Don't Spy


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Date: 10/18/10 ICly continued from Getting In, Getting Out
Location: EW: The distance between beast cavern and infirmary
Synopsis: Zen carries Ahnika to the infirmary after the incident in the stables, and gets a little more of an explanation of what she was trying to accomplish this evening.
Rating: PG-13 Language
Logger: Ahnika

There first comes a sigh, and little by little and with the growing distance between them and the stables, Ahnika finally says, mildly indignant, “Okay, fine, I’ll explain everything, but I think I can walk now, Zen, on my own.” Maybe. Her head was still throbbing and her shoulder hurt, “In summary, Max was going to take that guy to Bitra. They were both going to be killed up there and he wouldn’t listen to reason. So, I figured if I let him go while Max was gone, Max wouldn’t have anyone to take up to Bitra.” That seems logical, right? Well, to Ahnika anyway.

M'zen lets out a soft grunt, "nope. You're bleeding. Wouldn't be right if I just let you walk." See? He's a gentleman… Somewhat. Sometimes. "So… You figure because you let him go, Max won't go to Bitra? Hate to break it to you, Ahni… But he'll still probably go. Prisoner or no prisoner. Seemed like he wanted answers…" He trails off, and then moves to shift her from his shoulder, but not entirely putting her on her feet. Unless she kicks and screams. "But, you're right to worry. The people he's dealing with aren't friendly and its why I've been keeping my nose out of his shit. You better do the same."

“I’m not a twit, Zen,” Ahnika snaps, defensive and indignant, and from behind Jhath issues a rumbling growl just out of general principle and because she’s still kind of fuelled on adrenaline right now, “I got the information he was looking for, too. I won his trust. I got more out of him than Max did.” Beat pause, “I think.” Because apparently Jaya was the target and Ahni didn’t know that and according to Jinnet, Max knew, and now she’s not all that sure what Max knew and didn’t know. “If he’d only fucking let me in, let me know everything and let me help him, I wouldn’t have had to resort to all of this shit. Believe me, I don’t get a lot of kicks out of this … this … spy shit.”

"Never said you were. I'm just saying he'll still go. I don't like it…" Zen frowns and looks down at the greenrider. "Even with information, he won't be pleased…" He trails off and sighs. "I don't know anything, either, Ahni. And there's a reason… And I think it has to do something with the people you don't want to get involved with… People I left…" The walk continues, a little faster now. "Then don't do it anymore. Don't spy."

“It doesn’t fucking matter anymore. He won’t trust me,” yeeah, because completely screwing up his feeding pens and stables and letting his prisoner go while he is out of town is good for establishing trust, “or respect me beyond what I do for him in bed,” who is in anyone’s bed right now anyway? Ahnika’s a freaking weyrling. But she just rolls on, “or let me in and let me help him and willing to go off and leave me so he can go die at the hands of some crime lord in Bitra, then he can be displeased all he wants. It won’t matter. He’s made that decision. It’s over now.” And despite the anger in her voice, her lip quivers with the last, apparently truly believing it is really over.

"He trusts you. Respects you. You can't get in bed with him right now, so I'm fairly certain he respects you for more than just that. He's just got to protect you. A man protects his woman… Even if she's strong and can handle herself." Zen starts, considering. "Just isn't used to having a strong woman. Give him time, fight him for it… But don't fight against him and piss him off." Green eyes roll and he shakes his head, continuing onward. "I'm not going to fight you anymore on this, Ahni. Really, my patience is thin and I've got half a mind to shake you."

Ahnika sniffles now, fighting fresh tears, and from behind them Jhath croons at her as she follows the weyrlings. “I’m not against him. I’m trying to save him … it’s just from himself,” she says, but she lapses quiet after that for a little while, just watching the blood drip down her arm while feeling it drip off her chin (since she’s kind of upside down except when she has the strength to bring her head up occasionally), and finally murmuring, “Feeling kind of cold … Zen … and sleepy …” But she doesn’t shiver.

M'zen shrugs as if the statement really isn't entirely different. Though the murmur has him giving her a firm shake. "No sleeping." And then, he makes a straight run for the infirmary, Jhath following close behind or not. He no longer cares about making sure they're both together so long as he gets her to the infirmary.

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