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Date: Oct. 3, 2010
Location: The Bar, EW
Synopsis: Jonavan stops by for a drink during a busy night. Jonavan entices Jaya to drink on the job. Banter and flirting ensue as the two, ultimately, get to know each other.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

This early evening, the bar is in full swing. Every card table was full with its own looker-ons, and the towering barmaid - along with a very new, very pretty additional barmaid with blonde curls - were making their rounds about them. The counter had some stools open since the attraction of the night is the card games - most simply grabbing their drinks from the bar and wandering over to where the real action is. Every now and then a few would glance towards the tall, shadowy man manning the entrance, his sharp eyes taking note of each and every person that enters and leaves the bar. Most skirt a wide path from the aura of intimidation there, but the most part he's staying in that area. As for the bar's owner, Jaya is behind the counter and making the drink as only she can, her loud laughter heard throughout the bar and is quite infectious.

On entering, Jonavan pauses to survey the crowd and size up the man posing as security, exchanging an open, frank look as if ignoring him and simply moving past would be an affront to his manhood. The healer tries the card games first, lingering behind someone's shoulder to watch the table for several minutes, then moves on to the bar with a muttered, "Guy in green plays like a girl." Solitary tonight, he avoids the free stool between two other men at the bar and chooses one that stands alone. He starts to drum his fingers on the bartop, but more as an idle activity; his expression doesn't suggest impatience.

Shijan, said security, merely gives Jonavan a once over before he's looking on someone else, perhaps not seeing him as a threat. Jaya notes his arrival as soon as he chooses a stool, the woman passing a glance towards one of the rowdy card tables as she approaches. "You finally made it," she drawls, sweeping a hand about to indicate her humble abode as it was. "Not looking to play any cards? Or is the drink your choice of gamble, shuga?" She already has a mug for him in either case, setting one down as the towering barmaid with the rough face approaches and drops a few dirty mugs on the counter right next to him. If that doesn't ick him out, the grimacing smile she sends his way just might.

Another few finger-taps and then the percussion peters out as Jonavan's attention goes to the bar owner. "Long day." He deliberately misinterprets the timescale on Jaya's comment and reaches for the original mug, regarding it skeptically. He's looking for backwash. "No, I just thought that maybe given the looks of the guy at the door you were also running a brothel so the real action wasn't at the cards. But safe to say from the looks of your other employees that you're not. At least I hope not." He amps up the look of repugnance that comes as his response to the large barmaid's advance.

“Wanna talk about it?” Jaya sidles up to stand infront of the healer, studying the man as he studies the mug. Jonavan’s words on the bodyguard has her casting a glance in Shijan’s direction, her expression carefully composed as she merely shrugs at him. “Had some crazy nights lately,” she explains vaguely to him. “Though, you think I should run a brothel, shuga? I don’t think any of the men would want Suli-“ and she nods towards the big barmaid towering over the patrons at the tables that had smiled at him “but Hayli?” She nods towards the small, pretty blonde currently chatting up a few of the men that surround her at one of the gaming tables. Dark eyes back on Jonavan, “Wouldn’t contribute to the cause if I did?” she seems to tease, leaning a bit over the counter as she takes up the dirty mugs that were deposited by Suli. “And are you going to glare at that mug or fill it with drink? I got any and everything here if you got the marks for it.”

Jonavan shakes his head a little as he elaborates, "Long because boring. Boring because inventory. Do you know how many kinds of weird, debilitating illnesses you can get from bad hygiene? You think this is clean? If it is, I'll take whatever you feel like serving." He jumps subjects, tipping the mug towards Jaya so she can inspect it herself. "Heard about your crazy nights," he adds, wry smile at the ready and undiminished as he reviews the possibility of Jaya selling more than just beer. "Way I see it, we're already damned for being in Eastern, so might as well live up to everyone's expectations." The man looks over his shoulder to appraise Hayli, then turns back to Jaya with the pronouncement, "Not my type."

