Dealing Out Gossips And Friendships


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Date: Oct. 25, 2010
Location: Laundry room, EW
Synopsis: After speaking with Max sometime ago, Jaya confronts Jonavan about his part played in helping Ahnika free the runner thief.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

At this later part of the evening, one wouldn't find the barkeep in here unless the bar was closed. Here was Jaya, with a few others having the same idea she did, busy doing her laundry. She has a basket of her things - some of them her intimates, some of them not - along with a bonded book of hides set over a stool. She's currently scrubbing her long overcoat at the washing basin, an unreadable expression set on her face as she doesn't bother to look at those in the room with her. Shijan, of course, is nearby, set up against the wall and becoming the whispered featured topic of conversation among those huddled together nearby.

Jonavan would not be caught dead doing his own laundry - he likely pays someone else to do it for him - but still, he does need clean clothes. Picking up those of his that have dried is apparently not beneath him. He enters and starts towards the drying racks, but a quick scan of the room has him changing course and going to stand alongside Shijan. "I hope you get paid overtime."

"Come to badger?" Whoa, Shijan can actually put together a sentence. One wouldn't think so considering how 'friendly' he is to those who decide to talk to him. As for Jaya, who seems to always catch movement near her bodyguard, she looks up to find the healer standing there by Shijan and blinks. "You know," she says, butting in, "protecting me is hard work, Journeyman. I hear I'm a handful," and she passes Shijan only the swallowest of winks. Her gaze settling back on Jonavan, "Not every night I find you in here," she idly notes, not stopping in the washing that has her bent over. Apparently, the Bitran is no stranger to such work, for there's no look of embarrassment on her features. "Here for some clothes, or ….gossip?" Eyes flick pointedly towards the group down from them then, her tone lightly amused since that same group suddenly turns away from them.

"Came for my clothes since I would like to have something to wear in the morning, but badgering works too." Jonavan seems determined to make Shijan his best buddy, because he looks perfectly comfortable chatting to the man and without intention of moving. Still standing alongside the other man, the newly arrived healer looks across to Jaya with a quick grin. "You look for me every night in the laundry?" is how he decides to interpret her remark. "I'm flattered, but not entirely sure why this seemed the place for it." His gaze takes in the rest of those present, their reaction noted with some curiosity. "Both, maybe, if the gossip's any good."

Shijan's merely snorting and Jaya's responding to something said with a wry, "Obviously, I do. Don't you see the blush on my cheeks?" Nevermind that her cheeks have no blush on them, but the woman's fitting a crooked smile on for him all the same. Eyes then falling on the group, "The gossip sucks," she notes on that matter, "unless you have a care for a woman named Kalia that apparently has three lovers - who all know about each other and only till now chooses to fight it out by the lake." There's a snort to that, the barkeep straightening up and letting the coat sink into the soapy water to fit another discrete look towards the group. As an aside, keeping her tone rather deceptively non-chalant, "Actually, I have been looking for you," she notes. Looking pointedly at Jonavan then, "I could use some fellis, and hear you're the go-to man of the hour. What is the price of something like that, anyway? One gather dress?" She's probably aiming pretty obvious here, but she wasn't trying to be subtle. Her expression stays genial all the same.

"Bo-ring," Jonavan singsongs about poor Kalia, or not so poor since keeping the names of three lovers straight is no small feat. He rolls a look towards Shijan that includes a comical grimace - sort of 'oh no, in trouble now' - and steps closer to Jaya before the gossip circle can seize on more fodder for their mill. "Nothing exchanged hands," he points out the obvious; "she'll get her dress back." He reaches out in an attempt to rifle through Jaya's laundry, looking for more risque items of clothing. "What do you wear on a daily basis?" he muses to go along with it.

"Ohhhh no," and Jaya is up, hands wet as she moves to try and intercept the healer from rummaging through her clothes. Or to keep him from changing the subject. Whatever comes first. With Shijan looking with a look that seems oddly amused, the barkeep reaches out a hand and places it right over the clothes in the basket - as if that would stop him. He could still see her panties in the load - woven-looking ones, and even one that looks silky in creamy white. "If I've got Max on my ass now?" and she'll even point to her ass in indication. "Then you're not getting out of this so easily, shuga! Why didn't you tell me it was Ahnika that was trying to buy from you? You're a dealer?" Question after question. At least she's not shouting like she did with Max, so that must be an improvement, right?

Jaya's hand hardly deters Jonavan, who next just tries to take the basket away altogether with his body as a buffer. Admittedly, Jaya pointing to her ass gives him pause for a second as he would not, in his right mind, miss the opportunity to look at it with due consideration, especially when prompted by Jaya herself. "Cause I didn't know her name," is what he says first, quite reasonably. "I wouldn't go that far," he protests to being named a dealer. "She was very convincing."

