Dragon Wings


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Orralth & Eovarijath

Date: Sept 02, 2010
Location: Upper Bowl East
Synopsis: Lenia and Orralth offer advice about being a rider (and a dragon).
Rating: PG
Logger: Lenia

Morning finds the Weyrlings all over. Some are inside feeding. Some, out for an amble. Some are still asleep. One, though, trails out toward the lake. No doubt others have gone before, but this particular pair is marked by the dragon's being an unholy pale hue, an almost crystal effect, where most golds are cast in layers of amber or flame. This ethereal creature seems grounded only by the dusting of grey on wings and talons, and her companion is sheathed in pale-toned light fabric, a veil which now seem to extend into a full draping garment of sorts. Rio seems to have taken F'min's mild reprimand to an interesting extreme. Aivas might have pictures of a distant Earth's mideastern desert denizen in similar garb. The dragonet does not pad along, but instead seems to use Rio's path as a marker, a median, for a capering dance of wings and earthbound limbs, that simulate, without committing to, flight.

Lenia is just returning to the lake. Normally, she and her blue would head to the river, but Orralth felt that one day bathing in the lake he helped dig out could be excused. Though Lenia wasn't as sure, she allowed it, provided no one else was around. Now, they're both wet, and it's pretty obvious. "Orry, I told you this wasn't a good idea. I mean, after all, they might tell. You remember how that one guy was about the rules. One in every clutch, and there's two here." She snorts, and watches the weyrlings doing their various things, and focuses in on the capering gold. "Um, pardon me, Roc — " She pauses long enough for Orralth to correct her on the name of the rider, "Rio, I mean. Sorry. Why is Eovarijath doing that?" She is mildly curious, and watches the young gold's movement with a curious amusement.

Hearing a voice first, and her name second, Rio turns toward Lenia with another glance back to the gold. Then the near-black eyes find the bluerider again. "She is -pretending- that she is flying. It is all she dreams of, and seems to be most of what she thinks of. " Indeed, the gold's head dips down and then up again, wings extending in imitation of the larger dragons, as her tail slashes to help her change direction. "She is beautiful." That, unedited, slips out. Rio admires her lifemate an awful lot, but in a pleased, pragmatic way. Then she eyes the blue. "Are you not allowed to be here? Are we not allowed to be here?" At the lake.

"Oh, no. You're fine. I'm not." Lenia grins, her own face brightening considerably. Orralth, for his part, starts showing Eo some of the earliest wing exercises, glancing around to make sure that none of the weyrling staff are watching. "You're so sneaky." She pats the blue on the hide. "She is beautiful. I was pretty surprised to see two golds, but I guess it makes sense. They always seem to know what we need…" It's amazing to Lenia how they do, but she's accepted it as a part of riding. "Not those, Orralth. Not for another couple months yet." She chides her dragon as he moves on to the second set. "The first ones are good, though." She chuckles. "Orry was always busy examining everything. People's bags, their clothes, their hair…." She shakes her head. "He loves to find out about people. It's why he digs, really. There's always stuff in the ground or around it that show what people were like. Before." She's not explaining herself well.

Ooooooooh! Eovarijath attends, in absolute attention, the blue's maneuvers. Immediately she will attempt those, altering both course and wing movements in imitation. Rio watches this for a moment, seeming never to tire of both seeing and feeling Eovarijath's joy. She was listening, though. "They were both bronze/gold pairings, and this is a new Weyr and in a pass. I expected two golds. I just didn't expect one would Impress to me. I was watching the greens. And blues." Her gaze strays to the bluerider, "He digs in the ground and finds out about people…Before?" No, she didn't get that.

Lenia doesn't explain well. It's one of the myriad reasons she didn't go to Harper. She went starsmith instead. "Like… if your da had a sweetroll, and dropped it on the ground, and a wherry came by and ate it, and then got caught and died right there, like really quickly, there might be footprints under the bones that show us that there were poeple…" She sighs. "I'm still not explaining this right. Orry?" She turns toward him, expecting his input. He complies, directing it to the gold, whom he hopes will relay it onward. « I study ancient things. There are rocks that have carvings in them, showing how people from Turns past lived. There isn't much, but from time to time, you can find some very interesting things. It's alright, Leen. I know it's on the ground so it doesn't make any sense to you. » The slight jab is followed by a whirring noise in the mental tone. Like machinery of some sort. "Thanks, guy. So helpful." She rolls her eyes at her blue. "That's true. Like I say, they always know." This to the two little golds. "Well, if you don't mind my saying so, Rio, you seem to fit well with her, at least from what I've observed." It's early days, of course, but that's Lenia's opinion.