“I’ve had no complaints before you,” Jaya puts that to the man, along with a pointed look as she bustles about. “Sorry about your long, boring day though. I would sympathize more if you weren’t badmouthing my cleaning skills.” Yep, the exact cleaning skills she’s showing right now if that rag she brandishes in front of him is any indication. And, since he’s letting her do the choosing for drinks, she reaches to pull the glass back and bends behind the counter to look for an appropriate blend. Once she surfaces with a deep brown decanter in hand, “Didn’t realize we were all damned, shuga,” she goes to say, tipping the decanter to pour an amber colored liquid into the mug. “Thought us troublemakers were few and far between. Unless you’re lumping yourself in with me?” Cuz clearly, she isn’t a good girl by the looks of it. Once it’s poured, she passes it on over to the healer without ever introducing what it is. It’s a heady flavor though, strong with a slight sweet taste of wine mixed in with something not quite placed. Once Jonavan makes the statement on her new addition working the tables, a brow lifts and she slides the mug on over to him. “Not Suli, and not Hayli. Dare I ask what your type would be, Journeyman?” she seems to tease if not for the dryness of her tone as she returns to cleaning out the deposited mugs beside her.

Jonavan gives the rag Jaya's got a thoroughly skeptical look, which then transfers to the young woman herself. "I suppose I'll risk infection and leave your cleaning skills alone. You might poison me deliberately otherwise." He leans across the counter to see what Jaya grabs, nosy, and remains there regardless of manners or intrusions into personal space; each bar has a line between bartender and customer, and Jonavan's just crossed it. "The way I've heard it, we're all as bad as you for thinking there's something in Landing worth saving. Cheers." He takes the glass with a small nod and knocks a bit back, squinting to the side as he considers the flavour. "Not bad. Tell you what, have a drink with me and I'll tell you," he proposes with a cocksure grin that mixes challenge with an expectation that Jaya will accept.

Jonavan’s remark to her cleaning skills, especially the barb about her poisoning him, earns him a flash of a enigmatic 2-second smile. “Now, now, Jonavan,” she seems to chide, though the smile from before is still curling around the edge of full lips. “You shouldn’t tempt me. I’ve been called crazy a time or two in my day.” She taps a finger to the side of her head, eyes full of unreleased amusement. “Besides, if I did that, then who was going to come back in here and banter with me over my dirty glasses?” Jonavan clearly invades personal space when she reaches to grab for marks that just land on the counter by a passing patron. Dark eyes flick over him, up and down, seeming as if to size him up before she lifts and drops a brow at him. It’s obvious something like personal space is of little consequence to the barkeep, for she merely looks at him and doesn’t address it. On the account of Landing, “But who gives a fuck what others think?” she puts forth to him, watching him knock it back with a twitch of lips. “Surely you don’t, shuga.” And surely she doesn’t either. Since Jonavan doesn’t answer her last question, the scarred woman straightens up a bit as she eyes the challenge for what it was. She doesn’t respond right away, choosing to turn from his gaze and address a few words to a waiting Hayli that has a few orders for her. It’s only once she’s knee-deep in fulfilling orders of wine, whiskey and ale that she passes a few drinks over to the waiting barmaid and then turns her head to answer him. “I usually don’t drink on the job,” she says, going through the motions of making a blend drink and passing that one over as well to her barmaid. “But maybe I’ll indulge, for the sake of an answer, hm?” Especially since the bar wouldn’t be closing for another few hours, and Jaya’s not that patient for getting information.

The healer responds first with a quick grin, brows quirking too when Jaya swears and after a pause intentionally echoing it back. "No, I don't give a fuck." He takes his time nursing his drink as the conversational pace slows with the intrusion of work at the bar and sits back. To pass the time, he also gives Hayli another once-over as she waits for the drink orders. "What's life without a little risk?" Jonavan counters at last, comment encompassing both the earlier warning on Jaya's mental stability and his later invitation. Still insolent, he adds, "Knew you couldn't resist."

