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Date: 11/7/10
Location: EW: Weyrlingmaster's Office
Synopsis: Ahnika is summoned to the Weyrlingmaster's office where her injuries are discovered and W'red gives her a lecture for her recklessness and attempt to hide it from him, along with a warning she's not liable to forget too soon. Just call her "Maverick"? Meanwhile, Jhath gets a lecture of her own from Tavaith.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Ahnika

Just to the left of the opening out to the Bowl is a short, narrow corridor leading into a small but functional office. In the center is a rather imposing desk of stained ash wood. How it got through the door is anyone's guess. Behind this desk is a wingback-style chair with extra padding - added comfort for long hours of work. In contrast, the seats in front of the desk are mere stools; small and short and without any padding. A shelf along the back wall sits empty, but could hold a good number of items for whoever the next holder of this office should be.

W'red is sitting at his desk making notes and shuffling around papers and hides, mumbling to himself, something that if heard sounds a lot like complaining. Sitting up straight as if suddenly a thought has his attention, but instead it is actually just Tavaith, « W'red, Jhath and Ahnika have just returned. » The brown rider sits back in the big chair making himself a little more comfortable before he replies to the brown, "Tav, ask Jhath to tell Ahnika, that I would like to see her in my office."

Dragon> To Jhath, Tavaith projects « A melodic sound of orchestral music floats out across the barracks as Tavaith addresses the Jhath, « Young one, mine would like the presence of yours in his enclosure in the barracks. » Tavaith stands up to his full height and stretches out his wings for a moment blocking the outside light from entering the barracks, before settling himself down again. »

Dragon> To Tavaith, Jhath sends amidst the scent of incense, though not overwhelming, and the warmth of a hearth fire, calm and easy-mannered for the moment, « Indeed. I have informed her. She comes. »

Ahnika was just wiping off some of her perspiration from her late morning physical training when Jhath passed along the summons, and dropping the towel on her cot, she heads for the Weyrlingmaster’s office, her face composed and unreadable. Jhath, meanwhile, follows Ahni all the way up to the Weyrlingmaster’s door, obviously not going to be able to enter with her, but she’s there for support just the same. Ahnika knocks a couple quick knocks and then pushes the door open to poke her head in, “You needed to see me, sir?”

Dragon> To Jhath, Tavaith warbles, « Mine will be pleased. » Softly beating drums make an encompassing noise, « How do you and yours think you are progressing with your training, young one. »

Dragon> To Tavaith, Jhath seems pleased at something Tavaith says, her hearth fire growing warmer and there is a taste of mulled wine lingering in complimentary fashion to the incense still drifting on the air. « We are progressing very well! Mine is very clever and strong! Thread will rue the day it invades our skies! »

W'red is expecting the knock and as the young red head pokes her head into the doorway, he waves her into the office, "Come in weyrling Ahnika," he points to the uncomfortable stool type seating items that were supplied with the office and that he decided for now suited the purpose of interviewing or talking to Weyrlings, he will however get a few more comfortable ones for more prestigious visitations from people like the Weyrleader or Weyrwoman. "Please sit and make yourself comfortable," which on the hard stools will not be as easy as it may sound.

Once she’s made the more polite entry, even if it was all pretty much a given considering the message came from her dragon, and W’red invites her in farther, Ahnika steps more into the office, closes the door quietly behind her and salutes him proper. Since he’s already told her to take a seat, however, she doesn’t wait for his return salute to hers before she does so, choosing one of the stools and settling onto it with her long legs slightly folded under the seat, booted feet resting on the rung closest to the floor. She says nothing for the time being, seeing the Weyrlingmaster as having the floor, so to speak.

Dragon> To Jhath, Tavaith rumbles in quiet acknowledgement, « Thread does not choose you, you choose Thread. » Deep rumbling drumming can be heard as if coming from a distant hill top, « Clever and strong is good, but you both still have a lot to learn. »

Dragon> To Tavaith, Jhath rumbles with a little more heady scent of incense, « Well put! » and with a pause adds, « Of course, we have not even learned to fly yet. »

As Ahnika enters W'red notices the young green at the doorway before it is closed, the salute is returned crisply from the seated position the Weyrlingmaster finds himself in. He waits for Ahnika to seat herself, his arms rest on the arms of the chair cradling his chin in his hands, blue eyes never wavering from the weyrling. "How are things going with training?" the question posed as an opening to the conversation, "from our discussion before your celebration, I picked up some discontent regarding the training you have received before." A frown appears on the brownriders forehead, "I want to ensure this is something that happened before, and does not happen again." A brief pause lingers in the air before he continues, "Max, the beast manager that asked me to come down here told me there had been some problems and that was one of the reasons I was needed."

