Theme of Clutch: The Noble and the Ignoble
Dragon Name: Eovarijath
Dragon Colour: Gold
Hatchling Name: Watchful Shieldmaiden Gold Hatchling



Eovarijath (which Bast pronounces Ae-o-VAH-ree-ath), is based on Eowyn from Lord of the Rings, and in part, from the Valkyries from Norse Mythology. Her name is twisted together from the Rohirrim word for Horse – being Eoh, and valkyrja, which is the Old Norse word for a single Valkyrie. For your Eovarijath stands alone.

Hatchling Description

The pale white-gold of a winter sunrise, this tiny gold hatchling is all long limbs and lean body. Her face is small and dished, reminiscent of a prized equine foal. An arched neck swoops down into bony withers and haunches; promises of future power. Wings that are just this side of too big for her frame spread out with sails of warm dove grey, though the edges are brushed with a hunter green tarnish. That same hue winds its way around legs, neck and tail; a shadow along her lines of motion. Her talons are the only truly dark to be seen on her, stained an inky green-ish grey.

Dragon Description

The pale white-gold of a winter sunrise, this limber gold dragon is the picture of fleetness; a child of the wind. Her face is small and dished, reminiscent of a prized equine mare. An arched neck swoops down into powerful withers and haunches; the drive behind the speed. Wings that are just this side of too big for her frame spread out with sails of warm dove grey, though the edges are brushed with a hunter green tarnish. That same hue winds its way around legs, neck and tail; a shadow along her lines of motion. Her talons are the only truly dark to be seen on her, stained an inky green-ish grey.


Eo is a loner. She loves you fiercely, this is true, but beyond that, she stands alone. She views the Weyr as her fortress and is willing to do whatever is necessary to take care of those who look to her, but if it were her preference, she would stand against the darkness by herself. Protection of her home is a core value, only slightly more urgent than the judgment of the guilty.

« I know I saw you going that way. You get sweeps for a seven. Next time, I won't be so lenient. »

She is a strong disciplinarian, but only on those matters which endanger the rider or dragon themselves. She will not hesitate to use the power behind her color to enforce her rulings either. As a Senior gold, she would reign supreme, but such distribution of punishments could - and probably will at one time or another - get her in trouble with the older queens and the Senior herself. It will be up to you to talk her way - and yours! - out of those sorts of pinches.

She does not handle authority well because she has one of the most inflated egos a dragon - even a queen - can have. From the time she is a weyrling, she acts as the general and the leader of her little band of dragonets; she always knows best and while she will on occasion listen to advice from someone she truly respects - like yourself! - in the end, she makes the decision. The flip side of this is that when her judgment - whether it's of a person or a situation - proves to have been wrong, she readily admits fault and takes the experience to heart. Little things she'll forget, just like every other dragon on Pern, but when her stubbornness has bad consequences for you or someone else, it really makes an impression.

Your gold loves to fly. She loves to soar through the air with the proverbial wind in her hair. Like the Rohirrim, Eovarijath loves the speed and ease of flying everywhere. This dragon will be hard-pressed to stay on the ground. As a weyrling, she will hate lessons that do not lead up to flight and rush through everything - all while doing her best to get you to speed up as well. When that hurdle is finally reached, she will never walk when she can run, nor run when she can fly. This might be a problem when she's sandsbound. Such speed could very well lead to careless errors and result in tasks having to be repeated. This tendency will mellow as she ages, but you'll always find that slow paces and having to be still for any length of conscious time rubs her the wrong way. Even when she sleeps, she's never still, twitching and shifting and making soft rumbling noises.

Eowyn: Ride with me.
Merry: [smiles] My lady!

Most don't get along with your Eo. She can be abrasive in her decisiveness and her arrogance tends to put off human and dragon alike. This is not to say that she is cruel, but she is above them and she knows it. Her job is to lead and protect them, not coddle them. If it comes down to a choice between being nice and being a leader, she'll choose the role of leader every time. It takes a special dragon to pierce her all-important 'leader face' but when she does find a friend, your Eo will hold to them forever. She is a true friend to those who pierce the harsh facade she can present to others.

