Digging A Ditch While Others Watch


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Date: 07/24/2010
Location: Lakeshore
Synopsis: Nenienne as a candidate is helping with the grunt work for the lake, while Eissa and Vanielle wrestle with a vegetable cart. - Neni had to idle a few times throughout the log, as did we all, but still a very fun scene!!
Rating: G.
Logger: Eissa

Eissa is currently making a slow and vague trek around part the non-existent lake. Once in awhile she'll pick up a stone that was loosened by the digging and palm it before, eventually dropping it back towards the ground. IF there was water perhaps she'd be skipping the stones across the water, but as it is …

The young female worker, pulls a small cart of vegetables, nearly stacked in a pyramid form. "Just don't fall." Vanielle's voice is careful and gentle.

Nenienne is in the scoop proper, shoveling away. Not very quickly, though, and often standing up and rubbing her back.

The path that Eissa is walking eventually brings her closer to Vanielle, and when the healer realizes she knows the other woman, she'll offer a quick wave, "Vanielle, isn't it? Good day!" And then seeing the cart and the vegetables Vanielle is porting around, the healer can't help but ask, "Do you need some help?" Eissa hasn't had a change to really look at the scoop proper so for now she hasn't spotted Neni down digging in the dirt.

Vanielle nods. "Yes." she calls out waving as she turns at Essia's calling out. She stoped to re-arrange the vegetables. "At this moment. I think I could use some. I was brining some vegetables back to the Kitchens…"

After one particularly long pause, one of the Smiths supervising playfully calls out "Get back to work, *candidate*." Neni just gives him a look and resumes digging.

Eissa can't help but grin as she starts to trot forward, closer to Vanielle and her vegetable cart. As Eissa nears the lip of the cart the healer will hold out her hands to ward off any vegetables willing to jump over and roll onto the dirt ground. "Perhaps this was a two person job? What's the menu today that it seems to need so many vegetables?" She asks in a good-natured way and now that she's stopped close to the cart, Eissa can't help but look towards the lake proper. A glimpse of something familiar has her squinting her eyes a bit, but so far what snagged her attention is still elusive.

Vanielle grins. "Maybe." she says to Eissa. "But we're a little short staffed." she gestues to the Weyr as a whole. "If anything… I am enjoying the work."

Eissa gives a sympathetic nod is given to Vanielle's words, "Yes, it seems everyone is short staffed. Hopefully soon the amount of work will taper off as more and more projects are finished, and people can get a bit of breathing room between projects. It makes me a little concerned about people overworking themselves. We've had a few people come in with exhaustion and while sufficient rest will cure exhaustion, it is worrisome." A hand darts out to tuck an errant vegetable back into the cart, it wasn't exactly about to fall about but one good bump and it could have easily taken a tumble. "Do you often help in the kitchens? I don't think I could ever do much in the kitchen, the few times I helped my mother weren't .. that spectacular. Unless you consider it a spectacular failure." She grins.

Vanielle nods. "I help ALOT!" she says firmly. "Hauling vegetables, peeling cooking, cleaning the pots. Someone has to to do Miss Eissa." she says warmly. "And a lot of the 'senior staff' things they are above it."

Eissa can't help but shake her head, "Please, please, no Miss, that makes me seem so old and I hope I'm not -that- terribly old to you." The healer says with good enough cheer, even as she shakes her head a little at Vanielle's next words, "Senior staff .." Eissa begins but then bites her tongue, "Well, there will always be people like that. I for one still help out with apprentice chores in the infirmary. I find rolling the bandages very soothing. I bet that's like peeling vegetables. You get into a rhythm and you can forget about everything around you for a bit."

Vanielle laughs."Yep,exvept for when you accidentally nick yourself and need to come to the healers to fix that because you were sooo relaxed."

The healer can't help but laugh and grimace at the same time, "Aye, but as long as you hadn't cut your finger off, I think the healers can fix it quick enough. A bandage, or a few quick stitches and some numbweed and you'd be right as rain, I think." Nodding towards the lake Eissa says, "Do you think they'll ever be done with the lake? The Weyrwoman Randi said they have to dig about thirty more feet, before it'll finally hold water. I hope it's soon. Even if you don't want to swim in it, dangling your feet in cool water would be nice."

Vanielle nods. "I think so.. but… am curious. Are they digging till they find solid stone?"

Pausing in her protection of the vegetable cart, Eissa can't help but put her hands on her hips as she surveys the lake bed, "Well - maybe? I can't say for certain." She squints a little bit and puts a hand over her eyes to block some of the brightness, "But it sure seems like it." Her eyes roam over Neni but for now the healer doesn't seem to realize she's spotted a person she knows. "But hopefully soon." Shaking her head Eissa will tuck another vegetable more firmly in the cart before she adds, "Do you think we should get the vegetables to the kitchen soon? I'd hate for you to get in trouble because I've kept you here talking. IF they ask you where you were just tell them Healer Eissa needed you to run a quick errand."

Vanielle nods. "Well I think they're probably going to try and hit rock first…" she breaths. "At least to make it clear So that way the water doesn't turn all cloudy."

The Smith overseeing the candidate diggers finally calls for a break. Neni drags herself away from where she was previously. As soon as she reaches "shore" she drops her shovel and lowers herself, painfully, to the ground with a groan.

"I think it'd be nice if we could just have some water." Comments the Healer again, before Eissa is scanning the lake bed once more - it's almost like a mirage, you could imagine the water, but for now all one can see is dust, and puffs of dust as people work. It's only as she starts to turn away that Neni catches her attention, and with a squint and a surprised blink, Eissa says, "I think that's Neni coming towards us." And as Neni arrives closer and closer to shore, Eissa nods, "Yes, I think it is. Neni!" The healer calls out and offers a wave, "I see you're working on the lake." And at the groan coming from the candidate-smith as she reaches the shore, Eissa adds, "Or perhaps the lake is working you? Are you okay?"

Nenienne glances over toward Eissa and says "I'm just very out of shape when it comes to digging. In fact, I haven't done any since I apprenticed, and that was nine turns ago." Just then the Smith in charge calls an end to the break, and Neni drags herself up again, waving also to Vanielle.

"Well, let me know if you need anything Neni, don't strain yourself too much!" Eissa calls out as the smith starts her way back towards the lake, turning towards Vanielle, Eissa moves to nudge the cart along, "We better get these to the kitchen as well, Vanielle. Wouldn't want the food to be late." And with that said the healer will help the other younger woman get the food to the kitchen to be prepped and cooked with.

The End

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