Dragon> To Jhath, Tavaith's one eye opens and the multi faceted eye whirls slowly, « Mine has told me, there are some of the young ones that are getting close to being ready to fly, only a short way, but flying is fun even if only a short distance. »

Ahnika listens attentively without actually being at-attention, since he invited her to sit and the at-ease is more or less implied. But her grey eyes remain on W’red’s face and she even considers things a moment after he finishes speaking, really giving her answer some thought, before coming back earnestly, “Training is better than it used to be. The rotating assistants that we had before? Well, they tried their best, I suppose, but there was a real lack of … stability and consistency, which only served to make those of us who weren’t weyrbred all the more confused.” She considers the top of his desk a moment, not to try and look at anything that might be there, as much as just looking there to find her words, “I butted heads with one of them a few months back over it.” She shrugs adding, “I served out my penance and it’s all in the past.” Looking at W’red again, she says, “Things appear to be on a much more structured and educational and supportive path now.”

Dragon> To Tavaith, Jhath offers a warmer fire with a porcine glistening with juiciness and glaze on a spit, turning slowly within the heat. More mulled wine is poured and more leafy sprigs of incense added to the censer. The chamber of her mind is thick with anticipation of camaraderie and celebration. « I can well imagine it is so. And it is one step closer to flaming and vanquishing Thread! » so sayeth the militant green.

W'red considers being invited to sit in his office as being given the at ease command so he never actually voices it as such, given that most Weyrlings coming into the office are seldom there long enough to sit and be at ease it's not something to which he gives much thought. Nodding his head ever so slightly that to notice that it is nodding would take a keen eye, the brownrider listens to the Weyrlings answer and ponders a moment or two, before replying, "Mmmm, a lot of Weyrlings are not weyrbred and unfortunately not all riders seem to remember where their roots lie, and as such expect more of the young people impressed to the dragonets than they are initially capable of." Pointing to a water jar on the desk, W'red offers , "would you like a drink of water?" W'red continues though as if the question was not asked but expecting an answer when he stops talking eventually, "Well I try to remember my own weyrlinghood, and base the training on my own experiences in learning it all again," the brownrider makes the reference clearly enough but offers no more. Blue eyes glance quickly to a bag lying just inside the door of his office, it is a fairly large bag with a weight similar to that of a full bag of firestone, this one however contains beast feed, which was brought to him by Max, although he never explained, why he needed it. A smile briefly flickers on his face as if amused by something, "Ahnika," he says as if just continuing with his lecture, "Do you see that bag lying next to the door, could you please bring it closer to my desk," the distance the bag has to be moved is around eight feet, and a weyrling that trains everyday should lift it with ease and move it the distance asked, the Weyrlingmaster could have done this experiment in front of all the Weyrlings but as he has some sense of fairness he decide to confine it to the privacy of his office.

Dragon> To Jhath, Tavaith warbles quietly, soft melodic sounds of triangles being pinged gently, « Flaming is coming soon too, but remember young one, not all the small dragons will do all together, and all these things are dangerous if not taught correctly. We are dragons, and dragons work is defending ours against the Thread. » The whirling eye showing that essence of red that is always there, sometimes mistaken for agitation.

Ahnika simply nods a few times to W’red’s comments on the origins of weyrlings are not the same and his own experiences in weyrlinghood, but she politely makes no comments or inquiries with that, other than to simply acknowledge, “Yes, sir.” With a glance for the water, she politely declines, shaking her head and murmuring, “No, thank you, sir.” It is the bad of beast feed that has her stumped for a moment, seemingly, before she nods once, “Yes, sir.” Obediently, Ahni moves over to the bag, first testing the weight with a little tug using her uninjured arm, and when she gets a little idea that she could pull her back out if she doesn’t lift more with her legs, she adjusts her stance appropriately, using her legs and mostly her good arm to heft the sack up with a little grunt. Since serving her penance, she’s enjoyed doing extra physical training, so she’s probably a little more in shape than those weyrlings who just want to do the bare minimum. As such, she begins to move the bag toward his desk with the relative ease he would expect. Only a little trembling of her injured arm, and the pursing of her lips giving away anything amiss as she carries the bag closer.

Dragon> To Tavaith, Jhath breathes more warmth and incense into the mental link, the spices of a the glazed meat popping and snapping softly in the background, not really angry as much as eager to get to fighting Thread, battle-hungry, « Agreed. It serves no good purpose to take unnecessary risks in training. » Of course, what constitutes 'unnecessary' is rather subjective.

