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Date: 6/5/2011 - IC: Turn 3, Month 3, Day 23
Location: Living Caverns
Synopsis: Nenienne and Ahnika run into each other for a late lunch and share a table together.
Rating: PG
Logger: Ahnika

It's after lunch, but well before the preparations for dinner, when Neni slips into the living cavern. She's fairly hot and sweaty, as if she's been doing heavy labor, but she still heads, predictably, for the klah. After her traditional gulping down of the first mug plus milk she pours the second which she sips at a more sedate pace as she selects from the leftovers and finds herself a seat.

Ahnika is wet, too, but only a little from sweat and a lot from the miserable drizzle going on outside. Her damp red hair isn’t as bright now, but is still relatively snug in its braided bun at the nape of her neck, as she usually prefers to wear it. As she enters the living cavern, she makes her customary pause near the stairs to regard the not-so-crowded cavern for people she would prefer not to encounter if she could manage it. Not finding any of the sort here today, Ahni continues forth into the room, smiling and waving to Nenienne as she sees the Journeywoman. She makes herself a small plate of leftovers, not as hungry as she is thirsty, and pours herself some of that klah as well. Then she makes her way to Neni’s table, greeting her and saying, “Mind if I join you, Journeywoman?”

Nenienne doesn't smile back, but she does brighten visibly. "Of course not — you're always welcome!" she says, even making to scoot over a bit to make more room. Then she asks, "How are you today, other than wet? And how is Jhath?"

Ahnika grins, settling in at the table, “Thanks. We’re great. A bit tired, but can’t complain. There’s a little more freedom since leaving the Weyrling Barracks, so the fatigue isn’t quite as noticeable.” She sips her klah and swallows the sip before asking, “Yourself? You look like you’ve just done a cross-country workout.”

Nenienne says, "Heh. Just moving some equipment around. If I was still in the kind of shape I had been just after candidacy, I wouldn't have even blinked." Then she looks as if she wants to ask something, and finally does so. "Do dragons mind drizzles and rain much? I know they love to swim, but getting rained on isn't quite the same."

Ahnika nods a bit in understanding, taking a bite of her food as she listens quietly and chews even more quietly. She swallows before responding, though, “You don’t look to be so out of shape to me. I have a little bit of time after I eat before attending to another task, though, so if you need some help moving things some more, I’ll come help you.” Ever the helpful volunteer, Ahni has been. She takes a sip and swallows that before smiling and saying, “It depends on the dragon. Just like people. Some mind it more than others. Jhath doesn’t seem to mind it.” Beat pause, and a momentary lack of focus in her grey eyes, “Right, she says she doesn’t. I think whatever it is that doesn’t allow them to feel the cold of Between probably dulls the sense of chilly, bothersome rain, too. But there are always exceptions. Some dragons just complain because that’s how they are. Like people.”

Nenienne shakes her head. "Thank you, but no need. I waited until after I was done for lunch and klah, and maybe a bath if I'm feeling really decadent." She listens to Ahnika's explanation and says, "Point taken. Funny, how long I've been posted here and they're still a big mystery to me."

Chuckling in understanding at the thought that a bath has become decadent in these times, Ahnika nods, comprehending completely. “I’m about due for one myself. A good, long hot soak. The sponge-bathing I do in my weyr these days doesn’t compare, even if it’s more secluded.” Not that the communal baths ever bothered her so much before and Neni would likely know it considering how she’s encountered Ahni there before. But she would never know when Max might choose to drop in and take one himself, there, and it’s just a little more convenient to wash up in her weyr than otherwise anyway. “As well they should be, in my mind,” Ahnika says to Neni’s last, waxing prophetic, “A mystery to us all, even riders. They are complex, noble creatures with their own unique identities and quirks after all. Not pets. I hope I never see the day when I fully understand dragons, myself. You know?” She smiles.

Nenienne nods. "Sort of like I hope I never know everythjing about jeelry, because it would be sad if there was nothing to learn. Although dragons are another order of magnitude since they *are* so… alive."

Ahnika nods a bit and smiles, “Yes, exactly.” She takes another bite of her meal, chews thoughtfully and then swallows before asking, “Speaking of jewelrycrafting, how does all that go for you? Business is well, I hope?”

Nenienne says, "It's been slow, but a lot of Weyrlings, now that they're graduating, have expressed interest in having pieces made. Actually sitting down and commissioning those pieces are another story."

Ahnika smiles apologetically, “Yeah, I’m sure it’s difficult to schedule time between your schedule and our drilling schedules. I’m sure they’ll all get done, though.” There’s a brief shadow in her expression as Ahni remembers the work Neni has done in the past, and then Ahni says softly, “You’re really very talented, Neni. They’ll wait. They’ll want to make sure you’re the one doing the work.”

Nenienne actually gives a small smile at that, and jests, "Of course they will. Master Jarvys would charge way too much." She looks around and amends that quickly; "Not that his work isn't worth it or anything."

Ahnika laughs at the jest and shakes her head, eating the last bite of her meal before responding, “Well, sure, but Master Jarvys doesn’t have your unique perspective either. We all went through Candidacy with you, Neni. We trust you to know us and our style and personalities and such better than he would. Trust me, you can see that sort of thing in your work. I did. It’s why I couldn’t bring myself to destroy the necklace you made after … well … when it was too difficult to wear anymore. It was too beautiful. It simply ‘fit’ right. It needed to be worn. It just needed to be worn by someone it belonged with.” The last is said a little more softly. She sips her klah and studies her empty plate a moment. “Anyway, I’m sure you’ll get all of the commissions that you deserve.”

Nenienne nods, her expression saddening as Ahnika mentions the breakup. She doesn't tell the greenrider what became of the necklace, or that it had a partner, though she doesn't meet Ahni's gaze, even more (or would that be less?) so than usual. Lifting her klah mug, she says with perhaps forced cheerfulness, "Here's to getting commissions I deserve!"

And Ahnika remains oblivious to the fact that her gift to Hope was taken away from the child and destroyed, or so it seems by her expression, not catching on to any avoidance of gazes and such as she works on finishing her klah and stands up, toasting her last sip of the beverage to Neni’s success, “Definitely!” The redhead says with a firm nod of conviction. “Anyone I know who is looking for jewelry, I always send them your way and will continue to do so.” She smiles, picking up her tray, “You take care now, Neni. It was good talking with you again.”

Nenienne looks briefly relieved, then says warmly, "Good afternoon, and thank you for the chat." She then notices that she hasn't even started eating, and begins to do so, making a face at the tepid food.

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