Danger Danger


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Date: 8/3/11
Location: Jaya's Bar - EW
Synopsis: Jaya meets Maura, one of the renegade blueriders from Igen and the two seem to have some things in common. A taste for danger seems to be one of them.
Rating: If above PG-13, please note here.
Logger: Jaya

The bar was its usual busyness. The card tables were full capacity this night, its players a mixture of dragonriders and weyrfolks and travelers alike. The tall, imposing figure of Shijan was present at the entrance as always, watching those that come and go with his usual stony silence. One could see the blonde, petite form of Hayli running from table to table with an easy smile in place, while Suli made a stark contrast with her towering presence and her cool demeanor. As for Jaya, she’s behind the counter at the bar, making the drinks and passing neutral comments back and forth with those patrons seated there before her. All in all, the bar gives off the atmosphere of a place to unwind after a grueling day.

The day itself may not have been so grueling for Maura, but it doesn't seem to stop the perpetually polite bluerider from appearing about as exhausted as if it had been anyway. She gives a nod to Shijan when walking in, not bothering to wait for an acknowledgement she's sure isn't coming. And the tables, both card and otherwise, are eschewed for the time being as she takes a seat up at the bar. There doesn't seem to be any hurry, as she's content to inspect the counter and glance at what everyone's drinking. And, otherwise just watch the bustle of activity with a curious eye. This is actually *early* for her to be walking in. Normally, she's not seen for a few hours yet and she would also normally wall herself in at a corner table with a glass of wine and something to keep herself busy like a book or cards.

Shijan watches Maura with the same amount of time that he does most others - only long enough to make sure that she wasn't coming in with a look of causing trouble. The bar area is crowded with a few empty stools dotted here and there, so it's the new occupation of one that seems to catch the eyes of more than one patron. Jaya's robust laughter could be heard down the counter as she makes her way towards Maura, one hand occupied with an empty glass and the other occupied with a dark red bottle. Once Jaya reaches her, "Hey there, shuga," she greets, setting the bottle down under the counter as she sets the glass behind her. The towering presence of Suli is now behind the counter as well, taking up orders down the counter as Jaya asks, "What can I get for you tonite?" The long, jagged scar could be seen running down the left side of her face, marring youthful features with her dark hair running free about her shoulders.

Maura, as usual, doesn't notice at all if she's caught the attention of one or many with her arrival. But she does smile upon hearing the sound of laughter, and waits for Jaya to be standing across from her before she offers a polite but sincere smile. "Evening'," she returns, her expression changing from welcome to uncertain. "Hmm. How about… a shot of something strong that won't make me want to die when I drink it. And a glass of that tropical fruit juice with rum in it." she decides, her eyes flicking briefly towards the scar that is hard to miss, and then back to the woman's eyes. "Double the rum in that drink too, would you? It's been one of those days." There's no change at all in her expression there, as if she's probably seen similar or worse and knows better then to say anything or make a big deal of such things.

"What about the Istan Wave?" Jaya offers the dragonrider when she voices her preferences, her lips twisting slightly in amusement. "It's sweet, heady and won't give you too much of a hangover if you make sure not to drink up the bottle." 'Strong' was an understatement for her. She even bends down to lift up a brown bottle when Maura speaks about the rum, the corner of her mouth lifting more before adding, "Though, if it's the Istan you're wanting, I wouldn't mix it too much with the rum. You may end up on the laps of half the men in here." Beat. "And the women, too, if you're wild enough." She sets down an empty glass before her regardless of what drink Maura chooses, sending some randy comment to one of the bronzeriders already into his cups, clearly. With laughter in her voice as she turns back towards Maura, "One of those days, eh?" she echoes, head tilting slightly. "Well, the good things with us barkeeps is that we can get you drunk and give some insight. Or a fight. We can get you into a fight, but you don't look the sort."

