Escape from the Infirmary

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Participants: Maura, Ch'rii, dragons
IC Date: Day 23, month 2, turn 4
OOC Date: Jan 1, 2012
Location: Eastern Weyr Bowl, then Ch'rii's weyr
Synopsis: Okay, so it's not actually escaping: Rii is sprung from the infirmary. With permission.
Rating: PG. I think. Rii swears.
Posted by: Ch'rii

The tunnel leading out from the infirmary, to the dragon infirmary, and then out to the bowl can seem interminably long. Even when you happen to be the one waiting outside for someone else to make the trek. Rikath is already prepping his gagging noises while Maura fidgets and waits, having flipped him off right in front of Zekoith for some smartass comment the blue made as soon as they landed. so of course, she's leaning against the brown's hide instead of her own lifemate's — which both, no doubt, find terribly amusing.

Zekoith has been practicing his deep breathing to go along with Ch'rii's; considering his rider has gotten much better about the management of his lungs since they collapsed, he ought to learn to do it too. The problem with being a deep-breathing brown who is the size of a small bronze more than a large brown at his point is that — well. When there's a person leaning against you, and they are not that big, they go up and down and up and down and — "You'll make her dizzy," says Ch'rii's voice from the entryway. Or, in his case, the exitway.

Yep, kind of like a mini roller-coaster! Zekoith is Maura's very own carnival ride, and she's about to voice the same opinion when it's suddenly heard espoused from the exitway. It certainly doesn't help that she's been practically holding her breath waiting either, but she still nearly launches herself at Rii when he's in sight. Nearly! At the last minute she remembers that might not be the best idea when he's not at his best.In place of the physical launch, he gets a verbal once instead. "I have dinner waiting at your place. And that tea you like. I got more of it. And uhm, Charisli's been telling me what I need to do to help you out while you finish recovering. So, you know, I won't land you in the infirmary again." she babbles, Babble. "And I'm so nervous. I don't know why, but I'm really nervous. Because you really need your rest and I still have problems sleeping and… but…" Okay, now she stops, even if they're walking and folds her arms around the other rider with a sigh. "But wow, I've missed you."

"You didn't land me in the infirmary the first time," Ch'rii presses, forcibly cutting off any further potential nervous babbling with a fully-enveloping hug. He's taller than her; he might not have the strength to pick her up right now, but his arms can swallow her. "Technically, if we're going to blame someone, Randi did. But I'm not going to do that, because it'd get back to her somehow." Zekoith and Rikath get a pointed look in their direction that says, very clearly, if you somehow talk to Kaseth, do not pass that on. "And I'd say I missed you but it seems like you were there whenever I was awake!" Laughter; he's teasing. "What's dinner?"

"Semantics. I clearly recall…" Okay, nervous babbling cut off; tension in her small frame leeching away slowly. "Why do you think she disappeared in the first place? Guilt, I'm certain. And that was even before, you know. This." Rikath merely huffs a disgusted snort. He's had his hands too full keeping Maura off the guilt train, thanks. He's not about to blab anything to Kaseth. "That was the idea." Yeah, he's teasing. But she's serious! If he was awake, she totally made a point of being there. A lot! All the time! Except for threadfall days. Not even P'sec would let her out of that. But dinner, well, that makes her grin. "I bribed a few of the kitchen staff. It's your favorites."

The guilt train does not have a stop here at Eastern Weyr anymore; it's been taken care of forcibly in more than one way, and Ch'rii is not going to waste any more time on it. "You bribed someone?" It's an impeccable and totally shameless grin. "Spending too much time around Eris?"

"Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe." Maura hedges, when asked to divulge who might have helped her learn the fine art of paying people money and flattering them into doing what you want. "But I will say that she showed me a really great way to hold the knife while I'm threatening someone." Pause. "By the way, your poker buddies will be waiting for -you- to tell them you want a game at your place. They won't be showing up unannounced. But Deimos and Eris will be here in the next sevenday. I'll bring them." Let him wonder on how -that- conversation with his card group went, after hearing that. She might even look smug for a moment.

Ch'rii is not, at least, concerned about it. "I guess I never really do need to handle my own affairs again, do I?" he teases, ruffling her hair. It would be a rude thing to do if he ever did it to anyone but Maura; that wasn't looking down on her for being younger. Just shorter. And it had turned from a silly wingmate affection in Igen back into an actual romantic gesture once they were in a stable relationship at home at Eastern.

