Fears And Futures


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Date: August 18, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr - Lower Caverns
Synopsis: A chance encounter while they both work on finishing their chores, Zen gets to find out how much he's rubbed off on Andi over the last few sevendays.
Rating: PG
Logger: Andi

Eastern Weyr: Lower Caverns
Set up for use as both a massive storage area and an everyday workspace, the Lower Caverns is a single, high-ceiling room that has been blocked off into several smaller 'rooms' for different work that needs to be done. Over on the northernmost end is a larger section almost completely blocked off from the rest of the cavern where cots are set up for the non-rider folk to sleep until proper dormitories can be carved out of the rock.

Evening, and as it has grown darker and darker around Eastern Weyr, it has become even more evident where Andi needs to apply her attention. The candidate having been assigned to glow changing duty, she's worked her way through the hallways, and now she's made it to the Lower Caverns, where she's currently working her way around, awkwardly switching out the dying glows for fresh ones from her basket. Now and then, perhaps, a hint of a hummed note may echo, as the workers normally in the caverns have retired to dinner, and the residents have not yet retired to their cots.

Sent on an errand to get something from one of the storage bins in the Lower Caverns brings Zen down the steps, rather slowly as not all the glows have been replaced yet. Both hands remain tucked into his pockets and once he finishes descending the stairs, memory leads him over to the storage area. Though memory can't help him find what he needs, so with a soft huff, he considers the bins with a frown, squinting partially at them in an attempt to read the labels. "Can I get some light over here?" Poor Andi goes unseen as he's focused at the moment.

The glow container currently being replaced is hurriedly closed as Andi squeaks, hurriedly shuffling over towards the sound of the voice, basket open to guide her path - and mark her progress. "S-Sorry, Sorry.." Andi whispers, all flustered as she draws near, hurriedly holding out a handful of glows towards the voice before she's even in range. "Sorry.. I.. I just.. I was working." She whispers apologetically yet again, even as she's lifting up the basket, blushing as Zen comes into clear view.

Merendezen looks to where the light comes from, watching it progress over to where he stands. "Should've brought something, myself." Is in response to the apology. Though, he pauses to consider the soft whispers in response. The glows reveal the woman standing there and he chuckles, shaking his head. "Andi. My little woman. Here, come stand closer while I look for the spare tools."

"Zen.." She whispers, looking a little sheepish as she scoots closer as he asks her too, leaning to settle the glows down, letting them cast their light on the boxes and their labels, even as she absently crosses an arm across her stomach, holding her other elbow lightly, that hand still holding some glows between them. "What.. What broke?" She asks hesitantly, glancing over the labels, willing to help.

There's a chuckle as she scoots closer, not moving any closer to make any contact between them and looking to the labels that are no visible. "Hammer. The dimglow was being an idiot." He chuckles and finds the appropriate label and moves to pull the container from the shelf. "Thanks… How're you holding up?"

Andi lingers a little more, shifting from foot to foot, her eyes scanning over the boxes, eyes resting on the label being searched for only after he's already reaching for it, scooting the basket out of the way, and lifting the handful of glows gently. "Its.. different." She murmurs softly, keeping her voice low from out of fear of being seen as ungrateful. "And.. The eggs.." She shudders a little, dropping her gaze, darkness hiding her blush.

Merendezen gives her a brief look before settling it on the ground and removing the lid. The various spare tools are given a look over before he finds a hammer to his liking. "Everything starts out different before you get used to it." He notes, green eyes flickering back to her before he smiles. "The eggs… Are different. And interesting… When you go to touch Kaseth's eggs… Don't touch the blue one."

"What if.. What if I don't. What if.. What if.." Andi whispers hurriedly, shaking her head and hurriedly turning her face away as the what ifs continue to race through her mind. What if she -does- Impress, what if something happens on the Sands, what if…. Face still hidden from view, she subconsciously turns her hand to him to keep up the light, though there's a noticable little gulp at the mention of the blue egg.

"If it happens, you'll deal with it… And learn from it. Everything will be okay." He puts the hammer aside, closing the lid and replacing the shelf. The glows are taken easily and also set aside so that he can pull her close. "You'll be okay, Andi." Zen offers softly, "I'll be there with you."

After a moment, she's finding her hand empty, fingers slowly opening and closing before she's slowly turning her head back to him, swallowing audibly, still avoiding his gaze as she leans somewhat stiffly into him. "I.. I hope it is." Chin remains dropped to her chest, her hands curling in her skirts, hiding them. "My.. My hands are all rough and.. And I can't seem to.. To figure out what to do with my hair." She admits, the worries befalling her rather insignificant overall.

"It'll be okay." Zen says again, giving her a little squeeze as she leans stiffly into him. "That's normal. Nothing wrong with that. Do you put the cream that the healer gave us on them? That'll help. And… I like your hair however you do it." His hands lift to ruffle the blonde locks. "It looks fine."

A soft little sigh, and she blinks up at him in the dim light, eyes perhaps a little watery, before she's lifting a hand to rest it against his chest, pillowing her head against his shoulders, eyes falling shut. "I just.. don't know what to do, Zen." She slowly straightens to peek up at him, tilting her head. "How.. How can you be so.. calm?"

Merendezen smiles and shifts to hold her with one arm while the other remains in her hair, gently stroking. "Don't think about it so much." He offers, looking down at her and smiling wider. "I'm not thinking so much about it. Just doing what needs to be done and letting the days come as they will."