Once Hayli moves off with the drinks, an eye cast for Jonavan as she goes, Jaya is smirking at the deliberate expletive return and regarding him in the eyes as she returns back to him and their conversation. Then, quite deliberately as she keeps her gaze on him, she sets an empty glass right in front of herself and reaches to grab the decanter. She pours the same liquid that she poured for the healer, filling it to the top and setting it aside in the short pause. Then she props herself on both hands against the counter edge, leaning a little forward as if to invade his own personal space now with that small challenging smirk at his later words. “I’m all for risk,” she says boldly, her voice laced with a slight Bitran accent as she says it, the words low enough for his ears only. “Got a scar, don’t I? So tell me, Journeyman.” She won’t elaborate or put the question to him again, assuming he knows exactly what she’s talking about as she, pointedly now, lifts up the drink she poured for herself with one hand and takes a long unhurried drink.

Jonavan's smile curls up the corner of his lip, wry but appreciative of Jaya's posturing. "Coulda slipped," he suggests, chin jerking up to indicate the scar. His differing diagnoses are meant to provoke, giving the idea that he immediately accept the analysis that a scar means risky behaviour. "Gone down in some kitchen in front of someone with a knife. Or got in the way of someone who had too much to drink. Which is it?" He smudges out the moisture ring that his drink has left on the bar by shuttling the glass between his two palms. "As for your barmaid, looked like she's the sort that talks too much. Which isn't what you're looking for in a brothel. Hypothetically."

“None of the above,” Jaya is quick to answer to the origin of her scar, tilting her head a little to send a cocky grin Jonavan’s way. Dark eyes sliding over his face without apology, seeming almost appreciative of his own demeanor, “Got to do better than that, shuga, but I’ll give up this much.” The glass goes down and she leans against the counter more, a deliberate move as her face gets inches from his. Her intense gaze boring into his as she lets humor slip into her husky alto, “Got a temper,” she states, the brazen challenge there in her eyes. “Much worse than it is now. I guess he didn’t appreciate my unique brand of humor.” Yeah, if one could call crass insults ‘humor’, that is. There’s a little shrug, then she turns her gaze onto Hayli that is circling one of the tables behind him. “You like women that’s more action than all-talk?” This gets her interest, brows hiking up as she considers him in the ensuing pause. “Good to know, journeyman.” She’s taking that as if he were describing what he would want deliberately, perhaps looking to goad him or push his buttons. “Hypothetically, though,” she continues along the same line, straightening up a bit now as she looks back at Jonavan, “I would be out of a business if all I have to offer these men is those two. Unless you would join us?” Sardonic to that last on that teasing offer.

Jonavan's regard, on the other hand, is deceptively mild rather than a stare to match Jaya's boldness. "Ballsy but stupid," he pronounces with clinical dispassion, looking her in the eye except for a long moment when he studies the scar at close range. "I suppose you've toned down that temper because you don't want another one to match." His gaze flicks to the unmarred side of her face then back. The straight line of his mouth turns to another slight smile as Jaya discusses his preferences, and as she puts more distance between them chimes in with, "Oh no, that part's not hypothetical." He lifts his glass with a chuckle and plays along between sips. "Thanks, but I'll pass," he first declines, then suggests, "Could sell yourself too and then there'd be three. Now I bet you're going to tell me that it'd be dangerous to sleep with you and the men wouldn't dare. To which I'll say, men are stupid."

Jaya sniffs once at that pronouncement. “I’ve gotten plenty smarter,” she says dryly, chin dropping as she looks pointedly at him. “Still alive, aren’t I? You should have seen the other guy.” Or, maybe not. “But, I’ve toned down because I don’t need the trouble, no,” she seems to agree with that, lifting up her own drink and draining it down to half. She even laughs outright at Jonavan’s decline in joining her ‘brothel’, her dark eyes lingering over the glass before she sets it down and shakes her head. “A shame,” she affects a tone of disappointment to him not joining, even so much as adding a little pout. “As to me…” and there’s that lengthy, heavy pause, the look she pins on the man one with a little dangerous intent to it as she considers him. “Well. I could,” she muses on that, as if such a brothel was really a possibility. “Some men would dare, actually.” Eyes drop to his own glass before meeting his eyes, “Perhaps some men here prefer their women a bit more…docile?” she puts to him, though the smile still lingers there before she tacks on boldly, “Are you detaching yourself from that group, then? As far as being stupid?”

