Draconic Mourning


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NPCs: Waine and Yaron, played by Indira

Date: Aug 11, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Upper Bowl East and Upper Hatching Sands
Synopsis: Isilna arrives at the Weyr, and she and the others discover a tragedy. Two of Kaseth's eggs have been smashed.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Alara

Dated immediately after Isilna's wedding.

Ockath wings his way down into the bowl, and crouches down, releasing his passengers near the Weyrling Barracks. "Don't worry, Luv. I'll get her set up, and then, I'll meet you back at the weyr." Alara reaches over to buss T'ryn's cheek with a kiss before she slides down. She shakes her hair out of her riding helmet, and offers a hand to Isilna, wanting to help her down if she should need it.
Isilna definitely needs to help down from Ockath. A rather shellshocked expression is on the former Lady Holder's face, along with frozen tears, and she shivers with both adrenaline fading and from having gone between without proper riding gear. Bronze Mellon appears out of between, chittering with smugness for finding his owner here, landing on her shoulder. Numbly, Isilna lets Alara bundle her down to the ground, and her knees wobble as soon as she gets down, red wedding dress flouncing out around her as she stumbles. "Oh, sweet Faranth… what've I done?"

Striding out from her weyr at the commotion only she can hear, Randi doesn't even bother with the stairs from her ledge. She leaps down and jogs over to the arrivals, a thunderstorm brewing on her face. Isilna is given a short nod in greeting, but just exactly who she is hasn't quite dawned on Randi yet. "I figured out why Kaseth lost it this morning, La." And judging by her expression, the 'why' behind her gold dragon raging and screeching bloody murder since the wee hours of the morning doesn't look good. "As soon as everyone gets back from this shards-blasted wedding, the whole place is on lockdown, you hear me?" There's raw pain lacing her voice, not hers but felt as if it were. "Kaseth will ground every sharding dragon on the Southern Continent if she has to, but no one is leaving."

Alara does her best to comfort the woman. "You did the only thing you could to get out of an untennable situation, and you bargained your life for your safety. However, here, even if you do not Impress, Lady Isilna, there will be a place for you here. This I promise." She speaks this with the force she's come to count on as part of her job as Senior. A faraway bugle accompanies this, as though Rauzath is agreeing with her.
She stops in her tracks, though, when Randi comes up. "Iardani." It's spoken softly, but with a little steel. "I need more than that. Tell me what happened, and we'll ground every last one of them, and I'll have Rauzath bespeak Feyrineth," Southern's Queen, "to do the same. But tell me why." She inhales, and pats Ockath's side as she finishes assisting Isilna down. The brown and rider wing away for now.

Isilna shivers some more, looking up at the gloomy weather… it was so nice at Benden. "I'm sorry for all of this," she says contritely to both queenriders. "I didn't mean for all that to happen. I… I just couldn't go through with it. No matter what my mother, or any of the other Lady Holders, ever said. I just couldn't." The tears on her cheeks unfreeze, joined by others, and Mellon alights on her bare shoulder, being very careful with his talons, crooning worriedly. But… something gets through her dazed mind. "Something happened, Weyrwoman?" she queries, at the limit of her wits for the moment.

"It's the eggs, La." Randi's voice breaks, her face ashen with the effort of restraining her petite gold's implacable fury. "The last two she laid…" A sharp gaze turns to Isilna as hearing and recognition kick in. "Congratulations on your marriage, Lady Benden." Her words are flat and cold; she has to swallow hard twice before she can finish what she'd began.
"I was in the Infirmary Weyr with that old brown again last night. The tear in his shoulder got infected. Something … I don't know if it was a stray canine or some stupid kids or … " She can't even say the last aloud. The thought that someone would deliberately harm dragons not even out of their shell rebelled against the very fibre of her core. "By the time Kaseth woke, both of those eggs were torn to shreds. We've lost two already and they hadn't even had the chance to breathe, La."