Waiting to hear the conveyed message, that is so much more clear from dragon than rider, Rio looks at the blue with interest. Eovarijath also pauses in her wing exercises, but only to ask, « That last manuver. Can you show me again, please, Orralth?»

Rio tips her head toward the gold, as if the question was expected by the rider at least, before she turns again to the bluerider. "Do you think so? I'm thinking… Some dragons might be very compatible with anyone. She's… Definitely what I would think a gold dragon should be. But she's reasonable. I think many of the Candidates would have done fine with her, if I wasn't there. It seems like… They change you a little, too, don't they? And not just your name."

Orralth isn't sure what to make of the young queen, but he does the maneuver again. « Like this. If you push it too hard, you'll strain your wing, and the weyrlingmaster will yell. » Not anything you want.

Lenia nods, and gives a soft snort, crossing her arms as she does. "They really do. I was so surprised when Orralth picked me. I was grinning at his antics, because I understood what he was trying to do. He was looking at things, much like your friend's blue Jinith. Except he was more focused. Intense. I've always been so, so it was a good fit." She grins again, and reaches up with one of her arms to scratch at the dragon's hide. He shifts, pausing in his demonstration to allow her to scratch the right spot before returning to the small, slow movements that develop young wings.

« There's too many weyrlingmasters. And they call could yell. But I would have still tried the maneuver, and learned it, and be that much closer to the open air. » This is pointed out with a thrum of amusement on alto note, the taste of dust and a rich homey scent permeating the link. The dragonet tries the wings like this, as she watched the blue. Her youth underscores the awkward movements of clumsy wings.

"Isilna's blue…Had my attention." Rio thought the blue would go toward Neythan. Or maybe, she'd entertained the hope, her. The dragon who became Eovarijath was a pretty rocket to be avoided, until she found her girl. "What I wonder about… Is that some of those who Impressed… Maybe I'd describe them as less than stellar, in terms of behavior or ethics. But they Impressed. And left Standing was one of the finer men I've ever met."

"Yeah. I wonder about that too." Both dragon and rider echo their agreement, Lenia with a nod, and Orralth with a quiet chuff. "I don't know what makes 'em choose like they do. Sometimes, I really wonder. But it seems they do know. There must be something…"

Orralth's mind is a dry place, musty and dusty, old tomes pored over, and sand moved slowly to find new things. « I know. It's kind of weird how they decided to do that, but I suppose they have their reasons. » For the rota of 'masters. « But if you injure yourself severely, it'll take even longer for you to get off the ground, and you'll have both the ire of your superiors and no air-time. » He's trying to reason logically with the young mind. For what it's worth.

"Are there dragon jerks?" Besides, you know, Voldrath. Rio suppresses her smile at that thought, just out of habit. She didn't wear a veil all her life.

The gold considers that reasoning for a few moments, then asks, « How will I know if it is too much? And how will -they- know if it is too much, these exercises? » Caution does not prompt the question.

Orralth's tone is pensive. « I think, if you can feel it for more than a few minutes after your exercises, you've overdone it. I can't remember what my Weyrlingmaster said. It's been too long. » Dratted short memories. The blue shifts slightly, and switches wings, for evenness of practice. « That's another thing. Don't overdo one side over the other. Otherwise, you might end up flying sideways. » He chuckles softly. « No, not really. But you'll strain one wing. »

"Yeah. There are all kinds of dragons, just like there are all kind of men and women on Pern. There are dragons who are loud and strident, dragons who are soft and steady, and every kind in between. And other mixes as well. Every dragon seems to have their own personality. Like Orralth can focus on one thing for a long time. I can too, so we're never sure if he was always going to be that way, or if he became that way when he became my lifemate. I don't know. It merits thinking about though." And she does. It's one of those things that has always intrigued her.

Duly and obediently (for this suits her), Eovarijath echos the blue. Little exercise here. Little exercise there. She watches him, then cranes her head around on its long neck, to look at her own wings. And back to the blue. Clearly comparing.

"Are there dragons of a criminal bent?" Rio asks. "That would… Not do their Duty? Not obey a queen? I thought those were… Rules. Except in mating flights." Rio didn't get this education from any Harper. She has excellent hearing.