"Alright, let's try the Istan Wave." Maura drawls, responding instinctively to Jaya's amusement with a return smile. "I was just kinda hoping to take the edge off, not get crazy drunk. Doing sweeps in the morning with a hangover is *really* not my favorite." the girl admits, thereby also admitting she's experienced a hangover and prefers to avoid it. "Ah, yeah. Why don't we skip the rum too. I'd prefer to save the lap-dances for someone special" Her gaze lands on the drunk bronzerider who was the target of that randy comment, causing her lips to twist up into an amused smirk. "Good thing he's too drunk already to act on that." she muses, bursting into outright laughter at the idea of getting into a fight. "No, I would lose. And lose badly. It's nothing that bad. Just dealing with my sister." She handwaves past it, rolling her eyes.

Before Maura finishes speaking her choice, Jaya was already manhandling the Istan Wave into her glass. "Good choice," she's quick to say, tossing up a saucy wink her way before passing the drink over and stating its price. Her response on hangovers get a wry "There was a time when all I knew was hangovers. Morning, noon and night." There's laughter on the comment on there being someone special, setting the bottle down and leaning casually against the counter as Suli passes her by. "Someone I know?" she asks, being very much nosy and not bothering to hide the fact. "I've seen you in here before, but think we've never met." The drunk bronzerider beside Maura leers at both ladies, stating to such comment on lap dances, "I've got an empty seat, right'ere! Got two, even!" - "Gimme that seat and I'll show ya a good lap dance!" Jaya tosses back, unleashing her concealed knife and slamming it, hilt-down, to hit the table between them. The dragonrider roars his laughter and the barkeep returns to Maura stating, "Cut a few men's laps in my day to know they hardly ever feel it when they're liquored up." Beat. Speaking of fights, the Bitran woman looks the woman up and down before answering, "Hmm, I think I would agree, but there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, it's fun to lose." Yes, she said 'fun'. "But tell me about this sister. That's something I know about. Have one of those myself that could probably use a good thrashing that doesn't involve bedsheets."

The marks in her pocket are pulled out and slid across the counter as soon as the price has been named - accompanied by a bit of a pained expression with the continued discussion of hangovers. "I had no idea what one was until I came to Eastern." she reveals, in a rather dry tone. "I'm Maura, rider to Rikath." she introduces, lifting her drink up in a toasting manner before letting some of it slide back down her throat. "You've probably seen him. Most of the people I hang out with spend time here." She's not given out names just yet, but give her a few more sips of that drink and surely her tongue will loosen. She just seems naturally reticent on being specific. The concealed knife… that one earns a bit of a choked cough as she's mid-sip. "You ever show anyone how to use that thing?" she wonders, being perhaps a bit bold based on what most people know of the girl. But the question has purpose, it seems, based on the keenness of her interest. And in the spirit of that, she deliberately ignores the comment about how fun it can be to lose a fight. Lalalalalalala. "She's just… she… she's acting like an ungrateful bitch. I brought her here to keep her safe, and all I hear are complaints. I haven't given her enough money. She has no nice clothes anymore. She doesn't -like- working in the kitchen. And the assumptions she makes about /me/. Been tempted to drop her off in the middle of nowhere lately." The combination of the words thrashing and bedsheets, of course, brings a bit of color to her face. Not that she comments on it. She's so easy to fluster.

Jaya is quick to collect up the marks, nodding her thanks before they are dropped into one of her skirt pockets. Maura's first statement gets a raised brow of interest. "You mean…..never? Until you came here?" which for her, might be hard for her to believe, but then, her whole life has been surrounded with drunks and criminals. In the light of introductions, a crooked smile appears for the name given and she returns with a nod, "Jaya, rider to none that's winged, at least." A wink is sent for crass words before the drunk bronzerider gets her brief attention as he laughs out and stares at the knife. "I like a woman that can throw," is his smarmy response, to which she reaches for and plucks free her knife and says, "Then you must like being a target then." To Maura, "I'm sure I have," she answers on seeing him around with a lift of her chin. The knife gets sheathed then before Suli arrives with dirty mugs to clean, and she pulls a rag from under the counter before answering Maura's question on the knife. Putting rag to the first mug she grabs, "Show anyone? Yeah, once or twice," she states with some non-chalance, busy at wiping the mug clean. "Have trained some back in Bitra. Do you?" At hearing about her sister, "She's here? To stay? Where was she living before? A Hold?"

