Delivering A Bed


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Date: 2010.07.27
Location: Headwoman's Office & Private Quarters
Synopsis: Dubose comes to deliver the promised bed and continues to play hide and seek with Indira.
Rating: PG13 - light adult innuendo
Logger: Indira

Dubose's entrance is little more than a weak wrap of knuckles against woodwork as he's already half way through the door and strolling in. He has a serious look on his face and a fine sheen of sweat from doing who-knows-what beyond Indira's room. "Headwoman…" Only now does he blink around to see if she's actually decent or even there at the moment to be intruded upon.

Indira is not currently in her office per say, but by the sounds coming from her private quarters, the woman is dragging something heavy about amid much cursing and grunting. Well, let’s hope that’s what it is and that she’s not dragging –someone- around in there like that. Which would explain why it takes her a good few moments before she appears in her office actual, looking not nearly as well put together as she usually does. Tugging at the hem of her top and puffing a strand of hair out her eyes, her response is one spoken through what can only be called, laboured breathing. “Yes?” sounding a little irritated for the interruption, that immediately slipping off into a flustered, “Oh, its you,” as she now –really- starts fussing with her appearance when her attention lands to Dubose.

Dubose settles himself against the frame of the door when he hears the huffing and puffing. There's only a small hint of disapointment when he doesn't catch the Headwoman up to anything naughty afterall. "It's me. Miss me?" His tone a playful drawl that holds little seriousness in it. Noticing her extra fussing he assures her, "No need to get gussied up on my account." Though he does let his pleasure show that she's concerned for her looks around him.

Miss him? Yes. Though it would take a fighting wing of dragons for her to admit it. With a haughty little toss of her head, Indira lies smoothly, “No.” Top set to rights (in her opinion), hands that had been futilely trying to drag the loose curls of hair that had gotten free back into the rather messy bun, still and she shoots Dubose an uncertain look. Cue the mouthful of teeth moment. Gathering her wits about her, the headwoman does allow a wry smile to creep out, “Was there something you wanted, or do you just like to catch women unawares in general?”

"I think I like catching -you- unawares. It's an interesting change. I didn't think you'd be disarmed so easily." Dubose grins back at her, not at all the same cold brute who she first ran into and offered dinner. Swinging the door closed behind him he strolls closer, "I have something for you." Dark eyes trail down over the rumbled and well-adjusted shirt and then back up to her face.

Blink. Indira goes stock still, like a deer caught in headlights for the change come over the big trader. “Um yes, well,” sounding like some startled teenager, “I was just…” turning to gesture vaguely back in the direction of her private quarters. Hearing the door click shut she turns back toward Dubose and swallows slowly for those eyes trailing over her. Someone is clearly not used to being on the other side of the hunt. Still hanging onto a thread of businesslike, the headwoman moves as if toward her desk, “Oh? You do?” the nonchalance not quite making it through.

Dubose's gaze drifts from the face to just over her shoulder in the direction she came and there's a question hanging there as his steps slow and then stop. "I intruded on some work? Can I offer you a hand?" The 'something', that he has for her, dangling there in the air. A small smile for her, pleasure at getting her unbalanced but then he's looking away from her again, already moving towards that other room, unless she stops him in some way.

Well now she doesn't know quite -what- to do. And it shows in the indecisive silence that follows his offer of help as her eyes track back toward her bedroom. Blinking out of her stupor, Indira's hot on his heels not that she could stop him given the glaring difference in size, but perhaps because she's finally reached a decision. "It's this couch," she says managing to squeeze past Dubose and slip into the room just before he does, "It needs to go over there," pointing to a side of the room opposite where her mattress is set, "and then angled like this," hands demonstrating the 'just so' placing of what appears to be a chaise lounge type affair newly upholstered in deep red. Dark eyes flicker upward and then without being given leave, start meandering over the length and breadth of the man in her room.

Dubose strolls into the room, slowing only a fraction as she edges around him and into the room first. There's a faint chuckle at her back that's smothered by an 'Uh-huh', of interest as she lays out her designs for the furnishings. Then he's sizing up the room, not the couch at all. "Gotta get this out of here first." Noting the sad little mattress with a crinkle of his nose. "Really Headwoman. You let anyone in this place?" There's a grin over his shoulder to soften the insult to her room. He goes to move that instead of the lounge.

What? That’s where she sleeps. –Her- mattress! As if to demonstrate, Indira plonks herself down square in the middle of it sitting cross-legged with arms folded across her chest daring Dubose to move her with it. And now she’ll answer the perceived insult with an arch of brow, “Haven’t had any complaints yet,” smirk. Staying right where she is a frown goes to the discarded chaise lounge, “Besides which, I asked you to help move that, not this,” an arm unfolds and a fingers stabs down into the mattress.

"Hmph." Is all the big man grumbles as the woman settles down on the mattress. He continues to pull it though, like a big, soft, plushy sled. "I have to take care of this first." Dubose's smile widens at the no complaints and he looks at her thoughtfully but holds his tongue, even if his expression speaks volumes of the standards of whomever the headwoman is sharing the bed with. "So…you want me to move the couch, but I have this order to fulfill first. I /told/ you I had something for you."

