Eastern Weyr

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Currently, Vanity wing is NPC.


Pride Wing

Rider Dragon Rank
Ciara gold Suosith Jr. Weyrwoman
Meiglen gold Svaldirath Jr. Weyrwoman
Randi gold Kaseth MIA Weyrwoman

Avarice Wing

Rider Dragon Rank
P'sec bronze Abydoth Wingleader
Ch'rii brown Zekoith Wingrider
A'tae brown Mazameth Wingrider
Lenia blue Orralth Wingrider
Maura blue Rikath Wingrider
Andi green Hadath Wingrider

Wrath Wing

Rider Dragon Rank
V'kale brown Heloth Wingleader
N'zi bronze Zateriyath Wingrider
Aadi brown Torcoth Wingrider
Mohria blue Riordanth Wingrider
K'lian blue Twylaeth Wingrider
L'han green Escaeth Wingrider
Ahnika green Jhath Wingrider

Gluttony (Weyrling) Wing

Rider Dragon Rank
Ari green Velth Weyrlingmaster

Lower Caverns


Name Craft Rank
Teallan Harper Journeyman (Voice)
Xantes Healer Master (Rehabilitation)
Nahia Healer Master (Mindhealing)
Jonavan Healer Journeyman (Trauma/Surgery)
Charisli Healer Sr. Apprentice (Rehabilitation)
Nenienne Smith Journeyman (Jewelry)


Name Position
Warin Asst. Steward
Fiala Stablehand
Avander Weyr Staff
Charlie Weyr Staff
Jaya Bar Owner
Brentram Laundry Worker
Lorayit Gardener
Mahlie Drudge
Vanielle Drudge



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