Delicate Intent


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Date: 2010.12.21
Location: Max's Office
Synopsis: Nenienne drops by to deliver the two pieces of jewellery commissioned by Max during her candidacy.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Max

About an hour or so passed the lunch hour finds Max back in his office, although not seated at his desk as the piece of furniture is currently lying upside down with a woodcrafter hard at work repairing and reinforcing the centre strut. The desk drawers that were neatly stacked one upon the other are now lying scattered about with the beast manager rifling through the contents of one of them. Not finding whatever he’d been looking for in it, he lefts the drawer and sets it to one side with a slight grunt and an odd wrinkle of brow that might point to pain. Then again, it could just be a sound of disgust uttered for having to go through another of the drawers to find the paperwork he’s seeking.

Although the door is open, Neni still knocks, then waits politely for a response from Max.

It’s the old woodcrafter that hears the knock and looks up first, rheumy eyes taking in Nenienne before, talking around the nails held in his mouth, he gives a grunt. “S’for ye, laddie,” because he’s well past the age where young girls come a-calling on him. Still crouched over the next drawer, Max swivels on a boot heel and glances upward looking a little confused at first when he claps his attention onto the former candidate and then grinning, “Tell me you’ve got good news for me!”

Nenienne doesn't quite smile, but a flicker of one is there. Her voice, though, is light with humor when she says, "So long as you're happy with the results, the news is good. I've finished the necklaces."

With Nenienne’s announcement to having completed the commission, Max’s grin remains in place and then dissipates a little as setting hands to knees he pushes up into a standing position, it taking a little longer than usual for him to unfold his upper body and doing so with a slight exhale of breath. “They’re done?” Boyish eagerness to see the result, in obvious play. As for the old carpenter currently looking between the two he gives a soft snort and mutters something about fools in love, although it’s likely lost due to the nails held in his mouth while he lines up a plank of Skybroom to be hammered into place.

Nenienne nods, pulling out two nicely-made, if plain, wooden boxes. "Which would you like to see first?" she asks, her voice still light and even perhaps amused. As per usual, if she notices Max's unusual slowness, she gives no indication.

Wiping his hands down the fronts of his shirt even although he’d been doing nothing except search for papers, Max sends the carpenter a dirty look and then turns a crooked grin out to Nenienne, “How ‘bout you surprise me, aye?” Dark eyes now firmly held to the two boxes she’s taken out.

Nenienne nods, and after a few seconds, puts down the one in her right hand and opens the one in her left. The setting is delicate, even for filigree, and has a green stone which is medium in shade, but which has some criss-crossed lines making it slightly paler. In a more business-like voice she says, "This is the emerald one — you'll want to make sure she only wears this on special occasions when she's not likely to knock it around much." She turns it over to show him an inscription of his name woven into the filigree.

Dark eyes widen when the delicately crafted filigree necklace with the emerald setting is revealed, focussing on the piece and taking every facet of its craftsmanship into account and then lifting to Nenienne, high approval in place. “You did this yourself?” Not intending to insult the Journeywoman smith with his query just simply that pleased with her work and how its turned out. A hand lifts, fingers reaching toward it, and then withdraws as if afraid he might break the delicate piece of jewellery.

Nenienne nods, not appearing to take any insult. "It's all right to touch it, it's just likely to fracture more if it gets knocked against a hard surface." Pointing to the criss-crossed lines, she says "Those are called inclusions; they're where the stone has been weakened. It's impossible to find an emerald without them, and finding one with them not visible to the naked eye is mind-blogglingly expensive."

Excuse him for not being too clued up on gems, but Max thought those criss-crossed lines on the gem rather attractive. He can’t help the tease that comes next though, “And you’re assuming I don’t have the means for such a stone?” He doesn’t. Well, not unless he goes the way of his northern counterparts and puts a hit out on the treasury of Southern Hold itself. Which is neither here nor there for the beast manager is well and truly pleased with the piece as evidenced in his next, “Thank you, Nenienne. It’s almost as beautiful as the woman its intended for.” Cue the boyish grin and the roll of rheumy eyes coming off the old carpenter who sets to banging his disapproval of such mushy nonsense as he hammers a nail into place.