"That's right. Never till I came here." Maura confirms, and not without a bit of embarrassment in her tone, as she never considered how unusual it might be. Jaya's introduction does earn a laugh, and a good one. "I'll drink to that." she decides, winking back at the bartender before she takes more of her drink.She ignores the bronzrider's comment, though her smirk suggests that she did indeed hear it. "My specialty is more along the lines of distraction, not fighting." Something the bluerider's always been fine with, until recently anyway. Which is what prompts her to give the blade another look. "You willing to show anyone here? I'd like to learn." Maura doesn't just have that look of innocence and naivety about her, in most cases she pretty much *is*, so it's good that none of her friends are there to do a double-take at her request and try to talk her out of it - see her glance around a moment to make sure none of them are in hearing distance? "Oh yeah, she's here all right. Hauled her back here, and Rii brought his sister. I thought maybe it'd help if she had a familiar face from the infirmary but… color me wrong. Oh no. My sister was not living at a Hold. SHe was living where she worked. Dancing girl." is explained.

Laughing, "I can't even remember the days before my first," Jaya relates, shaking her head in amusement. "I do forget this is a Weyr, though. Plenty of folks coming from different walks of life from mine." Beat. "Now, I can always use someone that's good at distracting," she notes when it comes to fighting, nodding firmly to that. "Ever been to Bitra before? That's where I hail from. The bars there are nothing to play with!" and she slaps her own belly with robust laughter. When Maura asks after knife-wielding and learning, the barkeep regards her for a moment with her head slightly tilting to the side before she decides with a wry, "Sure. It would be fun. Truth be told, I'm getting pretty bored around here," and she flips a look about her bar. "Folks behave more properly in this here bar than what I'm used to. Taverns I frequent, there's at least one chance to throw your knife at someone before the night's out, but here?" and she shakes her head with some regret at the injustice of it all. "Girl needs to let off some steam every now and then, you know? So I can teach you. I know just the place, too. You own any good knives?" On the subject of sisters, a brow arches at something said as she echoes, "'Rii'?" Beat. "Ahhh, she's a dancer! Is she any good? My own did some here and there before our da put a stop to it. Says no 'respectable' trader would have his daughter swaying around with barely any clothing. Of course, the trader name itself has to be 'respectable' before he go around making such claims, but, who is he going to listen to?" Clearly, she has much to say about family, and particularly her own. "But you know….we get pretty busy around here," she notes, looking around. "If she's any good, she might do better working here than in the kitchens, your sister. It's work, but I can at least guarantee her that she won't be bored."

"Bitra? No, Igen's my former home. Never left it much." A shrug accompanies the explanation. "I was the sacrificial ovine of the family - you know, the one they hoped to marry off to the highest bidder. They didn't want me corrupted." Oh how far /those/ plans have fallen though; a disturbingly mischievous sort of glee entering Maura's gaze when she considers that former fate. "I would be happy to liven things up then. I have no knives of any kind. But you tell me what to look for, or go with me to get some, and I've got enough to pay for it." Savoring more of this Istan Wave of hers, it seems even half a glass has her tongue loosening enough to provide more by way of names and explanations. "Ch'rii. Zekoith's rider. He's from Igen too. M'sure he might be able to find some good knives if I ask. And at a steep discount, I'll wager." For some reason (ie - alcohol) she finds that amusing enough to giggle at. Faranth help them all. "Oh she's good. Even taught me how to do it before my parents caught wind of it. Oh you should have *seen* their faces!" Momentarily gleeful, she clears her throat. "She's the oldest - ran off, and stuck me with being the good daughter. But she ain't doing it anymore. Least not the place she was at before. Had to haul her out of there. That's why I want to learn…" the bottom of her glass is tipped towards where the knife had been resting, "Nobody, and I mean /nobody/ is going to grab *me* like that again unless I /ask/ for it." Riiiiight. "Oh, oh no. You don't want my sister in here. She's spreading rumors and being -horrible- to everyone. Maybe once I talk some sense into 'er, I'll send her your way. I would never want to stick you with 'er when she's like this."

