Encountering The Minds Of Telepaths


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Date: August 03-04, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Upper Hatching Sands
Synopsis: Randi permits a group of candidates to touch Kaseth's eggs for the first time, and all the candidates get their first taste of what a dragon's mind might be like.
Rating: PG-13 for some strong language and threats of violence
Logger: Uveline

Day 15, Month 08, Turn 01, AIVAS Reckoning, First Long Pass

Eastern Weyr: Upper Hatching Sands

One of two massive Hatching Sands in the Weyr, this room is enclosed. The cavernous room is large enough to house dragons, candidates, eggs and visitors. The heat from the sands remains in the room, absorbing into the cold stone. It cuts the efficiency of the room, but the small loss is made up for in the addition of privacy — at least in the minds of some of the gold dragons who frequent this place. A huge natural arch allows dragons and riders to pass through fairly easily - so long as no one tries to crowd. There seems to be a part of the stone darker than the others near where the queen usually sits. It's probably just a trick of the light, though.

Early in the morning, with rain streaming from the sky, a rather dour figure stands on the border between sand and rock. Still well under the protection of the cavern, she lays one hand on the smaller of the two bronzes; giving him an affectionate rub. It's really only their riders she dislikes. "Don't suppose you see them yet?" she asks, a bit rhetorically. She'd told that bluerider to have them up and here by six candlemarks past midnight, and here it was a third of a 'mark beyond! The bronze rumbles some sort of answer and turns his head into the rain. Perhaps there is something out there…

They may be late, but they are here! And a bit wet for their trouble, too. Uveline is one of the first to arrive, stifling an oath as her soggy hair obscures her vision and causes her to trip over one of the lingering rough spots on the floor. Stumbling a bit, the candidate makes it into the cavern a few steps later and blinks water from her eyes, peering around curiously. She waits for the rest of the candidates to arrive, pausing there at the edge of the cavern, unwilling to venture forth without more candidates around her.

One of the things out there in the rain is a rather drenched young Smith journeyman, lustily singing a song about the awesomeness of jumping into puddles. Putting words to deed, the song trails off every time Neythan splashes into another puddle caused by the incessant rain. His goggles are being put to good use, covering his eyes and making sure he can actually see despite the dark tints of the smithcraft's other favorite protective gear. He's got a glowbasket in hand, shielded carefully, held up so that others can see as they wend their way across the bowl.

Merendezen is following after the others, nothing more than following, not seeming to mind the rain as his hair and clothing get wet. Occasionally a hand lifts to push his hair out of his face. Green eyes stare blankly forward, thoughtful, while being closed with his expression.

Nenienne is one of the stragglers, trailingg behind the others, her usual frown deepened in uncertainty as they approach the area which has been so closely guarded of late.

It's bloody early, and of course raining-which brings this fellow-who probably looks all sorts of out of place. There is no knot upon his personage, and he seems more or less dressed as a holder's man than anything else. Arms crossed, as he is more or less, shoo'd to the back of the candidate crowd. Hood pulled back, one hand comes up to rub the crust of sleep from his eyes. "Bloody, too early to be mashed about." says, the new comer.

Jaret frowns as he shifts his weight. Well, better to be here then on the wall he would surmise. Rain's cold where he is from-though given here it's not entirely too different. "And I haven't a sharding clue what the fuck I am doing here.." muttered more or less to himself. Cheery? No.

It might be meant for himself, but Randi - already grumpy at having to be up and out and fighting a mental battle with her queen before the sun's even up - latches on right smart quick. "You don't like it, Candidate, you can pack that sassy arse of yours right on back to the barracks. It's no skin off my nose whether you touch these eggs or not." Snappy; just a bit. To the rest of them, Randi now turns. She takes a deep breath and exhales slowly. "Alright, you lot. The last of the eggs have dried out and warmed up on the sands, which means I've got groups of you coming in all day to feel 'em up and see what you can see. The shells are still soft; leathery and flexible. It's safer to be around them now than when their shells become hard and brittle. Nevertheless, if I see you fardling off in here, I will feed you to these two lovely fellows."

She reaches both arms up to lay one hand on each bronze. "If Kaseth sees you fuck up - and she's got better focus on you than me - she'll eat you herself." A wicked smile is flashed at the group and she pushes back from the bronzes. "Well come on, then. Stay on this end of the Sands and don't touch anything until I say so, got it?" She crooks her first two fingers at Neythan. "You with the glow. Go first." To make sure no one trips again. Apparently Randi's not worried about it, however, because she turns on her heel and strides right in.

