Skills Long Forgotten


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Date: July 19, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr - Living Cavern
Synopsis: Cheusia and Teallan both talk about different information learned from AIVAS; Atsya finds the idea of surgery repellant; Teallan seeks guidance from Uveline on becoming a journeyman; Teallan and Vanielle are introduced and discuss AIVAS.
Rating: PG
Logger: Uveline

Cheusia nods to Teallan, smiling cheerfully. "Are you to walk the tables soon, or are you still working on that?" To Atsya, she inclines her head. "Well met, to both of you and your dragon, lady Atsya." A curious look between the two, "you have an amazing voice, lovely. I had once wished I could sing."

"I hope to walk the tables soon," Teallan affirms. "I was beginning to plan a project before being planted at Landing and I imagine, due to the… change in scenery, I'll find myself working on something different." Shoulders rise and fall in a shrug, free hand lifting to brush back hair as if she just noticed it inching forward from her back. "Singing is…" she closes her eyes briefly, exhaling in a soft sigh. "my life." Eyes open once again and she swiftly looks between Cheusia and Atsya. "Mind you, I imagine a Herder feels the same about his flock, or a Weaver about his cloth."

Atsya nods her head as she considers that line of thinking, the embroidery hoop cradled somewhat forgotten in her lap. "I think so, though I have met many people for whom that isn't always the case. Craftless, though, for the most part. Or those who were born to craft more than discovered it, and who have a very physical craft."

"I see. I wish you well, then, on your new project. Perhaps it will be something fitting to the new transfer." Che grins, then, a thoughtful grin before she chuckles. "I admire such devotion to your Craft, it will get you far, I'm sure. I have to say I am most font of my knives…" Which is a whole different story. Atsya receives a nod, "I believe it really depends on the person and their own desires…"

"I was born to Harper, but.." Teallan tips her head in Cheusia's direction, a smile curving her lips slowly upward. "It depends on the person, yes. I believe everyone can find that which they love, if they only take the time to look." Ever optimistic, it would appear. She finishes her juice and gets to her feet smoothly. "I think I might make a full meal of this. Do either of you need anything?"

Atsya listens to both, then shakes her head in answer to Teallan's question. It's not until the other girl stands up that something plays back through Atsya's mind. "I'm sorry," she says as she turns towards Cheusia, "did you just say you were fond of your knives?"

"This is true, Teallan. Very true. That's why Apprentices study all subjects until they decide in a specialty." Che finally pays attention to what little food is on her plate, poking it for a moment before her head shakes in response to Teallan. "No, I think I am fine with this at the moment. Thank you." A bite is taken and a horribly sweet and innocent expression crosses her face as she looks to Atsya. "Yes."

Teallan hadn't initially paid heed to the knives comment. Likely assuming it had something to do with being a Healer. She'd already made her opinion on that known- far too /clean/ for her tastes. The young woman winds to where she can get some food, refilling her cup and filling a small plate. Skirt rustles a bit upon her return, as she seats herself.

Atsya doesn't quite seem able to let the discussion though. "Knives as in collecting belt knives, or other interesting decorative knives, or knives for… cutting people open?" Just asking the question seems to have added a pale caste to her skin.

Cheusia gives Atsya a look, chuckling at the paling. "To cut people open." And no, she's not even going to hide it or even be subtle about it. "I do the other healing, too."

"Surgery," Teallan offers suddenly, once seated. She gestures at Cheusia with her beltknife, having been freed to be used to aid in eating her meal. "Is that why you're here? I've heard a lot of talk about it at Landing."

Atsya nods her head slowly, but it's easily visible beneath the light of the glows above her that the young rider is turning a sickly color. "I don't know that I need to know anymore, thank you…" she says softly as she tries to quell some nausea.

Cheusia laughs and nods, "right, Teallan. It is. But also to better my knowledge in general healing. I didn't know where I was going to be posted at first." To Atsya she smiles, "I won't go into detail, I'd hate to make you sick."

Teallan looks to Atsya a moment, perhaps baffled by the reaction. Still, the young Harper shrugs and lets it be at that. She starts eating slowly; bit of meat here, bit of cheese there. "Has a posting so near to Landing been good for you? Do you often get to go into the Archives?"

Quiet footsteps are swallowed by the sounds in the cavern, but Uveline's entrance wouldn't be considered stealthy by any means. The journeywoman is singing softly to herself, one of the teaching ballads, as she makes her way from the west staircase over to the serving tables. She fills a plate and collects a mug of juice before surveying the room, looking for an interesting group to sit with. Spotting Atsya, she smiles and begins to head toward the rider's table. "Hello," she calls as she approaches.

Atsya's greeting to Uveline is far less animated and friendly than it would normally be, consisting mainly of an offhanded wave as the other clutches her embroidery. Her mind can't stop focusing on the idea of purposefully opening a body up, and all the blood that would go with it. Pints and pints of blood… everywhere… She rises somewhat suddenly to her feet, giving a soft "Pardon me a moment," before heading towards fresher air.

