Failure To Understand


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Date: 2010.02.03
Location: Eastern Weyr: Baths
Synopsis: Zen and Andi have another meeting in the baths. Many things are misunderstood between the two.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Merendezen

Underneath the upper set of hatching sands, this cavern is fairly large in size, though it is dwarfed in comparison to others nearby. A natural hot spring, the steamy water has been diverted into one large pool - capable of holding about twenty odd people - and several smaller ones around the edges. Shelves have been set up along the northern wall, lined with different scents of bathing salts, sweetsands and oils. Under the shelves are benches where folk can dress and undress. Even given the tropical nature of the climate, this is still one of the most popular places in the weyr.

Late evening and chores are done, for the most part. Zen has settled in the baths to wash as he seems to be covered in dust. Clothes have been abandoned as he slowly sinks into the pool and slowly sinks down past his head. He is up a moment later, sitting there with water running down his face and seemingly carefree.

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. Andi drags her feet a little as she comes into the bath, looking over her shoulder and sparing those gathered a quick glance before cltohes are shed and she's in the water, slipping into the pool even as Zen's head is popping back through the surface, and she's squeaking, practically falling the rest of the way into the water.

Merendezen runs a hand along his face, pushing the water back along with his hair before green eyes focus on the falling Andi. A brow lifts and he chuckles, "you should really be more careful, little one. Don't want to get hurt."

Andi makes a splash, quite literally, quickly attempting to regain her composure as she slinks back against the wall of the pool, blushing darkly and looking quite ridiculous for her part. "You.. You scared me." She says softly, blinking a few times and shaking her head. "I.. didn't see you."

Merendezen laughs and leans his head back. "Didn't mean to, little one. Was dirty from chores and getting all the muck out of my hair." He chuckles, peeking at her. "Maybe it's best to look in the water first before slipping in."

"I did… I.. didn't see you!" She squeaks a little bit and shakes her head, sinking lower in the water then, and folding her arms across her chest as she does so, eyes closing most of the way, though she does keep an eye on him. "I.. I heard you get congratulations." She says softly.

Merendezen chuckles, "it seems so. No harm done, though." He shrugs and leans his head back fully, eyes closing and he sighs. "Thanks, I guess. A glorified name for all these chores that are done with no promise to get anything out of it. Keeps you busy, at least…"

"Not for that, sir dad." She whispers, the Archivist clearly having caught certain aspects of rumors in her hours of lurking, though it does seem apparent that she missed other aspects of it. "Perfect makings of a.. a bronzerider, if you ask my brother." She still peeks through her lidded eyes at him.

"Sir dad?" He asks, rolling his head just so to stare at her. "Perfect markings of a bronzerider? For what? Complaining about the chores and the title?" Zen rolls his eyes and drops his head back again. "A strange way to judge how one gets a dragon."

Eyes open slowly, and she blinks at him. "I heard… Heard what you did to that girl." Andi says softly, shaking her head with a little tsk. "And that's what bronzeriders do best." She says simply, as if its obvious, blushing even as she sinks down, leaning her head back to breath though her nose.

"I did what to what girl?" Zen sighs, giving her a look. "I did nothing. I doubt rumors of me telling that girl she was stupid because she was avoiding someone really got that far around the Weyr. Unless she told you, which would have happened right after the fact. We've 'made up' as they put it." He chuckles, "bronzeriders tell girls that they're idiotic? Nice to know."

"You got her -pregnant-." Andi whispers, as if it should be obvious, shaking her head and sighing softly. Sinking lower into the water, she shakes her head a little bit more. "No shame.." She whispers, as her hands lift to cover her eyes.

"Who?" Zen questions, laughing outright now. "I haven't dicked anyone in the Weyr, little one. I've been a 'good boy', so to speak. And since taking the knot, I haven't really had the urge to." Shoulders roll and he gives her a look. "Rumors are just rumors, little one. They aren't always right… And if you listened properly, there were two other men involved in those rumors and it's far more likely to be the beastmaster than myself."

Andi outright chokes at his words, the sharp gasp that is drawn past her lips echoing in the bathing cavern as she stares at him, eyes looking about as if they're ready to pop at his language. "I.. I saw you and those girls." And as he tries to defend himself, she shakes her head, hurriedly turning her back to him. "I know you'd do that, though."