"Nope!" Maura jokes right back, entirely unrepentant. "At least not until you're feeling better. And, I admit, I was being entirely selfish warning them away." Also said without apology, though with maybe a sheepish glance upwards when her hair is ruffled. If anyone was being rude here, it's totally her for running roughshod over his convalescence. And because he expects it, she swats at his hand so her hair doesn't wind up completely tousled. "You able to climb Mt. Zekoith alright? RIkath's shorter if that's easier." « Leave the poor man alone. He'll tell you if he can't do anything. » Rikath grouses, letting Zekoith in on his bitching. "Oh shut it, Rik." Mutter.

« I am a mountain now? » Zekoith sounds pleased at this suggestion, making a happy little croon. Ch'rii rolls his eyes at the dragon. "Yeah, I think I can take him. Bring it on, Zek." Normally, the brown would choose this time to make things difficult for his rider's attempts at mounting up, but today he takes pity on Rii, who mounts up with only a little bit of difficulty in the breathing department. It's mostly the rubbing where the chest tube was that really hurts.

« If it pleases you to think it. » Dry, Rikath replies. « Just remember when you land, that I -did- warn you about Maura's… inability to keep still and need to do things. » So that the cleaning and rearranging and screens and… all of that, don't wind up shocking the hell out of both of them. Maura watches, waiting, hovering and fussing at the foot of the brown dragon until she can see that Rii's going to make it up there just fine before she turns to mount up on Rikath - despite his insistence on making gagging noises at her. Either he's annoying her to keep her from worrying, or he's making fun of her. Either way, he's happy that he gets to play curmudgeon.

« He knows, » is Zekoith's simple reply — indicating that Ch'rii just didn't, well. Think to say anything about it. Perhaps he isn't bothered — most likely, he isn't bothered and is either amused by it or moved. Probably a tiny little bit of both. « Can we go? » That pressure is put on Rikath and rider both; Ch'rii rolls his eyes again. "I guess we should head off, he's impatient to go home and lounge on his damn ledge."

If they know, then they know. And Rikath doesn't give it another thought really. "You're waiting on us? We're waiting on you two. Go on!" Maura urges, echoed by a mental nudge from the blue. Laughter follows them all the way up to the ledge, since it's -just- like a dragon to be impatient to go be lazy. But she says nothing more until her feet hit the ledge and she can lead the way inside. "So what did they tell you about what you can and can't do? And when do you meet with Master Xantes tomorrow?" One can see the mental calculations going on as she makes to-do lists in her head, a slightly dazed expression suggesting that she has -way- too many lists that are being kept track of. IN other words: normal. "Will it be at Landing, or here?" Yeah, back to babbling. Poor Rii.

"Here," first, because Ch'rii has his thoughts in order in reverse — or in 'easiest to answer first,' which is more likely. Zekoith, meanwhile, is comfortably settling on his diving-board-cum-ledge, and allowing Rikath space. "And I can do most anything, just have to take it slow and no Between for two weeks, then I'm cleared for threadfall. The time, by the way? Is — Isli knows." Just ask his sister, he can't keep track of anything. "Three in the afternoon, I think." He hopes.

"Threadfall in two weeks? Really?" Maura finds that disturbing for some reason, her brow furrowing in response. Rikath finds his spot easily enough, but it's because he's following orders. Stretched out in the shadows across the entrance and stone still; that's where he'll be. Zekoith can totally hog what's left of the sunlight and warm stone and he'd be totally fine with that! "Alright then. I'll get Isli to show me the schedule. I won't forget it." Like she never forgets anything ever, apparently. "Glad to be 'home', finally? Is there anything else you need here?" Her eyes scan the room, narrowed in thought.

Ch'rii, unphased, points out, "I spent two months in the infirmary. They weren't letting me out until I was good and ready for whatever the world had to throw at me, Threadfall included once I get used to living." Looking around the weyr, which is — a lot cleaner than when he left, to say the least, and a lot more stocked — all he can do is shake his head. "No, looks perfect."

