Digging Golds


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Date: 30th May 2011
Location: Landing: Main Square
Synopsis: Suosith wants to go remind Landing of their queens. Ciara meets Aemos, a harper, and P'sec, one of "Randi's" riders
Rating: PG13
Logger: Ciara

Landing is surrounded on three sides by water and stone, but there is ample room between her buildings for a wing of dragons to land easily. To the north, the land becomes sandy and leads out into the open seas, where dolphins play. To the west, the Black River flows from the Southern Mountains into the sea. The Eastern Barrier Range winds across the southern side of the complex. One of the closest peaks is the Two-Faced Mountain—the volcano that buried the place in lava and ash thousands of Turns ago.
The complex itself contains four parts: the famous AIVAS Complex, containing the Automated Intelligence Voice Address System, classrooms and conference center; the Archives, which houses all the information gained from the computers and all the contributing Halls; the Dining Hall, where the residents of Landing eat; and the Barracks, the cluster of buildings where they sleep. At certain times of the day, the solar panels on the tops of the various buildings reflect down into the square, making the dragons' ability to land without visual cues nearly invaluable.

The afternoon is warm and overcast, the threat of rain present as the day passes lunch time and moves towards evening. Suosith appears from between up above the main square, though not too high. It means she's immediately visible, so that she can take her time circling and letting everyone get a good look at her before she lands. Here is your queen - pay attention to her! Once she's deigned to actually set down in the square, her showing off doesn't end, the dragon milking the limelight for all its worth by holding her wings high and making a show of folding them just so. Ciara, well-used to such displays, doesn't so much as roll her eyes as she unclips from the riding straps and gets down to the ground. Off comes her helmet, and she runs her fingers through her sweat-moistened hair, looking about as if deciding where she needs to go now.

Aemos, not quite used to the amount of traffic Landing, jumps back against the nearby wall as he hears the watchrider trumpet a greeting. Then, casting his eyes up spots the golden dragon circling to land. "Great. Just what I need to make my day. Another Queen rider to assault me." he says shaking his head and moving back towards teh archives slowly, shielding the ever present book he carries from the potential rain. "And she's going to want to mess up my shelves I bet." he murmurs.

With a pat to Suosith's leg, Ci moves away from her dragon, still looking about as if a little lost. The teenager backing away catches Suosith's attention though, and the gold stares at Aemos long and hard, before curving her neck and trilling. Now Ci rolls her eyes at her dragon's behaviour, though it's a good-natured gesture for all her exasperation. "We didn't almost land on you, did we?" She asks of Aemos, looking concerned as she turns to face him properly, stepping forward at the same time. "Suosith gets a bit caught up in making sure everyone's watching her…." Said dragon gives an offended rumble, which elicits a little smile from Ci.

Aemos tries to shrink back into the wall as he notices the draconic stare. Then hearing the question, shakes his head at the rider. "No, you didn't almost land on me." then doing a small smile. "Every beautiful girl should try to make herself stand out though no?"

Suosith trills again, exceedingly pleased that this one can recognise a beautiful gold when he sees one. Ciara chuckles, relieved that all is well, and amused at the compliment and the response it gets from the dragon. "You'll swell her ego, talking like that." She gives Suosith a cheeky look, which the gold chooses to ignore. Instead, she's now making a big deal out of curling up just right, settling each limb to show off her gleaming rose-gold hide to its fullest. Ci looks back to Aemos, still with that smile on her face, albeit more subdued now. "I'm Ciara. Miss show-off over there's Suosith."

Smiling, and giving a small bow towards the dragon and rider. "I am Aemos, Harper." How he manages to bow with his back to the wall is a mystery. "How can I help you?"

P'sec has arrived.

"Well met, Aemos." Now Ci glances over at Suosith again, lifting a shoulder in a half-shrug. "Suosith wanted to come and be admired at Landing. Remind everyone she's their queen and all." There's a hint of exasperation in her voice, though her general tone is amused. "So…I'm basically here killing time here until she's satisfied, or we need to get back. Uh. So…well. If I'm not keeping you from your work, we could maybe chat?"

Aemos glances up at the sky. "She wanted to be admired? Another thing to put on my list." he closes his eyes a moment. "No, I'm free until… A good bit after dinner." he says turning his head back towards the rider hsi eyes still closed. "Besides, who am I to argue with a Queen, or her rider?"

The Landing sky sees the frequent passage of dragons to and from all about Pern, so one more bronze shouldn't draw too much attention. The dragon drops like a stone towards the courtyard and flares his wings out at the last possible moment, the air catching in his sails with an audible snap. Nothing broken, but Abydoth likes to test his limits. His rider must be used to it, because there's nary even a sigh as P'sec unbuckles and dismounts, nor the slightest hint of exasperation or worry.