Courage, Merry, courage for our friends.

When Thread comes, she is truly the Valkyrie. In fact, she'd prefer to be in the upper ranks, flaming the sharding stuff away herself. It's a trait she shares with her dam, but unlike Kaseth, Eovarijath doesn't have that sense of the Greater Good that keeps her in her place with the other queens. You will have to be constantly on your guard not only against missed Threadspores, but also against Eo breaking formation and trying to join the more active fight on the 'front lines'. Expect to hear her grumble and complain about this. Especially in the days just after a Fall.

Aragorn: You have some skill with a blade.
Eowyn: The women of this country learned long ago, those without swords can still die upon them. I fear neither death nor pain.
Aragorn: What do you fear, my lady?
Eowyn: A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.
Aragorn: You are a daughter of kings, a shield maiden of Rohan. I do not think that will be your fate.

To make up for this, she often accompanies her dam to help the Weyrlingmasters train the little ones. She especially likes to lead flight drills. Depending on the Weyrlingmaster, and your duties, this might be a good thing. It'll keep her involved with others, and it'll have her in the air, where she's happiest. However, if you'd rather she wait for you, she will, but she might grumble a bit.

Witch King: [taking Eowyn by the throat] You fool. No man can kill me. Die now.
Eowyn: I am no man.

Mind Voice

Eovarijath's mental communications are all stringed instruments and rushing wind. There can be the sound of runners galloping, neighing, snorting, nickering and other such things, but it's not an overpowering sound, merely a background noise. Her actual words come through with a high soprano, soft, light and lilting.

When she's due to rise, the equines get a little bit louder, and the rhythm of the strings increases in speed, or volume. Or both, as she gets very close.

Mind Scent

We hope you like runners. Because your gold smells an awful lot like them when she talks. But that's to be expected from this particular dragon. Normally, it's just the soft smells of a clean stable, but when angry or overly excited, there are the less pleasant smells.

Physical Voice

Eovarijath's physical voice is rather high and tinny sounding. It's quite a departure from her soft, high mental tones, but it's not screechy, either. It's another trait she inherits from her dam, but she's embarrassed by the sound - it's not very inspiring - and so hardly ever makes any vocal noises.

Movement and Growth

Though she starts out tiny, your Eo is going to grow in leaps and bounds. And it will always be leaps and bounds. You'll go to bed with her being one size and wake up to her being one size larger. This will mean special attention to her hide; it could very easily dry out or crack if not meticulously looked after. By the time she's done, she'll be just under the average size for a gold. Bigger by far than her own dam, but not as large as, say, Rauzath.

Eovarijath has the mind of a warrior and the soul of a runner. This means that she's always alert, always listening, and almost always moving. While she can - and often does, especially at the end of a long day - plod along like any old mine pony, she also has a habit of prancing and cantering and even full-out gallumphing across the ground in the cases where she just can't fly. Given the choice, however, she will always choose air travel. This may result in her leaping into the air in one bowl only to land in another. Some may find it a bit silly, but Eo manages to ignore them completely.

Flights and Clutching

As one who stands alone against the dark, Eovarijath is rather ambivalent in her pre-flight phase. She wants to find someone to mate with – someone to fly with – obviously, but she becomes exceedingly particular about what kind of bronze she is looking for. It may or may not influence the actual outcome, because that's as unpredictable as a race, but she will do her best to hang around the strongest, fastest, bravest bronzes in the Weyr. Or at least those she considers such. Your input will probably not be taken into consideration, at least before she takes to the sky.

When she does, however, all former connections are severed. She is in a race, and it is up to them to catch her, not up to her to choose. She will fly as hard as she can, mainly straight, though she might do some aerial stunts to prove her abilities to those she flies with.

