Theme of Clutch: Noble and Ignoble
Dragon Name: Enceth
Dragon Colour: Green
Hatchling Name: Lady with the Lamp Green Hatchling



Based off of history's pioneer of modern nursing, your Enceth takes the spirit and the purpose of Florence Nightingale and shapes it into power you can tap into to achieve your own goals - especially if they lean towards the healing profession. Bast based this dragon (which Kali suggested the theme for) on a nurse she knows fairly well, since we don't know much about Florence Nightingale as a person. "Enceth" comes from the last syllable of "Florence".

Hatchling Description

This hatchling weighs in at just the large side of average and her proportions are as proper as a dragonhealer's teaching text. The outermost edges of her hide are hunter's green, dappled with a yellow-lime, giving the effect of light permeating the darkness. This effect continues as both colors lighten in a gradient until the green reaches a shade more like olive in a roughly circular patch on her neck. Inside this patch, there is a smaller patch of hide which is grayed slightly. Her headknobs and wingtips are the darkest green of all.

Dragon Description

This dragon weighs in at just the large side of average and her proportions are as proper as a dragonhealer's teaching text. The outermost edges of her hide are hunter's green, dappled with a yellow-lime, giving the effect of light permeating the darkness. This effect continues as both colors lighten in a gradient until the green reaches a shade more like olive in a roughly circular patch on her neck. Inside this patch, there is a smaller patch of hide which is grayed slightly. Her headknobs and wingtips are the darkest green of all.


Enceth is deeply moved by others' hurt. It's kind of an odd thought for a dragon who fights, but she fights well, and she helps those in pain extremely efficiently. You are her primary patient, her director, her leader, and the one she'll turn to when the stress of caring gets overwhelming.

This green has strong opinions about how things ought to be done. There is an order for things, and a routine for every situation. She's adaptable with reason, but when there is no reason, she'll fall back on the tried and true habits that have kept the both of you alive and healthy.

Obviously, she'll insist on regular visits to both the Healer and the Dragonhealer, and at the slightest hint of pain or sniffles, it's back into the infirmary. Nevermind your protestations, she is inside your head. She also has an uncanny knack for figuring out when things are bad enough to call in help. Not just when health is involved, but also in other situations, too. « You're not going to get that done by yourself. It's time to call a Smith and get it fixed. »

However, her strong opinions can often have a downside. If the leadership is arbitrary or doesn't do things according to a routine that makes sense in her mind, she'll buck the system. « It's for their own good. They've got to see the sense in this, my dear. » She'll not yell or scream, but she'll definitely make her opinion known.

It may seem to you that she lives from crisis to crisis. That probably isn't so, but just seems so because she's willing to step in and help fix any situation. She'll dispense advice to any dragon who comes to her, including a gold. It'll be practical advice, but brusquely given.

She's a very level-headed dragon, normally. When things hit the Red Star, she'll be the one calming every other dragon down, and issuing orders until the 'leaders get control of the situation. However, the flipside of this is that she can't understand it when someone completely loses control. Depending on the situation, she may consider that the person (or dragon) is being overly dramatic, or attempting to garner attention. She won't say anything, but a strong sense of displeasure will be present. (Although, she may say « Hmmph » or something once in a while.

Along this same line, she is an excellent resource to a wing. In fact, if you're not Healer inclined, and you're up for it, Enceth would make a great Wingleader's dragon. She performs drills flawlessly and teaches pretty well, too. She will have little patience for slackers, though, so if she does take this role, it might be up to you to temper her lectures.

Once in a very great while — say once every few Turns or so — the stress of caring for others will overwhelm her completely. She'll crash and burn. Hard. When she does, the only thing to do is to step back, pamper her a bit, and remind her that you still care for her, and that she's worth more than just her skills in the air and in the infirmary (if you're so inclined).

When she gets proddy, she'll start evaluating every single male dragon in the Weyr. Never mind that she won't clutch; all things are considered, including those that would make good clutch fathers. « Hmmm. He's broader across the wings than Orkth, but he's not quite as smart. » Don't try to deter her, or apply her own logic to this process, because it will not work. She's convinced she's got to pick the best of the whole Weyr. Which will change every time. When it's time to fly, though, all that thought goes out the window. She'll be wooed by soft words and other romantic gestures, and twine necks with whoever can catch her. When morning comes, she'll be pragmatically happy about it for about a seven or so, and then forget about it completely. It's done, now it's time to focus on the current situation.