"Igen, huh?" Interest piques for the Bitran barkeep as she sets one cleaned mug aside for another. "Last time I stepped foot into sand territory, I was a little trader girl. We have a route up that way." There's laughter on being the sacrificial ovine of the family, her smirk crooked as she remarks, "Every family has at least the one. Luckily, in mine, it was more my sister with those hopes than me." Beat. "So I imagine they weren't too happy to find a dragon on you, eh?" Talk of knives get even more interest from her, especially the part on going out and finding some good ones. "You know, I just might be able to help you there," she notes, slapping the towel over one shoulder. "I know a knife maker that might be getting back into the business. Know some places, too. Might be I could get you a deal, for a favor." Beat. "And this Ch'rii," Jaya adds with a slight cock of her head, "if he can get you cheaper, then stick with him. I get get you good quality, but they usually don't believe in discounts - even to friends." There's a knowing smirk when Maura speaks on her sister and her parents, the barkeep shaking her head before saying, "She sounds a bit like mine. Beddie's not that graceful, but she has a quality to her that keep men staring. I'll grant her that much. So you were the 'good' daughter, huh? That name hasn't been tarnished yet?" she teases. Maura's response on her sister working at the bar gets a raised hand and a "Just sayin', the offer's there. I'm interested in hearing about these horrible rumors, though," and she arches her brow to that. Trust barkeeps to always be nosy or in the 'know'!

"Oh really? You may have been by our Hold then. We were one of the smaller minor holds." Though Maura doesn't name which, neither does she seem embarrassed about 'home' per se. "They were very displeased. And Rikath is… he can be difficult when he feels I've been slighted. And even on a good day, he tends to be acerbic, and sly." the bluerider relates, allowing amusement for the vagaries of her lifemate to show in the tilt of her lips. "I'll check with him, see what he thinks." she decides, referring to the purchase of knives. "A deal for a favor. I'll keep that in mind as well." she promises, sounding understandably skeptical or wary. "Oh, Miene is graceful too. She's… you'd just have to meet her. She -certainly- overshadows me when we're in the same room. At least it seems that way." As for being tarnished? Oh, she /does/ chuckle at that. "It hasn't been tarnished only because I tell them absolutely nothing about my life." she admits, finishing off what's in her glass then. "What they don't know, won't hurt them. Miene's mistake was in telling them too much. They know she's a dancer, and what kind of dancing she does, so they don't speak to her. They know I'm a rider, but that's it. And the rest I consider none of their business." Her face does, however, turn several different shades of pink and red when Jaya slips in a word there about wanting to know those rumors. "I.. . well, the most amusing one is Rii's fault, so I'll leave that out," she decides, her tone dry. "But so far, I've trapped her here against her will, won't give her any money, make sure she only has the ugliest clothing, I'm terribly jealous of her, and I'm keeping her from her family." That faint noise? That's the bluerider grinding her teeth. "The truth is, I /am/ keeping her here against her will, but only because she's not safe back at Igen. Not until we figure out what's going on there. We had to leave her clothing and money behind, because to go back to that place to get it could have gotten me killed. And my parents disowned her turns ago. And I am not going to give her any more money until she starts at least trying to work at *some* job here. I've been giving her money for turns now anyway. But I also won't give her the satisfaction of denying any of her accusations no matter who she says it to."

