Portrayed By Ioan Gruffud
Position Rider of brown Voldrath
Wing Avarice
Former title(s) Wingsecond, Whiteout Wing, High Reaches Weyr / Journeyman Seacrafter, Seacraft Hall / Seacrafter's Son, Cliffspray Seahold
Sex Male
Age 29
Place of Birth Cliffspray Seahold
Faction Neutral

Character History

Firmin was born the son of a Master Seacrafter and small Holder’s daughter of Cliffspray Hold. It was a small hold situated on a cliff overlooking a deep, rocky bay near the Seacraft Hall on the northern continent.
From the day he was born and set upon his father’s knee, all he knew was the Seacraft, and all his dreams were of boats and the sea. All he wanted was to follow in his father’s footsteps and become the Captain of a fine sailing vessel. As soon as he was old enough to apprentice, he headed to the Seacraft Hall, and bunked in with his fellow apprentices.
He soon became known as a steady lad, not much perturbed him, and even the pranksters found that it wasn’t much fun to play a joke on the blue-eyed boy who simply laughed and cleaned up his bedroll, rather than rant and cuss.
As the years passed, it was no surprise that he was among one of the first groups of his age mates to walk the tables. Although he didn’t stand out as the best and brightest, he was a good, solid and dependable student, learning his lessons well.
It wasn’t two days after he walked, though, that a pair of dragons from High Reaches Weyr landed at the Seacraft Hall. The blue, Riordanth, took a great interest in Firmin, nosing at him as he tried to go about his business. After a quick scold, Riordanth’s rider, Mohria, realized that the blue was interested in taking Firmin back to High Reaches Weyr with them. After applying to Master Seacrafter Jacob, Firmin packed his few belongings and rode a dragon for the first time.

During his candidacy, Firmin became well known among his fellow candidates, and even well liked. It came as quite a surprise to him when a brown dragonet fell at his feet and demanded that he would be the one to keep him looking at his best from then on.
F’min and Voldrath, while both the type to strive perfection, went about it in two such completely different ways, that weyrlings wondered sometimes how the two had been paired.
F’min was a sturdy, humble hard-working lad. Voldrath was a preening, conceited dragon, much like the boy in school who always wanted everyone to know he had received top marks on the last exam. Voldrath certainly had a streak of laziness, most often preferring to let the others do the ‘drudge work’ of everyday whenever he could get away with it. In fact, on more than one occasion F’min would come back from lunching in the Lower Caverns to find all the greens with their backs to Voldrath, as the brown had once again told them that the fiddly work was all they were good for. The one saving grace to Voldrath was that when push came to shove, he was every bit as good as he said he was. He never pushed anyone to standards that he couldn’t attain himself, which were high. As their weyrlinghood went on, and the brown learned the importance of teamwork in fighting, he became more tolerant of other colors, even greens. He always threw his lot to help those that were lagging come up to snuff with the rest of the wing.
However, when it comes to the normal day to day communication with other dragons, Voldrath still comes across as being quite stuck on himself.

Not long after candidacy, F'min found himself talking to Mohria at the Weyr lake one day after washing their dragons. The talk turned into a long discussion of many things, not the least of which was their shared seacrafter background, and love of ale. Especially a certain ale found only at the bar at Seacraft Hall.
They started becoming closer after F'min spent many sevendays in the infirmary recovering from threadscoring after having to overreach to catch a poorly thrown sack of firestone. Mohria had smuggled in the Seacraft Hall Ale to him, which he teasingly referred to as an act of 'true love'. Not long after, the two found that were truly were in love, and became weyrmates. They had a son they named Crispin, with his daddy's blue eyes and his mother's brown hair, and despite the almost constant bickering of their dragons, lived quite a contented life.
Only one thing marred their happiness. Each winter, Crispin would be prone to falling ill, sometimes spending days or even a sevenday in a bed in the infirmary.

With his steady demeanor, and a very competent dragon that was consistently urging it's wingmates to better standards, F'min and Voldrath became leaders in their wing, encouraging by example. His willingness to help others, and his mild yet firm approach to others was noticed by his Wingleaders. After a few turns, he was promoted to Wingsecond. It was an easy switch among his peers, since they already informally looked to him when they couldn't get the attention of the Wingleaders. He was still in his position at the time of the attempt to eradicate Thread by moving the Red Star out of orbit. With the failure of the plan, hearing of the need for dragons to establish in the Southern Continent to protect Landing, F'min talked with Mohria about going to the new weyr. They discussed the idea, and thought perhaps that the milder weather might be better for Crispin, so they applied to the Weyrleader to be allowed to join the team transferring from the weyr. Just as they were readying everything to leave, Crispin was struck with one of his illnesses, and couldn't be moved or go *between* Mohria said she would stay and look after Crispin, while F'min went on ahead with the team and set up a place for them.
F'min waited for three long months for his weyrmate and son to arrive, fretting the longer they were away that something awful had happened. As it was, something completely wonderful had happened. Unexpectedly, Mohria was pregnant again, and she had been grounded for the first three months, until it was certain that going between to the Southern Continent would not harm the child.
Now, with his full family at Eastern Weyr, F'min is as happy and hopeful as he as ever been. Who knows what this new life will hold in store for him?


Voldrath — The brown dragon is his exasperation that he can't live without. The brown dragon is too cocky by half, and much too full of himself. He knows full well that his lifemate can do all he says, and secretly suspects he can do more, but doesn't tell him.

Mohria — The searchrider who brought him to High Reaches to impress, and who became so much more than that after he graduated. The feisty, little, tomboyish woman has become his human lifemate, that he can't imagine not being in his life.

Crispin — His and Mohria's son, and the apple of his daddy's eye. He is a lively lad with a lively imagination, always cheerful, even when he's stuck in bed being ill. Hopefully the move to the southern continent will change that, so that he can grow strong and healthy.

Memorable Quotes:

« What exactly, would be a very good reason to kill your mate? »
-Voldrath to Rauzath when discussing She Who Chops Up Men.

Trivia and Notes:

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F'min's Logs

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