Distantly Together


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Date: 01/06/2011
Location: Lakeshore, Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: A somewhat normal day between Andi and Zen. Somewhat.
Rating: PG
Logger: M'zen

Settled on the shore of Lake Hopeless is notably a rather quiet bronze riding Weyrling, green eyes fixated on the straps in his hands that are currently being worked on. While it is not a task normally worked on outside, it is hot and the heat seems to keep him focused. Notably, the bronze dragon that is settled near by provides shade while whirling eyes are scanning the area. To anyone, it would look like Tuorth is providing a lookout. But that is not so as occasionally, green eyes flicker upwards and join along with the scanning. They are a silent pair, neither saying or making a sound but in perfect sync.

The months of weyrlinghood have brought dramatic changes to Andi, the Lord Holder's daughter no longer the picture perfect image of dainty femininity. Skirts almost permanently exchanged for more practical weyrling uniforms, and now in turn leathers, and even now, her clothing is little other than servicable for the tasks she'll face at the side of the little green who is her lifemate. With a certain exuberance, Hadath is making her way towards the lake, little croons and chirrups as she goes, scurrying straight into the water without a moment's hesitation, leaving Andi to follow at a more sedate pace, lingering back a few steps from the lakeshore, her attention on Hadath even as it wanders time and again to the bronze and his rider, eyes resting on the young man longer with each glance, a little smile twisting up the corners of her lips.

M'zen is not so distracted as not to notice Hadath and her rider's arrival and the mask that was worn on his face breaks away to allow a smile. The straps are settled into a bag and he rises as Tuorth does. Though they do not move together as Tuorth heads into the water while M'zen makes his way to Andi's side. A hand is offered out in silence, perhaps expecting her to know his silent request. He's not one for talking too much, these days, often lost in thought until pulled from them.

Hadath's joyful, excited movement continues as she settles into the water, playful skips and jumps, wings shifting, pushing water this way and that, the tip of her muzzle settled to fling water upwards at the larger bronze as he moves to join her, beginning to scoot herself in little happy circles around her fellow weyrling. It is upon on of the longer looks that Andi catches M'zen's eye, smiling and offering her own hand in return, fingers slipping into his hand as she steps lightly to his side, a glance spared at Hadath to ensure the little green is distracted before she leans slightly. "Zen.." She murmurs softly.

Tuorth indulges Hadath by simply remaining still, watching her movement and tilting his head to follow as needed. The splash, however, goes unreturned as he simply watches for now. Zen's smile grows wider as her hand settles into his and he clasps it protectively, drawing her in as close as possible. "It's a shame." He starts, green eyes focusing intently on Andi. "You'd think she would have grown out of that jealousy by now…"

Shifting closer, Hadath moves as if to lean against Tuorth, shifting her neck in an attempt to drape it over some part of him - dripping as she does so, a soft little croon bubbling forth. Another glance spared for Hadath, and Andi relaxes as she leans into M'zen, her hand lifting to gently slip around his neck, curling on his shoulder as she leans. "She's getting a little better, you have to admit." She murmurs softly. "At.. At least with you." She comments, a little sigh escaping her as she leans back to glance up at him. "She just doesn't understand.."

Tuorth permits the action, allowing Hadath to drape herself upon him and even shifting to allow her an easier time of it. Zen lifts a hand to rest upon Andi's head, letting out a soft grunt of agreement. "I'm the only person she should be fine with. As long as I keep appealing to her better nature, I'm sure." He does have a way with words, after all, when he does talk. "She will. Maybe after her first flight…"

Hadath is restless even as she settles against the bronze, wings spread, drooping before she begins to shift, antsily moving around and never staying still for too long at all. "You.. You're the only one.." Andi starts to justify, before a blush appears over her nose and cheeks, and she drops her gaze, looking away. "I would rather that never happens." She murmurs sofly, hand slipping down from his neck a little, resting on his chest as she avoids his gaze, a little croon from Hadath serving as a reason for her to put just a bit of space between her and the bronzerider as she turns to look.

