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Participants: Rikath, Maura, Ch'rii, Zekoith.
IC Date: Month 8, Day (Night) 23
Location: Maura's Weyr, then Ch'rii's
Synopsis: Rikath interrupts another nightmare, and gets crabby with Maura - so he drops her off for someone else to deal with!
Rating: If above PG-13, please note here.
Posted by: Maura

« Sweet fucking Faranth on a stick. Timing. It's all about timing. »

The curse travels nowhere, echoing only in Rikath's sharp-edged and craggy mind, bouncing from edifice to tower, until finally is settles on the battlements where shadow forms. Ominous to some, he *is* the shadow, pulling the dark towards himself like a shroud. A glimpse of shimmering metal flashes, just before his cloak pulls protectively to obscure every hint of feature.

It's the sun in the distance that has his attention; it burns brightly, coming closer or veering away as either of them wish it. But tonight, is stretches thin, distorted and trembling in the distance.

Initially, he waits. And when he sees the first seam split in the endlessly regenerating sun-mind of his lifemate, launches up. Up. Wisps of shadow pull from the landscape, clinging to his shroud to reinforce the matte armor as it begins to melt. His dark blocks the light, becoming so large his wings can wrap 'round the faltering consciousness to hold it in one piece as he searches.

« At least have it be something other then… oh, well. It /is/ something different this time. If we had to do that falling and melting one more time I might just fling us both off the ledge and be done with it. » he mutters, obviously not meaning a word of it. « Shardit Maura, wake /up/. That's right. It's me. I've got you both. »

Even wrapped in a cool ngiht breeze, irritation is obvious. And explicitly, right where Maura can see it - shoves aside the sister figure that accompanied her in tonights trippy dreamscape. « You worry about you. That… /woman/ is /fine/. »

His wings finally unfurl, and slowly what is left of his obsidian form flutters down into ancient ruins again, surprisingly sharp edges slicing into the stone on the way down. And the sun, when it draws closer, settles into orbit with uncomfortable weight. « I will take you where you need to go. »

He lies in a manner of speaking, of course, bringing his bond to a ledge that is familiar yes, but certainly not the bowl where she asked. He did say where she -needed- to go, though. « You're going back to sleep, not going to check on your sister. I need to eat after that one, it took too much from both of us. And this way, I make sure you stay put, but you are not alone. »

Ruthless in his prescription for her, Rikath waits stoically until Maura does as he insists and heads inside. « Do not take her anywhere. » He may relent when he returns. Maybe. If he isn't still so bloody irritated and tired. « Women. » he laments, « Are nothing but trouble. »

And then…

« Do not let her go anywhere »

After that sullen
statement which rings in her own ears, and then passed along to Zekoith, Maura had been forced to concede to Rikath's wisdom in this case despite the way it stretches her nerves to the snapping point. That's why she makes a face at the blue before stepping past the resident brown with a rueful sort of smile and tries to get an idea of what she's walking into here. Sound and light are all checked for of course, because let's not forget that she is essentially in her nightshirt. Just her nightshirt. Which could be awkward if there are other people here. Even more to snap at her lifemate about once he's listening again. However, since the evening's dream in particular has left her feeling much like an icicle in winter, she rubs at her arms, shores up her bravado, and actually makes the few steps *inside* the weyr. Yay progress!

«We will not, » was Zekoith's promise, and he intends to keep it — he's been out on his ledge, and is following after Maura to make sure she goes properly indoors. Because he has no intention of letting her stay out on the /ledge/ and not go anywhere. Ch'rii has been roused, and is sleepily pulling on a shirt, having only been in a pair of boxers before. "C'mere," he says, not bothering to get out of bed (the shirt had been right there on the floor). "Unless — you don't want to."

