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Date: 30 July, 2010
Location: Landing
Synopsis: Jaya and Suli are relocating a crate of goods that got mis-routed to Landing. Thayet eavesdrops and has some questions she wants answered.
Rating: Probably R for language
Logger: Jaya (Thayet is being lazy and stole the cleaned log from her LJ)

Room Description if you wish

Just after the noon hour on a warm and clear day, an odd assortment of figures can be seen in the small round-pen erected just behind the stables. On the fence-post nearest the gate, a large bronze firelizard perches; his large eyes turned away from the activities within. A watch-dog, then. Of sorts. Inside the ring itself, a woman seems to be doing battle with a spit-fire of a runnerbeast. Black as pitch, he keeps an antsy jog around the very edge of the fence. She's making him move with no more than eye-contact and posture. He's not allowed back in, not just yet. Not at all until she starts seeing some signs of submission.

It's just as well that the time of the day has most busy with their activities. Over by the bronze firelizard, two tall women - one dark-haired with a visible scar running down along her face and the other with weathered-aged skin and craggy face of one that has been in a few brawls in her day. Both of them were walking swiftly passed the stables, not paying much attention to their surroundings as their muttered argument seems to be their main focus. "….and if you had only just -told- me that he would be dropping this down -here-…" the older one may be heard saying, being quickly cut off by the cool alto voice of the younger one: "What's done is done. Any louder and you'll have the whole guard regiment on us before you can speak!" Angry voices lower then, and if one notices them they would see the large crate the two of them were carrying between the two of them as quickly as possible.

Thayet's eyes never leave her runner - she's not about to turn her back on a big stallion who still thinks he's in charge - but that doesn't mean she's unaware. She waits until he has not only lowered his head but is licking and chewing and leaning his body towards her while he moves. Only then does she stop driving him forward, turning so that her back and shoulder is to him and her chin dropped to her chest. While doing this, she ever-so-subtly takes a look at the sources of the voices she heard and as she spies the crate, her eyes widen almost comically. The two women will find suddenly that there is a large and rather heavy bronze 'lizard landing on the crate and chittering at them scoldingly.

"This is -not- how I do th-" the older one starts to say until the shock of her life arrives in one fell swoop. The heavy bronze firelizard effectively gives both women a shock, the crate getting dropped in favor of the older one stubbing her toe in the process. "Fuck!" she cries out, hopping back from both crate and chittering firelizard, while the younger one is throwing wide glances every which way. Did someone notice? She ignores her older companion as she hops about on one foot, cursing up a storm and throwing murderous glares at the little bronze that scared her. The young woman then turns back towards the crate and starts hissing at the bronze, doing 'shoo-ing' motions with both hands as furtive glances are given about them. "Go! Go on, you little-" she's hissing at it, the nervous tension in taut shoulders could be seen as this sudden turn of events do not look good. Then spying the other hopping and cursing about, "Hey, Suli! Stop that and get over here!" she's tossing her way in a loud whisper.

Processing the series of images relayed to her by her bronze, Thayet starts walking slowly, ensuring the stallion keeps his muzzle at her elbow. Only when he does this appropriately for a full turn of the ring does she turn and - not making direct eye contact - starts petting his face and neck. "I would highly recommend," she begins, her voice raised enough to be heard, but still calm, "That you stop attempting to shoo Thorn before he bites you." Whether or not the critter will bite is up to them to decide. Worth the risk? "And also that you explain to me just how you came into possession of that particular crate of goods."

Shooing motions aside, the one called Suli has stopped her hopping and is returning to the crate to assess the situation. Since the firelizard doesn't look to be getting off the crate anytime soon, it was only getting the younger woman more irritated. Mouth opening as if she were going to bark out some other order, the words get drowned out by a new voice from behind. Her hands pause along with her voice, turning a sharp look over her shoulder when she realizes they have been caught. Her scarred face closes up on the shock, her dark eyes narrowing when she says, "Then I would highly reccommend you come and get this -thing- off of -our- crate." She must think the little bronze will attack her for the insult, for she takes a step back as she says it. The last words spoken draws her up short then, sending Suli a quick glance. Jaw working visibly as she turns her glare on the one that Thorn belongs to, "We bought it." It's said in a way that -this- should have been obvious, cuz, they wouldn't be stealing in broad daylight. Right??