"I don't think it's all golds that like it, but…oh, I don't know." Ci shrugs, grinning a moment before the expression slips back into a smile. Her eyes widen a bit though, the smile fading as she says: "oh! Don't feel you have to hang around with me if you don't want to. I don't think I'm very interesting company. All I seem to talk about lately is work, work, work…." Then Abydoth is dropping into the courtyard, getting a rumble from Suosith. Watch it! Beautiful gold basking, here! Ci looks over to see who's arrived, but there's no recognition in her expression as she eyes P'sec.

"All I've met have liked it." he says his face dropping to neutral. "I don't mind hanging around with nice people. Besides all I do is work myself. That's all that's safe to do really." he says, then hearing the rumble Aemos looks up. "P'sec! Abydoth!" he calls waving at the new arrival.

Abydoth doesn't make much sound as he settles down, wings neatly folding in. It's for P'sec to make the greetings on the behalf of both of them, tolerant as he addresses the gold. "He wouldn't have hit you." A pause, something passing behind his eyes that brings forth wry humour in his tone. "That hard." Then the rider's striding out to join the other two, calling, "Hey, Aemos." The young woman gets a quick, assessing look. "Which one of the goldriders are you?"
Dragon> To Suosith, Abydoth's mind is still filled with the rushing hum of the wind up above, not yet down to earth. The words spoken by his rider are accompanied by his amused imaginings, shared now with the young queen: him smashing into her thanks to his quick descent, a tumble of wings, limbs and tails. Oops.

Ciara looks a little puzzled that Aemos recognises the bronze rider and she doesn't. Then again, maybe he's not an Eastern Rider? Suosith gives P'sec a snort as he makes that comment to her, especially with such humour in his tone. That hard, indeed! The gold's attention snaps to Abydoth, her eyes picking up flecks of red. A rumble rolls deep in her chest. "Ciara, of Suosith," is Ci's reply to P'sec's straightforward question. "And you are?" She's all polite, no accusation in her tone. Then the young rider looks at Aemos. "You two know each other?"

Dragon> To Abydoth, Suosith is most definitely not amused by that image. « That's horrible, Abydoth. How could you even think about hurting me like that? » The gold's affront is accompanied by the harsh feeling of champagne bubbles in one's nose, the gold's displeasure shown with words and with feelings.

Giggles, Aemos replies "Yup. P'sec here shows up everytime I meet a goldrider", some of his stiffness and reserve disapearing with the arrival of the bronze.

P'sec still hasn't got round to finding his knot, let alone wear it, so there's nothing visible to identify him by besides the bronze behind him. "P'sec," he replies, though Aemos has done the introducing for him. "of Abydoth. We've recently transferred from Igen." The archivist's remark draws his attention and his amusement. "Not quite like that, but if you could get the junior from Ista to pay a visit, I'd be much obliged."

Dragon> To Suosith, Abydoth isn't in the least repentant but at least pretends to be, winds dying down to the murmuring breeze. He brings himself to speak in tones dark, hollow, echoing. « You're tough, aren't you? »

"I see." Ci looks amused by the idea of the bronze rider popping up for just such situations. There's something else in her look, however, as she turns attention to P'sec again. Something more serious. "Oh, you must be one of Randi's riders." There's a slightly bitter note to the mention of that gold rider. "Well, well met. How're you finding Eastern? Save the, heh, lack of Istan juniors?" She laughs a little as she says that.

Dragon> To Abydoth, Suosith is getting over being ruffled by the bronze's initial manners with her, some curiousity creeping in to her voice at the potential compliment now coming from him. « I am, yes! » Her bright, light voice seems to be the exact opposite of his dark, echoing tones. »

Aemos tilting his head at P'sec. "How could I manage that? I don't leave Landing, let alone the continent." he says and then tilts his head further. "And Randi own's you?" he says faking a scared expression and backing up a little.

P'sec raises his eyebrows as he perceives the undercurrent to Ciara's tone, but doesn't make it an open question. "That's right," he confirms the goldrider's deduction then adds, "Though technically, she used to be one of mine." Glancing to Aemos, the older man hedges humourously, "Own is a rather strong word, isn't it?" He shrugs when addressing the matter of the Istan junior. "I'm sure there must be something to tempt her down for. I'll leave you to think of what." P'sec looks back at the two dragons, giving both a nod as he starts to explain his presence. "We've been out a lot since we got here since we got here, learning the lay of the land. Abydoth saw your Suosith and said he hadn't met her yet, so thought we'd drop in." Literally.

Dragon> To Suosith, Abydoth sinks back now that he's spoken, though not into silence. The wind is rising, pulling his attention out and beyond the gold centred in the courtyard, out to the foreign heights and frontiers. Something of this pull seeps from him to Suosith, along with an air of approval. Queens should be tough. The opinion is felt moreso than voiced.