"Aren't you cute, following me like a puppy or something." Of course Maura notices these things, even turning to give Zekoith an affectionate muzzle-pat before finding her way in the (mostly) dark to where Ch'rii's voice is coming from. She's not about to hesitate once it's, you know, obvious that she's welcome. He might regret the invitation once she's there and next to him though, given how bloody cold she feels. She will, for the moment, totally ignore the 'unless you don't want to', but only because she's totally boggled by it. Instead, she'll indulge in a bit of her own stupidity! "I'm sorry we woke you. I wouldn't have if, I mean…. I'm sorry." she leaves it at that, since coherency is apparently not her strong suit at the moment. More telling is the way she curls up facing him, an arm draped in whatever way keeps her closer.

Zekoith does his best to amuse Maura by swishing his tail; he's seen a puppy! Once! Charisli had a puppy when he was just a baby. Rii winces involuntarily as he goes to wrap an arm around Maura, as the shirt wasn't very thick and she's — well — she's freezing. "You're sick," is what he voices as he pulls her closer, trying to warm her, and reachingout for a blanket to wrap around them both (with his feet). "It's hot out and you're /icy/. Zeko said Rikath was worried. And Rikath may be overprotective, but it seemed serious."

Zekoith would earn himself a giggle if Maura weren't so cold and tired, but he does at least get another amused smile when she notices the tail swishing. "I'm not sick." she protests, though. Not that she denies being icy, since in fact it's painfully obvious that she IS, and that being pulled close and blanket-wrapped helps her relax. Now she's a melting icicle. "Usually I'm too warm when he's had to pull me out of one of my dreams. But in that one I'm falling. Melting. This one was cold; frozen. I couldn't move or breathe. So it took him longer. That's why he's worried."

"Well. Blankets. We have lots," Ch'rii volunteers helpfully and intelligently. "And I put off heat. And Zekoith puts off a lot of heat — where did Rikath /go/, anyway?"

Helpful and intelligent are not requirements at the moment - just warmth! Which Maura soaks up like a sponge, thanks! "He went down to the feeding pens. Said this one took a lot out of him… us. Which means I will have a killer headache tomorrow." yeah sorry - Rii and Zekoith get to deal with a really crabby bluerider in the morning. Neener! "… And he's a little ticked off that the first thing I thought to do was check on Miene instead of take care of myself. So he's cooling off. He'll be back."

"That is pretty stupid." Ch'rii is with Rikath on this one. "Isli's got her own long string of opinions on Miene and that's impressive – she usually never talks about /anyone/. So don't think about her." He then gains a shit-eating grin and says, "The least you could do was want to go check on /me/ first if you're not going to worry about yourself."

A gasp greets the call of her first impulse being stupid, even if she secretly agrees. So in retaliation, her still cold hand finds it's way to his previously shirt-covered and probably warm side. "She was there. In the dream. That's all." she explains, as to why she would bother checking on her sister in the first place. "I'm sure she's spot-on with each of her opinions too." is mumbled out, before she snrks at the next
rejoinder. "I'm here aren't I? You were the only person I thought of when Rikath nixed my first impulse. The only one I would go to." Pause. "And the only one Rikath would consider taking me to anyway. You should be flattered. He doesn't usually trust anyone with me."

Ch'rii is, as usual, unable to not laugh a little. Awkwardly. "I am. Very much. So is Zeko, who I think is also trying to be helpful right now." The dragon is attempting to drag other blankets over to the bed, and seems to be nearly swallowing Ch'rii's blanket chest instead of managing to actually get it open.

The sheer level of adorable being displayed by Zekoith is probably enough to make Maura, in her current state, misty eyed. Fortunately, she's not looking up! Thus, less awkward for RIi. "Zeko, really - it's fine now. You don't need to bring more blankets over. I'll warm up soon enough as is. I promise." Which is about when Rikath lands on the ledge again, hunger sated and irritation curbed. But he still pokes his snout
inside nosily, making sure that Maura's not trying to talk anyone into letting her do something stupid. "You'd better stop him, before he winds
up eating that chest." she finally adds, stifling a bit of a laugh. "Ascute as it is."

