Check back here for updates concerning any game downtime that might occur:

27.10.2011 1336 Eastern US Time
The game is up under a new hostname at port 1313. The old hostname no longer works. Please update your address books accordingly.

27.10.2011 1223 Eastern US Time
The game is having what looks like server-side hostname issues. You can still connect via the IP address at with the port still 1313. We're working to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

10.08.2011 2.03am EDT
The game is currently unavailable, and we're awaiting a response from our host. In the meantime, a refugee site is currently available at 4321. It doesn't have the code from DS or any of the building, but players are welcome to congregate and chatter as necessary until DS returns. Comsys as you're used to from DS is not online, so page and using the same rooms for now until I remember how to turn on the +knot code. ;)

The game is now back up and running again. Many thanks to Ares for getting everything sorted out for us! See you all on game :)

* Hello, lovelies. This is your friendly neighborhood Death goddess with an update from our servermaster Aries. Some bad storms have KO'd his server and while he's making every attempt to fix that, there will be some downtime until things are up and running again. I'll keep you updated here, so check back every so often.

* New ETA for server being up is 4/19/2011 late evening CST



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