Portrayed By Megan Follows
Position Holdless
Former title(s)
Sex Female
Age 14
Place of Birth Keroon
Family Father: Finn, Mother: Tenna, Brothers: Finn (Red)-12, Tabor-9, Bahar-6, Senn and Kinnan-3
Faction Neutral

Character History

Fiala was born before Dancer's colt, but after Rona's filly, which was in early spring, during the middle of a storm. At least, that was how her parents told it to her, who marked better the births of their runnerbeasts than their daughter, because, after all, the breeding of the mares to the stallions had taken much more planning. Finn was the son of a runnerbeast-breeder, who was son of a runnerbeast-breeder, and back and back to stock and their folk as had survived the Plague. This Fiala's mother told her, for Tenna was proud of Finn, even if not many others were. They did well on the land they had in Keroon, not the best of it, and not near enough, especially after Fiala was followed by Finn (called Red), followed by Tabor, followed by Bahar, followed by Senn and Kinnan. All boys, and the last twins, and of course they would be wanting land. So when the opportunity came, Finn moved his family across to the Southern Continent, enticed by the dream of enough land for the whole family.

Fiala started by helping with the boys, but she far better loved to work with the runnerbeasts. Never talkative, reticent by nature, she fled to the fields more and more as her brothers grew and multiplied. At first she was brought back to the hold, to learn more womanly things, but her knack with the beasts far outpaced her skill with house-chores, cooking, washing, or tending children. Her father taught her, albeit reluctantly at first, how to groom the animals, how to care for them, feed them, and later how to train them, breed them, ride them. As she grew older, she came to love the sturdy ponies that her father did not prize, and he was glad enough to let her focus on them as his sons grew older. To his sons alone he entrusted the knowledge of the breeding of his prized racing runnerbeasts. Since moving South, Finn and Tenna have settled in with their runners and their sons and their daughter, and there is another child on the way. Though Fiala still tends the ponies, of late her freedom has been curtailed a bit, and her mother has been trying again to instruct her in more "womanly arts". Fiala has resisted this, first of all because she considers breeding ponies womanly enough to go on by and, secondly, because she has heard her parents discussing the possibility of marrying her off in a few years, to better provide land and connections to their sons.

As months have passed, though, her parents have spoken more and more of finding a husband for Fiala, and finding ways to make her more marriageable. Unwilling to be bartered off as a wife for land her brothers would get, Fiala decided to run away. When traders passed by on their way to Eastern, she persuaded them to let her travel with them. She took her three ponies her father had given her as her own, and, offering their services as burden-beasts for the journey, was allowed to go along with them. She has just arrived at Eastern Weyr, afraid and excited all at once about the unknown future she has taken by the reins.


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