"I completely understand." Not that she's experienced that particular set of circumstances, but it was a similar need that brought her here. A need to get away from the argument that had been a part of her family and home since she can remember. "It makes it difficul — " Alara pauses, mid-word, even. "Are you serious?" Not that she's doubting the younger woman. "Someone disturbed Kaseth's eggs?" Fury rises in her, cycling between herself and Rauzath, who is just now hearing of this. "Consider it done, weyrwoman." Her eyes flash, and she pauses to relay the message. "Rauzath wishes to convey her sympathies to you." She's still rather stuck in 'official mode', between the wedding, this with the erstwhile Lady Benden, and now this new tragedy. "You know that she has always liked you." She, possibly the more tactile of the pair, opens her arms, should Randi need a shoulder. "I am sorry, Randi."

<Weyr> Rauzath sends a tone out throughout the Weyr, a high mental clanging like a Threadfall siren, loud as Hatching humming, and impossible to ignore. « Alright, boys and girls. Until further notice, every dragon in Eastern Weyr is grounded. I repeat. Grounded. If you have seen or heard something suspicious, have your rider report to one of the queenriders immediately. I'm not joking around. » It is spoken with the Command, and her tone is hard as steel, and slowly spoken as to make understanding very simple.

Isilna's eyes go wide with horror, hands going to her mouth, and Mellon shrieks with the news of what happened. The little bronze spitfire's ready to find whoever/whatever did that horrible deed and claw them. Isilna takes a step back, unwilling to get in the way of the far vaster tragedy, realizing that no matter what chaos she just caused up at her… former… Hold, that's petty… trivial… compared to this. "I'm so sorry…"

<Weyr> Kaseth says nothing because there is nothing left to say. Left open to the minds of the entire Weyr as she joins her mind with Rauzath's is the raw and gaping wound of a bereft mother. That pain doesn't go away, it merely cycles with the black hole of her fury as she uses every ounce of her incredible mental power to reinforce that order. « Your riders will ensure that the doors are shut to those without us as well. » The words echo against minds as if spoken by a chorus of voices together; an eerie blend of Randi and Kaseth.

<Weyr> Voldrath sounds a bit sleepy as if the grounding woke him. « What kind of suspicious are we looking for? »

<Weyr> Rauzath snorts, her anger making her tone a bit more sarcastic than Eastern has probably heard yet. « Some shardin' fool decided to mess with the babies. Kaseth's eggs've been disturbed. Not sure whether it's animal or someone who should be fed to them. » She relays this news, and adds a firm agreement with the bereaving mother's command. « Nobody in, nobody out until we find out who did this. »

Shaking rather visibly, Randi doesn't step towards either woman yet. She can't; not without breaking. "It was a bronze and a green, La." The fury is draining slowly from her, shoved back by the horror of what she had to see and do. "I moved them to the Infirmary Weyr." Which is why she had to go to her own weyr and change from the egg-slimed clothes she'd been wearing before. "They're so tiny… No bigger than a mine-pony, La. The little green was spindly as a foal. Beautiful. They both would have been beautiful." She's not making much sense anymore. There's a moment of ragged breathing and when she looks back up at the pair, Randi's normally warm brown eyes are flat and cold. "I apologize, Lady Isilna. Your welcome to Eastern Weyr should have been happier than this." The words are mechanical, but at least they're said.

<Weyr> Voldrath seems more alert, « are any missing? »

<Weyr> Kaseth is quiet and dark. Her usual light and song are missing, leaving only the howling winds and pull of gravity from the fiercest of storms that rage in the vacuum of space. « Two of my children are dead. » The howl of a lone lupine pierces the darkness; the melody haunting and heartbreaking.

Alara closes her eyes at this, the visible proof of damage to the two dragons something she grasp and understand. She cannot, however, understand what Randi is going through. "I am sorry. What do you want to do?" Practicality seems to win out at least for the moment. "Does Kaseth remember anything? Doesn't she have … " All of the guards were gone to the wedding, probably. "Sharditall." She envies her weyrmate his habit of striking when angry, just now. "For certain." She gives Lady Isilna a nod of agreement. "Were that we could welcome you in better times."

<Weyr> Voldrath falls silent.