Mind Voice

As she is a calm green, this dragon's thoughts are often surrounded by calming things. There are the sounds of calming waters, and the tick, tick tick of timepieces, and any other kind of noise that keeps a rhythm. Not drums though, unless very soft and with other musical instruments, usually strings. Her voice is very soothing, a soft mid-range alto that clearly has the intent to calm. When she gets angry or frustrated, the sounds still, and there is just silence. And her words are clipped. Still soft, still polite and calm, but clipped off and terse.

Mind Scent

Redwort. Lots of it. Strong scents of other medicines can also pervade. When she's exceptionally happy or angry, the redwort fades into the background, replaced by different smells. Happy smells include potpourri-type scents like wildflowers or fruit blossoms, and angry scents include the tang of blood, and some of the darker smells of Healing, like burnt things and fecal material. Or they're all possible.

Physical Voice

Enceth's physical voice is sharp and high, much like a Threadfall warning bell. She can command attention, and she knows it. She really only uses it in dire situations, though, so it is rarely heard.

Movement and Growth

When Enceth moves, her steps are precise. She gives the impression that she is measuring something with each movement. However, the movement isn't stilted. She wastes no wingbeats, nor does she move excessively, but there is a grace in her economy that carries real class. She will learn to fly quite easily, though she will insist upon going through the drills several more times than some in her weyrling class, presumably to learn it as well as she can.

She will grow in proportion, little by little. It's as though she's determined the specific amount to grow each day and aims to grow that much. She may pay attention to how tall she's become, or how wide her wingspan is. Be prepared for her to find a corner in the barracks next to your couch and make you mark spots on the wall. Then, she'll have a reference, should she ever need the dragonhealer's attentions.

Eating Habits

Enceth, as a routine-dependent being, will eat the same way every single time. Or will if she's given the chance. She'll strip off the skin, nearly surgically, and delve into the meaty portions with vigor. Then, when the best parts are gone, she'll drink the blood and eat the offal. Don't ask her to change her patterns, or switch them around at all, unless you have a very good reason for it. If you do, for instance, if you believe you might have fewer stomach troubles if she eats the gross stuff first and then eats the good meat, she might change her mind for you.


Egg Name: Smooth As Glass Egg (Enceth)
Egg Desc: Completely white from top to bottom, this ovoid has no fancy decorations, or even hints of superiority, other than the way the surface catches the light and reflects it back to the viewer. Unobtrusive, it gives the impression of fragility, but mixed with a backing that not only reflects, but supports the whole. The edges glow more brightly than the rest, and the extreme top and bottom seem to convey an illusive depth.
Egg Inspiration: My grandmother had many pieces of jewelry made from rhinestones and cut glass. I thought it was a perfect addition to this list.
Link: http://images.delphiglass.com/image_new/208045.jpg
Submitter: Alara

Hatching Foo

EGGPOSE1: While the eggs around the Smooth As Glass Egg are wiggling and wobbling, there will be no nonsense from this one. It does wobble a couple times quietly to test something. Apparently the results are equivocal. It falls silent again, waiting until more favorable conditions.

EGGPOSE2: Conditions are somewhat better, so the Smooth As Glass Egg gives another quiet test. This one is partially successful, as a long crack appears in the top of the egg. However, there is more work, more study — trials to be done before this egg is ready to give up.

HATCHING_POSE: Finally, when the situation seems near perfect, the Smooth As Glass Egg gives one last test. This is the determining one. Will it be successful? With an audible 'crack', the egg splits down the middle exactly, as though cut with a Healer's implement. Hmmm. The green hatchling inside gazes down at the shell before moving on to find her lifemate.

PUBLIC_IMPRESSION: Eyeing each candidate she walks past carefully, the Lady With the Lamp Green Hatchling stops when she reaches a cute blonde candidate. She stops in front of Uveline, and gives a tentative sniff, tilting her head in curious interest. Then, slowly, deliberately, she lifts her eyes, knowing full well the import of her actions.

PRIVATE_IMPRESSION: It begins as blinding white light, as if you're waking from an injury or illness - but you feel no pain. As you attempt to get your bearings, you hear a woman clear her throat. A warm sense of calm and belonging suffuse through your mind as a soft alto voice greets you. « Good day, Uveline. I'll be your Enceth from now on. We'll do wonderful work together, I'm sure of it. » The joyful scents of potpourri and cleanliness seem to carry through her words, covering the ever present sense of redwort. « If it isn't too much trouble, would you mind pointing me in the direction of some food? It's the healthiest thing. Small pieces of meat would be best, I think. »

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