"He thinks the chest is tasty," Ch'rii passes along, scoffing and rolling his eyes. Zekoith, of course, actually does, and makes sure Rikath knows just how nice the feel of the chest is on his teeth. It's the perfect pressure! But as he /isn't/ a puppy, Zekoith does actually put the chest down, too, when Ch'rii says, "That doesn't mean you can actually eat it, moron. Mau — tea? I can make tea."

"Good way to get his daily fiber intake?" Maura suggests, obviously feeling a bit out of it that she can make such a terrible, horrible joke. Rikath apparently becomes curious about how the chest tastes, and he wanders up to put his teeth around it as soon as Zekoith puts it down. He agrees with the brown's assessment. Though, adds some comment about the varnish being a little chewy for his liking. "I.. tea would be
fine, if you want some too. I don't think I'm going to be able to fall asleep right away." Pause. "Sorry. I can make it though. I know we woke
you up."

"It's fine — I could actually do with some tea, keep me awake, think you need to talk." Ch'rii is not, in fact, quite that dense that he doesn't realize it. He is not trying to make moves on her, despite the fact she's in his bed and has breasts and also happens to be his girlfriend, which helps. "No need to apologize, really. I said we'd watch out for you guys anyti—" And then he catches view of Rikath's taking a turn at the chest and groans.

On the other hand, that would probably help with getting back to sleep! Don't think Maura hasn't though it either, but … it's Maura. All she does is give the brownrider a visual once-over when he makes the move tostart on that tea. "I hate talking about those dreams." she mutters,
earning her a snarly sound from Rikath. « Too bad. ». He'sjust being so supportive of her this evening, isn't he? "I think… I think I might need to see a mindhealer about hem. But I can't. Because we can't talk about Iceblood with anyone. So Mr. Grumpy over there just helps me keep it together." The blue gets a fond smile, despite his growling.

"Well, a mindhealer would — they have to keep things confidential," Ch'rii points out, aiming for helpful. "So you might be okay. It's not like Randi would find out unless Rikath squealed, and I don't think /that's/ going to happen." Zekoith lets out a snort of air, agreeing, as Ch'rii in boxers and open shirt puts a kettle on the fire.

"I don't think I'm willing to risk getting Randi in any trouble." Maura points out, just plain being vague. « I do not /squeal/. Ever. » Rikath, mortally wounded at the mere hint of girly sounds, despite it only being a figure out speech. "They're less frequent. So that's a good thing, right?" At least she thinks it is, stretching out on her stomach in such a way that she's facing the rest of the weyr and can watch this whole tea-making adventure.

Ch'rii shrugs. He manages to shrug without holding the kettle at the same time, as it turns out, tea is something he's pretty good at preparing. He has mugs, he has loose tea carefully put inside balls inside mugs. It's all very well-prepared, even on a tray! "I think," he says, as he pours steaming hot water into said mugs, "that it is, yes. Maybe as time passes it'll just — fade away." Zekoith, simultaneously, attempts to play translator just in case Rikath really didn't get it: « He means 'telling on.' It is a word thieves use a lot. Of course you do not /squeal/. »

Maura can't help her grin, seeing how carefully tea is prepared. She's not yet witnessed this! "I'm hoping it does. Just… fade. Where did you learn to make tea like that?" Partly because it is a subject change, and partly because she can't help but blurt out the question. Rii doing -anything- remotely resembling domestic is a pleasant curiousity. « Just so we're clear on that. I would hate to have to take back all the nice things I've thought. » Because there's really ever a time when Rikath is /nice/. Sure. Totally believable.

« Crystal. » Zekoith would hate to offend. After all, Rikath is nice to /him/. Sort of. Nice enough. Ch'rii, on the other hand: "My mentor. She was very fond of tea, very particular about how it was made. And so as I was the one to make her tea a lot of the time, I had to learn to do it right." Sometimes he would cook for his mother, as well — he says nothing of that, though.