"I'm sure we did," Jaya answers on her trader clan having come by her small hold. "If you remember us Dicoris." Talk on the dragon gets a wry "It's always interesting to me. Dragons having personalities." Beat. "And it's nothing major," the barkeep adds, shifting to wipe the towel over the counter surface. "The favor, I mean. Just some courier work. You riders have the means, the dragons to get whatever I need to go where it needs to go." Simple as that, her tone seems to say with that cunning gleam in her dark eyes. She smirks at hearing about her sister, and the tarnished life the bluerider hides before drawling, "I think I do want to meet this sister of yours! She sounds like a mess worth meeting, shuga. As to that rumor….another round?" A brow lifts in a mischievious light and she looks down at the empty glass before Maura pointedly. To those rumors that the sister in question spreads, Jaya spreads her hands wide at that one as she states, "Aren't siblings meant to be pains in the ass? Of course she would be just as so here as opposed to there. You say she's not safe back at home, though. What kind of trouble we're talkin' here for a dancer?" Some of her amusement ebbs though upon hearing that the sister had been disowned, her hand stopping the towel and she adds soberly, "Yeah. Know how that feels. Girl seem misguided, and lost, is all. Been there, shuga. All she needs is to be pointed down a different direction." Beat. "Like I was."

"Dicoris. It's familiar." Maura's tone is thoughtful, pensive even, as she tries to think back on all those lessons she was drilled in endlessly while living at home. "Oh yes, yes dragons have some very, very interesting personalities. And they're always in your head. I mean, sometimes you can tune them out, but…" Courier work sounds simple enough that the bluerider smiles and nods, accepting Jaya's word at face value. Or at least so it seems. "If you really want to meet her, I'd be happy to steer her in your direction." More marks are pulled out from her pocket and slid across the counter, along with he empty glass so that she can get a refill. "Like I said, I blame that one all on him. I said it was none of her business, but he just had to go and be literal." Not that she seems displeased. No, if anything it just brings another mischievous grin to her face. "I'm trying. Maybe if it were someone else trying to steer her on the right path she'd listen." is questio mused, while she considers her answer to the question of trouble. There's that brief moment of indecision where she seems to suck the air in between her teeth, but then she speaks again. "Some new asshole took over the place, and wanted the dancers to do more then just dance. And she got beat pretty bad for refusing to do perform those extra services. I went in and got her out. WIsh she'd have given me a heads up though, since it got me bruised and bloody too."

"Can you really?" Jaya counters in amusement in regards to blocking out dragons from one's head, her head tilting slightly. "I remember when S'las would tell me he used to try, but ended up giving up when his bronze made his love life his own personal commentary playground." As to meeting Maura's sister, she straightens up and says, "She's welcome to come by the bar, anytime. Be good to get in more chats with ladies. I seem to surround myself with men in this business most of the time." She collects the marks being slid over first before moving to refill Maura's glass, her smile one of easy pleasure at profits before the seriousness of her sister's plight back in Igen gets some of the soberness to return. Grunting, "Sometimes it takes someone that's really been there to make the wayward listen, shuga," she states on new paths knowingly, clearly having been through that herself from her tone of voice. "Da kicked me out of the family, too. Got involved in some stuff not too far off from what your sister does, maybe. Such paths are hard to turn away from - even all the way here in a Weyr." Beat. "She finds anymore trouble from up that way, though," she adds, leaning back as she slids her refilled drink back over, "you should look in on talking to the beast manager, Max. Might be there could be something he could do. Men like that one usually needs a good, firm talkin' to, hm?" Somehow, 'good, firm talkin'' just does not seem to sound like what it is, either.