Tuorth will shift and allow Hadath to settle whatever way she pleases, if only because Zen has deemed it gentlemanly to do so and to be a gentleman is the proper thing to do at such a moment… If only to make sure that his Ladylove is content. "Good." Because a mad Zen would not likely be a good thing. He drops his hand as Andi places space between the two, far too used to this reaction now, he keeps his hands in a respectful area. "It will come. And I will be there. We will take out any others who try." He's not above kneeing others in the junk if he needs to.

A bit more shifting and settling and Hadath's restless energy seems to have run out, at least for the moment, the gold-dusted green still for the moment, her delicate form draped over the bronze, little bubbles escaping from her nostrils as she sighs elaborately. As Zen's hands drop, Andi spares him a slow, hesitant smile, closing the distance for long enough to settle a light kiss on his jawline, hurriedly dropping her gaze again as she shifts back. "I.. I know." A pause and a whispered 'thank you' can be heard, before she's shifting awkwardly from foot to foot.

Tuorth is like a rock in the water, remaining still for the green to sun on if needed or wanted. It is close to amazing how still the bronze seems to will himself to be. Much as Zen is doing the same, remaining as a rock on the shore even as Andi kisses his jaw. The simple gesture draws a loving little smile upon his lips. "Good. I'll take care of you, Andi. So don't be afraid. We'll take care of you both." Such is the royal "we" with a royal decree.

"I.. I suppose its just a different sort of duty, isn't it? Just.. Just like getting married, and having heirs used to be?" Andi comments thoughtfully, her fingers shifting to gently squeeze his shoulder, hesitantly shifting to look up at him as he remains still. "Zen.." She murmurs softly, hand giving him a little nudge, long look encouraging him to speak. Hadath croons a little again, sighing, eyes lidding partly as she dozes.

M'zen grunts softly, "yeah. It's your duty to make sure she's grown and taken care of so that they can flame Thread and protect the Weyr. It's practically the same thing… Only you don't need to get married and have children all the time." He is drawn from his thoughts, considering the woman beside him with a thoughtful gaze. "I much prefer this than the other, little one. I would be quite the upset man if you were married right now."

"Practically the same thing?" Andi murmurs with a little bit of a smile threatening to appear on her lips, the weyrling trying to hide it as she rests her head lightly against his shoulder, a slight shudder now and then betraying the hint of laughter that has escaped her. "I.. I do suppose some of those Lord Holders would be as frightening as Thread.." She finally offers, voice even as she comments, slowly lifting her head to meet his gaze, pink appearing on her nose once more. "Even though this one may be even worse than a husband?"

"Practically. Children can be quite wild." Zen muses, chuckling softly as she rests upon his shoulder, one hand shifting to rest upon her but only in a friendly sort of way. "I could beat them all. The Lord Holders. But, it wouldn't have meant a thing being a rider." He considers her and then shakes his head. "No, a husband is certainly worse. I'd have to steal you away when he is not around and that would put you in a position that would not be too favorable. At least with Thread… You're smart enough to take care of yourself and there are others in the wing who will help keep you in one piece."

"Hopefully.. Hopefully Hadath will take care of me, too." A pause, and Andi turns to glance at the small, dusted green where she is settled half-upon the larger bronze, a little sigh escaping her lips as she does so. "I.. I hope Tuorth takes care of you, too.." Needless words, really, but nevertheless they linger for a moment before she's looking back to him. "You.. You don't need to prove anything, anymore."

"She will." Zen promises, "it may not seem like she will, at the moment.. But she'll grow into it." He grins and makes to ruffle her hair. "He does. In more ways than you can imagine.." He leaves it at that, considering her just a bit longer before he shrugs. "I like proving it to you. I'd do anything for you, Andi."

