The Headwoman and L'han


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Date: 07/14/2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Center Bowl
Synopsis: Headwoman meets Greenrider. Business involving errands and a bad Healer ensue.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: L'han

It's midday in the Weyr with Weyrfolk, crafters, and riders all going about their business as usual trying to get the Weyr up and running to where it needs to be. A certain greenrider is no exception as he has been running around all day helping out where he can, so a sweaty rider sits down here to rest out of the traffic and is joined by his dragon, who promptly takes up whatever sunny spot is nearby, enjoying the sunlight as the rider rests from his hard work.

From the direction of the infirmary, comes Indira, a Journeyman Healer at her side. Steps slow and then halt as the conversation they'd been holding winds up and the Healer heads off back the way he'd come. Hands to hips the blonde stares after him with a purse lipped expression and utters a soft snort before continuing on a path that will take her right passed the resting greenrider.

L'han looks up at the sounds of conversation and follows Indira and her companion with his eyes as they make their way out into the Bowl. When they seperate and her path means to take her right past him, he gives her a wave in greeting. "Afternoon, Headwoman." His eyes are sharp enough to pick out the knot on the woman, even though he bears none at this moment in time. He glances to his green for a moment as his eyes go somewhat unfocused, but it's there and gone as he looks back to the Headwoman.

Muttering darkly under her breath, Indira almost misses the greeting, heeled boots scuffing up a puff of dust as she halts abruptly. Head tipping to one side, dark eyes initially narrow and pin onto the speaker, as if trying to place him. Finally her expression relaxes a little and without so much as a by-your-leave the tousle haired blonde parks her butt right down next to L'han. Leaned forward with arms dangling over knees and gaze cast far out in front of her, she finally gives voice to words delivered in a sardonic tone, "Glad you didn't put a 'good' in there." This to his greeting.

L'han blinks as she decides to sit down next to him and he asks, "Something vexes thee?" The dragon lifts her head, looking at the new arrival with some curiosity, but refuses to leave her sun spot. L'han leans back on the bench and says, "At least the weather's nice out… Escaeth hasn't had a nice sunny spot for awhile." A hand gestured in the direction indicates the sunbathing green.

Brows lift in unspoken amusement as Indira turns a sidelong look first onto L'han, and then onto his green, a sly light entering her expression as eyes flicker back his way having to twist her head around as he leans against the bench back. To his question a corner of her mouth curls upward, adding yet further to the sly cast of her features as she nods, "Mmm, something indeed. Though I'm quite sure a handsome pair such as yourselves would have no trouble helping ease the irritation it causes?" Leaving it entirely open to him to decide whether or not he dare probe for further clarification.

L'han raises an eyebrow at Indira, her question prompting him to answer thus, "If it helps ease the mind of the woman running this place while the Weyrwomen will be busy with their golds, I would be more than happy to assist." The green lays her head back down, clearly satisfied with her examination of Indira. "Well then, what would seem to be the problem?"

Satisfaction for L'han's answer wraps itself about Indira's features, teeth baring in a grin. "That little toad of a man," the poor portly Healer she'd been speaking to just a moment before, "Needs to be taught a lesson and so I was wondering, how would you feel about dropping him off on top of a high cliff for an hour or two? Just so that he can rethink his misguided sense of self-importance?" Not exactly outlining what the problem itself might have been.

L'han winces as soon as he hears what she desires him to do. "Ouch, poor bastard… what did he do to make you desire to put him out of human reach for that long?" It's not exactly that bad, but he'd like to know what he did first… just so someone doesn't go squealing to the Weyrwomen about unfair punishments.

Not a flicker of remorse crosses the Headwoman's face as she shifts in order to better see L'han from her forward lean and his backward. "Let's put it this way, greenrider. What he's wanting, no, demanding, is likely to see cut backs on general Weyr rations that'll put nothing but stewed wherry and mashed tubers on the menu for a good few months to come. Not to mention everyone kissing the hope of better mattresses goodbye." The lift of dark blonde brow adding a silent, 'Good enough?' at the end.

L'han nods to the Headwoman and says, "Alright." He glances to his green, the dragon raises her head up to look at him and he jerks his head in the direction the Healer went. "Put him on top of the Weyr, darling. And no, this won't get us in trouble with Randi… I hope." He glances to the Headwoman, as the green gets to her talons and a flap of wings as she heads in the Healer's direction. A scream and a passing shadow overhead signal the dragon's success at kidnapping her victim. Faint cries of help as the dragon heads for the very top of the Weyr go unheeded, everyone's too busy to help as it is.

The immediacy with which Escaeth hops to the task has Indira sitting up straight, a wide grin of wicked delight breaking free as she watches the arc of the green's path, dangling 'toady' in talons. Once the not-so-smug little man is deposited high atop the Weyr, the Headwoman turns her entire body toward L'han, "I think you and I are going to get on just famously," she purrs. Extending a slim but work hardened hand, "And you can call me, Indi. None of this Headwoman nonsense, it just makes seem so old." Yes, because she's only but a turn or two older than he is?