"But…" She starts to argue just a little with his statement, with his reasoning, but as he smiles at her, she hesitantly smiles back up at him, swallowing. And then, out of nowhere, there's a quick glance over her shoulder, suddenly seeming to realize their situation - alone in a dim room - fingers hastily curling her fingers in his shirt, biting her lip as she shifts to put a bit of space between them. "Zen.." A pause. "Zen, I.. That's hard."

Merendezen laughs at the start of her protest, leaning down to press a quick kiss to her temple as she's glancing over her shoulder. "Yes?" Then, he shakes his head and steps back as she does, allowing his hands to trail to her arms and gently curling there. "I know. It's not an easy thing. I'm not sure how I can reassure you anymore than I am now."

Andi lifts her hands to gently rest them on his arms in turn, letting them linger there with easy, reassured at least slightly by the contact between them. "Thank you, Zen." She whispers, dropping her gaze, and taking a slow, deep breath. "I.. I was asked. I.. I said yes. I.. I can't change my mind now." The young woman seems to take her word quite seriously indeed, her hands gently squeezing his arms.

"You're welcome." Zen watches her still though his smile lessens as he watchees her. "I know… But you're still worried that you could possibly Impress. It's worrying a lot of people… So, just don't worry and let things happen, okay?" He returns the squeeze with a chuckle. "I'll be here for you, like I said. Nothing will go wrong."

Andi blushes a little, shaking her head, taking a deep breath. "Zen.. I.. don't know what to do if, if I do." And she pauses, dropping her gaze, as she whispers the rest of the little secret. "But… I'm.. I'm afraid that.. That I won't." Fingers slip slowly up his arms to rest on his shoulders as she steps back towards him, closing her eyes. "I.. I don't want to be my mother." The words are almost inaudible as they slip unwittingly past her lips.

"If you do, you'll handle it. You know why? Because it's something new and they teach you. You won't be alone." Zen gives her a smile before he leans in, attempting to hear her soft spoken words. "You will. I'm sure you will…" He trails off, remaining in silence and easily shifting as she moves closer. A look is given to her at the softer admittance and his brows draw into a frown, uncertain. "What about your mother…?"

"I.. I know. I… The eggs…" And she stammers, trying to figure out how to explain that the eggs gave her an insight into the bond, as unnerving as the experience was. As he shifts, she shifts to her tiptoes, hand on his shoulder for balance. "I… I don't want to be a Lady Holder anymore." The words are meant for him alone, and the squeeze given his shoulder likely indicates that is something for his ears alone. "I.. If I have to.."

"Are… Kinda strange. All those feelings…" He trails off, giving her a little look. Though it does not share his thoughts on the eggs, he does, however, share his understanding. As she shifts onto her tiptoes, he leans in closer to lessen the distance between him. Her admittance earns a wide smile and he leans in to press a kiss to her cheek. "Good…"

"It… They.. Overwhelming." She whispers with a little twitch, shaking her head with a sigh, closing her eyes. "It.. It was.. hard to think if.. it was me, or it was… it." She blushes, both as she finds herself rambling a little and she is praised by Zen, slowly shifting to stand flat-footed once more, dropping her gaze. "I… Lady Isilna.. At her wedding.." She swallows, closing her eyes. "It.. It could have been me."

"They are… I had to go and be alone after I touched them." His admittance os soft as he leans in to press his forehead against hers. "I understand. Needing to sort yourself out after that…" He trails off, pulling back and looking down at her. "I'd steal you away before then."

Fingers lift, gently curling around his face as she closes her eyes, though they snap open as he's pulling back to look at her, swallowing and dipping her chin, a happy little smile slipping over her face before she slowly looks back up at him. "He.. He pushed her." And she shakes her head. "And.. the mark." Dislike!

Merendezen lifts his hand to gingerly grasp hers, watching her still. Though in the dim light his look is far more intense. "I'd punch whoever it was and steal you away. I don't care, Andi… Whoever else it is, I'll fight them."

Andi winces a little as her hand is grasped, before she's wiggling her fingers and shifting to fold them through his, with a little squeak. The shadows falling on his face, casting his features into sharp relief, her eyes widening slightly at the intense reaction. "Hopefully… Hopefully you won't.. won't need to." She murmurs, shifting awkwardly as she moves to give him a quick kiss.

Merendezen laces his fingers with hers as she folds them through, smiling faintly with an odd sort of pleasure at the intimate feel of the gesture. "Hopefully… But if I do, I won't hesitate." He returns the kiss, gently, and not pushing for more, easily falling into her pace.

A glance over her shoulder once more, and then her eyes drop guiltily to the basket of glows at their feet, Andi wincing a little before she's whisper. "I.. I should finish the chores." She starts. "And.. They.. They're going to think someone got you." She awkwardly jokes, still lingering close to him, hesitantly to leave despite her words.

"Ah… Right. Chores." The glows are given an idle look before he moves to press another kiss to her lips before breaking away. "I'm too strong for someone to get me. They know better." He leans down, picking up the basket for the other and the hammer. The basket is offered out and he grins widely, "I'll see you later?"

There's no fighting the kiss, Andi slowly breaking away as he does, her hand squeezing his before she's accepting the basket with a blush and a little curtsy, ducking her head. "Of course, Zen.." She murmurs, eyes darting back up, and she slowly backs up, offering him a handful of glows to guide his path, letting him go before she moves to set back to her chores.

Merendezen chuckles softly before grinning widely. "Until then." He takes the offered glows with his free hand and then starts on his way back, leaving happier than when he arrived.

"Until then.." She whispers after him, sighing happily, staying rooted in the spot as she watches him disappear, following the glows in his hand. A little twirl, and she's then ducking her head, the humming a bit more consistant as she sets herself back to the task at hand, even if its still slowly done.

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