Dragon: Unfiltered


Rauzath, Kaseth, Escaeth, Voldrath, Riordanth

Date: Aug 25, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Mindlinks
Synopsis: A simple conversation about fish and family gets …interesting.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Rauzath

<Weyr> Escaeth seems to be settling for the night. « Evening Eastern. How is everyone tonight? »

<Weyr> Riordanth says, "Oily."

<Weyr> Rauzath grumbles. « Impatient. »

<Weyr> Escaeth sends a brush mix of curiosity and concern to Rauzath, mostly curiosity to Riordanth. « Is something the matter Queen? Or just wanting your eggs to break shell? »

<Weyr> Voldrath actually snorts with smug amusement when Riordanth mentions oily

<Weyr> Riordanth 's mind flickers with amusement towards Voldrath. « Yours is oily too, now. » But then his thoughts drift with curiosity towards Rauzath's. « For what? »

<Weyr> Rauzath tappity tap taps, fingernails on desk. An impatience rumbles through. « To get off these bloody sands! » She gives a half-amused snort. « Though this is how it always is. You want to see them paired off nicely, but there is more to do. And to hunt for yourself, and to get back into the routine of life. Go to visit someone up north Who knows? »

<Weyr> Escaeth chimes. « Indeed. At least Kaseth shares the same with you so you're not alone. Once both of you are off the sands things should get back to a good pace of life. Or so I hope at any rate. »

<Weyr> Riordanth perks up. « I could hunt for you, Rauzath. I'm good at hunting. S'long as it's fish. I'm great with fish. Do you like fish? »

<Weyr> Voldrath « As long as you don't mind having to eat a lot of little fish. »

<Weyr> Rauzath returns the chime, in a dissonant tone. « I haven't talked to Kaseth in a while, dear. She is not the most talkative soul. I don't know if you've noticed that. » She gives a mental wince as she remembers the conversations she has had with the younger gold. « Fish? Fish are pretty good, yeah. They've been hunting for me, so it's not the problem. The problem is wanting to feel the wind under my wings and swooping down to catch the thing myself. » Even she who enjoys a bit of pampering can get cabin fever from time to time. « Thank you for the offer, Riordanth. What a cutie you are. »

<Weyr> Kaseth leans her mind outwards on the participants, completely unaware of the uncomfortable pressure she's putting out. « You use strange words to speak, Escaeth. Why do you call Rauzath a word that is not her name? »

<Weyr> Riordanth says, "« Hey, I can catch big fish too! He's just jealous, Rauzath, that I can fish and he can't because he's so big and mean he scares all the fish away. » There is a moment where he seems rather distracted, clearly thinking of the thrill of flying. He offers those feelings to Rauzath. The wind beneath his wings, and the satisfying snap of jaws around a wherry's body. Warm blood flowing into the mouth pumped by a dying heart…So helpful. « I will fly with you when you are free, m'lady gold. » To Kaseth's presence, he draws back with a flick of cold mountain water."

<Weyr> Escaeth nods back to Rauzath although what she would say is interrupted by Kaseth. « My rider and I sometimes share words, Kaseth. He refers to you both as the queens and by name, so sometimes I do too. How are you tonight? »

<Weyr> Voldrath snorts. « I catch fish bigger than you. The fish hunt you, not the other way around. » Yes, Voldrath is having a go at his weyrmate's size.

<Weyr> Escaeth flicks her tail at Voldrath's comments. « There's always a bigger fish, Voldrath. What hunts you? »

<Weyr> Riordanth snorts back at Voldrath with another flick of cold water and burbling laughter. « Good thing the fish aren't the size of your ego, or they'd drag you to the bottom of the sea. »

<Weyr> Rauzath draws that sensation of flying to herself, cradling it like a precious jewel. « I'd like that Riordanth. Maybe you can even show me a good fishing spot. » She'll probably out-fish him, but it'd be enjoyable. « Kaseth » Rauzath sends a pulse of sisterly care toward the other gold. « Are you as eager to take to the skies as I am? » Perhaps not her, but perhaps her rider. She bats at the links with a flicked annoyance. « You children. » There's the sense of an eyeroll. « Lots of little fish can fill up the stomach after a herdbeast, and make a diet interesting, surely. » She snorts again.

<Weyr> Kaseth leans in closer to get a better 'look' at Escaeth's mind. The pressure across the connections increases for a moment and then lessens as she pulls back. « You would do well to remember that you are a dragon, Escaeth. » That being said, a touch of wry amusement enters her tone, and a feeling like great suspense fills up the mental links. « I do. I hunt Voldrath. » Oh, what a sense of humor she has. « Mine is restless, Rauzath. Most humans tire when they work hard, but mine droops and weakens when she cannot move. »

<Weyr> Voldrath snorts at Escaeth. « In case you haven't noticed, I am not a fish, greenie. » There's the impression of a tail flicking to bat at the blue. « Someone has to stand tall in this weyr. »

<Weyr> Riordanth 's mind drifts along slow currents towards Rauzath's. « We will do that, » he promises, pleased at her reaction. Now…anyone know of any good fishing spots? He flashes a picture of the ledge he shares with Voldrath, directing it at Kaseth. Little mental-image Mohria and F'min are totally making out, too. Thanks for sharing, Rio. « He's here, Kaseth. Come and get him, I won't mind. » And he tail flicks back at Voldrath.