"It takes practice. See, Rikath has a habit of sending me this image, where he shoves someone specific off of my ledge… and makes me watch it all the way down till there's a wet crunchy splat. I've had to learn how to tune that one out." Maura leans over to whisper that one. And no, she doesn't look like shes' joking. "He doesn't like it when I cry." she explains, blithely. "His reaction to what went down in Igen…" A low whistle escapes the young woman's throat, and she has to take a sip of that refilled drink. "I'll suggest she stop by then, Jaya. Anything you can do to help her, or talk some sense in to her. I'd be in your debt." the bluerider adds, sincerely. "She's being a pain in the ass, but she's still my sister and I haven't given up on her." It really just isn't in Maura to brush someone off. "Mmm. Yeah, I know Max. Well, a bit anyway. I already gave him the names that I wrung out of my sister. He's a good guy. That Waine fellow though. I think there's a screw loose up there someone if you know what I mean." More alcohol down the gullet please! "Know what you mean about hangin' out with guys a lot. Seems pretty much all of my friends are men. Be nice to have a girls night now and then wouldn't it?"

The mental image Maura creates with her blue shoving someone off of a ledge is enough to send Jaya into fits of raucous laughter. Slapping the counter, "Rikath does that? And here I thought all dragons had inherently 'good' thoughts! And who has he mentally thrown off a ledge?" Inquiring minds want to know, apparently! She does sober up though to nod on her sister coming by, adding there, "Dunno about talkin' sense. Folks say I'm a bit unhinged, shuga, but it might help give her someone to vent to, or give her a place to throw off some steam, you know? Sometimes, that's all it takes. She'll be alright here." A brow of interest lifts at Maura having met Max already, but the comment on Waine gets a wry, "No wonder I get along with him. He's the good sort to have around Max, though. A little off, for sure, but then, I shouldn't be the one to judge." She tosses a wink towards her at that one. The last gets some laughter as she returns to cleaning dirty mugs, clearly in agreement as she responds. "Must be something common in a Weyr, although I'm coming from the lands, shuga. Women out there, if you're not laying on your back, then all you see around is men." Beat. "A girl's night though. That's something I can do with," she considers that for a moment, pausing. "Be nice to play some serious cards and drink good with other girls that I'm not looking smack down. Likely why I have few friends, so I agree. Something simple and fun?"

Maura nods once. Firmly. "Oh yes, Rikath -certainly- does that. For awhile there, every time I'd even talk to the guy, I would get that same image." Cue pained expression. "Oh, just D'lan so far. I mean, he only made me cry that one time. And he did apologize. And it was a good explanation, really. I guess. And he's been so nice. But Rikath isn't very forgiving." Thus, people tend to try to stay on her good side. And with Maura being so sweet, usually, the dichotomy between rider and dragon couldn't be more clear. "He stopped with the ledge-shoving images soon as I hooked up with Ch'rii though, so it's not so bad really." Hey wait, she frowns now. She didn't mean to say all that. Which obviously means she should drink /more/? Hmm. "Maybe we should introduce Miene to Waine then." she makes this leap with all the sense that someone half in her cups would, of course. She's such a cheap drunk. "Yes, yes exactly! Cards, drinking… and we can talk about the girls we want to smack down." she suggests, merrily. She hasn't even registered the raised brow at all.

"D'lan?" Jaya didn't recognize that name, but then, she wasn't too familiar with most of the dragonriders at the Weyr. "Huh, a dragon that isn't very forgiving. That's something interesting." When Maura speaks on her blue stopping with the visions when she hooked up with Ch'rii, there's a lopsided grin given for that slip along with a wry "So you got approval, it seems. Better than the alternative. I have a friend in love with a dragonrider himself, and her own is scary enough without the added idea of her not liking him." There's laughter on the notion of Maura's sister meeting Waine, remarking wryly, "And she'll be naked in seconds flat, booze or no." Beat. "Sounds like a done deal," she adds on the idea of a girls' night, reaching forward with a hand to shake on it. "Too bad my sister isn't in town and all, though I wouldn't want to just…stopping by. She's as much a handfull as that Miene of yours! But I can do with letting my hair down for a bit. Another drink?" Yeah, this is one incorrigible barkeep!