Jonavan cannot have Jaya outpacing him with the drinking; he takes several large swallows until only a third remains. He presents a grin with a bit of devilry to it as Jaya considers her inclusion in the brothel, clearly enjoying the speculation, and answers the question posed with real reflection. "Maybe. You think that applies to a Weyr?" He looks interested in the question and goes so far as to admit, "My first time in one. You hear the stories." The question following gains a low chuckle of laughter, and he shakes his head. "Oh, not at all. I'm sure I'm plenty stupid when it comes to women. Just smart enough to admit it."

“Another?” Jaya’s already asking, watching his drink and him and those two things together. “I’ve been to one or so Weyrs back in my trading days,” she admits, giving Jonavan a little shrug as she herself enjoy the speculation. “Weyrs, from what I see, are pretty tricky. I hear the stories, but in a Weyr like this that has taken in so many of us…” There’s another shrug, the woman going for the decanter as if she herself was looking for a refill. “I do wonder if the Weyr breeds their own sort of ‘wild’ woman. Haven’t run into any yourself while on duty at the infirmary?” Because clearly, some would end up there, or a man or two, as her expression seems to say. Or she could just be taking the healer on a ride. One wouldn’t know with her. His last earns her genuine laughter, the sound of it brassy and infectious. “So I shouldn’t be expecting a woman to come barging in here the next moment, glaring me down for giving you strong enough drinks to have you crawling out of here?” she seems to tease, though her expression stays straight. “I always assumed you healer types to be taken,” and she raises her glass to that before downing the last of it. “Even the rude ones.”

Jonavan looks down at what's left in his glass, tilting it to the side. "Just came in for one but might as well," he agrees, not seeming too fussed about moderation. "Not yet," he answers the infirmary question, treating it as serious, "but I've only been in a little over a seven. Give it time." He finishes off the drink so the glass is free for a refill, managing to swallow before being surprised into further laughter. "Oh shards no. I imagine if there was one, she'd probably be thanking you. Though I guess there's always someone interested in the rude ones - I just prefer not to be someone's project." He owns up to his own insolence quite frankly, even with a bit of pride. "What about you, going to have someone getting annoyed that you've taken up drinking with some guy while on the job? Maybe that one over there?" He nods in the direction of Jaya's bouncer at the door.

“Well, I did offer to bring some cases your way,” Jaya notes their last conversation as she leans over to refill Jonavan’s glass. “Wouldn’t do to have you too bored around here. You might leave and that just might break my heart.” It’s all said deadpan as she pours, the smirk lingering around the edges of her lips. She looks up at his laughter, brows lifting at hearing what he says and chuckling a few times to herself before she passes his filled glass back to him. “I prefer not to be someone’s project, too,” she’s quick to agree, seeming to have been in that situation before herself. Filling her own glass and raising it up, “Take me as I am, how I am,” she states that like a mantra, the arrogance and pride in her tone a genuine one before she brings the drink to her lips. She seems pleased by his frankness, anyway, the barkeep more at ease with his words than she has been with the other patrons down the counter. To his question, her eyes fall immediately on the bouncer at the entrance that is currently watching one of the card tables that looks to be getting a little too rowdy. Following his line of sight to the table herself, “No man claims this bundle of chaos,” she refers to herself, eyes returning to the healer then with a crooked smile full of open debauchery. “Haven’t let the grass grow on my feet long enough to. He’s just protection, shuga.” Perhaps she alludes a bit to her situation, her dark gaze falling on the bouncer again before she shrugs it off. “Some think me sticking around a place will make an honest woman out of me,” she adds considerably, amused by the notion. “Not sure about that. Never been proper. Never been civilized. Prefer a man that walks with me, not for me.” She nods firmly to that, perhaps thinking a man like Jonavan would understand her line of thinking since she reveals it in longer than a few words.