Jaya is, admittedly, not fast enough. Not when Jonavan's answer gets her to pause, in which she's being buffed back with his body. Stumbling back - and it's causing those in the room to look their way - "Oh was she?" she counters to his last, her voice lowering to a hiss now that they got an audience. She'll try to reach around him for that basket, too, although the healer might take her very touchy movements as her just trying to feel him up. "If you're not a healer, Mr. Landing, then what are you?" she shoots his way as she tries to get her basket back from behind, the man getting a quick dirty look that he probably doesn't see. "And what the— out!" She straightens abruptly away from Jonavan then, pinning this command towards the obviously gawking young women staring their way. She'll even gesture towards the entrance with that intimidating stare of hers, not continuing her conversation until the women pick up their things as one and flee out of the laundry room with dark looks going her way.

Jonavan is taller than Jaya. Generally speaking, this works to his advantage. Distracted however from his pursuit of frilly things in Jaya's laundry by her attempts to get it back, Jonavan chides, "Really, if that's what you want, you just have to ask," not meaning her clothes in the slightest. He half-turns back to her when she orders the other women out, smirk incorrigible when he says, "Congratulations, you just beat Kaila-Kaida-whatever her name is for gossip of the hour." He finally relents, now willing to return the laundry basket, and says, "Of course I'm a healer. Don't be stupid."

Once the women are gone, Jaya will attempt to smack the healer on the butt with a dry warning: "Don't get slick. You know what I meant." Well, that statement could be used for everything he said, really, so she's not exactly elaborating there. "And they were going to gossip anyway. Just didn't want it to get any worse." Basket gets taken back and set firmly back on the ground, the scarred-faced woman straightening to brush unbound dark hair from her face. Purposefully, she steps right up to Jonavan and into her personal space like she owns it with her hands on her hips. Jaw squared as she meets his eyes, "Tell me from the beginning everything that happened with you and Ahnika," she states, chin lifting. "And then, I'll ask. No, demand. I don't ask for it." Petulant much? There's definitely a challenge in her eyes, pushing him the way he will undoubtedly do her, but she figures the man could indeed handle it. No proper woman, this one!

A gaze is flicked to Shijan, appealing for sympathy he doubts he'll get. "Do you see how she treats me?" The smack only earns a bit of a jolt and Jaya a slow grin that hardly dissipates as she steps up to him. "Promise?" Jonavan bends at the waist slightly to close the distance between them that much more, then shrugs one shoulder and says, "Alright, though you seem to know all there is. She showed up, claimed she was sore and had trouble sleeping so I prescribed something a lot weaker than what she was after. So she out and asked for fellis, I called her on it, and then she gave me a sob-story about trying to save someone from certain death. It touched me."

Shijan was not about to get into that. Maybe he knows about Jaya's temperament, or just didn't see no reason to save the healer from one barkeep. Either way, one corner of his mouth is lifting up in response to Jonavan's appeal, but the bodyguard's staying put. "Why are the men in my life so much trouble," Jaya's noting rhetorically to his slow grin and response, a brow lifting in anticipation for more of what he says. Brows then twitch at his story on Ahnika, her lips coming together as she looks away from him. "And so she sold her gather dress to pay you, but you backed out since apparently, you told her that you told me," she fills in the rest, meeting his eyes again speculatively. "Yeah, Max told me that much. She thought I would have ran and told him and botch up her plan, but…" and there's a helpless shrug, "….I hadn't a clue." Beat. "You deal with black market stuff?" she puts to him then, apparently filtering through her talk with the beast manager as the question seems to occur to her. Or rather, it's the same question as the earlier one, but she does reword it as if expecting a different answer. "How much were you charging her?"

Shijan gets a dirty look from the other man before Jonavan says, "Ah, Lomaxin, my new best friend." He looks rather pointedly over to Shijan again and adds, "Yes, I've traded you in." Returning to Jaya and her questions, he doesn't immediately say anything other than to correct, "I didn't back out," holding up a finger. "She did. I figured that if she was going to do something stupid, someone should know." And apparently that someone was Jaya. The blunter questions are then dealt with in turn. "Nothing that would actually hurt anyone." On that point he's serious. "More than pocket change?"

