Culture of the South


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Date: July 16th, 2010
Location: Dining Hall, Landing
Synopsis: Teallan's late meal is interrupted by Atsya. Talk of the south and culture ensues.
Rating: G
Logger: Teallan

The dining hall is filled with roughly twenty circular tables, seating eight to ten people apiece. The room itself is clean and done in tile and white walls, much like AIVAS' own room, but the walls have tapestries from different crafts and holds all over Pern. There is a longer Head Table for Master Crafters and other visiting dignitaries. A set of double doors leads off into the Kitchen.

It's somewhere around afternoon. The tail end of the usual time lunch is served and the dining hall has fairly emptied out. The tablesfor Master Crafters is long since empty and other than the staff clearing away dishes and cleaning, only a few remain. Teallan is one of these, perched at a table by herself. There is evidence that others have sat there, but they have also departed. Her reasoning may be the sheets of paper she's looking through and obviously more focused upon than the tray of food that rests just nearby her elbow.

Atsya steps into the room, taking short, rapid steps. Inside she pauses to adjust to the change in light, a large pair of leather bags slung over her shoulder and reaching nearly to the floor. She moves out of the way of an exiting diner before striding further into the room and towards the other woman. A table over she sets the bags down with a bit of a struggle, some clanking noises accompanying its coming to rest.

Noise! Noise is distraction. Not that, often, Teallan really even notices these things. However, it's the clanking that does bring her away from studying the papers before her. She blinks at the bag first before lifting gaze to regard Atsya. The papers, if the other woman looks, seem to be sheet music. Eyes catch the knot and the Harper inclines her head respectfully. It's only then that she seems to realize she has food uneaten and she reaches for the tray, shoveling a few bites into her mouth and chewing swiftly.

Atsya gives a friendly smile as she reaches up to rub at her shoulder through the thin fabric of her dress. After leaving the eyes of the other young woman her own drop down absently to her papers, Atsya's head tilting as she tries to interpret them from above, and with another smile to herself she eminates a soft chuckle before starting towards the counter.

The papers are gathered, almost defensively. Perhaps a misinterpretation of the chuckle. Teallan's brow furrows, but with a squaring of shoulders, she sits up straighter and returns to eating. The spell of the music broken for now, allowing her to finish her meal.

Atsya returns with a cup of chilled klah, dropping gracefully into a seat before crossing her ankles and tucking them back underneath the bench. She lets out a long breath, eyes closed, before taking a sip and turning to look somewhat curiously around the room, though more at the decor and structure than the people it would seem. Her eyes seem to pause on the other young woman one more time though, and again her head tilts. "Those earrings are lovely," she comments in a whispery alto.

Teallan lifts a hand briefly to touch the earrings in response. Almost as if she'd forgotten what she was wearing. Knowing Tea, she very well may have. The young woman smiles brightly at Atsya, showing two rows of teeth in the process. "Thank you," she offers, voice certainly in the spectrum of soprano. "My parents comissioned the set as a gift when I was chosen to be sent here to Landing to study."

Atsya's head tilts over to the opposite side. "That was nice of them," she says as her eyes move one more time to the earrings in question. "I'm sure it helps you remember them while you are so far away. It will be some time before the residents here will be able to find their like locally I'm sure."

"I… suppose so," Teallan replies, brow furrowing briefly. As if she hadn't considered even the need to have something to remember them by yet. The young woman draws in a sharp breath and straightens her back once again, directing attention anew to Atsya. "I am Teallan, Senior Apprentice Harper." As if her knot didn't make that obvious. "Have you also come for the new Weyr?"

Atsya's return smile easily shines through her eyes, though she doesn't show any teeth. "Good afternoon, senior apprentice harper Teallan, and welcome to the Southern Continent. I am here for the Weyr, yes, but I impressed my Zhiyth at Southern, so it was not the move for me that it was for many. Nor the adjustment in weather," she adds with another smile.

"You are /so/ lucky," Teallan offers with briefly widened eyes. She shifts some food around upon her tray with a fork. "I came from the main Hall at Fort and it's… different here." She gives a small shake of her head, eating a couple more bites quickly. "I imagine it's worse for those who came from the even more northern areas, but…" Her shoulders rise and fall as she leans back marginally. "The… I think they've called it humidity? That gets to me. It gets so sticky outside."