With a smile slowly spreading across her face, Uveline listens intently to Randi's words. A brief glance is given toward the complainer as Randi replies to his statement, then she's stepping well out fo the way of Neythan as he is guestured toward. Light is all well and good, yes. "Are there any eggs we shouldn't be approaching today, ma'am?" she asks as they are lead forth, looking curiously at the bronzes and then toward the sands and the clutch within.

Neythan shrugs his shoulders placidly as he and his lovely glowbasket are singled out. The man with the kilt strides forward easily as instructed, his song silenced for now as he follows Randi down onto the sands, no jumping around or prancing or anything foolish. While he can be silly, he knows when not to be. "Thank you, dear Kaseth," he says with a half-bow of honest respect as he follows her rider down onto the sands, ignoring any that sticks to his boots.

Nenienne follows Neythan silently, though she does give an uncertain bow after he does. She's mostly looking at the ground, though she raises her head once or twice as the light catches certain eggs.

"Howdo you fuck up?" Another question that should be saved within the confines of one's head, however, Jaret's busy taking a look to the others gathered to really care about inside voices, etc. Still there's a look passed to Randi, as he glowers a bit-brows furrowing in.. "…would if I knew where they were…" Perhaps all of these fine people here have been waiting for this day-He however hasn't a clue as to what he is to be doing, or what he should not be. He is literally the most ill prepared out of the lot right now. Yay for conscripts?

Merendezen follows Neythan, not having much of a chance to work his charms on Randi. Woe. So, instead he follows the bunch and gives Jaret a mild look. "Would keep my mouth shut. But, if you want to mess up, you essentially run around and be a shardin' fool. But, it's not my hide at risk." He shrugs and continues on his way.

And the golden guardian - small to the other queens but still mammoth to the people crowding around the edge of the Sands - turns her head to look at the approaching line. Neythan's bow is noted and she stares at him long and hard, silent communication between herself and rider. "Alright, you." Randi points at Neythan and then to the grey and black Tarnished egg. "She says you can go first. Lay your hands on the shell - gently - and stand still for a bit." Uveline is pointed to the Uncut Beauty of the other grey egg. To Zen, she offers the smallest twitch of her mouth and jerks her head towards the lapis-color blue egg and after a long glare points Jaret to the Captured Fire red egg.

Oh, bowing is the order of the day? Noticing the other candidates doing it, Uveline belatedly offers a bow to the gold, wobbling a bit as she straightens. And then, hesitantly, steps toward the indicated egg. Hands are purposefully tucked behing her back, as Randi has not said she could touch, yet. "I'd think doing anything stupid would count as a mistake," she says in an aside to Jaret when she passes him, quirking a brow at his sullen demeanor. "And that would include being disrespectful to Kaseth or Randi, I'm sure."

Neythan blinks as he's given the option of going first. "My thanks to you," he says, pointedly being polite and saying it directly to the queen dragon. Carefully moving forward, he holds the glowbasket up high and then having nothing for it, gently laying his free hand down on the shell, letting out a mildly startled exclamation. "Wow… it's not like I expected," he says a bit sheepishly to no one in particular. "I figured the glossy smoothness of actual silver, but this is quite interesting…" he murmurs, mostly to himself as his fingers spider across the shell.

Nenienne nods politely when an egg is indicated to her. She actually looks up now, watching her step but also looking at the egg. When she reaches the egg she circles it, not touching, just admiring. She says softly "What jeweler wouldn't give anything to set something like this?"

Merendezen gives an over exaggerated bow to both Randi and Kaseth, "my ladies." He greets now that the goldrider has noticed him. A grin is sent in Randi's direction before he walks over towards the lapis-color blue egg that was indicated. It isn't touched right away, looking to the egg with a thoughtful frown.

Neythan blinks and suddenly looks around, squinting into the gloom, hand rising from the egg to push the goggles off his eyes. His normally cheerful expression seems a bit discommoded, jaw working to find a word or two as he looks to see if anyone else looks the same as he thinks he must do.

Jaret just stares back at Randi. The glare is noted and almost returned before he is heading out onto the sands behind the rest of the pack. A scratch of his chin as he comes closer towards the egg that looks like captured fire. "Never seen one of these before.." And no-there is no bowing from the man who moves as if this is not some great-special purpose. Crouching just a little-he gives the egg a look over, before reaching out to touch the side with his hand. "You gotta be runnershitting me…" He's never felt anything like-this before.