Nenienne says simply "I doubt it — you're not a Lord Holder." She puts the fragile one away and picks up the other box. "This one is the tsavorite garnet. It's eye-clean, so you'd need a loupe to see any inclusions." The setting, while still delicate, is obviously more sturdy than the emerald's. The stone itself is slightly darker green than the emerald and the facets are clear, the cut allowing a nice sparkle. Neni notes, "This should be able to withstand day-to-day wear, although I wouldn't recommend flinging it around, either." She also wove Max's name into the filigree on this one, easily visible when the setting is turned over.

He might not be a Lord Holder but Southern's new crime lord does have his means. However, he's not about to cop to his new title and say as much and so Max merely sends a faint smirk her way. Blink. He'd need a what to see any whats? Yeah, he's clearly out of his depth there, so it's just as well that Nenienne is as honest and trustworthy as she is. The beast manager however is liking the sparkle and setting of the piece. A brow lifts upward in light concern, "So…not a good idea while still in weyrlinghood then, huh?" This to what sort of wear and tear the necklace is likely to be able to withstand. Eyes drop to his name worked into the filigree on the back of the stone, a small smile appearing for it.

Nenienne hmmmmmmms, then says cautiously, "I'm not sure exactly what goes on in Weyrling training, but if it's anything like candidacy, it would probably be safe. Probably it's better to err on the side of caution, though, or give it to her with the admonition that she only wear it on rest days. Best save the emerald one until she has her own weyr, though — I'm not sure what kind of security Weyrling storage has. I asked Neythan to make me a really good lock for my press while I was working on these."

Listening to Nenienne’s advice on when it might be best for Ahnika to wear the second piece of jewellery, an entirely devilish grin appears for a heartbeat of a moment and then is gone again as that thought gets quickly stowed away. On the matter of the finer, more delicately crafted emerald necklace a crooked smile appears, “Oh aye.” Giving his agreement on when it should be presented, “Got me plans for that one.” Enigmatic the expression that falls into place. A glance to the two boxes and then toward the door of his office, “You’ll be needing the rest of your payment now, aye?”

Nenienne nods. "Yes, please. At least now that I have Neythan's lock," she quips.

Max appears almost reluctant to leave the two pieces of jewellery now that he’s seen them but leave he does, stating as he heads toward his office door with a limp not quite as pronounced as it had been, “You need anything, old Drogan here’ll get it for you.” Meaning the way of refreshments. His words having the effect of the old carpenter spitting out a nail and turning a near toothless grin onto Nenienne. Poor girl. Luckily the beast manager isn’t gone too long before he’s back again. Hand dipping into his pocket he withdraws a pouch of marks and hands it over to the Journeywoman to check that the agreed upon amount is all there.

While Max is away, Neni busies herself with resettling the necklaces just so, then closing the boxes and putting them on a seemingly safe surface, while discussing the journeyman who made the boxes for her with the old man by way of small talk. He asserts he could have done better, which she gracefully concedes. When Max returns she does the quick count of someone who isn't all that concerned, then pockets the pouch and holds out her hand to shake to conclude the deal. "It's been a pleasure working with you. I hope she enjoys them."

With Max returning, old Drogan gives Nenienne a last toothless smile and returns to his work, only flicking a glance up once or twice as the two conclude their deal, possibly mulling over whether or not to put forth some of his own work at a later point for the Journeywoman to consider. Meeting the hand held out to him with a firm grip calloused by work and bearing a few fight induced scars, Max puts forth a warm smile, “Likewise, darlin’.” This to working with her. As to whether or not Ahnika will like them…he can only hope as much. Walking the former candidate toward the door to see her out, “Might have need of something else from you, but not for a while yet. I don’t think.” An odd frown forming through his latter words and then he’s shaking it off.

Nenienne nods. "See you around, until then." She also gives Drogan a polite nod and heads off.

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