Lenia blinks, somewhat nonplussed. "Oh, there are rules." She starts, after a moment. "And, yeah, the queens use their…" She isn't sure how to label it. "Have you noticed that she kinda has a way about her? Like if she tells one of the dragons to do something, they often will do it, unless it goes against something someone else has said?" She's not too certain about giving the gold this information, but it's a fact of her life. "The queens have a presence that they use to enforce rules. Hopefully, they're for the good of the Weyr. I think there have been some that weren't… though they don't make it into the Ballads." There's a soft snort at that, from both rider and dragon (who is still working through the basic exercises, and watching the gold compare herself). "They have an innate sense to fight Thread, and they will obey the queens. Other than that, and the stuff around mating flights, it can be a challenge to lead a wing or a Weyr." So she's heard. "Orry and I wouldn't be any good at it. We focus too much on the little things. We're good at zipping around and flaming bits of Thread among the other blues and greens, and letting the big ones do the heavy lifting, and hard thinking." She grins, teasing with this line, knowing that this pair will be among those, soon.

"I've heard blues are the best for Thread fighting. They last an entire Fall, and they are nimble enough to turn and not be hurt. Bronzes are straight-line fliers, as are golds. That's what I've heard. Is that true?" Evidently the rota of Weyrlingmaster Idea has left some void in students that… Come slowly to their questions, and who will not ask in public, what they wonder.

The little gold is diligent in her own practice, though once weary muscles will spasm and stretch those whisper-grey wings out to full extension, and she sighs and drapes them on the ground for a long few moments, before remarking « It seemed easier when I started. I think my wings tire of the same thing over and over. »

"Oh, we don't always last a full Fall. Depends on how long the thing is. And the closer to the end it gets, the more likely we are to get scored. I think every dragon has their place, really, but that's my opinion." Lenia smirks at the little dragon still doing the same exercises. "Bronzes and Golds do have a tendency to fly straight line, as do some browns. It really depends on your wing formations. And the make up of your wing. If you've got a wing of all blues and greens and only a couple straight-liners, you'll fly differently than if your wing is bronze-heavy. Browns can do most of the different kinds of things. I know you didn't have a lot of browns in your lot, which was kind of weird, I thought…" Her voice trails as she considers why, and then she continues. "But they can often do straight line, and then do more maneuvers if they need to." She shrugs.

Orralth lowers his head to look over at the gold. « If it's starting to hurt, then it's time to stop. You can try agian in a few candlemarks. There's a fine line between getting more endurance and overdoing it. » He fears she'll do the latter. « I'll tell Lenia to tell your rider to watch you carefully. I don't want you to get hurt because I showed you these things. » There is a tap-tap-tap, as though hides in a stack are straightened on a desk.

"Right, Orry. He wants me to make sure you don't let her practice too much. If she starts to ache, and you'll feel it, really, then stop her.”

Rio nods, stepping over to the gold and seeming to instinctively find where it hurts, though their connection. Her fingers delve against the hide, pressure light and fingertips feeling for knots. "Thank you. She is so determined. And she was hatched with a work-hard philosophy, I think. At least," Rio amends, "Work hard for what she wants. Which is to fly." The gold's neck arches as she watches her Rio lightly massage her wings. Orralth will feel the dust-warm touch, soprano thrum now, of warm pleasure. « She wants me to fly, too. » Distantly, « Just not yet. » No doubt these sentiments are echos of another conversation.

"Sure. I know you're gonna get all sorts of advice. Kind of like the new apprentice in the Hall. Everybody tells you which masters to avoid, which to cozy up to, and which to learn from. And they're all different." This is a better metaphor for this pair of women than the new-parent one, which would wound one, and be unfelt by the other. "I'm just like that, I suppose, but if Orry and I can help at all, let me know. I do have to go get this big lout oiled, though. That's gonna take some time. And then, I have sweeps to catch up on." Lenia rolls her eyes.

« It doesn't seem like it, Eovarijath, but you'll get there. I promise. And it'll seem like it didn't take too long at all. » The dust swirls around, and clears away, as blown by a soft wind, uncovering something important. « Until then, you'll just have to be a bit patient. It's hard, I know. »

"She can run." Rio speaks to the blue, sidestepping the nicety of the dragon-dragon speech, as Eovarijath shares what Orralth speaks, to her. "She loves movement." Almost apologetically, that's addressed to Lenia, before Rio turns to salute the bluerider, her dragon, and gesture that the gold dragonet should proceed to the lake at her usual pace. Eovarijath does, leaping forward with her tired wings pinned back while long limbs convey the pale gold toward the waiting water.

Lenia and Orralth watch the new goldpair amusedly until they are at the lake, then they head toward the hard-packed bowl, and prepare to oil and start the day.

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