Now that the stallion has settled - for now, he may challenge her authority again someday - Thayet slips a soft halter over his face and clips a lead line to the metal ring under his jaw. He follows her calmly as she swings the gate open and leads him outside the fence. Once in a grassy, shady spot, she loops the rope where it can't be caught in his legs and continues to walk over to the women and the crate. The stallion seems content to graze. "And where did you buy it, might I ask?" The woman wears no knot, but has one dagger visible on her belt and seems fairly confident in her right to be here and ask. "I had been told that Dicomte goods were not for sale on this continent."

Jaya watches Thayet at work with the stallion, her eyes a hard line on every single movement. She slides a glance over the other woman's clothing, her shoulder areas where no knot is seen, and lastly, the dagger attached to her belt. She straightens, casting a dark look Suli's way before she answers with, "Who's askin', shuga?" in a slow, wary drawl. Suli, for the most part, remains silent by the crate in question, looking very much like she wanted to kick the bronze firelizard off the crate personally.

Thayet's sharp hazel eyes look from Suli to Jaya, then to the crate's burnt brand and back up to Jaya. "That depends on who you want to deal with, I suppose." Her tone and pace continues to be casual and mostly non-threatening. "Landing's Captain of the Guard," she offers seriously, and then grins. "Or a fellow trader who's wanting to know where she can get her hands on some goods." The grin is easy, affable; and yet somehow it seems off-putting. Like a predator's show of fang, almost.

Oh. Jaya doesn't afford Suli any glances this time as the woman before them gives them pretty much a challenge. How much should they tell? Is she lying? The scarred-face young woman seems to take a moment to consider the options, a hand reaching up to absently scratch at it. Then, with a careful step in the woman's direction, "-Fellow- trader?" she chooses to address this part of the option, seeming to try and buy her some time in addressing the other. She makes a show of looking about them - first at Suli, then back at the woman before pressing a hand to her chest. "Not sure what you mean. No traders-" and there's the barest of pauses "-here. Just a good friend of mine looking to get rid of some booze and I just -happen- to be in need of some. Why, uh, -is- there a problem, here?" She'll play the baffled one, oh yeah. She affects the appropriate tone, too, looking back at her hard-eyed companion (who looked anything but) while she shook her head. Looking back at the woman, "He said nothing to me about it being Dicomte goods." You could almost -hear- the shrug, even though her shoulders stay even.

Using the toe of her boot, Thayet taps the side of the crate where the Dicomte seal is branded into the wood. "I'm sure this seal wasn't there when you purchased it, either," she offers mildly by way of explanation. One hand reaches up to scratch an itch along the side of her jaw and she considers the pair of them calmly. "Call me a former trader intrigued by a familiar seal." Her smile makes another appearance. "I spent some turns with the Dicomte people long ago. If they've set up a train here, I would love the opportunity to go and see if I've any old friends in the bunch."

That boot tap to the seal stamp boldly on the crate gets Jaya's brief attention. Her jaw twitching, "Ah, well," she seems to recover the situation, throwing a disarming smile the woman's way. "You know…?" and a had steals up to pat at her chin as she openly contemplates the crate now. "I didn't pay it much attention. Did you?" and she turns to level the question back at Suli. When the older woman slowly shakes her head, Jaya turns back and throws both her hands up. "You gotta understand," she explains, regarding the other now with open bravado. "Us gals here haven't been on this continent long enough to determine which is and -isn't- on sale, darlin'. The fault can't be ours. You'll just have to take it up with our old friend, Seledus. Send him my regards while you're at it." The last is given with a sour touch in her voice, her gaze now seeming to size the other up idly. "Former trader, you say?" Small talk could deflect the real situation, perhaps? "So am I. What a small world, eh? Well, -I- wouldn't know anything about the dealings here, but, Sel on the other hand…" and she nodding in the direction from which they came, seeming to keep her tone a guarded neutral.

Thayet's right brow raises higher than her left, a very intrigued expression stealing over her features. She looks between the two women - from Jaya's disarming smile to Suli's slow head shake - and makes a 'hmm' noise low in her throat. "Seledus, you say? Where might I find this man?" At least, she assumes it's a man. Thorn raises his head as Thayet reaches down to rub at the hide behind his headknobs; he seems in no hurry to leave his perch. As her hand drops, however, her eyes raise to meet Jaya's gaze and for the first time, there is real danger there. "You said you haven't been on this continent long enough to know which is and isn't for sale. Thus I have to determine that if you were traders as you say, it was on the Northern Continent." The toe of her left boot scuffs the ground and a soft snort can be heard from the grazing stallion nearby. "Judging by your accent, I'd say you were from the far north. Bitra, possibly Telgar or Crom. That's Dicori land, if I don't mis-remember my maps, and I know we did business with them at least thrice that I can remember. Even if we hadn't, traders - at least the smart ones - tend to make a habit of learning other clans' seals and brands. Helps us all cut down on trafficking of stolen goods." That scuffing boot is settled firmly in the ground as its mate lifts to rest on the upper edge of the crate. Thayet leans forward a little to flick at a piece of dust on the wherhide. "So either you're a trader as you say, and lying about knowledge of obviously stolen goods, or you're completely innocent and lying about the trader business." She lifts her chin then, crooking her neck back to look at Jaya's face from her bent-over position. "No one I've ever met outside a train had reason to lie about having been a trader, so I would strongly suggest you start telling me some truths, shady lady, or I'll be absolutely forced to take you into custody under suspicion of theft and smuggling."