"That would be truly terrible," the healer agrees, likewise straight-faced. "But somehow I don't think Eastern will be boring." Jonavan's gaze skims the part of the crowd in his line of sight, perhaps assessing their potential for entertainment. He retakes the drink, spilling a bit over the rim. He transfers it to the other hand while listening to Jaya and sucks the sticky alcohol off his first knuckle. "Cheers to that," he finally agrees, carefully raising his glass towards her as a toast to shared opinions and prerogatives. "No projects, no leashes." Only after washing down the words with a long swig does he pick up on an earlier point. "You're the sort that needs protection?"

“Hasn’t been so far,” Jaya agrees on the Weyr and whether or not it would be boring. “Two hatchings and a dead body later…didn’t think I would like this place,” and he dark gaze sweeps over the bar arena enough for one to think that she means the bar itself, “but the more I stay, the more I find that there’s not much difference between this place and all the shady ones I use to frequent back home.” She does connect her glass to his in the toast, returning to watching him with that slight amused interest that now doesn’t go away like it has been before. She takes a drink then, grunting once on his words of them having no leashes and adding in, “Aren’t we a pair? You should play cards with me after hours sometime.” It’s tacked on abruptly, her study of him not abating as she sets the drink back on the counter. “Let me win some marks off of you. You could tell me about life as a healer, and I’ll…” there’s a chuckle in that pause before adding, “Well, you’ll learn why a sort like me needs protection like him,” and her nod goes beyond him towards the entrance.

"I consider showing up hungover to examine children with stomachaches and runny noses a personal forte." That's Jonavan's way of accepting an invitation, adding as he leans forward to stress the point, "You can try to win marks off me." The challenge already posed, he recalls the northern aspect of her accent a minute later, which when connected with her livelihood has him modifying, "Or teach me some tricks. You're Bitran, aren't you."

“Bitran, born and bred Dicori trader to boot,” Jaya says that with pride leaning forward on her elbows as she lets the pleased smile plaster her face. “Know plenty of tricks, just…not one to divulge on the goodness of my Bitran heart. You’re certain you’re that susceptible to me and my…charms?” Or tricks, as the case may be, the way she sends that challenging smile over Jonavan’s way on the account of card games. “I’ll certainly try. Should be interesting, and you’re all about interesting are you not?”

"Susceptible?" Jonavan rolls the word around in his mouth along with the drink. "Susceptible to copious amounts of alcohol, yes. Susceptible to you…well, that remains to be seen, doesn't it?" His look is openly speculative, sizing Jaya up. "Interesting, yes. You haven't disappointed so far."

Jonavan’s answer amuses the barkeep. Lips pressing together as she takes up her own drink, “Remains, yes,” Jaya will agree to that, eyes studying him over the rim of the glass before she takes a lingering sip of the drink. “You haven’t yourself. Got me drinking on the job, and I didn’t even have a shitty night.” Brows lift and fall to that. “You’re right though. It would be dangerous to sleep with me, but I think you already know that.” She harks back to their earlier topic, apparently not having forgotten his remark on her being one of the ladies in this made-up brothel. “But, I was intending to be the madam. Where are you from originally, anyway?” She switches topics again, either meant to trip the man up or it’s because that’s just simply her nature. “You mentioned you never been to a Weyr before now? Where have you been, then?”

"I bring out the best in people," Jonavan says pithily, with a lurking smirk that suggests he means just the opposite. It materializes more fully with the return to the fabricated expansion of Jaya's business. "Ah, I already admitted being stupid about sex. And who says madams can't indulge favourite clients?" he rejoins boldly, eyebrows raised with the question. As for origins - well, he accommodates the change in subjects, assuming it will swing round again. "The Hall. Before that, Crom. From Telgar originally." Jonavan's history in a nutshell, delivered succinctly between one sip and the next. "Eastern's a compromise; I want to spend time at Landing, actually."

