Dragonrider Pie


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Date: 07/10/10
Location: Eastern Weyr: Living Cavern
Synopsis: A certain greenrider brings a peace offering, accepted by one and envied by another.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: L'han

It's night in the living cavern so there are quite a few folks milling about, eating dinner, chatting about the long day of work, mostly relaxing. At one rectangle table, L'han sits having his dinner whilst talking with other riders of no particular color. New Weyr, no cliques just yet. The greenrider himself seems in good spirits as he works through his meal, dismantling his portion of meat with some precision, removing pieces of fat and bone that he doesn't want.

J'cobi not bad! Hungry! The Weyrleader stalks into the Living Cavern, a brief scowl crossing his features at the notion of having to eat during an actual mealtime. All the same, he moves to retrieve his meal before depositing it on the table with the least people and settling down to eat it.

"An so I says t' my self. Self-why are y' in a cavern that ain't so warm an is rather shardin' roomy." T'ryn goes on as he is talking with a blue rider, making their way for a sparsely occupied table. "An that my friend, is when I swore off gemcrafter's daughters for good." Which gets a laugh from the other rider as hey plop themselves down rather unceremoniously about. The brownrider hisself landing next to the Weyrleader who mucked his eye the other night. There's a nod over to J'cobi as he is already digging into his tuck. "Say, Leader.." can't rightly call him J'cobi anymore can he? "Don't y' love meat night?" Well meat and other such-speaking of which, T'ryn is busy bringing his fingers up and into his mouth to pull out a piece of bone and throw it back down into his plate. MmmHmmm Social Graces.

L'han spots J'cobi as soon as he enters. A sigh erupts from the greenrider as he excuses himself from his table and heads over to the serving line and inquires about desserts for the night. Turns out there is and he heads over to the Weyrleader's table armed with a whole apple pie concotion that the cooks made. Although wether or not they meant for a rider to take an entire one is debatable, but he made it clear he was taking it for a table so with that, he approaches the Weyrleader, "Mind if I bring a peace offering Weyrleader?" He's not sure how much J'cobi remembers of Rauzath's flight, but best to ask forgiveness and offer desserts.

"Why?" J'cobi snaps, glancing at the pie with L'han and tapping the table with a forefinger urgently, "Put it down." He glances up towards T'ryn, watching the gnawed bone slap noisily down onto the plate before he jerks his head in the direction of the brownrider's hands, "Still got all your fingers, at least."

There's a quizzical glance between J'cobi and L'han before the brownrider begins snickering. "Maybe his dragon's glowing." And there T'ryn throws a wink in the Weyrleader's direction, before nabbing up a piece of bread and begins to gnaw just as furious as he did with his meat, and will likely do so with the rest of his meal. "Eatin' I got down." He adds, around a biteful of vegetables. Pausing long enough to burp and reach for another fine chuck of protein. "How's yer ribs?" Something he vaguely remembers of the other night.

L'han sets the pie down near J'cobi and when the comment about glowing dragons is made he shrugs, "She's due for it soon enough. Maybe in the next month or so." Ok… he leaves that hanging there as he pulls out a knife to cut the pie into pieces. "And considering last I saw you both I was holding you each back from breaking your faces I'd rather make sure you both don't hold it against me. I've already ticked off the Junior Weyrwoman so I don't need either of you angry with me."

"Overcooked," J'cobi answers T'ryn, gesturing to a rib on his plate that has only been half-eaten, "If I wanted soup, I would've got soup." At the mention of glowing dragons, J'cobi quirks an eyebrow at the brownrider, "You'll have to tell me all about that after the flight." That said, he glances at the pie and reaches out to move it just slightly away from both L'han and T'ryn. His pie. When the greenrider explains why, J'cobi shrugs, "Don't remember."

T'ryn pauses for a moment and looks down with a shrug, "Mine's jus' right." A roll of his shoulders and he is picking up one to continue his rather obnoxious means of eating. "Eh, we'lll see if we go up. If we do I'll give you the blow by blow." the brown responds without missing a beat. Finger nails in between his teeth as eyes go over towards the greenrider and his pie antics. A shake of his head as he says, "You held us where?"

L'han chuckles as J'cobi reserves the entire thing for himself and he leans back in his chair and remarks to T'ryn, "Alara's weyr… Rauzath's flight, the leader's fist introducing itself to your face? I was out minding Escaeth right before and when the flight got going, I decided to go see who the new leader was. You two were fighting it out, so I just held you both till the queen was caught. Once that was done I got on out of the Weyr for the night. Can't, or rather I don't stay when those golds go up."

J'cobi shrugs his shoulders, rolling his eyes at T'ryn's comment and shaking his head, "That's the way it goes during a Flight. Don't need to go around apologizing for yourself." That said, he finishes off his meat and goes to take the pie entirely for himself, "I'm not bringing you a pie."

Brow up, and the crinkle of black lines under the brownrider's eyes, "Why'd you hold us back?" Apparently, T'ryn is not against the notion of fighting when a Flight was on. And another moutful of food is shoved in as eyes glance back again secretly to the pie. Not even swallowing he is licking his lips-and continuing on. "I mean" BELCH "Why take out durin a flight? Lotta blokes might need comfortin' an you get to chase the dragon.." A joke there before he's letting a choking laugh loose. Composure regained eyes are back to J'cobi "Can I have a piece?" He might as well ask, unless th' bronze is hogging all that golden goodness to himself. Which would be normal considering that the Leader is a bronzer.

L'han sighs and says, "It's complicated, man. And it seems to only piss off Randi, so I'm just leaving it be. I prefer to choose who I spend my nights with and the golds take that away from me, so I get out when they fly. Escaeth makes her own choice and I'm ok with whoever I wind up with." He shakes his head and says, "Well, I'll keep that in mind, just not used to fights during the flight… afterwards I've seen plenty of scores between dragons and riders settled."

"Sheltered life?" J'cobi asks of L'han, quirking a brow and not really waiting to listen to the answer. He takes his eating utensil and stabbing it firmly into the table between T'ryn and the pie, giving him a look, "If I decide I'm not hungry."

Banging o' dinner ware doesn't even phase T'ryn, instead he just stares at the eating utensil, and he reaches out to grip in and wiggle it once before pulling it out. "That'll ruin the metal and thus th' quality of the good." A glance back to J'cobi as if he should know this. And with that he is passing over the metal-thingie back to J'cobi-so he can try again. A snort is given over to L'han though.

"Golds take that from everyone kitten. How do y' think if you were a weyrmate to a gold, an she rises-you don' catch? Or some weyrwoman or crafter who?" A shrug "It's how life is, no harm nor foul." Least that's how T'ryn sees it. "When yer not out there, button, get your knobble gobbled cause you got caught by some burly blue-then you can choose who you go between the sheaves with. Folks understand." Or as J'cobi said precisely and concisely. Sheltered life.

L'han shrugs and says, "Maybe so. Both of my parents were riders, they knew what went down. I honestly never paid it any mind till I impressed my Escaeth. Bit of a shock for my folks. Even more so for me." He shakes his head, getting up from the table. "Anyways, enjoy the pie, I need to go see what my girl wants." He heads in the direction of the exit to head on up to see his dragon.

"All the same," J'cobi says, watching L'han go before turning his attention back to T'ryn, "The pie is mine." And with that, he cuts himself a slice and chows down.

"Sharding Pie." T'ryn mutters as he is looking back to said pie with an almost lustful longing, and then moving to suck down on rib bones. Take what meat he didn't clean off. A glance is passed towards L'han. "Greenriders and their sharding as fuck pie." Time for T'ryn to rib brood/pout

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