Portrayed By Kellan Lutz
Position Wingrider
Former title(s) Wingrider (Igen Weyr), Weyrling (Igen Weyr), Candidate (Igen Weyr), Apprentice Harper (Harper Hall), Holdfolk (Keroon Hold)
Sex Male
Age 28
Place of Birth Keroon Hold
Family Father, Keros and mother, Ellosyia
Faction Traditionalist.

Character History

Keroon Hold, the center of the Northern Continent and infamous for its runner stock, was the backdrop to E'ro's youth. He was the son of a journeyman beastcrafter and a seamstress, both of which worked their fingers to the bone to provide a stable environment for their son. There was only the one, named Kelero at birth, and they treated him with all the partiality a couple would give their first and last offspring. They had conceived him in their late thirties, after years of trying and then giving up. To say he was a 'surprise' baby would have been putting it lightly. Nonetheless he was born a healthy, albeit scrawny, baby on a balmy summer's night. Years and an amble diet put meat on his bones, added height. Soon he went from coltish to downright plump - which evened out in this teenage years.

He was a delightful baby, a happy child, and a less-than-belligerent teenager. They considered themselves lucky for not having a troublemaker. Though the other Holdfolk would probably have disagreed. So he wasn't outright bad, but he had a way with pranks. He thought up new ones, never used before, and shocked the wits out of more than one person outside of his parents' cothold. And they thought it humorous that he was so creative and good-natured. Whenever others would scold them for letting him run amok, they would obstinately point out how he helped in the fields during long days and told the younger children of the Hold stories. But as the nature of people go, they're more wont to point out the flaws rather than the positives, and thus he got somewhat of a bad rap for being a troublemaker at Keroon.

All of his past ceased to matter however, when he was recommended for Harper Hall. He was a gifted storyteller, a good hand at writing, and he had a pleasant voice to go along with the former trait. It was little surprise when he was shipped off - and his mother cried for days! - to the Hall to learn the makings of a harper man. Turns flew and soon he wasn't a gawky preteen, but a full-fledged man at the age of nineteen. There were more things he had to learn, a few more years to be managed before he would be able to walk the table. Life was satisfying for Kelero. It's just, he had too much time on his hands and the pranks he played on the people of Harper Hall were starting to bore him. Something was missing, perhaps an element of adventure. That's when he made up his mind to ask about postings elsewhere.

Except, he never got to the Masterharper's office. He was stopped in the courtyard when a massive brown dragon swung its head his way. Many anxious apprentices were already being shuffled to the side, refused for this particular search, but then there was Kelero and he stood alone. It seemed unreal when the dragonrider asked him to stand, and he heard himself say "alright". Moreso when he packed up his meager belongs and headed out to Igen Weyr. Days flew by before it finally sunk in, and then the weyrfolk didn't know what hit him. Kelero turned from meek young man to a bright, amiable chap who threw trundlebugs in the candidates' cots and redwort in with the laundry. Never a day passed that the lower cavern workers didn't dread what new trick the candidate was going to play on them. Not that they could prove he did it, but he had that look in his eye and that smile on his face that suggested his involvement.

Then came the hatching day and Kelero walked away as the puckish E'ro, lifemate to an over-the-top hero named Yzuruth. That was life-changing. Pranks and good fun had to be put on hold as he emerged into this new phase of his life. Not only did he have himself to look after, he had a bronze behemoth to tame and subdue, because surely Yzuruth was larger than life. He didn't get the formalities of society and it was hard breaking him in. Amazingly, they graduated on time and E'ro was slotted into a wing that best suited his dragon's size and stamina. Once he'd moved into his new weyr, everything started to work itself out and the clouds didn't hang in his sky anymore.

So the pranks resumed, though on a more discreet and tolerable level. He was known to help the candidates plot out tricks, which got him in trouble with his wingleader. There's not much more to his story at Igen, except a few light o' loves and mistaken pregnancies. But in this day and age, who doesn't have a few scares? Then the movement happened. Traditionalists versus progressives? That one was easy. He was a dragonrider and as long as there was Thread in the sky, he'd fight it. It took perhaps a few hours for him to decide to join the cause and then there was no turning back.


Yzuruth is his wingman. He will be such until the day that they die. Where one goes, the other pretty much follows, but if they're separated, you can look forward to something being amiss.

Randi is one of his good friends. They've been knowing each other since Igen Weyr, making trouble together too. Look out if they're together or laughing amongst themselves! Mischief is afoot.

Indira is the Headwoman. It's one of those fantasies guys have - do the Headwoman, mark another one off your bucket list. He's fascinated.

Memorable Quotes:

E'ro to Ahnika: "Fiesty, arent you?" he counters at last - around mouthful of flesh and juice - eyebrows lifting considerably. "I like that."

Ahnika to Darja (NPC): "I’ve never talked down to no bronzerider in my life. If this fellow drudge is still harassing you, however, I’ll go fetch me a bronzerider to haul him out on his ear quick as you like and give him the kind of switching someone should have given him long ago to teach him some proper manners. Then I’ll be sure to report him to the Headwoman so she can turn him out.”

Indira to E'ro: "You sure you want to waste numbweed like that? Because in about two seconds, I’m going to stick my boot so far up your ass, you’re going to wish you’d smeared it all over your cheeks instead!”

Trivia and Notes:

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E'ro's Logs


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