Ciara grins at Aemos's talk of Randi owning P'sec, the joke helping to dissipate the remaining tension in her expression from her talk of Randi and her riders. She looks curious about Randi once being one of P'sec's, a little tilt to her head betraying that. She lets the bronze rider explain why they've seemingly come out of nowhere, nodding. "Well, he's definitely made an impression on Suosith, I think." She looks over at the two as he does, noting that Suosith seems mostly at ease now after her initial fright. To Aemos, now: "have you been here a long time?" Something about the way he seems reluctant at the idea of leaving has caught her attention.

Dragon> To Abydoth, Suosith is all dancing lights and the smell of sweet perfume once more, forgiving Abydoth for scaring her so now that he's shown the appropriate appreciation of her. « You and your rider are from Igen? What is it like there? I really must go and visit, and show them what an Eastern gold looks like! »

Aemos smiles. "She owns you!" he says sticking his tounge out. "Bet she made you stay with me the other day! Or Kaseth did. With her digging and stuff." he shivers a little. "I haven't been here long. But where would I go? The Hall sent me here to help with the archives. Seemed to think Landing needed another Harper in that wonderful building there." he says with a gesture towards the Archives.

"Did not." P'sec slips into an easy banter for Aemos. "There's plenty to see," he adds with a glance back towards Abydoth, who certainly shares his opinion; the small bronze is restless to be off again, crouching as he does with muscles tense, coiled in on himself like a spring about to be unleashed. "She used to drill with my wing," the long-term Igenite explains in the next moment, Ciara's curiosity expected. He has half a smile when referencing his bronze again, though it's slightly preoccupied. "He does that." He glances between one and the other, making a quick decision. "We'd best be off again. Ciara - Aemos." With that, the man is off.

Dragon> To Suosith, Abydoth's affirmation comes with the quick gust of sandy winds, dry, gritty, and stinging. The air is lighter, unburdened by humidity, the pale skies a tawny haze. For a moment, just for a moment, there is longing. Then the bronze recollects himself and his mind is solely applied to the Eastern skies.

Dragon> To Abydoth, Suosith shares in the feel of what is, presumably, Igen. Her feelings are pleased when he applies his mind to Eastern's skies tough, the gold's loyalty to her birthplace strong. She's content.

"Digging?" The word slips out before Ci can help herself, and she puts a hand over her mouth a moment, collecting herself. She'll focus on Aemos's explanation of his posting, rather than carry on down a route where she'll end up questioning him about what Randi's been up to. "But you like it here, right?" She looks at P'sc with a nod for his explanation. "I see. Ah - well, I'll see you at Eastern soon enough, no doubt." And now she has a name for a face, which she always likes.

Aemos waves to P'sec and Abydoth. "Bye!" then turning back to Ciara he smiles. "I like it here better then the hall. Atleast here I can go and hide with my books." he says his smile turning sad.

"So far can't complain!" P'sec yells back over his shoulder as he vaults into place. He holds his hand up rather than saying goodbye, and then Abydoth lurches to life, and the pair are gone.

Ciara watches P'sec and Abydoth's departure with a thoughtful expression, which is retained to some extent as she looks at Aemos again. Suosith trills merrily as the bronze takes off, before spotting some people coming out of a building and looking at them, crooning and curving her neck to get their attention. Ci shifts her weight, shoving her hands in the pockets of her trousers. "Why'd you want to hide?" She asks Aemos, concern curving her mouth downward.

Aemos gestures to himself. "Look at me? I was the smallest, if not the weakest person at the hall, including most of the new apprentices." He lifts the book he's been holding. "Holding this thing is about my limit." he says sadly. "And why do the Queen riders always seem to care? Is it a required trait to be blessed with gold?"

Now that's got Ci looking really sad, and a bit outraged, too. "You weren't getting bullied at the hold, were you?" She looks mock-offended at Aemos's comment about gold riders always caring. "Hey, I'd care even if I didn't have Suosith!" She lets the offended expression go, smiling softly instead. "S'just being a good person. But it's better here, right?"

Aemos nods. "I was bullied at the hold." he seems to draw back into himself, "It's better here, but still sometimes small things like my shoes will go missing."

Ciara goes wide-eyed as she senses the change in Aemos's tone, her hands coming out of her pockets so she can hold them up. "We don't have to talk about this if you don't want to…sorry. I shouldn't have started asking you about it." She looks guilty, now.

Aemos shakes his head. "It's… It's hard to talk about. And my memory doesn't help." he shivers and his eyes start to dart around, looking for safety. "Atleast I'm safe in the archives." he finishes, his hand patting the building behind him.

