Convergence of Restdays


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Date: 09 Jan 2011
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lakeshore
Synopsis: Avander, Fiala, and Warin all decide to spend their restday at the lakeshore and meet Neni, who is looking for Teallan. Conversation ensues.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Nenienne

With the brightest of contrasts, what once was a desolate, dry and empty scoop in the ground is now a full and luscious lake. Water laps against the shoreline in a gentle internal current, while in the very center, it seems almost eerily calm. A small sign hung on the highest bit of twine states 'LAKE HOPELESS' in forcibly fancy script, yet there doesn't seem to be any apparent reason for the title. Maybe one of the residents knows.

It is a lovely day for Eastern Weyr, weather wise, and Avander has a free day from his work in the Lower Caverns. And so he is taking the take to walk along the new lake, having learned quickly about the dangers of moving to a Weyr still in formation. He smiles at the sign about the lake, having heard about the dredging of the lake by those before. At least it seems that it's done and should be completely free for everyone to use.

Nenienne heads over from the bowl and looks around among the Weyrlings bathing dragons to those people on the shore, apparently looking for someone. Spotting Avander, she waves unsmilingly, then asks, "Have you seen journeyman Teallan about?"

Warin also arrives from the direction of the bowl, without his usual hides in hand for a change. He is, in fact, wearing clothing suited for swimming, at least for those who did not grow up in a Weyr.

Avander turns as he hears someone speak and gives a slight smile to Nenienne, "Teallan? No, I haven't see her for a while. Do you have one of her pieces ready?" he asks curiously, recalling the Harper was ordering a commission, or he thought he remembered right. He gives a wave to Warin, seeing the Assistant Steward coming. "Have a free day as well Warin?" he asks.

Skip, skip, skip. Fiala is hop-skipping through the bowl, shoes off. One foot at a time, never letting both touch the floor at the same time. She looks behind her, then ahead, then side to side. Seeing people at the shore, she falters a little, then continues, coming towards them in her odd way.

Nenienne shakes her head. "Not even remotely. She just picked out the type of stone she wanted two days ago. I want to give her some sketches I came up with, though." She nods politely, if stiffly, to Warin, and less formally, but still politely, to Fiala.

Warin surveys the lakeshore and returns the greetings with a nod of his own. He answers Warin, "Yes, I do. And on a nice day, for a change." He looks bemusedly toward Fiala, but says nothing.

Avander gives a nod, "Oh yes, she was the challenging one, I recall," he offers a slight smile. He eyes Fiala a bit, but just lets her. She seems better than the last time he saw her, at least more awake. He nods to Warin, "Indeed it is, though I might contemplate a swim later."

Nenienne says, "Not quite. The challenging one was Vanielle, but she liked what I put together for her — I had been wanting to make something out of dyed shells for a while." She looks out at the water again, and says, mostly to herself, "Maybe after I find her I'll do some swimming as well."

"There!" Fiala comes to a stop and plants both feet firmly on the ground. "Two marks. Ha." She looks to someone over her shoulder, waving, then turns toward the others. "Hullo," she murmurs, bobbing her head.

Warin says conversationally, "Isn't it nice to have a restday when it isn't raining? Although I suppose rain is better than the snow we would have been having at Crom at this time of turn. And hello," he says to Fiala, returning her greeting.

Avander waves to Fiala when she greets them all. "Two marks?" he asks curiously, but gives a nod to Warin. "Indeed, it is nicer than snow, though in Southern generally when it rains it still warm enough that it's pleasant." A look over to Nen gets her a nod in turn, "Ahh, of course, and glad that you had some inspiration for it."

"They bet me I wouldn't do it," murmurs Fiala, flushing a little. "So… I did. It's all right, isn't it? Skipping, I mean?" She tilts her head, then moves a bit closer to the water. "I have the rest of the day off, and this time I've been told I *have* to take the time off to enjoy myself. I'm not used to having a restday."

Nenienne whistles. "That's a lot of coin," she says. Without a smile but in a teasing voice she adds, "Maybe I should charge you for the set after all." She watches as some other folks arrive, trying to sea if Teallan is among them.

Warin asks, with only curiosity in his tone, "Why would it not be allowed? And with those kind of marks you should probably requisition a lock for your press, if you don't already have a lock." He also nods to Avander. "Yes, the climate is one of the reasons I decided to stay here," he confides.