Isilna tries to find something to say. The magnitude of the Weyr's trouble is just so great. Her mind can't handle it. All she can handle right now is the fact that her firelizard is making an appalling racket. "Mellon, behave yourself, the Weyrwomen will get this figured out. Hush now." But still, this affront to dragonkind has the little bronze hissing despite his owner's admonitions and orders, his wings half-unfurled, eyes red and whirling swiftly with his anger. "I'm sorry, Alara, he's normally not so ill-mannered." Such a foolish thing to say, but it's been such a long and stressful day.

"They'd all gone to the wedding, La. She was just taking a short nap, she was so tired…" Randi - normally a violent voice against firelizards - for once looks on the little bronze with an approving nod. His fury she can recognize and understand. "I don't know what to do, La. She didn't see anyone. Just a flash of movement as whoever - or whatever - fled." There's an audible snap from her neck as she jerks her head up suddenly. "The laundry! Stop the laundry and have them dig through for clothes with sand or shell or slime. Send the teams of brats into the crevices to look and see if they've been hidden away anywhere rather than sent to be washed. That's the only damning evidence we'd find." Looking around for another pair of hands, she starts thinking out loud. "Get the beast handlers to check the canines for the same things as the laundry maids. Sand, slime or shell. Green blood maybe, but I didn't see a lot of that…"

Alara nods, and relays the messages to Rauzath, who promptly passes them on. "Right." In the low light in this part of the bowl, Alara can't see faces. Knots are a little easier, especially when they're white. "Candidate!" Raised by Harpers, she's picked up on modulation and control, and uses every bit of it right now. "Front and center." She gestures for him to stand in front of her, and take his orders. Her lips purse at the description of the aftermath of the dead dragons. It's slimy. But it's ignored for now, because this is of utmost importantce. "How well does your Mellon listen, Lady?" Alara eyes the small firelizard. "I may need to send a message or two around the Weyr. Perhaps to find Indira, and …" Her mind is running through how to do this.

Merendezen was totally heading back to the barracks, and attempting to avoid the Weyrwomen… But, that doesn't turn out to well as he's called and suddenly tensing and straightening. "Ma'am." He calls in response and then, quickly moves to stand before her as gestured. He doesn't say a word, waiting for the orders.

"He's normally much better about it than this… but he has cause," Isilna allows with a gulp, looking down at the ground. "I don't think he could find someone I've never met. I'm sorry, I wish he could." She's decked out in the rich red dress that she had on at the wedding. Most certainly not appropriate attire for a Weyr. Her gaze rises to look over the Candidate who presents himself, but she remains silent after making her apologies for her friend. "Perhaps… I should go somewhere else and let you take care of this far more important issue, Weyrwoman."

<Weyr> Rauzath directs further. « We are looking for anyone with slime or ichor on their clothes, or hides, or whatever. If you see it, grab 'em. Dragon claws, if necessary. » Her tone is as cold as Between. « Two dragonets are dead, and we will find out why. »

Zen is only glanced at with a cursory interest. Randi doesn't have the time or presence of mind to even process true recognition, nonetheless be stymied by his ever-present charm. "No, Isilna. If you wouldn't mind, I could use your help." She eyes critically the figure inhabiting that fancy dress. "You look about my size. I've got more comfortable clothes in my weyr you could wear, but if you wouldn't mind changing into them and then going to look for the Headwoman. Indira, her name is." She doesn't know if they'd ever met or not. "Tell her to come to Kaseth's sands and bring her son. Make sure she's got two of her own men at the Weyr doors and then come back with her."

Nenienne is also on her way back to the barracks, albeit from a different vector from Zen. She hears Alara's command, however, and not realizing she was addressing Zen, also moves up beside the other candidate.

"Two of you. Good." She notices Neninenne, taking a moment or two to actually register which candidates are there. "I want the two of you to begin spreading the word among the cavern folk and other candidates. You all go into the most secret places in the Weyr. Nenienne, you go into the Laundry, and look for any clothes that appear to have ichor or slime of any kind on them. Have the laundresses stop the pots and take all the clothes out before they get too clean. If something is in there, find out who brought it in. Merendezen, your task is to alert the other candidates, and start a sweep of some of the other … less traveled areas of the Weyr. If someone is acting suspicious, especially if they are likewise decorated, you bring them here. Now. No questions asked, just that the Senior Weyrwoman has called for them." She nods at Randi's words. "Good. That'll take care of the Headwoman. What about that 'Tender?" She knows she's a candidate, but also that she's been keeping odd hours. "There may be parts of that lower area that only she knows. We need to find her. I want Rocio here, as well, please." This is spoken to all three of the non-riders. "And we need to alert the visiting crafters to be on guard as well."