"It has been very good, so much to learn. I am lucky a few riders are willing to give me a ride when they aren't doing anything better." Che grins and then finishes the food on her plate as a rider pops his head in and gestures for her to come. "And, speaking of which… One is right over there." There's a polite not to Uveline, "I apologize that we won't have a chance to chat." And then, off she goes.

Both of her conversation partners departed, Teallan looks a little downhearted. But only for a moment, for she catches sight of Uveline and recognizes that knot. Oh yes. "Are you the other Harper posted here to Eastern?" It's almost redundant to ask, really. "I met the one," she starts to sound out his name, apparently having lost it just for the second. Yes, even Harper's get the 'it's just on the tip of my tongue' syndrome.

Uveline blinks in surprise as first Atsya, then Cheusia, depart jsut as she arrives. "Oh, well, guess they had to be going," she muses as she takes Atsya's vacated seat, turning her attention to Teallan. "Hmm? Oh, yes. I'm Uveline. You mean Kestian, I'm guessing, since I haven't heard of any others posted here yet?" She settles the plate and cup on the table and flicks her gaze over Teallan. "Apprentice, hmm? At Landing, I take it? Or are you a new arrival here?"

"Kestian, yes!" Teallan snaps her fingers to punctuate this helpful assistance in pulling the name forth. "Landing," she affirms, with a tilt of the head. "I've been running messages a lot lately, though." She shrugs, as if it's no big deal. And, well, her grin belies the fact that really, she's more than happy to do it. A sip of juice and she goes back to poking at her meal a bit. "I'm a singer. I'm hoping to be chosen to sing one of the ballads being written for Eastern, at the Hatching."

Uveline tilts her head, frowning at the apprentice thoughtfully as she dredges her memory. "Singer, hmm?" she says slowly, before nodding decisively. "You'd be Teallan, then, if my last list of Harpers at Landing is anything approaching accurate. I can't remember another strong singer among the apprentices," she says with a smile. "Well, if Kestian has anything to do with the arrangement, I'm sure he'll be happy to have you sing. I know I've been tapped for such - he'll be playing, of course. We should be getting music to practice a few days after the queens clutch, I would think."

"Yes, I am," Teallan affirms, sitting up somewhat straighter. She takes a sip of juice and allows herself to sober up somewhat. "I delivered, not long past, a letter to the Weyrwoman from a composer at Landing. I think they had a few questions to start composing it." Shoulders rise and fall, lips curved somewhat. "What role do you fill? Journeyman Kestian does not seem to be as… focused upon the music?" She says this quieter, as if she's unsure if she's stepping out of line there or not.

Uveline nods, smiling warmly. "Then I'm sure we'll have lots to practice before long. Hmm? Oh, mostly I teach. Kestian acts as the Hall liason, but also does the instrumental part of our entertainment duties. I sing when he asks me to. He will sing, but he doesn't feel his voice is suited to singing, so he prefers to play."

"Ahhh. Both important roles." Teallan grins briefly, but it falters a slight hitch. "Well, at least being so near as Landing, should you ever wish me to help with the entertainment…" A shrug and she leaves it at that. A few bites of her meal and she raises eyes to Uveline. "What did you do to that allowed you to walk the tables?"

"He's taking well to being the lead Harper here," Uveline agrees with a broad grin. "I don't think he'd object in the least to drafting you in for some help with entertainment, or even just helping with some duties. I know he has been working very hard to keep on top of some of the Weyr records, which he has been helping the Headwoman with." She tilts her head at Teallan's query. "What did I do? Well, I learned. And I showed I knew what I had been taught. That's really all it ever comes down to - proving to your master that you know enough to honor the Hall as a journeyman. Why?"

"I've been asking Journeymen as I can," Teallan explains, shoulders rising and falling in a small shrug. She tucks an errant bit of hair back behind her ear. "I'm hoping to become a Journeyman before long myself, but there doesn't seem to be a… clear way to it, as it were. So I'm trying to learn from people why they were, so perhaps I understand better that the Masters look for."

Uveline ahs, nodding slightly. "I'd not worry about it, honestly. The masters will know when you're ready. You're honestly more likely to hurt than improve your chances - they might interpret your actions as rank-seeking, or take poorly to changes in behavior that are unexpected. You might to better to just ask your master what they are looking for from you," Uveline points out.

A slow walking, Vanielle moves to settle a bag of something at the door of the kitchen. "Yeah, thank you " she says to antoher staffer helping that person move the bag. She straightens up after a moment.

"I suppose," Teallan draws, mulling this over with a furrowed brow. "Rank seeking or not, it always helps to have… an idea, yes?" She glances up at Uveline. "However, you are helping just in giving me that advice. I appreciate it." She glances towards Vanielle, shoving a meatroll into her mouth. She chews thoughtfully, squinting briefly at the bag.

Uveline smiles at Teallan's response. "Happy to be helpful. Do feel free to let me know if you need help with anything." Vanielle's enterance is duly noted, and Uveline waves to the girl. "Hey, Vanielle!" she calls before actually starting to eat the food on her plate - which is now decidedly not warm. Ah well.

Vanielle looks up as her name is called. "Yes?" the girl jumps a little bit. "Yes did you need something?" she asks walking towards Uveline.