"Sometimes, I wonder if she can even take care of herself.." Andi admits with a little wrinkle of her nose, a point proven further as Hadath shifts, and the moment sends her slipping from her perch upon Tuorth and back into the water with a surprised little trumpet, splashing as she attempts to recover some sort of dignity. Andi blushes at her lifemate's antics, sighing and shaking her head just a little with a roll of her eyes, leaning closer at his words. "All you have to do is catch." She says softly, a statement punctuated by kiss to his lips, taking advantage of Hadath's disorientedness.

"She will. She just likes being taken care of." Zen muses, though it is pure assumption. Tuorth only stirs when Hadath slips into the water, angling himself so that she can catch on and right herself with her own means so not to take more dignity from the poor green. Zen simply shakes his head in a light amused manner before he looks back down to her. The kiss, however, catches him by surprise. But, the man would be a fool not to return it… And he is no fool. But he only lingers for a moment before pulling away, like a good boy.

"I hope you're right.." Andi murmurs softly with a little shake of her head, Hadath taking advantage of Tuorth's shifting to catch herself, before after a long moment she's once more going in excited circles, the quiet and stillness evaporating into thin air. Eyes quickly drop as Zen pulls away, Andi hurriedly taking a step backwards, her hands sliding down his shoulders to rest on his forearms, squeezing gently as she puts a bit of space between them, swallowing audibly for a moment, biting her lip.

M'zen grins widely, "I'm sure of it. Eventually, hopefully, she'll want to take care of herself." Tuorth remains still, even as Hadath begins her circles again, and he simply watches her, careful and mindful so that another mishap does not follow. The distance between them is again added as Andi steps back and he drops his hands away to stuff them into his pockets and then to turn his gaze to the bronze in the water. "I should finish the finer details on Tuorth's straps soon."

Hadath's circles vary as she goes around, spiraling down to the bronze before widening back out as she paddles around, continuing for a long while before there's a little sigh, and she's suddenly turning towards the shore, flicking her tail behind her. The loss of Zen's hands, and Andi's slowly follow suit, awkwardly dropping from his arms to her sides, and then to her front pockets, and then back to her back pockets, and then back to her sides.

M'zen glance at Andi and smiles. "Don't be so down. I like it better when you smile." He promises, moving to head to his previous spot with the abandoned bag full of his materials rest. The bronze, however, wastes no time in heading to the shore and out of the water to dry in the sun.

As M'zen turns to head back to his belongings, Andi lingers for a moment, feet seemingly rooted to the ground as Hadath appears behind her, nudging her with a croon, rubbing wet hide against her body, and earning herself a long sigh as she shakes her head. "I'm just.." She starts slowly, and then as the distance between them grows too great, she shakes her head, quieting, occupied by Hadath's begging for reassurance.

M'zen lifts his bag and considers Andi, "I know." Is called out, though he didn't hear much beyond that statement of hers, it isn't hard to guess the rest. Or assume, really. But, he's not too troubled it seems. Patience is something that seems to have grown with him in the past few months.

"Nevermind.." Andi murmurs, for Hadath's ears only, as M'zen offers his response, the green weyrling just sighing softly, a sigh that quickly turns to a little giggle as Hadath attempts to cheer her up, and at least succeeds a little. "I.. I should change.. put on something dry." She offers, trying to think of something to say, even as Hadath seems anxiously ready to be on her way.

M'zen watches the pair for a moment, then smiles. "Go change, Andi. Don't get sick." Tuorth rumbles his agreement, though it is highly unlikely she'd get sick in this sort of weather. The bronze then settles beside his rider, who doesn't look like he's going to start working until Andi is well on her way.

Starting and stopping, Andi just nods her head, offering a little smile and lifting her hand to wave at Zen. "I'll.. I'll see you soon?" And then, as Hadath becomes aware that the attention is on the bronzerider rather than herself, there's a quick nudge, and Andi is being ushered on her way.

"Soon." Is repeated to Andi and Zen returns the wave, briefly. He stands, watching until she is ushered away and with the slightest of frowns, he returns to his work.

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