Delivery At Landing


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Date: 24 Jan 2011
Location: Landing: Main Square
Synopsis: Traditionalist Weaver Harson meets an unrepentantly progressive child as he makes a delivery to Landing.
Rating: G
Logger: Gaelene

Landing is surrounded on three sides by water and stone, but there is ample room between her buildings for a wing of dragons to land easily. To the north, the land becomes sandy and leads out into the open seas, where dolphins play. To the west, the Black River flows from the Southern Mountains into the sea. The Eastern Barrier Range winds across the southern side of the complex. One of the closest peaks is the Two-Faced Mountain—the volcano that buried the place in lava and ash thousands of Turns ago.

The complex itself contains four parts: the famous AIVAS Complex, containing the Automated Intelligence Voice Activated System, classrooms and conference center; the Archives, which houses all the information gained from the computers and all the contributing Halls; the Dining Hall, where the residents of Landing eat; and the Barracks, the cluster of buildings where they sleep. At certain times of the day, the solar panels on the tops of the various buildings reflect down into the square, making the dragons' ability to land without visual cues nearly invaluable.

Harson is walking across the square with a pack over one shoulder, alone in his progress. The pack is filled with various message scrolls that poke out from the top as the leather flap has come slightly unfastened during his travels but the hard cases protect whatever documents, or whatever is inside, the lad is carrying. After a moment he slows and blinks around himself and then mutters, "I think I was just here…." Muttering darkly under his breath he stops and turns around, trying to find his way.

Gaelene is over with a group of children, apparently playing some sort of tag-like game. She is currently "it", and heading toward a young boy, appearing not to notice the children behind her… until she turns around suddenly and tags one. She notices Harson and trots over, asking brightly, "Hello, are you new here? Or just visiting?"

Harson lets the pack slide down his shoulder and settles on the ground with a decent 'thump' of weight. He blinks down at the child coming to say hello and offers a small smile in greeting. "Ah, I am just dropping off some things for your Master Weaver. So, I guess that's just a visit. For now. I'm Harson, you wouldn't happen to know where I can find Master Temmeral do you?"

Gaelene says, "My name is Gaelene, but you can call me Gael." She cocks her head at the question, then hmmmms and says, "He might be teaching right now. Even if he's not, he's probably in the AIVAS complex." She points toward the complex helpfully. "There."

Harson lets out a thankful huff, "You're a lifesaver. Thanks Gael. I was afraid I got myself all turned around." He starts to lift the pack up, "So, you live here huh? You like it?" Sounding as though he's not certain if he likes it yet or not.

Gaelene nods and chirps, "Any time. I do live here, and I love it! They even let me use the terminals sometimes. And I'm the champion at pick-up sticks. Want to see my collection?" Even as she asks she's pulling out a box which no doubt holds the sticks in question.

Harson wears a blank look in response to using the terminals, just too odd and otherwordly for him at the moment. "Huh. Pickup sticks you say? Sure, I'll see your collection. You get to take one from the other player if you best them?" Getting to his delivery task isn't too pressing it appears.

Gaelene opens up the box and displays an array of thin sticks, each one brightly colored in either blue, green, red, or yellow. At his question she shakes her head, noting, "Not usually. Sometimes the adults will give us special sticks, though." She lifts out the standard sticks to reveal several purple ones. "Like these."

Harson eyes the sticks with interest, "They're not made out of wood huh?" He reaches out to touch one of them with the wariness of someone afraid to be burned by mistake. "So, what sorts of things do you have to do to get the special ones?"

"Nope," Gaelene says proudly. "Plastic." She doesn't seem to mind his touching the sticks, in fact she seems amused by his hesitation. "Sometimes we get them for beating adults. And they usually have a tournament once or twice a turn."

Harson's hand drops down after a quick touch, "It's strange feeling." And not to his liking it would seem. His fingers brush against his breeches to rid himself of the smooth sensation. "Shards, I guess I'm a country lad at heart."

Gaelene nods and says, "It makes the game harder because they're so slippery." She doesn't seem to notice his discomfiture, but she does close the box and repockets it. "Why do you say that?" she queries.

Harson chuckles, "I guess good oldfashioned polished wood wouldn't be the same eh?" As to her question, his shoulders lift and then settle once more, "I just find all this new-agey stuff sort of creepy. Glad I don't have to work much with it."

Gaelene says "Ah," though her expression is puzzled. That lasts for a whole two seconds, however, before she moves on. "Maybe if you stay here long enough you'll get to try weaving some of the new materials."

Harson doesn't look particularly thrilled about that idea but he does nod his head, "I guess so. I mean, if it can be woven right? Not sure what's wrong with wool and the other stuff we've got though."

Gaelene admits, "I don't know either, but I bet the Master can tell you." Then she confides, "I'm probably going to be a Healer when I'm old enough. Or a Technician."

Harson picks his pack up, "Likely so. I hear he likes to really ramble on." Flashing another smile he murmurs, "Healer is a good craft. Can't say I know much about the other." Sheltered, that's him. "Anyway, I'd best get to my delivery. Nice meeting you Gael."

Gaelene says, "Nice meeting you too, Harson. Good luck on your delivery." She then skips off toward her friends, calling out "Who's it?"

Log posted by Nenienne on Gaelene's behalf.

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