Disclosure And Confidence


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Date: 10/10/2010
Location: EW: Infirmary
Synopsis: Ahnika returns to the infirmary the next day with marks to try and buy the fellis she needs from Jonavan, only he reveals that he told Jaya about her purchase and Ahnika's plan falls apart, forcing her to change tactics.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Ahnika

A couple apprentices are chatting in the middle of the room, comparing notes on the morning's patients - the usual assortment of coughs and colds and fevers, with an odd rash thrown in for good measure. Jonavan is just coming in for his shift and scowls at the girls as he passes them. "Your voices are like screeching whers fighting over territory, which happens to be my brain. Go to lunch!" Apparently he has a headache.

Probably not the best of times for Ahnika to return to the infirmary again, then, but return she does. A satchel that seems nearly empty is slung over one shoulder, but otherwise she looks much the same as she had the day before with the exception of a fresh change of clothes, of course. Stepping in on the tail end of the admonishment, Ahnika glances first at Jonavan and then at the apprentices with a hint of sympathy in her grey eyes, before schooling her expression calm and unreadable and continuing on into the infirmary proper, following in Jonavan’s wake a handful of paces behind. “Good afternoon,” she says simply in a cool, business-like tone, “Sounds like you might be hungry yourself.” She knows all too well how an empty stomach can make a man grouchy; of course, she’s just making assumptions here, “If you like, I’ll have one of the kitchen drudges bring you a basket of whatever they are serving. I used to work directly under the Headwoman, you know, and still have friends in those circles.” Networking? Establishing connections with and for him? Perhaps. Maybe she sees some kind of future in their arrangements. Maybe she just likes his eyes for they remind her of someone she cares a lot about.

Jonavan glances behind at Ahnika as the apprentices dodge past, fleeing from the wrath of hungover healer. "Afternoon." He heads straight for the cabinets where he was stationed yesterday - but not to get anything out for her. Instead, he gets out a couple jars and drops a handful of herbs into the teapot he has in hand. While it steeps, Jonavan stares at the teapot like that will make it brew faster and talks to Ahnika over his shoulder. "Uhh, sure," he answers her offer a bit warily, hunting for a catch. "That would be nice." He opens the lid of the teapot, poking the herbs around with a spoon and letting off steam.

Ahnika watches the man get ready to brew tea. She’s never been hungover before as she didn’t really ever want to experience getting drunk until after she could no longer drink to excess because of candidacy or drink at all because of Jhath. But she’s seen enough people, riders mostly, hungover to have some kind of idea and she seems intrigued about what she perceives is a hangover remedy in progress. When he accepts her offer to have lunch sent up for him, and in effect assist him in some way, she smiles, probably the most genuine smile she’s had in his presence yet, though he may not see it while he is working on the tea. Suddenly, she’s eyeing his butt, and then catching herself, she blinks a lot and looks away, clearing her throat, “So, I have what you asked for, and a little extra, because I realize I could use some advice in how to administer it, so the extra is a sort of consulting fee, if you’re up for it.” She turns that elsewhere look into an earnest glance around for anyone within eavesdropping distance as she speaks vaguely.

Jonavan puts the spoon down on the counter and bends over briefly to get a mug from the cabinets below, where an array of mugs and bowls are stored. He pours out half a cup and eyes the colour critically, muttering, "Should've given it a minute more." He glances back at Ahnika. "Want some? You kept the first prescription, so I'm guessing you might actually be sore." He blows on his tea, trying not to burn his tongue, then takes a sip. "That's alright, you can keep the consulting fee. I told on you to Jaya, so that kind of makes us even." He pauses a moment, and then, because he is a relatively good mood despite the headache, adds a bit gruffly, "Sorry you had to sell your dress."

The redhead continues to watch him, her posture relaxed interested, those grey eyes seeming to try to absorb everything going on around her at once; a sponge for knowledge of the experiential variety to the core. To the question, Ahnika nods a little, “Thank you. I am, often. Pretty much the only time I’m not sore is when I’m in a steaming hot bath or when I’m too asleep to notice. Tea would be … nice.” It’s when he takes that sip and follows it with the information about Jaya knowing that she tenses, her expression souring immediately. “Well, that’s just fucking great,” she mutters softly, but instead of being irate with him, she sighs and runs a hand over her bound hair, more ticked with herself for not being a better liar and getting away with the ruse yesterday on her own. Without invitation, she takes the nearest seat whether it’s a chair, a stool, or a cot, feeling the need to give her knees a break. Then she rubs a hand down her own face, “Don’t suppose you’re going to tell me how much and what exactly you told her?” For free anyway.

Jonavan first watches the weyrling's reaction and volunteers this much as she sits down. "Figured she'd Bitran, probably affects her, want to know that sort of thing." As for how much was told, he thinks back while taking another sip and staring at the ceiling. And cooperates. "Told her you wanted fellis to knock someone out. And were all paranoid about spies." Jonavan fetches a second cup and pours out another dose, holding it out for Ahnika. "There you are."

After sitting and listening to Jonavan, Ahnika takes a deep breath, leans her head back, and closes her eyes, muttering, “Shells … she’s going to warn him. The fellis won’t work now. This changes everything.” She doesn’t panic though, well, not outwardly anyway. And she’s not trying to beat the snot out of Jonavan, assuming she could, so all things considering, she’s dealing with it rather maturely. Especially since she sold her gather dress for fellis she can’t use anymore. She should be good and properly steamed, but she’s just shifting gears into problem-solving mode. She may suck at espionage and intrigue and all things Cloak-n-Dagger, but solving problems is part and parcel of why she was on track for the junior headwoman knot. “I need to think. Need to plan,” Pause, “Need to think this through …” her voice trails off.

"If it were a good plan she wouldn't have a problem with it," Jonavan says, hoisting himself up on the counter so he can sit too. "So, logically speaking, your plan must suck." He's completely congenial now. The painkillers must be kicking in. "If you don't want the fellis you don't have to buy it," he adds, feeling himself quite evenhanded in this whole matter, even to the point of not making any marks off these dealings.

Keeping her eyes closed and head leaned back as she continues to think it over, Ahnika says in a remarkably calm voice, “Don’t speak of matters you know nothing about, Healer.” Ahnika then lifts a hand to pinch her nose a little as she continues, “Jaya’s not an ally in this circumstance. So the plan is not the issue. It’s her loyalty to him over me.” With that, she gets up with a sigh, “Of course I’m not going to buy the fellis now. You’re welcome to go running along to tell her that, too, if you want.” Now she’s getting testy, but her voice remains low as she turns to go. “Lunch will still be on its way. At least you know I don’t have any fellis to dope you with,” said with a backwards wave as she makes her way toward the entrance.

Jonavan's expression shifts away from sociability and speaks quite sharply when answering Ahnika, not taking kindly to her response. "Consider it a lesson in learning not to withhold information if you want something from a Healer. We operate on full disclosure." He's hardly one to hold his tongue and doesn't spare Ahnika now, calling it as he sees it: "That was stupid." He downs the last of his medicinal tea and swings down from the counter, calling after the young woman, "I'd rather get my own all the same."

Far enough away from him now that she has to raise her voice, Ahnika pauses by the door and doesn’t seem to care who hears, “Oh it was a lesson alright and it was stupid, stupid to think I could trust a Healer to keep things confidential. Consider the lesson learned. Won’t make that mistake again.” Then she’s gone out the door, mind churning on how to solve this next wrinkle.

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