Watching Neythan with undisguised interest, Randi is snapped out of her concentrative gaze by a stray thought from her queen. "Well, go on, you lot. We haven't got all day!" Leaning back against her dragon, she folds her arms over her chest and watches the proceedings with a frown; all the while she mutters to herself about it being way too early in the day for this and no control over your dragon my arse. Once or twice, the Masterstarsmith's name might come up, but she doesn't look to be in much of a mood to be questioned about it.

Nenienne almost gingerly reaches out to touch the egg, her fingers barely brushing it at first. After that first touch she gets a little braver and rests her hand on the surface. "It's warm," she observes in a hushed voice.

Uveline shrugs at Jaret's lack of response, her attention flickering between Neythan and the egg she was sent to. At Neythan's words she raises a brow, listening curiously… and then she jumps, startled by Randi's call. "Oh, okay," the woman says to herself, turning her gaze back toward the egg and tenatively touching her hand against it. Her fingers lightly explore the surface, finding the differences in the shell texture and tracing the bright points. "I would have thought they would be more smooth," she remarks to herself, leaning forward somewhat to take a closer look.

Merendezen continues examining the egg even as Randi snaps, careful to look it over entirely before he finally reaches out with one hand. It's a gentle touch that first starts with the pads of his fingertips before the rest of his hand comes to settle on the shell. Then, the second joins the first and he explores the texture of the soft egg with both hands.

After ensuring for himself that no one else got that, Neythan once more soaks up the contact with the warm shell, quietly asking, "How soon d'you think they might hatch?" He finally skitters his fingers off the egg and simply holds up the glowbasket so the others can still see their way as best they can.

If people are shrugging or looking, Jaret seems to not notice. His hand remains against the fiery looking egg as he just seems to zone out. A thousand yard stare or something akin to that might be exactly how to describe the look on the candidate's face. And as he remains there-the sounds, and reality that has taken him is suddenly snapped out as he skitters back-free from the egg. Luckily he's not landing or kicking against any of the others. A bit of a gasp, as he pulls himself right up. Dusting his legs he just stares at the egg he was touching.

Uveline shudders, head turning rapidly from side to side as if trying to catch sight of something - or maybe to center herself? "Oh!" she exclaims softly, withdrawing her hand in surprise. "Wha-what was that?" she asks in confusion, looking between her hand and the shell in consternation. Tenatively, she raeches back out to renew the contact, clearly hesitant but also determined to not give in to her reluctance.

Watching the Candidates take their turn amongst the eggs, Randi smiles. She'd already gotten a taste of what her beloved's children had in store for the world. Now it was fun watching the rest of them experience it. Even Kaseth's warning yellow eyes whirl with flecks of the barest blue amusement. "Won't be for sevens out yet, Smith." Uveline's exclamation earns her a sharp look, but Randi's answer is not angry. "That," she responds. "Is the emergence of an independent telepathic mind."

Randi sees the girl go after a second touch and shakes her head. "We haven't time for that, now. Move along, all of you." Jaret's stumble earns him another glare and a screeching, wheezing rumble from Kaseth. "Naturally clumsy, are you, boy?" There is ice in Randi's tone.

Nenienne slowly removes her hand from the shell at the explanation and the order, her frown one of regret. She moves over to a nearby egg, reaching out but withdrawing her hand at Kaseth's rumble. Only when she realizes it was meant for another does she touch the egg before her.

"Do I look like I am a 'boy' girl?" asked back, before he is shaking his head. Clumsy? Clumsy didn't go with him. His movements are a bit slower, but they are surer-however, THAT?! Nothing he's ever trained for, or done could prepare him for that. A look back to the Egg, and he is walking closer to place his hand back onto it again. Oh Jaret-apprently he's not entirely schooled on how things work here, Weyr side.

Uveline nods slowly to Randi's explanation, pulling her hand back and then stepping away as well. "Alright. That's… not anything like what I expected. I'm not sure what I did expect, but that's not it," she says to herself before looking back toward Randi. "Are we touching more, or is that-" and she stops, staring at the hissing Kaseth worriedly and standing stock still.

