Dragon Size Cheat Sheet


Greens are the smallest dragons in any fighting weyr. Fast and agile, they can fly circles around many of their larger counterparts. This speed and dexterity comes with a price; they burn out their energy fairly quickly. Greens can range in size from from 15 - 20 metres long (measured from nose to tip of the tail) and are quite often built lean and long; keeping wind resistance and drag to a minimum.


Blues are the next size up in the dragon collection. Ranging anywhere from 18 - 23 metres in length, they are the higher-powered supercars. They generally pack a bit more punch than the greens, but last about as long in Threadfall.


The SUV's of the dragon world, browns have the best of both worlds. Because of their size - and at 21 - 26 metres long, they're nothing to sneeze at - browns can do a fair job at staying the course with the larger blues and greens, but don't tire as easily or as quickly. It is partly for this reason that many Wingleaders and Wingseconds tend to be brownriders.


Now we get to the big guns. Tanks of battle in their own right, the bronzes sweep in and up, coming towards Thread from below. With their massive size, they don't need the speed of the greens and blues and the smaller browns because their flaming radius is so massive. From tail to nose they can be anywhere from 24 - 29 metres in length. The sight of any one bronze is impressive, but seeing an entire wing of them is breathtaking.


And finally we come to the cavalry! Massive on a scale that defies belief, the egg-laying queens are truly the icon of the Weyr. Clocking in at an astounding 25 - 30 metres in length, they are the largest creatures on Pern. Because of their size - and lack of the ability to chew firestone and flame Thread themselves - they form their own wing which - assisted by injured and pregnant riders of other colors - uses flamethrowers to catch any Thread that falls through the mesh of the upper wings.

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  • Staff reserve the right to alter sizes for reasons of plot or simply as time progresses and the dragons grow larger. These sizes are just the normal size ranges for use when writing dragons or trying to get a better idea of size comparisons for RP.
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