A task. A task to be given. Something she can accomplish. Isilna nods, still a bit uncertainly at the notion of rummaging through Randi's drawers for clothes. "I'll do my best." With that assurance, Isilna makes her way to the ledge Randi had leapt off of earlier and disappears into the weyr in question. Some minutes later, she reappears wearing some of Randi's clothes, reasonably fitted, considering, and sprints as quickly as she can across the northern reaches of the bowl, giving the hatching grounds entrance a wide berth as she disappears down the stairs to the hallway under the bowl.

Nenienne says, "By "The tender", do you mean Jaya? If so, I can stop by the bar on the way to the laundry." As she waits for the answer she fidgets, ready to take off now, but she wants to be sure. She adds, "If I run across Rocio I'll also send her along."

Merendezen nods to Alara, "yes, ma'am." He gives a salute, "if I see Rocio or Jaya, I'll let them know you want to see them." He does, however, look incredibly tempted to ask what's going on. But then, he turns to consider the others who are gathered, nodding to Randi and stopping to look at Isilna with a curious look in those green eyes. She is examined in her outfit, curious but no questions are asked as he gives her a simple smile before watching her take off. And since she's moving, he does the same and takes off on his search.
Randi doesn't seem to hear Alara. Her only thought is for Kaseth, now. She finds her queen has oh-so-carefully moved the eggs into one single sphere. The final egg - a bright and flashy emerald color - is nudged into place at the northern end of the sphere and whuffled over affectionately before the golden lady settles her head near it - always where she can keep an eye on the entrance - and curls protectively around the clutch; wing and tail and body working in tandem to act as a living shield for her remaining children. As Randi approaches, she emits a low, mourning creel, leaning into the small body of her rider as the young blonde leans against the side of her jaw facing out towards the world.

Alara follows close behind her dearest friend, and when she sees Kaseth, hears her plaintive cry, tears start running down her cheeks. There is the faintest echo of a frustrated bellow from the other side of the Weyr, plainly Rauzath wishing she could be near the two women and her sister queen. "Luv, I'm here." It's all Alara can say, the energy from just a moment before stolen away by the tableau in front of her. She shifts her gaze down at the eggs, and nods. "What can we do, Iardani? Kaseth?" She speaks directly to the queen, making herself and whatever she has available to figure out this mystery.

Merendezen is entering, having scoured where he could and searching for what he could. Any Candidate who was found along the way was sent searching as well. He returns, empty handed, however. Perhaps disappointed he didn't get to punch anyone in the face. Either way, he's making his way into the Caverns to report.

At this time of day, where people are starting to shuck off their duties and are looking to relax, no one likes to be disturbed, least of all by a distraught looking former Lady Holder giving the kind of report Isilna had. As such Indira's face is set in a hard line as she marches across the bowl. Max to her left looking grim faced with two of his largest stablehands at his back. Waine, the rock out-house of a man and Yaron, just as big but with a cruel cast to his heavyset features. All four wearing wickedly curved hunting knives with the two blocks of 'muscle' carrying an extra length of rough hewn wood each. Isilna had said trouble, they came prepared for it. Breaching the hatching cavern, the small group halts and four pairs of eyes take in the scene before them before heading straight over and coming to a halt at the edge of the Sands attention darting from mourning gold to her diminutive rider and then over to Alara with a questioning look.

Nenienne runs in, panting, but stops a respectful distance from Kaseth. She is holding some overalls which are still soaking wet. A few remaining suds are on the clothes, and there are obvious green stains, somewhat faded, and, most confusing of all, what looks like eggshell on them.

