The original settlers brought with them several species of plant and animal. Some survived, some didn't, but in the end what is left is a true mixture of creatures both Terran and Pernese. Here we'll list and give a brief description so that if they - or mention of them - comes up in RP, you can use this as an easy resource to either learn about them for the first time or refresh your memory.


The shoulder-size creatures from whom came the larger dragons, firelizards come in the same colors as their larger cousins with a few exceptions. The golds can flame and the greens can lay. They don't have quite the mental faculties of the dragons; though they do Impress, it's to anyone nearby with enough food and they don't communicate in anything except emotions, colors and pictures.


Brought over by the original settlers as embryos, runners are the descendants of Terran horses. Leaner and rangier than their Earth-born ancestors, runners are bred to go long distances at great speeds, as they are the only means of long-distance travel besides dragons and message-passing besides firelizards. There are several renowned breeders of runnerbeast on Pern, but the Hold most famous for them is Keroon.

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