Atsya nods her head. "Light, breathing weaves are best, but sometimes there is little you can do about it. You can dip a bit of cloth in water and wrap it around your neck on a hot day, and it will do wonders to cool you off," she offers. "I have been to Fort only a few times, and always on some form of errand." She pats the bags on the table next to her. "I was not long past walking the last time I lived in a traditional hold."

"I was born and raised in the Hall," Teallan explains brightly. "My parents are Journeymen. They trained me in the Craft before I even officially had the knot of Apprentice." Obviously all a great source of pride for her. She does, however, at the same time, seem to be considering the comments about the light weaves. "I don't think I have many of those. Perhaps I ought to see a weaver soon."

Atsya giggles softly, coverign her mouth with her hand, though it seems to be a bit of a private reaction. She seems to realize she's doing so, and shakes her head, "Sorry, a bit of a private amusement. I'm not sure that there are many weavers about, though I can recommend several at Southern. Most of my clothes were made there."

Brown eyes flash briefly, but Teallan reels herself in. Still, she watches Atsya carefully for a moment. "Perhaps I can get a ride there someday," the young woman utters, pondering. "If you can recommend them, that will certainly help."

Atsya laughs again, her hand hovering in front of her lips once more. "I am not sure if my introducing you to them would work for, or against you, In the meantime I'd go with what you have that's most light, either in color or weave."

Confusion now finds itself in the young woman's expression. "I see," she utters simply. Tray is pulled near again and she's swift to finish her meal. "Well," Teallan finally continues, stacking utensils and the like up to make a return trip easier, "I'll keep that in mind. Especially as it gets warm again."

Atsya smiles as she shakes her head. "It is nothing sinister, I assure you. The two I would most recommend are my parents, both masterweavers. They would likely bemoan how their daughter abandoned them for a life of romance and ease, and then begin stories of when I was six and would hide in the store rooms and climb the bolts of fabric."

"You must have had gorgeous clothing as a child, though!" Teallan says, expression brightening. It's certainly not as sinister as she had begun to fear. She picks up the papers and begins organizing them. "I think I could handle that. If they talk about you so much, they must be proud of you."

Atsya's smile turns more shy as she looks down at the table in front of her, both hands clasping her mug. "They are, I think. They miss me, but I have a better life now than I would have, even if it's more dangerous. I… was not that good a weaver," she admits with a shake of her head. And believe it or not, much of my clothing was handed down from other girls."

"Really?" Teallan sounds a bit saddened at that. Perhaps she was expecting tales of elaborate gowns and helping start fashion trends. She glances up once more to Atsya. "Well, being a dragonrider was your destiny. Mine is to be a singer." She looks around, "That's why I was sent here to Landing. So I could go through the archives and find new music to wow Pern with."

Atsya tilts her head again, reguarding the other. "Hopefully I will get to hear you sometime, I bet you are wonderful. Or at least I'd assume you have to be to be sent half of Pern away as an apprentice, even if a senior one."

What Atsya doesn't know is that despite her skill, Teallan is just difficult to be around and that factored in more than her abilities as a singer. Even if she is a good one. She smiles, broadly, at the bluerider. "Well, perhaps I'll be chosen to sing something in commemoration of the clutching." She hopes, at least. "Once it happens, of course."

Atsya rolls her eyes a bit as she stretches her shoulders behind her. "Which one? We've two queens that shall be laying soon. I'd say that between the two almost anyone with half a degree of interest will be attending one or the other. And doubtless they will require harpers galore, clutch of them that was have already aside," she says with another soft smile.

"Well, from what I was told," Teallan muses, tapping the papers on the table's surface to get them aligned, "there will be at least one ballad to commemorate the occassion as a whole. It's the new Weyr's first clutch, something that hasn't happened in so very long."

"True, not since Southern Weyr, and guessing when their first clutch was would be… tricky, considering. It will be an historic occasion, truly." Atsya takes a sip as she stares off into space a little bit, lost in memory. "Hopefully you will be able to visit the Weyr and perform."

"Exactly," Teallan says, lips curving in amusement. Perhaps fascination. "I do hope so, yes. To be able to perform at such an event…" Her eyes grow a little distant and she breathes a sigh.

Atsya grins at the other's excitement, finally flashing white teeth. "Something to tell the children about, I'm sure. That and the many other firsts yet to come at Eastern. It is a fortuitious time for harpers, for both good news and bad."