Avander smiles at Warin, "It is much more comfortable, isn't it?" he asks, though gives his own whistle at Fiala's bet. "That is some good coin, and I don't see why skipping shouldn't be allowed. Make sure they pay you and not skimp on the marks. And not having a restday? Everyone should have a restday, mainly because we'd all burn out if we don't."

"Two marks. I'll give them to you, Nenienne," offers Fiala, nodding her head. "As soon as I get them." She glances at Warin, tilting her head. "And I don't have much in my press. My clothes and my necklace. People… Do people really *take* things?" Her eyes go wide, and she shakes her head. "Really?"

Nenienne says, "I was just joking. We made a deal. Besides, I wouldn't charge more than half a mark for that set anyway. After all, I salvaged the materials." Apparently she's also listening in to Avander and Warin's conversation, since she adds, "Quite a few of my fellow journeymen were jealous when I got posted here. I imagine a lot of it was about the weather."

Warin says slowly, as if loathe to admit it, "There have been some incidents, yes. Whether it was another resident or an itinerant is another question. But if people hear you have that kind of coin, then I imagine even those who might not normally might get tempted." He agrees with Avander, "We all need restdays. I wouldn't dream of giving mine up." Then he smiles slyly, "Except maybe when it's raining."

Avander shrugs a bit with the question of theft, "It's bound to happen with a lot of people, be it real theives of young brats just messing with people. But Warin is right, might not want to mention how much coin you have, otherwise people might be tempted." He then smiles at Warin, "Definitely only give it up when it's raining or cold, though can just relax in the Living Caverns, staying out of the way." A look to Nen gives her a smile in turn, "Let them be jealous, you get the wonderful weather."

"I've never had any. My father said that the ponies don't need any less care any day over another, and so he expected me to do a full share every day. There were two days we didn't have lessons, but I had a full day anyway." Fiala shrugs, shaking her head. "But I'll remember about the stealing. Though…" The girl tilts her head. "I wonder if, between them, they do have two marks. Do you think they just said it to trick me into doing something silly? Gretta and Margett. They work in the kitchen, I think."

Nenienne nods to Avander. "Probably most of them were relieved after everything that happened here. In fact, I'm still not sure why I decided to stand when I was searched. Most journeymen probably would not have." She adds quickly, "Though I plan to keep standing, even if…" her voice trails off at that, and her frown deepens.

Warin nods to Avander. "True, though I still hate to admit that it happens. I don't want people feeling unsafe here." He looks appraisingly at Fiala, then says "I would be very surprised if they do. I would hope that you'll at least get something for winning the bet, though."

Avander looks off to where the others might be, "So would I. I would be happy to scrape together two marks for anything, but as Warin said, hopefully get something." He looks over to Nen and gives a soft smile, "I am sure you'll be fine, and perhaps the next Clutch will be better protected after what happened. I doubt the riders will let anyone do that again."

"Even if what?" The girl turns her head, looking intently at Nenienne. "Why… would not most journeymen have stood?" Fiala frowns a little at the grammar of that, then shrugs again at the two men. "Well… if they don't come up with the marks, they don't. It wouldn't be the first time something like that happened."

Nenienne says, "Even if the candidacy was… unusual. Between us having to dig the lake, to other things which happened. It was worth it just to touch the eggs and watch those that hatched naturally do so." She pauses, then continues, "Most journeymen would not want to interrupt their studies, since that might mean an even longer wait for their masters' knots. That, and I imagine I lost out on a lot of commissions because I couldn't take them immediately."

Warin looks down at the sand for a few minutes, then up at Neni. "Still think that green was yours?" he asks, bluntly. Then he says to Fiala, "If they don't, you might want to consider not taking wagers from them in the future. Unless it's a fun bet, like whether you can finish dessert."

Avander allows the Journeywoman to answer the questions about the Hatching. "Thought the green was going to be yours?" he asks, having not heard about that little bit. "And if not, if a dragon is out there, they'll find you, I'm sure," he smiles. "Helped terrorize the Hatching crowds when I was younger at Southern Weyr," he smirks a bit, recalling watching those Hatchings. Maybe he'd… But he shakes his head at the thought for now.