"And that's what it's like for …" Neythan trails off at Jaret's words. "She might be a 'girl' to you, but she's still weyrwoman," he says politely, yet firmly pointed in tone, not even looking at the other as he shifts position to allow one of the girls a better view of the egg she's touching, the shadows of the glowbasking changing eerily and almost spookily at the same time.

Merendezen shudders, visibly, green eyes closing with a very, very soft groan. "Oh, shi—" The rest is cut off suddenly and green eyes fly open and his hands are pulled away from the egg, it's not violent but there is a break in the calm for that brief moment as his hands lift to touch his chest and then peek into his shirt. There's an awkward shift as he straightens himself, letting out a cough. "Right…" And with that, he's walking, awkwardly, to the Ancient Resin Egg. The same approach as the first is used on the second.

With Kaseth's attention fixed on Jaret, Uveline cautiously backs away toward the Scattered Spots of Sparkle Egg. Taking full advantage of the glow Neythan's holding, Uveline examines the egg carefully. She firms her footing in the sand and braces herself before reaching out to touch the shell tenatively, just along one of those seemingly sharp edges.

Laying one hand on Kaseth's hide, Randi's face pinches with pain and effort. She stands like that for long moments and when she finally does open her eyes, they lock immediately onto Jaret, snapping like spicy hot klah. "And now that Kaseth is convinced that no, you would not taste good, I can deal with you." Temper, temper… "You, boy, have just earned yourself latrine duty until both clutches crack shell. Do you understand me?"

'Right." Almost a blow off answer towards Neythan, but then Jaret is moving from the Captured Fire egg, as eyes slide back to the gold dragon-and then to Randi. A shrug is given back to the weyrwoman as he is reaching a hand out to tentatively touch the Tarnished Silver Nugget egg. The flat of his palm coming down gently before he's looking to Randi. "That, I understand." Mucking Latrines is something he understands easily from his days just starting out in the basic rings of the guardsmen training at high Reaches. Mucking Latrines he can do, and without much complaint.

Neythan seeks out Randi's gaze for a few moments and shrugs his shoulders apologetically. However, he said his piece and is very much unwilling to make a further comment on the matter, shifting the glowbasket to his other arm, muttering about wishing he'd brought a pole to hold it up on instead like a proper lantern. Unlike the other candidates, he remains stationary, serving as walking lantern in a kilt, shifting his feet to ease the soles periodically.

Uveline doesn't so much wobble this time as start, nostrils flaring as she takes a deep breath, head tilted back and eyes closed. She licks her lips, eyelids fluttering, before she shakes her head. "Well, that's different," she says, opening her eyes and regarding the egg again curiously. "Much less intense than the other one," she adds as her fingers continue to stroke ever so gently across the shell, touching each color in turn.

Nenienne smiles softly for a few moments, and then her usual frown replaces the smile.

Jaret flares his nostrils for a moment, before he's coughing slightly, and pulling his hand back-that almost hacking cough turned into a bit of laughter as he looks down to the egg, again crouching, before placing his hand back on. Almost leaning in, as if to see if he can get a better-what is it? Link. It seems that Jaret has forgotten about the thought of latrine duty-or the threat/promise of. No he's more interested on the silver before him.

Nenienne once again seems reluctant to leave the egg she's touching, or rather perhaps seems even more reluctant. She finally does leave, though, and heads toward the Uncut Beauty Egg, which she reaches out to touch with more confidence.

Rocio was directed to head to the Sands, since she was in the area, and she'll come trotting in. The duration of her time out is reflected in the magnitude of 'wet', of her veil and tunic and pants. But she does arrive and pauses at the edge of the sands. A quick look up at the golds, before Rocio will bow in their direction. Then, with an uncertain glance at the non-Candidates, she'll step in and wade through the wet sands to the nearest untouched egg - Second Starlight Egg.

Uveline withdraws her hand after several more moments without any further reaction and looks around, taking in where everyone is. Faithfully remaining on /this/ side of the sands, as instructed, she makes her way toward the egg Neni just left - Sparkled Imposter Egg. This time, Uveline steps right up and touches her full palm against the shell, still careful to be gentle, but certainly much less hesitant than with the last two eggs.

Neythan had remained quite silent for a bit, but the arrival of Rocio causes a pleasant smile to appear on his features, and he carries the glowbasket he's still holding aloft over in her direction in a pace generally referred to as a 'mosey'. Of course, the shadows shift luridly as he moves. "Hello there," he murmurs gently to the veiled lady, making sure she can get a proper view of her chosen egg through the gloom.