Hands fly out and clutch at the sides of her big plushy sled as continued progress almost unseats her again, “What by Faranth’s great golden behind are talking about man?” Indira wobbles a little and almost loses her balance as Dubose continues to drag her mattress out of the room. “Dubose!” she puts on her best Headwoman’s voice, “Put it down this instant!” Never mind the petulant schoolgirl act going on. And heaven forbid any of her staff should pop into the adjoining office and see her doing as much.

Laughing, the big man stops pulling only when she uses 'the voice' on him. Nearly doubling over, Dubose howls with laughter, peering at the woman between gut-shaking laughs, "my /word/ woman. I guess you don't want the new bed after all. Or, was it just a test to see if I could or would get one done up for you?" He wipes the back of his hand across his eyes once the laughing fades a bit. "You do get awfully worked up I have got to say."

First he’s trying to steal her mattress with her on it, and now he’s –laughing- at her!? As soon as the mattress comes to halt, Indira’s off it and stalking right up to Dubose looking set to deck him one despite the fact that he could probably break her in two. With a little sniff, arms fold in imperious manner and she taps a boot tip impatiently, “Are you quite down now?” Aaand then it hits her. The new bed they’d spoken about a while back. “Oh, umm, no, not a test, I…” suddenly she breaks off and glares up at him, “You could have said something in the beginning you know instead of coming in here making out as if you were going to…” Erm, never mind.

He braces for the slap, or punch or what-might-be, and gives the headwoman a puzzled look when she doesn't follow through. A man used to the rougher edge of life it seems. It sobers him for a moment, though he's still smiling at her. "I was going to tell you, but it was more fun to make a bit of a game of it. I…get the feeling you don't get much of that in your all-too-serious role as headwoman. At least…" he looks around the room, as though he's judged her on the current decorating style. "Anyway….I have your bed ready. Just need your ok and we'll put it together."

Indira tips a similarly bemused look over to Dubose not too sure why he’s just given her that particular eyeballing. And moving on, she’s hard pressed to hide the twitch of lips and ensuing curve of the corner of her mouth when in retrospect, it had been funny as all get out. Slowly the chuckle looses itself, a rich warm sound and then she’s shaking her head and slapping a playful tap to the big man’s arm, “I’m sorry, Dubose. Sometimes I forget to take time out to play.” Pleasure rises up and softens the often austere woman’s features with a wide smile, “You’ve got it finished already?” delight plain to see in her eyes, “Can I see it? Is it here already?” trying to scramble over the mattress and into her office. Unfortunately, a boot heel hooks and she’s in danger of going over backwards. Talk about the two extremes of the woman.

"To be honest, it's been a long time for me too." Admitting it seems hard for the big man. He smiles then and gives an expression shrug as though shaking something from him. "Sometimes work just gets in the way…." There's no answer about the item, obviously it must be just outside the door. He's about to guide her out of the room when she goes off balance. There's no hesitation, he just reaches for her, trying to catch her up as he moves in close to try to save her from the near-tumble. "Careful!" Warm and spice-scented despite the sweat from his earlier work. Concern for her mixed with amusement at her change.

The flickering edges of an understanding smile are sent to Dubose for his confession, "All work and no play…" the words trail, and a shoulder rolls in attempt of a shrug, "Or say they say anyway." But then there's the topic of her new bed and suddenly she's going over backwards and clutching at anything available to break her fall, which happens to be a fistful of the big man's shirt. Somehow she's landing up caught by him. Startled to say the least, Indira simply lies there dark eyes wide, breathing shallow. Bad man, bad! Not supposed to smell so damn good! Suddenly aware of those big strong arms around her, and his shirt she's got tangled up in her hand, the blonde does something she probably hasn't done in absolute turns and, blushes. Ahem. Fingers slowly uncurl and try to smooth the fabric back into place, muttering a disconcerted, "Sorry. Clumsy ox," that's her, and then trying to disentangle herself from him.

Dubose's voice is very quiet, as though he doesn't want to startle the woman that he suddenly finds himself aquiring in that near-spill. "Guess I should get out more and re-learn some things…." Getting out of his clutches might be difficult at first, he's not too keen on letting her free, but before it turns into a struggle for her, she'll find his hold loosening so she can step back safely. "You're not clumsy, I just moved your sharding … mat in your way." Falling quiet he smooths a hand down his rumpled tunic, "I should show you the bed…make sure you like it."

Once Dubose’s hold loosens, her frame relaxes a little and instead of moving away she stays where she is, palm still flat against his chest and eyes studiously turned downward now. Perhaps it was the low held tone he’d used or something else entirely, for Indira goes quiet a moment, before glancing upward again, a small smile appears, “And what things would you want to re-learn, hmm?” As to his last eyes cast down to where the troublesome mattress lies and a short chuckle arrives, “If you wanted me flat on my back all you had to do was say so,” she’s teasing as she finally moves away and tipping her head to the doorway of her office, “Come on then, show me what you’ve got.”