Fiala is still, not knowing exactly what is going on, not knowing exactly what happened. She looks at the others, then at the lake. She bites at her lip, then runs her fingers through her hair.

Nenienne blushes furiously. "I never said that — just that I got such a feeling from her egg. And I suppose you never wondered whether that bronze might not have been yours?" She turns abruptly so her back is to Warin, and those watching might notice her eyes are very bright.

Warin shrugs, then says, "Even if I did, I don't feel it necessary to go about mentioning it at every opportunity."

Avander looks between the two and shakes his head, looking over to Fiala. "The first clutch, someone attacked two eggs, a green and a bronze died," he says quietly to the other woman. "I don't think they ever found out who did it."

Fiala shudders, closing her eyes a moment. Then she turns her head and looks at the others. "Maybe they're reborn. Into other clutches, other eggs. Until they can be united with their… lifemates. That's what I hope." She shakes her head slowly. "I'm sorry I asked."

Nenienne turns around, wiping her eyes, her frown far deeper than usual. Her voice is flat as she confirms, "That is correct, they never caught the bastard. Or bastards." She does not dignify Warin's remark with a comment of her own.

Warin says, "I would just as soon not talk about it, myself." He looks over at Fiala and adds, "That might be interesting. It would certainly make things better when eggs simply fail to hatch. Hopefully one of the queens will be rising soon, so maybe we'll see with the next clutch."

Avander shrugs a bit, "I had to ask when I first arrived too." He smiles at Fiala's idea about the dragons. "We can only hope, but it will be interesting to see what comes with the next clutch." He looks to Warin and Nenienne, "I don't know the cycles too well, but any idea about which queen might rise next?"

"I'd like to see that. The dragons all taking off…" Fiala flushes, but her eyes sparkle. "I don't know anything about the cycles, but surely there are signs, aren't there?"

Nenienne ponders, then says in her more normal voice, "Rauzath rose first, which made Weyrwoman Alara the Senior. But Kaseth rose within a few sevendays of her, so it could be either. I believe I overheard someone say it will be turns before the two younger golds rise." She pauses, then muses, "At least there are two hatching grounds if Rauzath and Kaseth rise so close to one another again." She thinks back, but eventually answers, "I don't remember, but then again, I had no idea what to look for. Not that I do now."

Warin says, "I really don't know — I was searched after both had clutched. I've not been looking forward to the flights, though. I hear the aftermath can be," he searches for the correct word to convey his disapproval, "very sensual."

Again Fiala flushes. "That's… that's… what I've… heard," she agrees. "I… I suppose it'll be… interesting." She dips her toe into the lake and splishes it about in the water. "I suppose we'll find out."

Avander nods as he hears the two queens were close in rising together. "I guess time will only tell which will rise first, or if they will go together again like before. I only learned about queens having their cycles a few Turns ago, growing up. Don't know much about them, or the signs."

Nenienne says, "I didn't feel anything in particular, though I also wasn't looking to. Now that I know, maybe I will. Then again, maybe I won't." She also adds, for Warin's benefit, "I saw people pairing up, but it wasn't like everyone was doing anything in the living caverns or anything like that."

Warin nods at that, his expression still disapproving.

Fiala frowns at Warin's expression, and she shakes her head a little. "I don't know what exactly they do or where… but… this is the Weyr. And… it's good people, right? Or else we wouldn't be here. SO… whatever happens can't be *too* terrible." She shrugs. "I was thinking of going swimming, though. Would anyone mind?"

Avander nods to Warin, "They can be sensual, depends on who you are and what you want to do. I just stayed in my rooms during the last few flights at Southern. Here, I don't know yet. And what I saw generally was people pairing up too, slipping off as the flight took hold, riders and weyrfolk alike."

Nenienne says, "And I should go look for Teallan, so I can get rid of these hides and maybe swim myself."

Warin says, "That sounds like an excellent idea — it's what I came for here as well." He puts down the towel he had wrapped around his waist and moves forward to test the water. As an afterthought he says to Avander and Neni, "See you later."

"Take care!" Fiala waves. Then she slips her outer dress over her head, so that she is in her shift which is, luckily, not see-through. "I'll see you later!"

Avander gives a wave, "I think I'm going to check on a couple things and then I'll come join you for a swim," he smiles and heads back to the Lower Caverns of the Weyr.

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