Merendezen blinks, looking to the egg with a frown pulling at his brows. Lips press together in a thin line, considering and then he turns, examining the rest of the Candidates in the the light from the glows. He is drawn to the Captured By Fire Egg, the next one he approaches with his hands coming to rest gingerly on the shell.

For the first, Rocio's eyes close, as her fingers contact a dragon-egg shell, for the first time, and her fingertips explore the texture. She absolutely was not expecting, however, the mental connection that ensues, the sensation that blasts through her. Dark eyes flash open and she rocks back on her heels. Her knees wobble, and shakes her head, swallowing convulsively. In some serious awe, Rocio stares at the egg, before, dimly, Neythan's voice, and the glow he carries, permeate her attention. "Neythan!" Rocio calls. "Neythan. Come here. Touch this! This is… Touch this, and tell me what …What happens!" She even steps toward the man, holding out her hand as if to catch Neythan's hand, to bring him over to the Second Starlight egg. "Here. This…"

Nenienne is once again moving, this time heading toward the Scattered Spots of Sparkle Egg. No longer hesitant, she is still careful as she touches it, sliding her hand gently on the shell.

Uveline barely supresses a startled oath as she pulls her hand away from the egg, only her memory of Kaseth's angry reaction from earlier keeping the motion from being a wild guesture. "I don't think I'm ready for you," she murmurs, trembling slightly as she backs away from the egg, clearly unsettled by the experience. Reluctant to touch another egg so soon, she instead edges closer to Neythan and Rocio, listening curiously to Rocio's words and rubbing her hands together as if cold.

"Careful there," Neythan warns Rocio as she wobbles a bit, obligingly putting his free hand on the Second Starlight egg as well. "The other one I touched earlier did something weird too," he mutters to her, sotto voce. "I need to keep things lit so the weyrwoman doesn't tear hides outta all of us for being clumsy around the eggs," he adds in a soft whisper, meant for Rocio's ears only as Uveline comes closer to them.

Chuckling Jaret is coming back up, and then moving over to the egg that Zen was previous. Fingers move along the Ancient Resin egg, slowly, as it seems he has finally gotten a hang for it-well for touching eggs at least. Once however he's carefully circled the egg, he is leaning in close and placing both hands against the side. A deep breath and he's letting ease out of his nostrils. "Hello, little guy…"or girl dragon? Either way Jaret is muttering softly, as if to coax the egg he's touching.

"Right…" But Rocio waits to see what Neythan's response is. No words just yet. Rocio, delighted and curious and wary, all at once, watches Neythan for a second, before she sends a good glance around the gloom to the others. Uveline gets a look, and a half-smile; Rocio clears the space for Uveline to touch this same egg.

Merendezen considers, quiet, searching the egg and then nodding. "I like you." He decides, pulling his hand away and taking a deep breath. He considers, looking to the other eggs, green eyes searching. Then, he steps towards the Hunter's Diamond Egg. A single hand reaches out, experimenting, curious.

Not one to intrude, Uveline remains several paces away from Rocio and Neythan, shaking her head slightly when the other woman makes room for her. "It's alright, I don't want to crowd the eggs. I don't know how Kaseth would respond to that," she explains in a low voice, gaze darting toward the gold and her rider, then back to Rocio. "What did it do, if you don't mind me asking?" she inquired in that same soft tone, tucking her hands behind her back once they are warmed up again.

With another look up at Neythan, Rocio turns with a nod to Uveline, "I heard something, then felt like I was riding a fast runner, fast, but without the runner. Then there was a taste, nasty, and I thought I might fall." Rocio returns. "What have… The other ones felt like, to you?" Rocio is, really, amazed.

Nenienne steps back suddenly from the egg, her frown deepening. She recovers, listening to Rocio's answer, and then heads over toward one of the eggs the other candidates have eschewed, the cotton candy rock. She cocks her head curiously at Rocio's answer, but reaches out to touch the egg at the same time.

And for once since being in this infernal rain-new place and snarked out, Jaret is actually smiling, and laughing. Yes laughing, which if one knew him previous to this, would seem out of place. One never laughs when he is supposed to be doing, some 'duty'. Still he is laughing and both hands remain flush to the egg. He would hug it if he could. However, Jaret's not dumb enough to do that. "Oh Littlefeet. I like you, mate."