That rejoinder gets laughter from Jaya, short as she tosses back, “And I seem to only bring out the worst.” She pauses when Suli returns, sending her more mugs to clean before the barmaid moves to take up Jaya’s slack when there’s patrons to be serviced. It’s a note that the older woman does this without question, merely casting Jonavan an unreadable glance as she takes up the orders for Jaya so that she could continue her conversation. Such relationships between a barkeep and her barmaid. Jaya sends a nod of thanks to the woman, raising her glass in her direction before taking another slow sip. “That remains to be seen,” she comments on his next, acting as if the silent exchange between her and Suli hadn’t happen as she continues. “And I do treat my favorites much kinder than I do otherwise, so as a madam?” Why not, her shrug seems to say, meeting that bold look with one of her own. She doesn’t elaborate on favorites, though it’s likely she means the patrons of her bar. “Telgar?” A brow lifts with interest on this, her glance shooting towards Suli briefly before returning to Jonavan. “That’s where I was before the weyrwoman here won me off a flawed game of cards. Ever been to the Blood and Bucket?” Beat. “What’s there in Landing for you, anyway?” she tacks this on as well, leaning against the counter as she probes for information –a barkeep’s duty. “Only been there myself the once. Didn’t exactly get a chance to see the sights.” A sardonic twist of lips to this last.

Jonavan watches the large barmaid in return, both curious and a bit wary. "Is she going to spit in my drink?" he asks as Suli heads back to her previous post. His regard swings back to Jaya; his wry smile for the self-styled madam is in itself suggestive, though he doesn't pursue it further. The name of the Telgari tavern has the healer furrowing his brows, trying to place the name. "Probably. Visits home don't really leave you walking out with perfect memory, you know? Good name though." Landing has him more closed off and less willing to commit to a real answer, compensating with a quip. "Technicians who just need the opportunity to let their hair down. It's a goldmine."

“Well someone has to feed the masses while you distract the barkeep away from them,” Jaya answers dryly on the account of Suli, who is now behind the counter with her and going down the counter dealing with the patrons looking for drinks. She passes Suli a smile then before she returns to catch that smile from the healer. “Usually serves the more, ah, questionable inhabitants,” she goes on explain about the tavern, quite frank in her telling of it. “The owner there took me in when I needed a place to stash myself. Good people despite the clientele. Not the best drinks like here.” She sends Jonavan a wink, then drains the last of her drink in one long swallow. Setting it down with some force, “Two’s my limit for now, shuga,” she drawls, setting her own glass aside so as to not give her further temptation. “A few more of those, and you and this here bar full of patrons will be seeing the old side of me where this scar comes from. You want to go around technicians looking to let their hair down?” She detects his less willingness to speak about Landing, which of course, only further interests the barkeep. Eyes narrow onto him slightly as she regards his expression more than his words, his very last getting a dry, “A goldmine. You make it sound like them doing so would be worth your while, Journeyman. Why compromise on Eastern?”

"I'll look it up next time I visit." The healer makes short work of his own drink, swirling the finger left at the bottom of the glass before that too gets knocked back. "Young, nubile technicians bored by the long hours and hardly given a second look on account of the glasses and reputation of the craft." Jonavan elaborates and does a very good imitation of someone glassy-eyed at the idea. "But they need healers here. Close enough to still visit my technicians." He straightens on his stool, reaching into his pocket to extract payment for the drinks.

“Been wanting to visit back there myself, actually,” Jaya notes on the tavern, watching Jonavan make short work of his drink before she considers what he says next. That next gets long regard, brows lifting as she says, “Your type.” She could make that a question, but she doesn’t, the smirk starting out bare and basic. “Should I be surprised? Pay for just one.” She lays a hand on the counter between them, the smirk ebbing to something more genuine as she explains, “We did drink together, after all, and I actually enjoyed our conversation. Perhaps you are becoming a favorite, already.” Smirk turns a bit suggestive due to that particular conversation before she starts to straighten up and give the man space to pay for his drink.