Several deep breaths are inhaled, Randi drawing strength from the familiar scent of her dragon's hide. The sound of others approaching draws her out of her world of warm comfort and the young weyrwoman turns to face her small audience, eyes red-rimmed but face dry. "Indira." Her eyes dart to Max and soften for the barest hint of a moment and then harden even as she nods approvingly at the two men of muscle brought along. "While the bronze guards were away at the Benden wedding, I was working on an infected hide tear in the Infirmary Weyr and Kaseth was napping, something - " she sees Nenienne run in with the damning evidence; clothes stained with shell and ichor and the lines in her face deepen. " - or as it would appear, someone crept into this very cavern and destroyed two of Kaseth's eggs." Another mournful sound comes from the gold behind her, the dragon's eyes whirling in a sickening mixture of mourning grey and bloody red. "We lost a green and a bronze and whoever is responsible must be found. Did you close the Weyr doors? I told Isilna it was to be two of your own men on guard outside of them." She gestures to the Candidate bearing sudsy overalls. "Bring those here, Nenienne."

Alara frowns as the candidates and others begin to gather. When Nenienne shows up with dirty overalls, she inhales sharply, her worst fears beginning to show. "Those are K'rall's, I think, his favorite work suit. You know the ones he never takes off unless Daralth forces him to." She is beginning to know her riders well. "But…" Something strikes her, and she looks around, unseeing, as though trying to remember something. "He came with us to the wedding, didn't he?" And that's just what Randi told Indira. She glances between the Weyrwoman and Indira and company, hoping they might have an idea of what it might mean. Schmoozing and connecting above board and politically, she can do, though she dislikes it most of the time. This underground stuff, being sneaky and underhanded, eludes her.

Merendezen follows after the others arriving, but remaining quiet for a moment, listening and finally turning attention to the mourning gold. Brows furrow as he takes in the scene, attention turns to Alara and he approaches. "I found no one in the Weyr, no one suspicious was found…" He admits regrettably, arms folding as he continues to scan the area, the man attempting to find other clues possibly left behind. His eyes are the only part of him that moves so not to worry the gold by searching the Sands.

Indira's expression streaks across with that -angry-mad-as-a-snake-pissed-off look, that anyone would dare to bring harm and upset to 'her' two young goldriders, let alone the clutch on the sands and it shows in the cold snap of dark eyes. With all deference to the mourning queen, quick strides close the gap with the headwoman seeking to wrap an arm around each girl and hold them close for a moment or two if they'll let her before turning to the awful business at hand. Nodding to the query put to his mother, its Max that answers on her behalf, "Weyr's sealed up good and tight. No one's coming in or out on foot or by runner," still grim faced in the light of this horrific event, his mouth twitches into a regretful line as eyes settle to Randi, "But you should probably have your girl ground all 'riders too." Waine and Yaron? They're not coming one damned step closer to that enormous and unhappy winged creature. "Lomaxin," this sent from Indira to her son, "send one of your thugs to bring me the laundry roster, I want to check who was on duty today." Back to the goldriders, "Chances are someone took the opportunity to use K'rall's overalls while he was away to perform the deed in the hopes of pinning it on him. Does anyone know what time he returned?" Waine is given the task with a glance from his beast manager and lopes off giving Zen a short nod as he passes by.

Nenienne is approaching as Alara explains what happened, and she almost drops the overalls in shocked dismay. She manages to keep them from touching the sands, however. As she hands over the clothing tears are visible in her eyes, and she croaks "I'm so sorry." She looks miserable for want of anything to add.

That simple embrace from Indira - while very well-intentioned - almost does Randi in. There's a choking cough as she strangles the sob that wells up in her throat. Her breathing shakes as it dies and settles back into her chest, but when her eyes meet Max's, they're bright with unshed tears. Furious with the circumstances and furious with herself for wanting so badly to break down and sob, Randi balls her hands into fists, the nails digging half-crescents into her palms. The pain helps; it grounds her. "Both queens have grounded the entire Weyr and Rauzath bespoke Feyrineth." She looks to Alara for confirmation. "No dragon's going to be leaving this continent until we know what happened." A deep breath is inhaled, the lines that shouldn't be in a face so young creasing Randi's skin deeper as her anger builds once again. She turns her head to stare forlornly at the remnants of shells still littering the sands. They were such beautiful eggs… "What about the Smiths' digging tunnels. The ones with the tunnelsnake nest." That Eastern's Smith Master in charge of digging and construction won't let her set on fire, yet. "Any of you know those tunnels well enough to come with me?"