Oh -fuck-. Suli's expression falls and Jaya's own wavers for just a second at just the mere thought of being taken into custody - again, no less. Her eyes bright as the other lays into her the holes in their story, hearing the trader name 'Dicori' causing some color to drain from her hard face. "You," the dark haired young woman lays the word back the other, her expression turning harder and starting to look very much like a rat caught in a hard place, "sound like a guard, and I told you. Seledus sold us this damn crate, so if you want to go waving the 'smuggling' flag, go wave it at -him-!" That pure Dicori temper that such Dicori traders are known for was on the rise now in her panic, taking a step back towards the crate. She was tight-lipped on admitting anything about the Dicoris or Bitra, however, seeming to brace herself for something that may inevitably go down. "And that's -former- trader to you! I didn't steal or smuggle anything!" -"Just leave her the damn crate and let's get out of here," Suli's heavy voice breaks in then, the older woman sending Thayet a warning glare. "It's lost marks on our end anyway."

"I am a guard, lass." Using the foot on the crate to push herself backwards and to a straight posture, Thayet extends her arm and gathers Thorn up to her shoulder when he takes the silent command. "That sounds much more like the truth," she answers mildly. "Which - if you'll recall - is all I wanted from you. Take the crate." She turns and walks over to grab the stallion's lead line, turning him in a slow circle until she's once again facing the two women. "I would also recommend that you pass along a message to your … 'friend'. He had better be quite careful about passing along branded crates and goods. I am sure there are more than my eyes that would recognize such symbols." With a single, easy motion, she vaults onto the stallion's back and gives him a moment to adjust. "If he gives you trouble, threaten him with a visit from Thayet. If he's got any ties with the Dicomte clan, her name ought to straighten him out."

Bristling, "I've forgotten how much I and guards never get along," Jaya states coolly, seeming to get ahold of her temper before it to had gotten the best of her. Dropping hands to her sides when it looks like no dragging off was to be had, "Guards I've been around attack first and ask questions later," she put in response to all that was asked about the crate, her eyes roving over Thayet with open suspicion. "But yeah. I'll be sure to pass on that message to our old ….friend." There's a barely-there sneer here, her eyes narrowing as she watches the other woman with the stallion. Not taking her eyes from her when she mounts, her shoulders visibly loosen from the tension in her frame as she ticks off a nod in wary agreement. "Oh, I'm sure he won't be troubling us gals for a long while," she seems to vow with some significance. When she feels Suli behind her going towards the crate, "Dicomte clan, right. I won't forget. Trust me." There's a flash of teeth in a smile that had no warmth, and the dark-haired woman starts stepping back to reach Suli and the crate.

"Guards that attack first and ask questions later usually end up dead," but Thayet's mild observation seems to be the end of her commentary on the matter. Thorn launches from her shoulder into the air, circling above the women before winging back toward Landing proper. She squints up at the sun. "Second shift of guard will be going to luncheon soon. There will be a moment or two when there won't be attention payed to the exit road." Another mild observation shared among strangers as if t'were nothing of more consequence than the weather itself. "A good day to you, ladies." And with a shift of her seat, the black runner spins and lopes off in the same direction the bronze just flew.

"Got no complaints from me," Jaya is quick to quip about the observation on guards, and it actually draws out the first wry smile yet this day. She can take a hint, though - the news on the shift change causing Jaya to nod significantly to the grave Suli behind her. As one, the two ladies lift the crate back up off the ground, Jaya heaving a bit from the weight of it. Such important information given at a time like this does give the ex-Dicori trader pause, looking back over at Thayet as she and stallion go off. There's a frown, contemplative at most as she looks after the woman and her stallion before she gives her the unheard: "Thanks." Then together, the two women move off down and pass the stables, no more words spoken between them.

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