"Well it's between that and thrill-seeking teenagers looking to cut loose before getting saddled with a husband. But those usually come with angry fathers." Jonavan counts out his marks and holds them out in his palm for the bartender. "How old are you, anyway?" He manages to turn the innocuous question into one more risque, given the context of his earlier statement.

“Such choices,” Jaya looks to sympathize, but the laughter in her voice says otherwise to Jonavan’s choices given on women. “Well, you’re in a Weyr now. Might have to toss in hard-up weyrlings once their dragons can handle it, or randy dragonriders after losing a flight.” She reaches to claim his glass, setting in among the rest when she blinks once at his seeming innocent question. Dark eyes flicking over him for his risqué slant in tone, “18 turns,” she answers that with some odd pride and a twitch of brows, her words smooth. And since they’re on the topic of ages, “Yourself?”

"Oh, excellent. A veritable plethora of choice." Jonavan, looking self-satisfied, slides off his stool but doesn't yet move away from the bar. He watches Jaya, and the tone she takes almost makes him smile. "Older than you, but not quite enough to be your father. Though maybe you're into that sort of thing."

At this first, Jaya finally leans forward to slide the marks he was holding out with slender fingers, keeping her eyes on the healer while doing it, and slides the marks into her hand. Straightening back up, “Age means little to me,” she says, the words wry in its deliverance. Tossing her loose hair back a bit with a roll of shoulders as marks vanish into one of her many pant pockets, “Engage me enough and I’ve been known to overlook a little graying of hair,” she adds, alluding to the fact that she has indeed dealt with much older men before, though the statement is probably also a tease towards Jonavan and his vague answer, himself.

"We are a pair then," Jonavan recalls her earlier words and delivers them back with the smile he wears when deliberately goading. "Since age has hardly any impact and I'm into teenagers." He hooks his thumbs into his front pockets, at ease and casual as he delivers another parting shot. "I haven't got any grey hairs. Though you're welcome to get close enough to see for yourself."

Words said being delivered back has the barkeep chuckling low to herself before tossing back in their banter, “Lucky me that you do. You just rose a few notches on my favorites list.” Jaya’s voice stays level and sardonic as she says, though in contrast her expression for the healer seems pretty pleased with his answer. When he says he doesn’t have any gray hairs, the barkeep sets elbows onto the counter and leans all the way forward on the tips of her toes as if she were taking him up on that welcome. Eyes narrowing as she gives his head of hair good appraisal, “Hmmm…seems gray-less to me, from here,” she muses lightly, baring teeth in her amused laughter once she drops her eyes to his. “Guess I’ll have to do a more thorough examination, sometime. Just to make sure, shuga.” Open tease in her voice as she says it, then she playfully steps back. “Come by, anytime,” she says, inclining her head briefly in Jonavan’s direction. “You and me. Cards and booze and banter. Might even take a good look at that hair of yours. Should be choice. Shijan won’t mind,” and she nods towards the man manning the entrance with a light smirk. “He’s usually off-duty once I retire to my own devices.”

Jonavan makes inspection easier by dipping his head down and to the side, chin to shoulder. Straightening, he gives Jaya a real smile, pleased as well, and assents with a nod. "Good, wouldn't want to run into the wrong end of his fist," he says of Shijan, sparing a glance for the man in question. "See you then." He moves away, keeping alongside the bar long enough to swing by Suli and say, "She's all yours! I swear it was just a clinical examination, I barely touched her!" The healer shoots a smug grin back for Jaya and heads out the door.

Shijan, for his part, merely looks their way, but since he’s too far to hear what they speak on his gaze is already moving away. “Evening, Jonavan,” Jaya sends him in farewell once he confirms, the barmaid working beside her getting a look since he tosses those last words toward Suli. As for Suli, she snorts the healer’s way and shoots the barkeep a look in exchange, and then the two women start working as one in engaging in more customers. All Jaya could spare for Jonavan as he leaves is a return of that linger smirk, perhaps landing somewhere on his backside too, before a patron’s bulk has him vanishing from her sight altogether.

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