"I just hope the Masters start accepting some of the music AIVAS has introduced us to," Teallan says, waving the papers briefly. "A lot of it is… odd, but wonderful. They just don't like how untraditional it is." Eyes roll to the ceiling. "Even those saying they're Progressive."

Atsya's smile fades a little at the difficulty that must be. "A lot has changed very quickly, it can't be easy. What was a snippet here and a snippet there of new ideas has become a waterfall, and it's probably easy to drown."

"True," Teallan says, with the mild annoyance of someone who… well, likely isn't a very patient person. "I hope to prove to them that this music can be a good thing. Might help people change their minds about AIVAS and any bad all the knowledge may have brought. Culture is a good thing."

Atsya takes a sip, deciding not to enter up an opinion either way. "Are those some new songs there?" she asks, changing the subject. "Did they also sing about hold and craft, dragon and thread?"

"Well," Teallan muses, thoughtfully. "Not in the way we do, really. I mean, as times change, so does our perceptions and names. Just like how the Oldtimers had to adjust after four hundred Turns." She rolls shoulders in a small shrug. "There are… musicals. Plays, with music. A lot of them are lovely. I want to see if someone would work with me on composing some new ones."

Atsya nods her head, trying to think of what that would sound like. "It must have been good for rainy or cold days. I've never really seen a play before," she admits before taking a sip. "The only time I've really heard harpers was after going to the Weyr. Thoguh we sang worksongs sometimes, to help pass the time."

"Few plays seem to be done," Teallan says with a note of sadness. "We've been focused on the Teaching Songs, or the major ballads for so long. I'd love to see plays and… these musicals become popular. Now that we have this," she waves the paper around. "it's not as much a worry to memorize everything."

Atsya laughes. "That must make it easier to learn so many songs. Most everything we learn is by repetition, drilling time after time after time. 'You must train the muscle that that it remembers without you'," she quotes from a lesson not too long past.

"Well, you can't make your muscles learn something from paper, but…" Teallan nods slightly, setting the sheets down. "Same concept, I suppose. But this way we'll never again risk losing things because time decayed hides."

Atsya nods her head again. "That… is a good thing. And I imagine we'll be able to better pass on to those that come after us. An exciting time indeed," she says, a hint of something a little weary in her voice.

Teallan watches Atsya for a moment as she gets to her own feet, picking up her tray. "What is a rider like you doing at Landing? Mostly just crafters and sometimes a messenger comes by here."

Atsya pats the bags again. "Delivering some rock samples from some new digging. Exciting, isn't it?" she asks in her quiet way. "Gets me out for a bit though, and that's nice. It's quite interesting to see the different part of Pern, and how they are different. I'm lucky that way."

"Rocks." Teallan states. Oh, the excitement. Except not. She just blinks at Atsya, holding her tray. "I see. I guess the miners will be thrilled with those." She's not sure. They are, y'know, just rocks.

The look on the young rider's face shows she seems to share that sentiment for sediment. "Sometimes," Atsya says, "you just do what you are asked. And if that is delivering core samples and chip tests to a mastersmith, then Zhiyth and I are at the Weyrs service."

"Well, of course," Teallan muses, shifting her tray slightly. "I suppose as a rider, you have less choice in such things." For a moment, she is thrilled to be a Harper. Much more choice, Apprentice or not. "I imagine a lot of tasks are more enjoyable, though." With that, she makes an 'excuse me' gesture and carts her tray to a spot to drop it off, so the kitchens can easily retrieve it.

Atsya rises as well after uncrossing her legs, and begins shouldering the strap for the large bags. "Some tasks are quite lovely," she says, thinknig of the time spent with her lifemate. "But speaking of tasks, I must be to mine. It was lovely meeting you, senior apprentice Teallan. I do hope you find your way to the Weyr for the celebrations."

Teallan returns easily to the table, having made the quick trip. She gathers up her papers and watches Atsya for a moment, before giving a small smile. "I'm certain I will." At least she can walk there, even if it might be a lengthy walk. "It was nice meeting you as well, rider."

Atsya slides the bags off the table, sholdering the full load with a muffled grunt before turning back to the harper. She looks at Teallan's face a moment before smiling warmly once more. "Be well, harper," she says before starting towards the door, carefully balancing the load on her shoulder.

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