W'red watches much more closely than he would normally looking for any signs of discomfort shown by the young woman, the ease with which she picks up the bag and moves it closer, shows just how much this weyrling does train, but this is not news to the Weyrlingmaster, as he has been training with the Weyrlings and watching which are the ones that do just enough and which are the ones putting in a little extra effort. It is the slight dropping of some of the effort put into certain parts of Ahnika's training that are the reason for his experiment. "Very good, just as I expected, you certainly are no slouch when it comes to physical training Ahnika," nodding towards the bag again, W'red asks her to carry out the following task, "Okay now lift the bag onto the stool with one hand, then place it back on the floor first using your left hand, then your right." This is a difficult task to perform as it would take a lot of effort, but W'red did it himself first to ensure it was not impossible, and he managed quite easily, although he is a lot bigger than the girl standing before him, it can be done, or at least an effort made to do so.

Dragon> To Jhath, Tavaith rumbles again from deep within the large brown, an orchestral sound accompanies the soft voice, « Mine and I will ensure you take no risks, before the time is right, all things draconic will be taught to you and the other young ones, this I will ensure, for when we go to fight Thread together we must be as one. »

Ahnika does push herself, normally, even if the last few sevens she’s not pushed herself as much as she used to. She’s also not one to admit defeat, even when it looks daunting. “Thank you, sir,” she comments to his praise with a little breathlessness from the effort with the bag. And so, with only the hint of a frown, Ahnika continues with this test, as the rational mind of hers can only assume it to be, where others might give up and just throw in the towel, spilling everything. Even with her single uninjured arm, this takes a little bit more effort for her to complete, and it shows, but she does manage it. When she attempts the same maneuver with her right hand, her entire body is practically shuddering with the effort and her eyes are nearly squeezed shut, opened only enough to see the stool itself, the target. Still, the wound has come a long way in the healing process over the last several sevens, especially with the three-times-a-day visits to the Infirmary, so she does manage to get it about three quarters of the way there before her grip slips and the bag hits the ground hard. Undaunted though gasping for breath, Ahnika adjusts her stance and squat-bends to try again.

Dragon> To Tavaith, Jhath warms again at the conversation with Tavaith, the flames of her hearth fire licking a little higher with eagerness, « We shall look forward to it! » Though whether she means the training or the fighting Thread, she doesn't explain. Instead, the incense turns a bit overpowering, not quite choking, yet, however, just alarmed. The porcine on a spit and the wine completely vanishes both in sight, sound, and smell, and the flames leap a little higher. « What is yours about? »

The brownrider leans back in his chair, folds his arms across his chest, and lifts his feet up on his desk, giving an impression of total relaxation, hoping this will put the weyrling more at ease too. However there is a stern tone to his voice, "Ahnika, okay stop, before you injure what seems to be healing well, you are carrying an injury of some sort. This is a statement more than a question, " I do not care much for people hiding things from me, and as you are in my charge like it or not, you will not ever again hide things from me, I will find out, if not from you then from your dragonet, as Tavaith has a way of finding out things that people try hiding but dragons talk especially if it gives them some sort of bragging rights." Having made his little speech, he drops his feet back to the floor and sits up straight, waving her back to her seat, "Whatever it is does not matter as you seem to be handling it well and it does not seem to have affected your green in any way as yet." His tone softens a little as he continues, "You are obviously a head strong young woman, and will always probably do more than expected, but this in itself can be problematic for you and your little green, as she seems as headstrong as you are and the two of you are very well matched, my concern is this." A breath taken and exhaled slowly, "I don't know how you were hurt, and I don't really care, but hurt riders cannot be used for fighting Thread, and if this is how you are behaving during weyrlinghood, I personally wouldn't have you in my wing," A deep frown settles on the brownriders face as he continues, "and you have to understand that everything that happens in this period of your life will affect the rest of it. I report everything and as such my reports are used for wing choices and recommendations." This last left hanging in the space between them, it seems he has more to say, but is giving the young woman a chance to take it all in and respond.

Dragon> To Jhath, Tavaith's voice brings the sound of small drums beating, softly, « Yours trains hard and this is good, mine trains hard too but has pain sometimes, from past injuries, one from before we met and one from Thread. Yours is still young and strong yes? » Violins in perfect harmony play a haunting sound.

As W’red tells her to stop, Ahnika looks a little relieved, and she straightens to stand by the desk and stool, her attention on the Weyrlingmaster as he continues to speak. The look of relief shifts to one of flushing incredulity, and her jaw sets a little, mouth working as if she is tasting something bitter, but it’s more in embarrassment than anything else, and she holds her tongue, though one can be sure she’d not be holding her tongue if he were doing all this in front of the rest of the weyrlings, where her embarrassment would have been ten times worse. By the end of his speech, however, she is looking less indignant and more contrite, at least in her eyes, as she pulls her gaze away and settles it onto the floor. Something or perhaps more than one thing he said did strike a chord with her. Her only response is to say, “Yes, sir. It was a one-time error in judgment. It won’t happen again, sir.”

Dragon> To Tavaith, Jhath responds slowly, either from distraction or wariness, and the flame at her hearth seems strong and impenetrable for a time, but it remains upon the hearth as opposed to being a raging inferno of ire. It is a sense of guardedness. The incense is stronger, however. More pungent. « Yes. » Is all she answers.