"You know Max, seems like. He calls him the 'walking ego'." Maura prompts, having no idea just how well Jaya DOES know Max, but just assuming that she knows the guy, because she did mention him afterall. "Tall. Brown hair and eyes. Knows he's good looking. Hnh. Guess that's not too much help is it. Plenty of good looking tall guys with brown hair and eyes here isn't there'" Yep, this little bluerider starts babbling up a storm when she starts imbibing. Jaya may just be creating a monster. "If I can call anything Rikath does approval. He's a crafty little dragon, that one." she agrees, seeming amused at the idea. And she is also eager to shake on a girl's night, flashing a charming smile at the barkeep. "No worries. We can make it a sister free night too. Faranth knows I could use one! Ooooh, sure. Yes please. Another Istan Wave." More money over the counter. She's going to be weaving her way out to Rikath after this.

"I know Max, yeah," Jaya drawls in a slight Bitran accent, the regard a little cunning and enticing of there perhaps being something more to that answer than she's letting on. "But I haven't learned of this D'lan fellow. If he's a walking ego, then he's someone of should've met a long time ago." Beat. "You know a lot of good-looking, tall guys with brown hair and eyes, eh?" she seems to tease. She turns a bit thoughtful on the matter of Maura's dragon though, and puts in, "I'd like to meet this judgemental dragon though. See what he thinks of me. I've already heard all kinds from men." Once they shake on the girls' night to come, the smile is flashed back in return before the barkeep straightens up and resumes her mug-cleaning. "A sister-free night sounds about right. I think Hayli and Suli might want to join, too," and she gestures with her chin towards the petite blonde wading through the sea of tables behind them, along with the towering older woman behind the counter with her. She refills Maura's mug then, the mark getting pocketed so fast that one would have blinked and found it missing in less than a second.

Maura may be drunk, but she isn't wasted yet! "Are you the special girl he mentions having a date with a lot?" Max is probably going to want to throttle Maura at this rate. As will D'lan. And Ch'rii. Is there anything else she could possibly spill or talk about that she's usually quiet about? Anything at all? Maybe that birthmark on… oh wait, what were they talking about again? "You can meet Rikath any ol' time you want." she slurs, lifting her glass up to toast Jaya. "In fact, I may just need help walkin out to the bowl at this rate!" Normally that wouldn't cause a giggle. But today? Yep, hilarious! "Sure. The more the merrier! If they're anything like you I'm sure I'll get along just fine with em. Sure I won't be the odd one out here?" Her brow furrows. She's always the odd one out. "Ah well, who gives a shit." If only the boys were here now. She glances around to spot the women that have been named, before finally addressing another point., "I just know a lot of good looking tall men. Period." For realz. All those renegade men at Eastern so far? -Hot-.

Ahhhh, now that question gets the wily barkeep to stop her activity and turn a blank look towards the bluerider for just a moment. Finally there's a light snort and she resumes her cleaning, both brows lifting at Maura. "He mentions he's having a lot of dates with a special girl?" Jaya tosses the question right back with a sardonic and amused tilt to tone, shaking her head. "Well, if there's some other girl he's chasin' around on these dates, best I go find out, eh?" In that pause, one would think the woman's serious until she drops a beat later, "What does he say about me?" Yeah, Jaya's nosy like that. When Maura raises her glass to toast on her meeting Rikath, there's laughter and an equal raise of her own cleaning mug before stating, "You're not bad, 'rider. A bit on the straight, but, not bad at all. Don't think you can hold your liquor all that well, either," she adds, dropping her chin to pin a look on the other woman that was clearly inebriated. "Sure looks like you'll be needin' help out to the bowl though. I don't trust these boys in here enough to escort you without a hassle, except Shijan," and she nods toward the entrance where the silent shadow watches those in the bar. "Keep on drinkin' though, and I will keep taking every mark you cough up," she notes without open shame, "and you'll have a hangover that may turn you as onery as your dragon!" She laughs at her own jest, and then waves a hand back and forth on the matter of being the odd one out in the card game. "Naw, Hayli and Suli's good people!" she's quick to say, flashing a set of teeth. "Suli might cut ya' if she thinks you're cheatin', though, but if ya did, it's not like anyone's died or anything from it. Doing another girls' night would be tough otherwise!" There's raucous laughter when Maura curses, and talk of the guys at Eastern gets a brief gesture of her chin and a, "I hear you, shuga. Likely why my ass stuck around. Couldn't get a certain beast manager I clocked out in his stables out of my mind ever since. Girl like me don't even belong in a Weyr, shuga!"