"I… right. Sorry. It's just. I've been… never mind." Biting back what would otherwise be a sigh, Maura forces a smile. "Alright then, good. Good. I'll just, uhm, get you a drink or something while you sit." she decides, and is certainly set to pour herself something strong as well at this point. "There's a lot to catch up on, but I've kept you filled in. We're in P'sec's wing. I was going to be in D'lan's wing until he fucked off somewhere. Rikath demanded he be transferred under Abydoth - insisted that's the only dragon he'd listen to because 'at least he's not a stupid tail-chasing moron'."

Unable to help himself, Ch'rii snorts as he flops down on his bed; it's mostly sitting, at any rate! "Okay. Good to know. I can read formation charts myself, at least, you don't need to worry about that — do I even want to know, as regards D'lan?"

Maura drinks hers straight from the shot glass as soon as its poured, and then sets the glass aside for later. Yeah, someone has definitely developed a few bad habits since she used to be an 'expensive wine only' type of girl. And whatever she just took a swig of, is poured into another shot glass for Ch'rii, then carefully handed to him before she perches alongside him. Almost leaning against him, but not quite. "What, would you prefer I go into another wing? I'm sure I can have it done. Meiglen and I talk a lot." she offers, vaguely. As for D'lan, well, a flash of old hurt crosses her face before it's shrugged away. "Don't know. He didn't say anything to anyone."

"Too in love with Randi — who has more sense than to dedicate herself to him, as far as I can remember — to actually care about the rest of us, I guess," Ch'rii says with a second snort. Whatever he might feel bad for tossing aside like that later is totally ignored now, because right now, he's just plain pissed at a competent rider for disappearing like that. D'lan, anyway. He's unable to find himself angry with Randi. Taking the drink, and taking a long, slow sip, he continues, "Why would I want you in another wing? I just meant you didn't have to catch me up on the actual wing formations because I can read them myself and you don't need to worry about it. I'm used to having you in my wing. Is she competent, that goldrider? Heard Ista didn't want her, though it could be seeing as how she was just pretty quiet and unassuming. Which it seems like she is. Zeko claims Rikath digs the gold?"

Maura echoes that snort, and then adds one of her own. "Guess you're right." she agrees, having internalized that lesson quite well at this point. "He would have made a good Wingleader too." she muses, kicking off her sandals so that she can stretch out and then curl herself up beside Rii in the kind of relaxed pose that she has clearly been unable to attain for momths now. Her sigh this time is just pure contentment. "For all that I can remember everything I read, I still hate trying to recall wing formations." She sidesteps neatly, segueing into, … "Yes, she really is. She's quiet and competent. She fired all the old wingleaders and put in new ones afer that disaster where there were all those injuries. Ista had a lot of golds. But mostly? I think they wanted to send in someone they thought they could control." And now, her lips curl up. "Rikath does like her. It's not the same as Kaseth - nobody will be, I suspect. But that he's warmed to her so quickly is a good sign."

"Means she must be at least a little bit of a bitch," Ch'rii speaks of Svaldirath, but he's doing it fondly. He doesn't even continue to talk about D'lan, not willing to even waste effort on the issue that might just irritate him further. "Uh, for the record I meant the dragon. Not the weyrwoman." No, really. That's why he downed the rest of his drink — except for how actually he did mean the dragon. "Actually, I'm pretty good at remembering wing formations. Maybe it's because I don't read anything else, who knows."

"Since Rikath loves a woman with a bite to her, you're most certainly right," Maura agrees, readily. "Hah! Yeah, I figured that." That he meant the dragon and not the woman, obviously. "I usually have so much cluttered up in my head that I have to -think- and -sort- before I can -do-. But you know that already. Sure glad one of us is good with formations at least." It would be boring to be good at everything. Really. She's quick to pluck the glass from the brownrider's hands when he's done, turning over to set it on the nightstand before flipping back and glancing up with an expression that borders on sickeningly adoring. "You want dinner now, or no? I'm not sure I even want to move now."

Ch'rii hesitates, thinks about it — a couple of slow, rhythmic breaths and a thoughtful tilt to his head. "I think what I want now," he concludes, "is a nap."

Maura just smiles, sitting up enough to brush some hair away from his forehead and brush her lips across his lightly. "Then sleep, sweetheart." is all she says, certainly not about to argue when chances are she could use some rest herself.

"You seem so comfortable," Ch'rii murmurs, post-kiss, "I suppose we could both do with a short one." And so, in the end? They napped, for an hour or two perhaps, and then had dinner — a lot of it. No cake to anyone's face, this time.

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