"I will," Teallan says with a firm nod. Her meal is also cooled, but she doesn't seem to mind. It's not as if she's at all lacking for food. Plus, most of what she got wasn't warm in the first place. Some cheese, fruit. The meatrolls, however, will be quite cooled. She watches, silently, at Vaniella approaches.

Uveline waves again as Vanielle approaches, answering, "I just wanted to say hello. I hadn't seen you in a couple of days and was wondering how you are doing." To Teallan, "I'll remind Kestian that you enjoy singing. I imagine you'll be asked to come up here once a sevenday or so to keep you in tune." And she grins to the apprentice.

Vanielle smiles. "I am getting on well." she smiles.. "If anything this doing me good." she says. "I think its good that I am actually working."

"Well, he may remember they're doing that at Landing, but…" Teallan flashes a grin at Uveline. "If he wishes to test me as well, I won't complain." She swiftly finishes her food whilst watching the exchange between Uveline and Vanielle.

"Glad to hear it," Uveline replies to Vanielle. "Do you have time to sit and chat for a bit, or are your duties pressing?" She pauses, then adds, "Oh, right. Teallan, this is Vanielle - she's weyrfolk here at the moment, but as I understand it she'll be a beastcrafter again shortly. Vanielle, this is Teallan - she's a Harper apprentice posted to Landing."

Vanielle shrugs. "At this point I am happy to just be working…" she says softly. She shifts her eyes a little bit. "Pleasant to meet you Teallan."

"Ah," the young woman breathes, dipping her head in greeting to Vanielle. "Well met to you as well, Vanielle. So you will be a beastcrafter assigned to Eastern, then?" Teallan asks.

Vanielle pauses. "Ahh." she bites her lip. "Hopefully." she says softly. "It's kind of complicated."

Uveline leans back as the younger women start talking, taking a few minutes to eat her meal. Her fruit juice is drained and the journeywoman excuses herself for a few moments to go refill it. As she returns, Uveline asks, "Has there been any news yet, or is it a waiting matter?"

Vanielle says, "ITs mostly a waiting manner at the moment." she explains. "Or rather… well I don't know seems like a lot of things got lost in the shuffle… to move me south" she admits. She shrugs. "I've written back to the hall and hopefully someone will bring something down.""

"Huh," Teallan murmurs faintly, still keeping tabs between the Harper and… well, someday Beastcrafter. She's not as knowledgable of the situation and thus content to just listen for the time being.

Uveline nods as she resumes her seat, listening. "I see. Well, I hope they figure it all out fairly quickly, so you can get back to your normal work." With that matter apparently exhausted, Uveline looks toward Teallan again. "So, what news do you have from Landing? Anything interesting discovered recently?"

"Nothing they've told me of, sadly," Teallan says with a distant sigh. "I've been reading over some… musicals that were in the database. Plays set to music and all." Her eyes dance a little. "I'm tempted to try writing one. I'm not much of a composer, but perhaps I can get something together."

Uveline tilts her head at the unfamiliar term. "Musicals? Hmm, sounds a lot like our ballads, doesn't it? At least, from what I've heard about their plays. Amazing things. I've been wondering how we lost so many fields of music. You would think they would have remained popular, especially during Passes when you are restricted indoors so often," she muses.

"You would think so, yes," Teallan agrees, brightly. "But… I suppose the Teaching songs became more important, since we lost the knowledge of how to record things that would not decay." Those smelly hides. "They are… similar to ballads, but with multiple roles and different songs throughout."

Vanielle looks up at the talk of Landing and things. "So… what this all about?"

Uveline huhs softly. "Well, I guess there's that. Maybe they'll become popular again, since there are so many available in the records for use to convert," she suggests. Vanielle's question draws her attention and the Harper explains, "We're talking about forms of musical expression, and what Teallan has discovered in her research at Landing. She gets to actually access the AIVAS databases." The last is said with some envy, as the journeywoman has never had a chance to do so herself.

Vanielle looks surprised. "So what's it like.. AIVAS I mean?"

"I imagine you could come to Landing and do so yourself," Teallan points out to Uveline. "Perhaps the next time a rider has to visit, they could bring you?" Not mentioning that when she comes to the Weyr, she walks. Or runs. Something of the sort. Attention drifts to Vanielle and her brow furrows, thinking. "Different. Very different. It's… hard to think of something to compare it to."

"When I can afford the time to visit," Uveline says with a slight smile. "Probably some time after everything is settled in here. There's too much to do, and no free time, right now. Speaking of, I need to get back to work. It was good meeting you, Teallan. Nice to see you, Vanielle." And the harper rises, gathering her dishes to take to the bins before heading back up the stairs to the bowl.

Vanielle nods slowly at the mention of different. "I guess we could ask, but the Weyr doesn't have a lot of riders, each one's need. And we need to rally support, the weyr was established too…." she thinks. "Well to fight thread, yes?" She turns to nod to Uveline as she leaves

"Bluerider Atsya had to visit Landing the other day to deliver some rocks for study," Teallan points out with an easy smile. "Those situations do occur, so perhaps you could tag along sometime."

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