"He's usually too busy trying to pry information out of me then return the favor by answering even the most subtle of questions." Maura replies, after a moment's thought of replaying conversations in her mind. "But don't you worry. I'll see what I can get out of him next time we talk." she promises, a knowing smile appearing on her lips. And since she flushes at any praise at all, the bluerider near beaming… at least part of which is the fault of being on her third drink. "Oh don't I know it. I can't hold my liquor worth shit. But if I keep drinking, eventually… eventually…" she'll still never be able to outdrink any of the other renegades, and thus she drunkenly loses her train of thought. "Think this is my last one." she admits, leaning over to whisper that as if it's some kind of big ol secret. "Gotta be able to at least pretend I'm on point at drills tomorrow." And what, did Jaya just say she punched Max? A slightly glassy eyed look is given the bartender before she starts laughing /hysterically/. "That. Is. Awesome." she decides. "Oh man, alright. I gotta go before I say something really dumb or fall off my chair. We'll get together for a girls night, yah? And uhm… knives, right. I'll let you know when I've got a couple good ones."

"That sounds like the beast manager, alright," Jaya remarks after a fashion when Maura speaks on how Max operates, one corner of her mouth lifting. Then again, the barkeep herself couldn't really lay judgement there, either. "Stick around here, around me long enough, you'll hold your liquor like a sea captain," the barkeep goes on to say, her laughter infectious. The smirk that comes in answer to the bluerider stating that this current round of Istan Wave was her last is quick and cunning, the Bitran woman saying back, "Ahhh, perhaps it's a good thing I'm no 'rider then. I don't do well with appointments in the morning. Better you than me, shuga." Maura's laughter must be infectious too, for Jaya's own is a brassy one to hers when she bursts into fits of laughter on her punching the beast manager. "Yeah, it was. Used to give good licks all the time in other bars. I think men respond well to it. Some, anyway," clearly, since that scar of hers show plainly in the bar lighting. But then Maura's getting off the stool and the barkeep straightening up and putting down the current cleaned mug with a wry "Need help to your dragon, or can you make it? And of course, girl's night. Let me know when you're free and I'll get the girls together. Same on the knives, shuga." Studying her for a moment, she adds then, "Golden meeting ya, Maura. Reckon you're alright, for a 'rider," she adds in a slight tease and a wink.

"That sounds like a dangerous proposition." Hanging around Jaya long enough to hold her liquor like a sea captain of course. But if anything, that just makes Maura grin all the more. "And I /like/ dangerous these days." Evident, perhaps, but it had to be said. In one fell swoop she proves she knows *how* to drink by downing the rest of that last 'wave in one shot and then sliding the glass back to Jaya. "They do, do they? Hmm." Shoot, as if she needs to be getting ideas right? "Mmmm, I… think I can make it! If not, someone'll scrape me up off the bowl and help me up." she decides, giggling again because obviously that's just a hilarious way to get back home. "Same t'you, Jaya! Yer alright for someone who ain't a rider!" Ahahahahaha. Yeah. She better leave now before she really devolves into bad jokes and nonsense. So off she wanders, in a mostly straight line towards the door. With a wave!

Laughing with that cunning twinkle in her eye at the first, "All I deal in is danger," is all Jaya says to that. She takes up the now-empty glass and gives into an amused snort to the rest. "Go on with you then, Danger girl," the barkeep gives as Maura totters off, hands making a shooing motion before she shakes her head with laughter and returns to work. "And send that critical dragon of yours a greeting from me!" With that, she moves on to the next customer to grab her attention, working the counter with a flow of one who has spent way too long behind one in her lifetime.

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