"I'm sure you and Lomaxin are fast friends," Jaya notes dryly, sending a look Shijan's way as she finally takes a step back and returns to her washing basin. Shijan returns Jonavan's pointed look, and even go so far as to say, "You'll land on your backside with him." Probably alluding to the beast manager's temperament, but he's not saying anything further. Perhaps it's a warning, too? The barkeep pulls up the soaking coat and starts to wring it out, her eyes returning to Jonavan every now and then now as she listens. "Well, she did," she answers on the redhead doing something stupid, "but what's done is done." The pause is longer this time as she gets up with her wet coat and moves to place it somewhere to dry. Her back to him, "A healer that does good," she drawls that out while she folds, amusement laced in her tone. "I learn a little more about you everytime, Journeyman." Beat. "If you are ever looking for…business," she says this with carefully eveness, turning to regard him from where she stands. "Customers, rather. I might know a person or two." She approaches him then, invading his personal space again and moving to try and slide her arms up his back as if to embrace him, her dark eyes searching his. "Thanks for telling me about Ahnika," she says then, nothing mocking in her tone. "Wanted to hear from the source myself."

"We're past the point of nicknames and on to the full thing. It's a sign of our commitment." Jonavan cannot help but be interested when Shijan speaks - it happens so rarely! - and regards the other man thoughtfully. "You think?" He phrases it as an actual question rather than a challenge. Something for the healer to think about later, at any rate. The remark on Ahnika has him rolling his eyes and muttering "idiot," while Jaya's following comment heralds a return to flippancy. "I have my moments." Jonavan has his eye on Jaya's laundry when her back is turned, at the point of rummaging through it again, but the offer that follows quells that thought. He answers evenly, matching her in tone. "I'll consider it." He doesn't move away when she advances on him; an eyebrow edging upwards and a slight change in expression indicates that her move is unexpected, though welcome. Jonavan needs no further encouragement to settle his own hands at the small of her back. "You're welcome." The response is simpler than Jonavan's norm.

"I think I should be jealous," Jaya dryly notes on the account of the healer and the beast manager's 'friendship', though there's a slight smile on her face that hitches up at his question for the bodyguard. Jealous of what exactly, she doesn't say, so it's likely a passing tease. His words on Ahni has her oddly enough making a strange little face, putting her slightly on the defensive side of the weyrling despite earlier words: "She did what she had to for the man she loved." It's said simply enough, as if somehow, the barkeep understood Ahnika's motives even though she still didn't particularly like the outcome. She notes his interest in her basket and shifts as if to place herself between him and it. "Consider it well," she adds on the offer as it was, though for the moment she lets the matter drop. She instead focuses on her arms around him and his hands at the small of her back, being so comfortable against him that she searches his eyes for a lingering moment, considering his simple words. Then, jerking her head towards the entrance as that smirk full of bravado returns to the fore, "Let's get out of here," she drawls, her Bitran accent slight and heard as she starts to pull away from him gently and reach for her basket of dry clothes.

In response to the mention of jealousy, Jonavan tattles, "I stole his bubbly," turning the words into something completely different despite the straight face. He hasn't got anything more to say about Ahnika, though the skepticism on his face is plain to read; love, in his books, does not seem to excuse stupidity. More attentive to Jaya's proximity than other matters, Jonavan just lets out a hummed note of consent as final word on her proposition. "Just got to grab a change of clothes; Cheusia thinks I'm slovenly." Jonavan, sliding a hand up to the nape of her neck with a light touch, lacks the full strength of his indignation. Then, releasing her, he goes to collect a few of his things. The rest will wait until morning.

There's short laughter to Jonavan's quip on Max, "He let you steal his bubbly? He must be slipping." Despite the skepticism on his face, Jaya seems to have said her piece on it and as such, chooses to react with interest to his next. "Cheusia?" she echoes the name of the healer, moving to collect up and drop the stack of bound hides into the basket with her clothes. "I just met her not too long ago. Quiet sort. Doesn't seem the type to be calling someone 'slovenly'." Although she could be wrong, of course, seeing as how she had met the woman only once. Basket up and held in by both hands, hips sway as she heads toward the entrance. Looking over her shoulder at him and finding Shijan straightening up to push off the wall and follow, "You can tell me all about it on the way," the barkeep notes to Jonavan, only pausing to wait for him before heading off. She likely means what resulted in his being called 'slovenly'….or she could mean how he managed to steal a bubbly pie from a man that loves them too much. Or both.

"Told you. Best buddies." Jonavan finds his clothes folded by someone else who wanted the drying ranks. At first intending just to pull out something for later, he winds up lifting the whole lot as there's no point in going to the laundry room twice. "Do you think I need a haircut?" he wants to know as he follows Jaya towards the exit, question likely prompted by the earlier conversation with Cheusia he's alluded to. "After you," he says, indicating for both Jaya and Shijan to proceed him, and from there on out it's all light chatter, likely with a quip thrown in for Shijan's benefit about threesomes.

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