<Weyr> Escaeth seems to wince from the pressure applied by the younger gold, but she tolerates it well enough, oddly. « I don't forget, Kaseth. But thanks for the reminder. » And then a burst of laughter comes from the green when Kaseth mentions hunting Voldrath, a mental picture of the brown being chased by the gold coming across to everyone. « That would be quite the chase for the Harper ones to talk about. »

<Weyr> Voldrath smirks at the picture Escaeth sends out. « As it should be, » he almost purrs smugly.

<Weyr> Riordanth snorts. « No one would chase you even if you were made of pearls and sex, Voldrath. » Pause. « And fish. » Because fish are awesome. « We men have to chase the /women/. Show them how much we want them and love them. So only the /best/ win. »

<Weyr> Rauzath kah-blinks at Riordanth. « Did we really need to see that? Not that I mind knowing about it, but Mine is now blushing furiously. » She has a fairly open link with Alara at this moment, since she's so bored. It helps. The interplay between Kaseth and Voldrath gets a snort. « That's hilarious. » The thought of chasing the males. « Some human females do the chasing. But humans are confusing. » She gives a headshake. « I understand, Kaseth. I am the one itching to move. Mine is fine relaxing and doing her hidework. » She can't understand that.

<Weyr> Voldrath « Must be how mine got yours. He's the best. »

<Weyr> Escaeth seems to be stunned by Riordanth's words, but nods, chiming approvingly to the blue. « Quite right. »

<Weyr> Riordanth flicks water playfully at Rauzath. « I could show you more, if you wanted? » He's so helpful! « Does yours want to join? » He rumbles in Voldrath's direction, about to reply with some witty comment. But, alas, he does not. « Yours is very good for mine, » he tells Voldrath, his voice fond. He even sends a bubble of love to his weyrmate. I love you, man. « Mine is so glad to be here. » His thoughts drift to Escaeth, happy. « Yes! Women should be /worshiped/ in the skies and on land. »

<Weyr> Kaseth turns the enormous weight of her focus on Riordanth for a moment in surprise, then bursts out laughing - a joyful, rich alto laugh. « I like you, Riordanth. »

<Weyr> Rauzath shows her own image, of her rider. She's working, and taking a sip of the juice, and with a timed precision borne of years of connection, Rauzath relays the conversation. There is a spluttering of juice everywhere. « She says she's just fine with T'ryn. » She sounds smug for having caught Alara off guard.

<Weyr> Riordanth wiggles beneath the weight of the queen's focus, much like a puppy would do when a hand is put upon him. Wriggle wiggle squirm. « I like you too! » he chimes happily, mind breaking free of her pressure with a swirl of cool water. He watches the show of Alara's rider and spins, amused. « That's good. It's good to be satisfied. Mine always is. »

<Weyr> Escaeth chuckles, her laughter coming across as windchimes on a sunny day. « Humans are so silly. » She herself has been relaying this whole conversation to her own rider and she shows the Weyr her own vision. Her rider standing with the guards at AIVAS, trying to restrain himself from laughing and failing, much to the confusion of the guards.

<Weyr> Voldrath seems to sense Riordanth's ridiculous wiggling. « I think I just threw up firestone ash in my mouth. »

<Weyr> Riordanth turns a serious tone to Voldrath, « Then you'd better go throw it up somewhere else. Mine smelled firestone today and threw up everywhere. » There's a pause as the little blue finds the silver lining. « I did get a bath, though. »

<Weyr> Rauzath peers in at Riordanth and Voldrath. « Whatever are you lot messing about with firestone? J'cobi's not doing flame-drills is he? » Eastern isn't flying Thread until they get a little more rounded out with numbers. It just isn't worth it yet. Southern's been covering for them.

<Weyr> Riordanth « I don't know, mine just smelled it somewhere. It made her hatchling sick. »

<Weyr> Escaeth chimes « Firestone is nice, it's warm and burns Thread. » The green loves her fire when she flies against Thread.

<Weyr> Rauzath is satisfied with the answer, so she settles back in. « Well, be careful. You and Yours are important to us. » 'Us' the Weyr, 'Us' the pair as part of the Weyr they oversee. « I wouldn't know. Flamers smell … interesting. » She shares the scents of agenothree, muted by time, probably thankfully.

<Weyr> Riordanth promises, « We will be. »

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