Alara is almost in the same state as Randi. Not quite as intensely, because it's not her gold, but the threat is real to her clutch as well. If they'd mess with one, and the one dark and hidden, who's to say they won't mess with her bright, open clutch, too? She has to inhale sharply, close her eyes, and exhale again a couple times to keep the sobs from shaking her frame. However, the hug is appreciated, and returned fairly strongly. Then, when Indira offers her suggestions, Alara nods her agreement. "That was one of the reasons I wanted to get Rocio. I think she knows part of that place down there. Isn't it near her …" She frowns. "What about one of the Smiths themselves? Couldn't we press them into service, as well?" To the questioning glance regarding bespeaking Feyrith, Alara nods. "Rauzath says that Feyrith and Querth have the place locked down as well. It made a few Northerners upset, because a few riders from Igen were spending time down here messing about, but they understood once Cosima explained." Alara relates this all, hoping to frame the situation a bit. "And the three riders at Landing beyond our greenrider were grounded there as well. They're watching over there." In case the perpetrators got that far.

Merendezen nods to Waine as he passes, looking briefly to the other man before attention turns to Randi, watching the woman but remaining at perfectly neutral. "I could help, Randi. I've helped with the Smiths in the tunnels many times." Helping building the tunnels and work further. "I couldn't find Rocio." He apologizes to both women, brows drawing into a frown. "If… It wasn't too long ago, whoever it was was couldn't have gone too far…"

With a slight squeeze to the one armed hugs, Indira forces the hard line of her mouth into a compassionate quarter smile for both Randi's pain and Alara's very real fear of it happening again and then lets her arm fall away to allow the young goldriders space to compose themselves. Max, still hovering at the edge of the sands frowns lightly for the unshed tears and then he's nodding firm approval for the Weyrs of Southern already having been grounded. Its now that his head turns toward Zen and then drags back onto Yaron who is still looking very uncomfortable with being just that close with a gold dragon, "We'll find whoever did it," dark relish shadowing his features, "Of that you can be sure." The query over the smith tunnels being dug have mother and son flicking a glance between them and it's Indira that speaks up now as she steps back and retreats to join her son, "Haven't had a chance to give them a looking over yet, not since we laid down the poison that Dubose provided us with." Attention landing on the male candidate as he offers his help forward with the tunnels. The headwoman's eyes flicker to the shattered shell fragments and she swallows slowly, "I'll stay and help clean up here."

Nenienne holds the overalls at arm's length, waiting for whomever to take them. She remembers the other part of her instructions and says, "They don't know who dropped these off; they just appeared when everyone was busy washing other clothes. She," the laundress who was washing the clothing, "Said it was lucky that they appeared after the washing had begun or otherwise they would have been finished by the time I got there."

"Poison?" Randi really needs to catch up on news and such. "Nevermind. Max, Zen," she looks at Yaron. "Large fellow with the stick, you're with me. Zen, run ahead and get me my Sophie and the other scent hounds out of their kennels in the beast caverns." She takes the overalls from Nenienne and holds them away from her body so that she doesn't contaminate them with her own scent. "If they're down in the tunnels, the dogs'll find them." She forgets that not everyone has heard the new 'AIVAS' term for the canines and at the moment doesn't care. "Alara, can you sit with Kaseth while we're down there? Nenienne, you make sure the Weyrwoman has anything she needs here, understand?" Her free hand pushes her fringe back from her face. "Indira, I don't remember if any of the cargo ships left today or not. Can you commandeer someone's firelizard and get messages to the ports in Nerat, Ista and Boll please? Let them know that any passenger who can't be vouched for is to be held until further notice. If they give you trouble, tell them we're searching for the bastard who killed two dragonets; that ought to shut them up."

