Dead Fish (or, Riordanth's Plan) - Vignette



Date: August 31, 2010
Location: The River and The Lake
Synopsis: Riordanth executes his Plan.
Rating: G
Logger: Mohria

Mohria was sleeping. Riordanth knew she was sleeping because he knew she was dreaming. She was dreaming of the stars in the North. Briefly, he felt a pang for missing them as he stared up at the stars that scattered the sky above the ledge he shared with Voldrath.

The brown was snoring. He /never/ believed Riordanth when the blue told him he snored. Prideful beast. Still, Riordanth was fond of him. He thought for a long time about all the brief memories he had of the day before. Ahh, that was a good day.

Rio. Focus.

He pulled his mind back to the task at hand, looking down at the fishing net he held in his talons. This net was carefully carried by him from High Reaches. This was /his/ fishing net, and his beloved Mohria made sure it was kept properly nice for him. He fished a lot with this net.

He thought. He really couldn't remember. What was he doing again? He sure wanted some fish right about now. Fish would be great.


He could see the gleaming lake from off his ledge, and it was empty of fish. He knew because he'd looked all day long. There were no fish in the lake. He'd make that right. What was a lake without fish?

Flexing his small body he sprang into the air, feeling a brief pang for flying without his rider. Though it didn't bother him for long as he swooped and soared.

He forgot why he was up there until the net got tangled in his hind talons, and he stumbled a little in the night currents. Fumbling with it, he finally remembered his quest, and vanished between.

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