When that lucky bronze catches, she will hang on to him for a while. Should you have a relationship with the his rider, even if the two of you are just friends, your gold will consider the pair 'worthy', and encourage you to keep them around for at least a while after the clutch.

As previously mentioned, she will hate being sandsbound. She can't fly. However, she understands the necessity of staying where she is. She'll comply, albeit grudgingly. She'll monitor egg-touchings rather closely, her protective instincts in high gear. It is her duty to protect these eggs, and as such she'll scoot closer, and bellow menacingly at any perceived threats.

When the eggs hatch, however, she sends them off to the Weyrlingmaster for their training, and doesn't much think of them again. She's done her part, now it's the WLM's time. Should they come back to talk to her, she'll be polite, but there won't be much real tenderness. They need to learn to fight, not be coddled. Well, until it's time to teach them to fly, that is. Then, of course, she'll offer to help.

Eating Habits

Eo eats slowly, with her attention kept around her as though she's constantly on guard as if waiting for someone to try and take it from her. It may take awhile when she's young to get her to eat all her food in one sitting. Often, she'll be distracted by something, especially if it's something leading to flying. When she's old enough to hunt for herself, she'll often fly down, grab the beast, and start eating while flying, only landing after she's got part of it consumed. Watch out for flying bits.


Egg Name: Hunter's Diamond Egg
Egg Desc: Greens both deep and light play along the surface of this eye-catching egg. The darkest hues seem almost black, forming a loose sort of band around the upper half, while splashes of light play around the lower edges. It's a flashy enough egg on it's own, but when the sun hits it just right, it sparkles.
Inspiration Image: I used the emerald, which was colloquially called the Hunter's Diamond - at least where I grew up - and was prized by some even above diamonds. http://www.shaysjewelers.com/images/gem_emerald.jpg
Submitter: Randi

Hatching Foo

EGGPOSE1: The Hunter's Diamond Egg gives a quick rock, in impatience, once, twice, then falls still again, its facets seeming to weave and warp like watching a gem through water.

HATCHING_POSE: With more force than is strictly necessary, the Hunter's Diamond Egg shatters open, leaving large shards of green shell around. A lithe, lean white-gold dragonet charges out of the field of shells, and runs barreling toward the candidates. The Watchful Shieldmaiden Gold Hatchling is free.

PUBLIC_IMPRESSION: Tiring of her dashing here and there, the Watchful Shieldmaiden Gold Hatchling finally decides to stop and find someone to feed her. She'd walk alone if she could, but since it appears one of these must help, she'll find the one who will run with her best. With a skid-stop, she finds herself directly in front of the veiled candidate. With consideration and hesitation, making sure of her choice, the Watchful Shieldmaiden Gold Hatchling looks up at the battle-scarred woman and claims her for her own.

PRIVATE_IMPRESSION: The sound of the wind whistling in your ears starts softly, and then you hear the 'clip-clop, clip-clop' of a runner galloping by grow ever-increasingly louder in your mind. Included with the sounds of a wild runner ride are its appropriate smells: the little bits of dust and flora that the wind carries, the freshness of the wind itself, the homey scent of the runner carrying you along on this ride. It doesn't appear to stop, though after a long moment, a soft, lilting soprano voice seems to greet you. « Fair day, my Rio. You have come far, and we will go far, both in life, and in the sky. Come fly with me! » There is the clang of steel meeting steel, and then a great, pregnant pause, in which you seem to continue to fly through this mindscape on the back of your runner-dragon. Just when you think you'll go crazy from the silence, only then does she continue her greeting. « I? I am Eovarijath, and we shall stand strong together. Forever. » There is a light, tinkling laugh, and the soft nickering of runners in their stalls. « Come now. To stay strong together, we must first eat. Would you mind? » And the wind seems to settle to a tolerable level, and the gentle tinkle of laughter in your mind becomes only a memory. However, the deep and abiding force of affection and connection remain, and somehow, you know they always will.

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