Uveline listens intently, giving a slow nod as Rocio's experience resonates with her own. "That's about the gist of things I've felt - feeling like I'm moving, or smelling something that isn't there. The one Neni was just touching? It was like… well, like being on a boat, I guess. Smelled and sounded like the ocean, I thought. But there was this taste… Maybe it was some drink you might enjoy if you're out in the sun and the breeze, but it was odd to me, here, now," she relates quietly, trying to put into words what she experienced.

Merendezen's eyes are unfocused, not that anyone can really see. Eyes are open but unseeing, staring blankly. There's a sharp intake of breath, a shudder and he pulls away. His head shakes, trying to rid his head of the thought. He has nothing to say for that egg. He takes a step back and moves on. A Fool's Errand Egg is approached, curious despite the last egg.

Hearing Jaret's laugh, Rocio looks over to mark what egg that young man is by. With another glance over at both Uveline and Neythan, Rocio will step over, three paces, to cross to the Shimmering Lights egg. Before touching, she hesitates, then draws a deep breath as if bracing herself.

Nenienne suddenly sneezes three times quickly in succession and shakes her head as if to clear it. She removes her hand from the pink egg and ponders the other eggs before approaching the one Rocio just vacated.

Not yet recovered in courage, Uveline refrains from approaching another egg, taking the time to simply observe the other candidates and their reactions while she can. "Clearly, that one isn't too startling," she murmurs to herself as she watches Jaret at the Ancient Resin Egg. "Zen seemed to be like it, too." So she starts moving that direction, staying out of Nenienne's way when they cross paths.

There's no moving from the egg for a long moment before he is finally standing, as Uveline is approaching. A nod given to the blonde as he steps back carefully, in case she is wanting to check it out. His hands sliding down to his side-though one goes to stereotypically hang at his belt. Best place for it, really.

Again, a quick swallow, and this time, Rocio looks at the egg with a sense of awe… And loss. Her fingers splay and draw along the ovoid surface, caressing, in return. Rocio's gaze strays now to the protective gold, studious for a long moment, before she'll look down and mark this egg into her memory. Rocio steps back once more and pauses, to look around at what other eggs are here, what other Candidates are here.

Nenienne nods politely to Uveline as they pass one another, and then she looks at the second starlight egg from several angles, until finally she sees whatever it was she's looking for or gives up. Either way, she finally touches the egg and, a few seconds after, backs away.

Merendezen tilts his head, inhaling with a deep breath and holding it tight before he releases it and takes a step back. Green eyes search the egg before turning, considering the rest. He approaches the Uncut Beauty Egg, curiously examining the texture with one hand.

Uveline nods to Jaret as he steps away and she takes his place, cautiously reaching out toward the egg. Then she hesitates and shakes her head. "I don't think I'm ready for any more just now," she says softly, pulling her hand away and stepping back. "Maybe another time. It's a little much to digest right now." And, to underscore that, Uveline moves well clear of the eggs, turning her attention toward Randi. "Is it alright if I stop now, Randi? I'd like to think about what I felt today before I touch any more. It's already so jumbled up…"

"That's fine, Uveline." Randi nods once, head turned to look at the group over her shoulder from where she'd been soothing momma dragon's over-protective concern. "We'll do this again in a few sevens, once I've cycled all the small groups through. You'll probably get called to go through Rauzath's as well, at some point." And here she raises her voice. "All those who wish may leave. Those who want to stay have a little bit more time."

"No skin off m' back if you touch him or not." Jaret replies easily to Uveline for a moment. Eyes taking her in before he is pushing away and heading out of the sands and over towards the opening where they all amassed. He could do with some rain to calm his head. He's not going to leave just yet. He might watch the others, but he is certainly done with touching eggs.

Rocio drifts farther from the others, again, though she'll send a look over to the glow carrier for another second. Then the Tarnished Silver egg draws her nigh. Rocio wipes her hands, absently, on the cloth of her damp pants, before she'll compose herself and reach to touch this next egg, politely, on the rounder end.

Uveline nods at Randi's reply, bowing low to the rider and her dragon. "Thank you, ma'am. Kaseth, I appreciate you letting us, uhm, meet your children. I look forward to getting to know more of them. In the future." Oh yes, the future. Not right now, as Uveline's head is overfull with thoughts and ideas and who knows what else. She waves absently to the others as she picks her way, oh-so-carefully, across the sands to the entrance and heads out, casting one last look over her shoulder before stepping into the rain once more.

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