Merendezen shrugs, "just because you saw me with girls doesn't mean I did it, darling. I provided company but I did't do anything." He laughs as she turns away, "I would. But, like I said… No interest at the moment. Too much going on."

"I.. They…" And she stammers as she glances over her shoulder at him, eyes lingering for what's a moment longer than necessary, a brief flash in her eyes before she's hurriedly looking away, blush visible over her shoulders as they portrude out of the water. "So you say."

Merendezen watches her, green eyes searching her before he chuckles. "Little one, who else is going to tell you otherwise? Unless you plan on asking every woman in the Weyr if I've slept with them… Then you start to sound a little obsessed." Pause, "are you attracted to me, little one? Is that why you care so much about what I do? Who I do?"

"I bet I wouldn't need to ask that many." She counters a bit sharply, she winces a little as she says it, and retreats to the wall, arms resting on the top of the edge of the pool. His accusation goes unanswered, other than a little squeak, and she sinks into the water again without looking at him.

Merendezen lifts a brow, "so you intend on asking around, then?" He chuckles, "you'll be sad to hear that no one will say they have." Because it's true. Then, his second brow follows his first. "You are?"

"I never said that." Of course, as its all she says, perhaps it applies to both of his statements - an universal answer as it were. Her arms cross over her chest, fingers resting on her shoulders, as she still refuses to turn around.

"Yes you did. You said you'd ask around." Zen points out, laughing. "And you're blushing."

"No, I said that I wouldn't need to ask that many. Not that I was." She say softly. "Ladies don't talk about.. -that-." She says with a little bit of disdain, shaking her head, and then as he's laughing, she's sinking lower in the water.

"But by saying you wouldn't have to ask that many means you intend on asking." Zen points out thoughtfully, then he shrugs. "Perhaps they do. I don't make it a habit to listen to what they talk about." He closes his eyes. "You better not like me, little one. I'm no good."

"No it doesn't." Andi says sharply, whirling around to glare at him with pale eyes, arms folded angrily over her chest, pressing her back to the edge of the pool for support. "Even -if- I did, it wouldn't matter to you anyway." She hisses, and immediately regrets it, sinking beneath the water for a moment before turning looking ready to bolt.

Merendezen chuckles, "if you say so, sweets." He shrugs and opens green eyes to focus on her. He says nothing at her final statement, simply watching her with his brows drawing into a thoughtful frown.

When there's no comment, no remark, no reaction at all, she hesitates briefly, stealing a quick look over her shoulder at him, biting her lip, looking torn between leaving or staying. "See.. It wouldn't." She whispers mostly for herself.

Merendezen is watching her still, green eyes focused on her entirely. He breaks away and the mask is dropped, briefly, showing the uncertainty on his face. "I don't know." His admittance is even softer, green eyes focusing elsewhere. "I wouldn't know what to do with that."

Andi lifts her gaze from the water, catching that look of uncertainly before it flickers away, and she shakes her head and sighs, turning back to the edge, and moving to pull herself out of the pool hurriedly. "I don't know if.. If I should be surprised or not." She says softly as she climbs out.

Merendezen doesn't look to her, staring away from her. "You shouldn't be surprised, little one." Then, green eyes flicker to her in another brief movement. "You'd be the first that I knew of who would feel such a thing, if you did. Which is dangerous in itself… I'll not bug you with my presence." Because he is certainly afraid of what these things could lead to, if anything.

Andi is out of the water and tugging a towel around herself, careful to cover all of her body, another towel pulled over her head and shoulders, covering herself fully, and then turns back to him. "I…" And she sighs, eyes welling up a little bit. "I.. I don't understand you at all."

Merendezen looks to her again, green eyes partially unfocused. "Don't cry." And then, he shrugs, "I don't understand, either… What are you trying to understand about me?"

"I.. I don't know." She says and just shakes her head, turning to grab her clothes and leave, sniffling a little even as she does so, the corner of the towel wiped over her face before she slips out, not trusting herself to look back.

Merendezen watches her leave and then slowly sinks down into the pool, his hand lifts to cover his face. "Shit…" He sinks lower, grumbling, "what's wrong with me?"

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