"Sorry…." And Ci really, truly look apologetic for pushing the conversation to places where Aemos doesn't want to go. Brightening, she nods at the archives comment. "Yeah. So, I guess you haven't met many dragons? Or been to the Weyr?"

Aemos shivers again at the mention of dragons. "I've met… 3 now? Or atleast been introduced to 3. Kaseth, Abydoth, and your Suosith. But the digging. I don't know how someone could stand that." he glances at the gold behind Ciara. "I haven't been anywhere but Fort hold, and here."

Okay, now she has to ask about it. "Digging?" Ci looks perplexed about it. Something to do with Randi and Kaseth, that's all she can get from it so far. She looks like she expected the next answer from Aemos. "You should come to Eastern Weyr some time, maybe. It's a nice place. Oh - maybe you could come to the next hatching? Uh, well, I don't know when that'll be, but it's great. I hadn't ever been to a Weyr until I came to Eastern, so…yeah. It's an experience." She grins.

With a nod, and a glance again at the dragon he drops his voice to a whisper. "Digging, through memories and stuff." the shiver coming with that thought. "But Eastern might be nice. But I don't really know anyone up there. I know all of 3 riders, and none of you in any great detail. But seeing a hatching would be nice!"

Ciara's eyes widen as she understands. "Ahhh. Yeah…Kaseth does that sort of thing." Suosith rumbles, agreement in her physical voice. Her passing group of admirers has moved on now, leaving her with only her rider and the harper to watch. "Not all dragons do it, though. And it's not so bad with your own dragon, though…well, you have to have your own to really understand, heh." She looks embarrassed at trotting out the old cliche, rubbing her head briefly. "Ah well, you'd soon meet other people there. When there's a hatching next, I'll see if I can't get a rider to pick you up with some Master or something. It might be Suosith's clutch next, even," she adds, glancing at the gold. "So I guess I can invite whoever I want to that."

And a chuckle comes out of the Aemos as he starts to warm up to Ciara and they move away from the previous topic. "Another thing for the list. And I'll hold you to that invite! I won't forget that's for sure!" he says with something approaching happiness in his voice. "And I could work with some records up there to couldn't I? Give me a change from what we have down here?" he says starting to bounce a bit.

Ciara laughs, eyes brightening as the conversation moves to safer ground. "And I won't either, yeah?" She looks a little serious about the idea of him working with records, before shaking her head, rubbing her forehead. "Don't tempt me to hand you some of my stuff. I've got hides coming out of my ears." Dropping her hand from her face, she looks at Aemos properly. "You could ask your Master about helping the Weyr. I don't really know how it works, but we do work with Landing, obviously, so there's gotta be crossover of records. It's not what I deal with, so I don't really know."

Aemos smiles. "I'll definatly ask. We don't raelly need to archivists down here. Kestian kinda of has everything here set up to his liking." Really getting into the idea. "I'll have to talk to my Master to see if I can be sent up to they Weyr to help out. And I've read alot of the important stuff here so I'll notice the important stuff! Ohh! Now I have to come!"

"Always worth asking!" Ciara affirms, looking pleased that Aemos seems taken by the idea. She giggles at his last. "Well, I'm biased by Suosith I think, but everyone should come to Eastern at least once. We've got two hatching grounds, you know? Apparently no other Weyrs have that." Suosith is trilling away in the background, pleased with her home Weyr.

The skies start to rapidly darken, and the rain that has seemed iminent all day threatens to start at any moment. "Course the real trouble is tracking him down when he's free." Mumbling to himself Aemos keeps looking around. "Is there anyway to contact you if and when I track him down? And get permission?"

Suosith rumbles as the weather begins to shift, rising to her feet gracefully, but quickly. Ci gets a firm look from the gold, which she acknowledges with a glance to Suosith. Back to Aemos: "oh, yeah! Ask the watchrider to get a message to me, that's the quickest way." She grins, even as Suosith shifts, not looking pleased about the idea of being rained on.

Aemos nods. "Watchrider. Got it." Glancing at the dragon with Ciara he smirks. "Is she getting bored without her admirers? Or is it the rain that's about to fall?"

Ciara nods, smiling, before she laughs at the Suosith thing. "A bit of both, but mostly the rain. Woe betide her perfect hide get all wet and dirty." The gold rumbles as she hears them talking about her, and Ci gives Aemos one final, wide grin. "Just get in touch, yeah? I'll probably be back here anyway at some point, so I'll hopefully see you around? And take care, yeah?" And now she turns to her complaining dragon. "All right, all right! We'll get ya home, Suo, sorry." And off to her dragon she strides, jumping up so that the gold can take off pretty much straight away, the pair blinking between once they've reached an appropriate height.

Aemos waves to the rider and dragon as they depart.

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