The Weyrs make up some of the most morally relaxed people on the planet. Because of the nature of their dragons, riders never handfast. Pairs who take on a long-term commitment become weyrmates, but that partnership isn't as binding as a handfasting. Sex is a part of life in the weyr and so isn't nearly as taboo. Same sex relationships are also more tolerated.

The life of women in the weyr is one most outisders only dream about. They are not forced to get married, they are given equal voicing among others of their rank and can even hold positions of power within the weyr.

Despite these things, the Weyr is a tightly run ship. Different leadership styles mean that there are small differences, but overall it would be wise to compare the weyr to a military base. Command is absolute and respect is paramount. Below are a listing of some of the main positions and a blurb about what they do/who they are.


Riding bronze - or very rarely brown - the Weyrleader is the head of the whole operation; think of him as the General. In charge of the Weyr's fighting wings, the Weyrleader takes reports from all his Wingleaders on the performance of their wings and organizes the strategies for fighting Fall. During Threadfall, he is the /final/ word on things, and can call upon the psychic power of the queens in their wing to waylay any truly disobedient pair. He is the 'Lord' of the Weyr and merits respect from everyone else save the Senior Weyrwoman, but even she will most often respect his position - at least in public.


The rider of the first gold dragon to rise once the position opens, the Weyrwoman is the other half of the Weyr's leadership. She oversees everything about the Weyr's day-to-day functions, from making sure the Records are kept neat and readable and updated, to organizing the work of the Lower Caverns women to inspecting and documenting the tithe brought in from each place under her weyr's protection. Her gold is the end-all, be-all of the dragons. What she says goes. In the same vein, if the Senior Weyrwoman gives an order, very, very few people say no. The equivalent to a Lady Holder or a Mastercrafter, she - along with the Weyrleader - makes weyr policy and presents the public face of the weyr at Gathers, meetings and other political foo.


The Wingsecond of the Weyrleader's wing, the Weyrsecond is the Weyrleader's assistant. He - or very rarely she - takes messages for the Weyrleader and runs the fighting half of the Weyr in his absence. He is essentially the Wingleader for the Weyrleader's wing, because the Weyrleader has to focus on the whole weyr. In the event of the Weyrleader's death or retirement, the Weyrsecond is very often the one to take up the leadership role until the Senior queen rises again.

Junior Goldriders

The goldriders within the weyr who are not the Senior are charged with helping her in the day-to-day running of the weyr. Often they will be assigned to one specific area or another, based on what their strengths are. While they are not the Senior Weyrwoman, they are still weyrwomen and are respected by most every person either inside the weyr or out. After all, any weyrwoman could one day be the Senior, and you wouldn't want to be on her bad side then, would you?


Each weyr's dragons are divided up into functional units called wings. Each wing has its own Wingleader, who acts as the commander for that particular wing. He or she is responsible for making sure that the wing is up to snuff when it comes time to fight Threadfall. They run drills with their wing, they often create the drill pattern they wish to run - or at least select the ones they like to use most - and assign the wing's duty roster. They report to the Weyrleader or his Weyrsecond, but merit respect from wingriders and non-riders alike.


The assistants to their Wingleaders, the Wingseconds tend to take the brunt of the hidework off of their 'leaders. They can run drills in the absence of the Wingleader and will be the first to take over in the event something happens to the original 'leader. While they are more like 'just another wingrider' they are higher in rank than the other riders and have the authority to hand out punishments within their own Wing.


All other dragonriders fall under the heading of Wingrider. They fight Threadfall in the wings and perform other duties within their wing and for the weyr. They fall underneath the jurisdiction of the Weyrleaders, the Weyrsecond, Wingleaders and his or her Wingsecond. Still, all non-rider folk - even those who technically outrank the rider - tend to show them respect because of their line of work. Those who do not almost always have a very good IC reason.


Very much like the position held within the Holds and Halls, the Headwoman is the Senior Weyrwoman's right hand. Working with the weyrwomen to make sure all things within the weyr run smoothly, the Headwoman tends to work more face-to-face with the riders and weyrfolk while the weyrwomen deal more with the organizational parts. Not to say this is a hard and fast rule - because individual teams work differently - but it is a general rule.



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