L'han shrugs and says, "A thing done today is something I don't have to do tomorrow. And I'd like a new mattress." He watches as the green deposits the man where she was told to and comes flying back, landing nearby and returns to the sunny spot she was formerly in. He chuckles and takes the offered hand of Indria, "L'han. Just L'han, it seems only Randi calls me greenrider." He smirks as he looks back to the green and he asks, "So any new news amongst the Weyr? Us riders, aside from lending a hand with the construction work are waiting for the golds to take to the sands."

Hand clasped, given a firm shake and then released, Indira draws a knee up onto the bench, a low laugh spilling out as she settles in more comfortably, "L'han it is then." Affecting sympathy with a wrinkle of nose, "You poor thing. That all sounds terribly dull." Uh oh, there goes the sly creeping into that husky tone again. "You know" pausing to ensure she has L'han's full attention, "If it ever becomes too tedious for you, I've got a few errands that are in need of being carried out if you're interested?" Completely bypassing his query to news from around the Weyr.

L'han does have some female intution in him, after all, he did impress green. And so the slyness and other overtones in the woman's voice are noted quite well as he inquires cautiously, "What other errands? Surely there are quite a few Weyrfolk and crafters attending to what you need done? Or is there a shortage we don't know about?" His voice carries the light air of teasing,.

The caution coming off of L'han earns him a low laugh and a re-assuring pat on his arm if he doesn't pull away, "Oh don't worry yourself so, dear boy, you won't get sent back to the weyrling barracks or anything." Tease for tease. Or so we hope. Leaning away, Indira goes quiet for a moment or two, "Weyrfolk and crafters don't have dragons," she points out eventually, "The errands I need run are…up north." Dark eyes landing expectantly on the greenrider to see what his reaction might be for that.

L'han chuckles, his eyes glancing towards where his dragon deposited the healer, "Indeed they don't… so you need a rider to zip up north and pick up stuff and bring it back? So long as it's not anything bigger than what my girl here can carry, it should be ok. I had one fella ask me to bring his bed along with him, I told the fool to sell it and buy a new one."

Indira follows L'han's gaze upwards, noting through a smirk that said healer waaaay up high above the Weyr, hasn't moved an inch since Escaeth deposited him up there. Dark eyes drift back down to the greenrider and a completely bland expression in place, "Oh goodness no, nothing like a bed. Althoughthe one I had up north," a sad little moue of disappointment painting across the Headwoman's mouth for possessions left behind. Back to business, "Just a few packages here and there and maybe a message or two?"

L'han glances up at the healer himself again before asking, "Places you want me to go? I have jumpsites for each of the Weyrs, but not for all the holds although we can fly there in good enough time that it doesn't matter too much." Escaeth gets up and turns herself a full 180 degrees to face the other way and sun herself from the other direction now.

Taking in what L'han says Indira lapses into silence once again, mulling it over in her head. Eventually nodding to herself as she reaches a decision she puts forth the following, "How about you tell me which places within the High Reaches sweep area you're familiar with and I'll arrange to have my people meet you there?" Ruling out any association with the Weyr proper. An idle glance goes over the green's way as she changes her sunning position.

L'han raises an eyebrow before he just replies, "High Reaches, Lewis, and River Bend holds I can get to." He tilts his head, before he leans back against the bench again, looking around the bowl at whats going on in the Weyr.

"Lewis Hold," Indira takes a hold of that as she stands, "that'll do." Just how she plans to get messages out to whomever these people are, remains a mystery not touched upon. Tilting her head back and squinting against the sun, "I think he's learned his lesson now," one the Healer probably doesn't understand just yet, "You can probably get her to bring him down now." And with that her head drops, a hand lifting to brush a fall of hair from her eyes, "It was a pleasure, L'han." Her means of announcing imminent departure back to the duties of the day.

L'han lifts his hand for a wave as the green dragon gets to her talons with a snort of annoyance to fly up and retrieve the healer. "Yeah I know girl." He watches his dragon as she nips hold of the terrified healer to bring him back to ground level. When said dragon lands, he looks over the healer and says, "Take a few hours to think about what happened before you wound up there and then go talk to the Headwoman."

With little but the hip swaying walk of the departing Headwoman to flicker his eyes nervously toward, the Healer, ashen faced, gulps and nods at L'han, "Y-y-yes sir. C-c-certainly sir." And then scurries off back toward the infirmary as his short little legs will take him. Chances are, thanks to the obliging actions of his dragon and L'han's sobering words, the Healer is able to come to some sort of amicable compromise with Indira. Which ultimately means no gamey stews or lumpy mattresses for the Weyr.

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