"Flat on your back would be so…boring." Dubose notes in an even lower tone, pitched just to her as he inclines his head forward just slightly. His eyes twinkle as he tries to catch her gaze so she might see his meaning—that he'd have much more adventures in mind if he were to ask her onto the matress at all. "As to what I'd like to re-learn…..well…..I don't know. Once you start having fun, it's so difficult to go back to reality and the work at hand." The step back he takes is slow, as though he doesn't want to get out of her personal space but is forcing himself to do so, to show he can. Once he's a step away, the movements are easier, but brisk and all business as he moves to the door.

Brows shoot up and it’s a moment before Indira is able to even respond to that, eyes transfixed on him as his head moves forward. Shaking her head a little to clear it, her mouth twists into a light smirk as she gathers her wits about her, “Boring, hmm? And you’re going to prove that just exactly how?” Laying the challenge down on the floor, so to speak before turning to the matter of re-education, “Perhaps it’s a case of trying to find the balance between work and fun,” says she of one extreme or the other, “time and place all that.” As Dubose takes a step back, he seems somehow able to draw her along with him as she takes one forward and then hesitates for a moment. He might not see the hand that lifts to stay his movement toward the door. If not, the headwoman is right along behind him using the cover of business for a very rattled self.

If he sees the hand, he doesn't give any hint of it. Onward he walks, and it seems he hasn't even heard her challenge to him. She might catch the way his jaw works if she catches his face in profile as he opens the door though, a troubled expression indeed. Outside the door, still in silence, he moves to make room for her in the hall where she will see what would be the headboard of the bed. It's a dark red color, like the klah wood has been soaked in red wine before being polished and then polished again so it shines. The working itself is simple, a wreath of flowers carved into the center with ribbon-work coiling out form it along the top. The big man waits in silence, sneaking a look to the headwoman to see her reaction.

Indira catches his expression in profile and reads both it and his silence as having pissed the man mountain off. Again. Sharding men! Frowning she slips past him through the doorway and comes to an abrupt halt. Dumbstruck for a few moments before turning a wide eyed look up to Dubose, “Its…” eyes track back to the headboard, tracing over the flowers wreathed upon it with trailing ribbon work and the rich red hue. Hands lift and fall uselessly again to her sides until slowly but surely a wide grin starts to form and she turns back toward the trader, “Dubose, it’s just beautiful! I could never have imagined it so.” Eyes shining, “Thank you,” this last offered quietly as she mentally kicks herself for having acted like such a runner’s ass earlier.

"There's more to it of course." Dubose assures her when he takes her dumbstruck look for not liking it at first. His shoulders that had started to tighten up, relax and slump down as he turns a warm smile on the headwoman. "You don't have to thank me. It's not as though I slaved away all night over it or anything. And you haven't even…tried it out yet."

Amusement flickers in, “I’d sorted hoped there was or else it would look pretty funny propped up at the top of my mattress.” Perhaps she hadn’t noticed the tension building in Dubose, or perhaps she did and has just given up trying to figure anything about him out. Either way Indira moves over to the headboard, fingers tracing over the flowers and ribbons as if by touch alone, she could absorb them. Turning her head over her shoulder a smile appears, “It’s only right that I do. How much do I owe you for it?” As to her not having tried it out yet, lips twitch and she closes the distance back to the trader, an unreadable look to dark eyes, “Perhaps if you put it together for me, I might be able to. Much as I’m inclined to just go and sprawl on the floor in front of it, I don’t think it would give my staff a very good impression,” amused at the end.

He laughs quietly, watching her step closer and then a quick glance around as though he expects someone might be lingering to watch such things as Headwomen and Traders flirting in the hall. "I'll have someone bring in the other pieces and we'll put it together. As for your mattress…weeeeelll…" a small shake of his head, "I have a new one of those for you. We can talk about the cost of things….after you have a good sleep on it." Because that's going to surely up the price a bit.

It might be that some about the Weyr are already growing wise to the headwoman’s manner, or just that she has a tongue sharp enough to quell any that might think to get to gossiping. Tipping her head to one side Indira puts the trader under long inspection (again) before chuckling low when mention of a new mattress is made, “You barely know me and yet you spoil me. I have to wonder what your game is,” another glance to the headboard and then back up to Dubose as if making silent comparison on something or another. “I have a feeling that whatever you’re going to ask for it, will be worth it,” said in such a way as to be taken either way and then she’s skirting around his large bulk and back into her office either to escape prying eyes, or simply to get back to work.

Watching the headwoman leave with slightly hooded eyes, Dubose chuckles, "This isn't what I call 'spoiling' a woman but…" Letting her go he calls back to her, "I'll be right in. Going to go fetch the rest of the stuff and we will be back."

Laughter coming low from within her office, “There are just so many ways I could respond to that but I think…I’m going to keep you guessing.” Turning the tables maybe? Catching his call, Indira’s voice floats out again, sounding almost distracted, “Take your time.” Because she probably needs a little to smooth those ruffled edges back into place.

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