Delayed Help


Lorayit.jpg Daye and Calec (NPCs)

Date: Dec. 21, 2010
Location: Fields outside Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: Finally, Lorayit's 'help' arrives at the Weyr. He already has a mission for them.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Lorayit

Finally extra help showed up in the form of two siblings from the Hold: the cold-eyed Daye and the smooth-as-butter Calec. The two meandered close to the farming fields outside of the Weyr on their runners before they spotted their lounging boss easily.

"About time," Lorayit tells them as they approached, not bothering to straighten up from his lounging position on his usual rock this evening. Much of his usual easiness is amiss this evening as well, leaving one to assume the gardener has indeed fallen on hard times these days. He nods for them to dismount before speaking again. "Ermina's own letter came back here faster than you."

"Sorry, boss," Daye was the first to speak, dismounting off the runner deftly before she took ahold of his reins. Passing her brother a look, "but someone couldn't part with his current lady-love."

Calec, for his part, does not look guilty. "Who knows when or if we'll get back to Southern," he notes to his sister in particular, apparently this being something they've argued over on the way there. Black eyes back on Lorayit and noticing that the blonde man was not in the mood for their sibling theatrics, "There's been trouble, boss?" he asks, eyes narrowing a fraction. "Ermina's been mentioning some…."

"My guess is that Vaputero knows that I'm no longer at Southern," Lorayit answers Calec's question, though he gets a hard look for the delay all the same. He digs into his pockets to pull out a sheet of hide with the name of 'Enker' on it. Passing it over, "He's called the bounty hunters on me to make a point," he tells them in a cool voice. "Thinks I'm going to roll over. Need you two to take care of something for me down in Landing before I run up on Solak and his men."

Calec takes one look at the name on the scrap before passing it over to his sister and shrugging in a relaxed manner. "We all know Vap's been put on the squeeze these days since he laid up on Rad's cousin," he notes with little matter to him, his big arms coming to a fold across his broad chest. "Who's this 'Enker' and what do you want us to do with him?"

Daye, for her part, takes a few moments to look the name over on the scrap as she puts it to memory and crumples it up. She doesn't look pleased to hear about the bounty hunters, being that she used to be one herself. "Solak likes to play dirty," she warns the gardener, well familiar with the man and his methods. "You're likely right."

"I need a list of criminals I can send him off after that look far more valuable than me," Lo explains, though that's not really the whole truth. "Enker's the only one that can has it down there."

"Give them Dicori," Daye offers blithely. "Woman has enough bounty that they would jump at the chance."

Lo sends her a look. "Dicori's ours," he notes with finality, brokering no arguments. "Keep Solak and his men away from her! I lose Jaya, then I lose my brother." Turning from them with a hand going to his temple, "Get settled here first, then once you've got everything together, I will expect you to be down in Landing soon."

Yeah, they both figured. With them exchanging glances, "Been thinkin' of going and finding Passan, actually," Calec hedges to even bring up now - not with their boss in the mental state that he's in. "Jinnet's been taken care of, of course, but-"

Lorayit cuts him off with a sharp lift of one hand. "I have separate plans for Passan that no longer involve this continent," he tells them his blue eyes landing on the both of them. "He's been compromised here." Pausing for significance, "Have you heard about the new crimelord that this continent has now?" he asks, eyes landing specifically on Daye now since this would be her specialty more.

Daye blinks a few times, her eyes narrowed as she recalls the recent news she's managed to gather. Passan's fate was Passan's fate to her. "Rumors, mostly," she answers finally on that stiffly. "Thought maybe they're left over from when Ampherol was running things. Why? Is there truth to it?"

"Suli seems to think so," the gardener mentions one of Jaya's barmaids, nodding. "Says that the beast manager - this 'Max' - is claiming the south, and he has Dicori within his shadow." He pauses to let the significance of that run through them. "I've been wondering if such….news.. were to reach the ..right ear up north before finding it out by someone else…" and he looks pointedly at the former bounty hunter, his lips twitching upwards into a smirk with no warmth.

Silence meets that from Daye. She gives it consideration, frowning at playing such a card, and then answers with a slow shake of her head. "And if Suli is wrong? She has been before," she points out, letting her boss know the sensitivity of his position right now with verbalizing it. "We need proof, first, and even if it turns out correct…" a shrug is given, "…playing such a card may backfire. Let me look into the truth of this matter first," she offers, nodding firmly. "Perhaps if I get in with the right people, I can find it out much sooner. Beast manager Max, you say?" That gets filed away too, and then she takes a step back and touches her brother's arm to draw his attention. "Let's get inside."

"I expect absolute discretion, Daye," Lorayit notes to her, seeming to agree with all that was said. While they are planning to go inside, he was not. His blue eyes falling on Calec then, "You don't want to end up like Jinnet, do you?" he gives as a warning, meeting Daye's eyes to include her.

Of course they didn't. They didn't need to answer that, either. After exchanging glances once more at that, the two take their leave of him in the fields - their silence marking their acquiesce, along with alluding to the fact that they have no plans of making the same mistake twice.

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