to the kitchens with them then,” a few of his fellow weyrlings volunteering for the task of heading up to the kitchens. And with that he’ll be on their heels, leaving his blue behind to guard his bucket of ‘Ultimate Protection’.

Wred's big shoulders lift and fall in a shrug, "Nothing happened to the feeding pen fence as far as I am aware, I was just using it as an example," a brief pause, "why did something happen to the feeding pen fence Ahnika? And was it one of the dragonets that did it?" although the question is asked an answer is not really expected as if it happened before his arrival in Eastern it did not really matter much now. "Conversations such as this are probably the most helpful in learning what you should allow and not, and interrupting a lesson at anytime to get clarity on what you are learning is welcomed," unfolding his arms to perhaps explain with the use of his hands, "if Jhath does not understand a lesson, during the lesson or afterwards, my office is always open for you." Again the wide spread arms encompassing all the Weyrlings in the barracks, "all the trainees at some time or other will need more in depth explanation of something no one of you will get everything the first time, some won't get it until it is drummed into their heads," a quick glance given the way of the clumsy blue. "All dragonets are not the same and sometimes even as their riders you cannot get them to understand let me know and Tavaith will probably be able to explain in a way neither you nor I would have thought of, during lessons Tavaith will always be there to answer at the time as well. So in as much as you need to learn to control your dragonets, you at the same time do not want to break their spirit just control their will and make sure it is aligned to the needs of the weyr and yourself." Once again W'red looks around the entire barracks addressing all the Weyrlings there, "the same goes for all of you, my door is always open for extra lessons or in depth explanations. I will however not stand for nonsense and if breaking the rules or being disrespectful is undue then you will also face the consequences of your actions." Having had his say, and believing the weyrling would have far more fun without him hanging around he heads once again to his office, "have fun with your celebrations and don't stay up too late tomorrow we are back to full training," this is said to no one in particular but aimed at all present. W'red enters his office and closes the door.

M'zen rolls green eyes upwards in Ahnika's direction. Real smooth there. Real smooth. He, however, does not react the same way as the greenrider does. "Didn't need to be mentioned." He points out, talking quietly as he remains distracted by the conversation of his lifemate. He is missing the look from L'ron, who decides to take him on as a pet project. Yep, he's remaining oblivious to anything other than the conversation with his lifemate… Somewhat. Movement is noted, however, as green eyes do flicker over whenever someone moves or leaves. That does include watching W'red retreat before he's returning his gaze elsewhere.

Ahnika gives L'ron a genuine smile both for his silver lining and the fact that his sunny disposition has him looking and finding one, no matter the circumstances. Jhath remains in that dignified pose with the turnip at her silver-taloned feet, though she's turning her head a little this way and that, trying to follow the activity around her as some of the weyrlings get excited about a celebration with a few of them, L'ron included, heading out to help gather up stuff from the kitchens. Ahnika finds her boots reeeaaally interesting when W'red makes the inquiry about the fences, but as he continues on about dragonets and the parameters of control and understanding, the tension in her shoulders fade. Soon, she's even nodding a little with his words, seeming to find them appealing and agreeable. So far, he has her stamp of approval, not that he really needs it, of course. "Thank you, sir," she finally says as he makes his departure evident and heads into the office. To Zen, Ahni wrinkles her nose and shrugs. It's the slightly older and more mature equivalent to sticking her tongue out at him. Well, slightly. As preparations to party seems underway, Ahnika falls into step with the rest of them, and those with any musical talent are set to the task of getting their packed instruments out of their trunks and dusting them off, since the task of food and drinks has already been seen to, thanks to L'ron and a few others.

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