"For the tunnelsnakes, I do hope." Alara comments on the 'poison' remark. She nods to Randi. "If she'll consent, I'll definitely sit with her. If Rauzath needs anything, J'cobi or T'ryn or their dragons can take care of her." In fact, there are probably a couple dragons outside her Sands at the moment as well. She pats her riding leathers down, not even having had the chance to change out of her wedding finery. "I don't think I have my beltknife on me, though…" She gazes around. "Could you run to my Weyr and get that, and maybe a change of clothes, Neninne? That would be a brilliant help." Goldriders become very adept at the art of 'hiding behind dragon and changing' or random things like that to stay with their golds. Indira gets a thankful nod to her reassurances. "Go get 'em," she says, as she attempts to encourage Randi. We'll watch here, and Rauzath's watching her clutch."

Merendezen nods firmly to Randi, "right." And then the orders are given from Randi, there's only a moment of hesitation to hear the rest simply so that he is informed of everyone else's movements before he's taking off, running to get the dogs as ordered.

Indira shrugs lightly on the poison and then turns a dry half-smile out to Alara for her comment, "Draws them out of hiding and kills them. Less fuss and mess to deal with," seems like a perfectly good solution to her. As Randi starts to hand out orders the headwoman nods making mental notes and starts to take a step backward away from the edge of the sands to put action to them, "I'll get Boxtol onto the messages right away, he's got a flit and I think his wife does too now." Max's hand goes into a pocket and he flips a key over to Zen before he takes off for the hounds' kennels, "Take Sayra," the hound handler down at the beast caverns, "with you if you need him." Yaron's chest puffs out a touch when its him that the goldrider decides on taking along, the shaft of wood tapping idling against his other hand, "Yes ma'am." And he too steps backward and makes toward the entrance where he'll wait on her to join him.

Nenienne trots, not quite running, until she gets out of Kaseth's line of sight, then she begins pelting. She stops briefly to wash her hands and arms throughly, then goes to the Weyrwoman's Weyr and grabs some light clothes and the knife. She runs back, trying to keep the rain off of the fresh clothes, and again slows as soon as she can see Kaseth, walking in quickly but not running.

And Randi is hot on Max's heels, giving her queen one last caress before sprinting around the edge of the Sands and out into the Bowl. Only a glance is tossed over her shoulder to see if Yaron is following.

"Thanks a bunch, Neninne. Now, if you don't mind…" And Alara whispers soothingly to Kaseth, keeping one hand on the smaller gold's hide, moving a couple times, to make up for the differences in size between her own gold and this one. She steps around behind the gold, using the dragon's frame to hide herself from view as she deftly changes clothes. "If you want to stick around," her head peeps around the corner, and she gives Neninne a glance, "that'd be alright. Just don't get too near the eggs, unless I'm between you and them." Just a safety precaution. And she's whispering again to the gold, getting any responses, if they do come, via her own dragon.

Nenienne asks politely "Would you like me to take your wedding clothes somewhere? I could drop them off at the laundry or at your weyr, or anywhere else, for that matter."

"That might work, yeah. Give me a mo' to change out of them…" Alara comments, her words getting louder as she finishes dressing and comes back around, leathers and gather gown in hand. "Just … um, put them on my bed in the weyr, and if you see T'ryn, tell him I'm looking for him." It's not dire enough for her to make Ockath worry, especially since she thinks the brown is asleep after the long day. "If not, don't worry about it." She shrugs, and moves to seat herself beside the gold down in the sands. "And a bit of food and a skin of juice wouldn't go amiss, either." She snorts. "If you're not too tired from all the runnin'." She knows the Candidates have been doing a lot of work, but it's been a long day for everyone, it appears.

Nenienne isn't quite so quick this time — and when she returns, with juice and meatrolls, she's also yawning in addition to panting.

"Thank you, luv. Take a few moments and rest." She gestures to a spot on the sands, moving to take the food and drink from her. Alara moves back and sits down on the sands, eating the meatrolls slowly. It's bound to be a long night.

Spur of the moment scene. Very well done, lots of involvement. Thank you everyone!

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