W'red nods, and continues in the same tone of voice, "Having said all of this Ahnika, I believe you will make a very good and reliable rider when Thread falls and you and Jhath go to meet it, so I will not put any of this in my reports, I will however expect you to report to me on the progress of your healing and when you are back to full fitness, that you never allow this to happen again while you are in -my- care. If you find yourself in danger or in a situation out of your control, you communicate with Jhath she communicates with Tavaith and we will handle the problem together as a team, as you are no longer an individual, you are part of a team that protects the skies and we protect each other….understood!" This is not a question and was not put in a manner that it could be construed as such either. The brownrider gets to his feet slowly, "I have injuries from the past, one unfortunately gives more trouble than the other," if Ahnika had been paying attention she may have glimpsed parts of the scar on his chest and right shoulder, "you can consider this your first and last warning, there will be no repercussions in this instance, but you had better believe if something like this happens again, you'll be so deep in dragon shit you'll be left gasping for breath." With that W'red steps around the large table and heads for the door, opening it, and in a his normal deep gravely voice declares loudly enough for anyone near enough to hear, "Weyrling Ahnika, you are dismissed." A flicker of amusement in his eyes for the small green still hovering close to the office door.

Dragon> To Jhath, Tavaith rumbles deep from within, bugles and trombones seeming to take over the melodic sounds of his mind voice, « 'Yes', young one is that all you have to say » A strong questioning tone in the browns voice, « It seems there is something that you are hiding from me…You talk so highly of yours, but when asked about yours being young and strong your answer is only 'Yes'! » The tone of the trombone taking over totally from all the other instruments, « Mine has told me that yours is injured, young one, this is not something that you must keep from me or mine. » The sound of the trombone stops as suddenly as it began, and is replaced by the softer sound of a flute, « We…Dragons cannot hide such things from each other.As we dragons, trust each other in the sky's against thread and we trust each dragon's rider to do the best for all…Trust young one starts now, a lesson learnt, yours is not in trouble but could have been in big trouble if she was needed to be strong and was not so…Trust young one is earned. » Tavaith warbles gently the way of the green a soothing warble of encouragement.

Ahnika straightens a little at the beginning of W’red’s speech, but her expression is soon schooled unreadable once more. Before long, she has settled into an at-attention stance, whether he called for it or not, as it just seemed the natural thing to do for her, and in her mind a sign of deference and respect, while her commanding officer, in a sense, chews her out. Outside his door, Jhath’s eyes are swirling a warning yellow, her wedge-shaped head pointing like an arrow at the door to W’red’s office, but she’s not growling or hissing or spitting and such. She’s growing. She’s learning. She’s not the same dragon she was three months ago. As for Ahni, it is actually the second to the last, the statement just before she is dismissed that causes a glimpse of a smile for some reason, a flicker, and then it is gone. Not mockingly, more in pleasure with W’red’s handling of things. It seems to suit her, even if she is the one getting her butt chewed out right now. Back to looking more neutral with the dismissal, Ahnika salutes W’red and, assuming the return salute or some manner of it, steps out of his office, murmuring to Jhath, “It’s fine, Nobleheart. Come on.”

Dragon> To Tavaith, Jhath rumbles and the fire of her mind rumbles with her, the warning yellow tranferred to the red and yellow of the blaze which now grows stronger, snapping and popping with irritation and discontent. « You are wrong, Tavaith. There are those dragons in this very weyr who have betrayed our trust in the past and they will do so again if given a chance. » Not that Jhath remembers first hand as dragon memories tend to be so short, but it doesn't take much beyond her rider dredging up the memory of Escaeth and L'han's encounter with her, and before that Mohria, F'min and Voldrath that Jhath remembers. « Not all dragons are as noble as they should be. Some are willing to betray their own. More's the pity. But it is the fact of life, mine says. Mine also says that as such, trust is earned and not to be given freely. Until I know you and yours will not simply betray me and mine, I will hold my own council, Tavaith. »

Dragon> To Jhath, Tavaith ignores the seeming anger that the little dragonet displays, « Young one I am never wrong, this you will learn in time, dragons that have betrayed your trust in the past are not worthy of recognition as dragons. This too you will learn there are dragons and there are dragons, the dragons worthy of the privelege if teaching will never betray the trust of the young ones. » Tavaith spends many hours with W'red going over the past trying to remember things forgotten, the flute still playing a soothing tune on Tavaith's mind voice, « For a young dragon, you are very confident, but be careful, that your confidence does not over rule the need for discipline and respect, ask yours she will tell you this is true. Hold your own council youmg one, but beware of making the wrong judgements. » Again Tavaith sends encouragement the way of the small green.

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