Portrayed By Christian Bale
Position Journeyman Farmer
Former title(s) None.
Sex Male
Age 17
Place of Birth Junos Cothold (Ista)
Family Kalinda (Mother), Velien (Father), Jassim (Brother), Mevan (Brother), Velina (Sister)
Faction Progressive

Character History

A young man from Ista, Darros has come to Southern out of an adventurous spirit and a pervasive need to be more than a farmer. He's come to Eastern Weyr in the hopes that being close to so many dragons will make it easier to be searched so he can become a rider. Barring that, at least he'll be a farmer somewhere different than the land he grew up with.


Jaya - Interesting person, how long will the 'game' go on before they finally speak truly straight to one another? That is the question.

Rocio - Strange, so much opposites, and yet so much alike in other ways.

Memorable Quotes:

"A cage is still a cage, no matter how pretty the bars are if you're forced to be something you do not wish to be." ~ Darros

Trivia and Notes:

For someone who doesn't want to be a farmer, he is a very good one…

Darros' Logs


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