Lady Holdless Eris
Position Lady Holdless
Former title(s) Orphan
Sex Female
Age 27
Place of Birth Unknown
Family Husband Deimos
Portrayed By Lumo Suicide


Sultry describes just about everything from the cherry tint to Eris' hair, to the wide oval shaped eyes that are nearly always kohl lines, to the curvaceous figure she manages to keep; on top of being it peak physical condition for fighting. Her skin is a creamy shade, not too pale, with eyes shaded walnut. Slightly thinned lips and a strong, sharp jaw, do nothing to detract from her appeal.

Character History

Deliberately Left Blank. (All anyone needs to know about Eris is who she is now.)

Trivia and Notes


Deimos: Not actually the center of her universe only because Eris knows better than to wrap herself entirely around a man like that, but she is rather devoted to him. She adores him. While she might have sex with someone else for a very good reason, the world would have to end before her heart wavered.

Ch'rii: He was there before she was, and despite that, the now-brownrider welcomed Eris into their inner circle just as rapidly as mother-figure Brihela hoped he might. She considers him like a brother.

Maura: The Only Female Friend who isn't a criminal. In fact, Maura is Blooded (albeit minorly), which completely scandalizes Eris at times, but it's nice having a girl friend who isn't also technically in her employ.

Memorable Quotes:

Eris' Logs


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