« Alright. I have a reputation to uphold. » The one where he pictures shoving people of of ledges, for example. Not one where he says nice things or squeals. "Your mentor? Will you tell me about her?" And if he's going to go through all the trouble of making tea properly, the least Maura can do is go sit at the table for it. She half rolls, half slides herself off the bed and pads over quietly before pulling out a chair to sit at. No teeth chattering, so enough of the weyr's human warmth has apparently seeped in. "Are you going to mind if I stay the rest of the night?"

"I think I expected you would." Ch'rii and the tea tray amble over together, tray meeting middle of table, Ch'rii meeting chair and sitting down in it. "And I hope you like this. It's — red. And warm and kind of sweet." An apt description, except it is hotter than it is /warm/. "And I'm happy to, although I don't know how much of it will come through the filter of teenage-boy-with-a-crush. Don't laugh at me. Or get jealous."

"Why would I get jealous? You're not with her now. You're with me." At least in that regard, Maura is practical. She's curious about the tea when he describes it, but also doesn't hesitate to pull her mug of it closer for a brief inspection and then taste test. "Ohhhhh, this is nice. Where's it from?" So many questions! On the bright side, they do help keep conversation flowing. "And you may have expected I would stay, but it seems rude not to… ask, I guess. You've been reluctant to stay over at my place before so I thought I'd check. Now go on, tell me about this teenage crush." What? She's not laughing! Just giving him an affectionate smile. That's all.

"Where's it from?" Ch'rii looks confused. "The market. Where else would it be from? I don't know where /they/ got it from." He clears his throat and blows a little on his tea to get it to cool down. "Anyway. She ran a gang of criminals. I won't say her name because I'd just rather not go there — but she was very controlled and very controlling. Talented. Beautiful. Good at playing people."

"Alright, what vendor? I'll ask them where /they/ get it from myself." Maura of the big ideas; her eyes light a little with a thought or two. But she glances down into her cup and waits for Rii to start his story. "Mmhmm. Go on." she prompts, leaning back in the chair. She obviously doesn't intend to ask any incriminating questions. Really!

Ch'rii gives the name, and then — talks. He doesn't have all that /much/ to say on the topic, really, but he does keep going until he runs out: "We met when I was just a bratty kid trying to escape my parents. They hadn't even /had/ Charisli yet, mother was pregnant with her. And she caught me trying to steal something and said I had good innate skill but needed better finesse; she practically adopted me. I was ten, she was seventeen. Already had a little crimering of her own, though. We all sort of grew up together, her in charge, and I don't think there was a soul among us who wasn't a little bit in love."

"It's good that you had someone to take you under their wing like that. I can't imagine what it would have been like for you growing up without that." Maura admits, obviously… you know, troubled at the circumstances that forced things to happen the way they did. "And having to steal at 10. It's, well. Not fair that you had to resort to that." is murmured, without any judgement towards either him or the seventeen year old crimeleader he describes. "Charisli's lucky to have had you there for her growing up."

"The economy isn't lovely to everyone. But yeah, I guess she is. My parents, too. They — lost a lot. Right before I was born." Ch'rii does not elucidate, though. He's sipping tea right now! No talking about his family! When he's done with the tea, of course, he's diverting the topic. Sort of. "And while it may not be fair, it worked out. I'm talented, really. I enjoy it. It's just who I am."

Maura recognizes a diverted topic when she hears it; and just because of how she is, doesn't push. No, instead she just looks up with an understanding gaze and a bit of a smile. When he's ready, he'll elaborate. A comfortable silence stretches when she finishes up what's left in her own cup, and she sets it back neatly on the tray. "And who you are is just perfect to me. C'mon, let's try to get back to sleep." She stands up with her hand held out.

Ch'rii smiles softly, finishing off his own tea and pulling himself to a standing position. "Hey Zeko," he calls over his shoulder as he takes Maura's hand lightly, "want to clean up the table? No? Eh, I'll do it in the morning." And then there's a kiss to the top of Maura's head, and he leads her back to the bed — warm, and safe, with no more unsettling dreams that night.

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