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Date: July 14, 2010
Location: Alara's Weyr
Synopsis: T'ryn comes to practice his letters. They practice something else instead.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Alara

This morning, Alara sits at her desk, writing on a sheet of paper. She's making a list — as usual — and is intent upon her work. Brow furrowed, she gazes down at the paper with a frown. After a long moment, she shifts in her seat, and sets the graphstick down, gazing to where her gold is dozing lightly on 'their' bed.

With his brown off grazing in the feeding pens, and his morning oiling done, T'ryn has been left to his own devices. Which, apart from checking in again on the Weyrling barracks and all there, has brought him this way with a satchel tossed over his shoulders. There is a faint pause as he comes further into the weyr, having step past the ledge, before he is looking to the gold-and then her rider. "La." T'ryn says, with a grin. "Hope I am not interruptin' anything important." After all he can tell that the Weyrwoman is scribbling along. "If I am, I can scoot.."

Alara looks up, a little surprised at the interruption, but she shrugs. "No, no. It's fine. Come sit down here…" She stands, pulling a second chair out of the back closet area. Her weyr, unlike her sister-weyrwoman's, is clean. "You were wanting to work on your penmanship, correct?" His 'letters' or somehting. She smiles benignly at him, and retakes her own seat, looking for all the world like a Harper in front of the class of brats. "It's shape, right?" If she can remember the conversation correctly. "Maybe some simple exercises." She picks up her graph pencil, and demonstrates on a scrap of paper. "Circles and the like."

"Yeah, work on m' letters." Among other things. nothing like a little trick in asking for tutorage to hang out with someone yes? Still the brownrider moves all to easily to take the chair. Setting his satchel aside, before he's reaching in for a bit of paper, and his own graph pencil. "It's not so much shape, as it is legibility. I want folks t' be able to read what I write." T'ryn offers, before he's tracing a circle out. And eyes flick to La, as he continues the simple circle pattern. "How're you doing?"

"I'm … I'm alright, I think." Alara reaches up to rub her forehead. It seems that the weight of the world is starting to make its presence known on La's shoulders. "That would be a big help probably. It's mostly just circles and lines…" Especially if one is using script. "There's just so much to do, Ther, and not enough time to do it in. And …" And she's now the last line. The one who makes all the decisions. Or at least on most things. "I'm really glad that J'cobi is dealing with all the Thread and wing stuff, but there's a lot of other stuff that is barely getting done." And she's stressing over it. As usual. "I'm sorry. How are you?" She's not opposed to using this time for connection, either.

T'ryn is nothing but, a strict script user, as one could tell form other manuscripts which are hanging out of the satchel. All the same, T'ryn is practicing, even if it doesn't seem too heartedly, for observers tastes. There's a chuckle before he is setting the pencil down, and he is reaching out a hand to rest on the goldrider's shoulders. "We've never enough time t' do anything. It's th' way of life for a rider, La. But, you can't let it get you down. You're our Senior Weyrwoman, for better or worse." a pause that as he cringes slightly at his words. "O' course I think it is for the better." emphasize that there mate. "If you need help, you know you always got me, right? I may not have fancy britches, or eloquent talk fer harper's tales, but I will do whatever you need of me." Silent for a moment and he's nodding. "I am good, got a full belly. Met some man that Randi was blushin' over." idle chit chat is easier than weight of responsibility, right?

Alara is not the gossipy one in this pair, but when it's the woman she considers a little sister, her attention is piqued. "Randi was blushing?" Now that's some kind of news. "Thank you, T'ryn, I really appreciate it." Now it's 'La that's blushing a bit. "It's all pretty new yet."

Rauzath stirs slightly from her sleep, her eye flicking open to gage T'ryn's intent and listen to the gossip. Here's where you bring information like that, you silly brownrider!

"Like a Holder's daughter." T'ryn replies with a faint grin. "Don't know the fellow too terribly well, but he is a crafter. An he's got a silver tongue." Whistling softly, before he's nodding once and pulling his hand back. A look over to Rauzath as she stirs, and he passes her a nod. "Yeah, it's new La. However, I know you can do it. You got the oomph an th' courage for it. I'd have no other wo-err. Weyrwoman than you." And with that he is going to try and write a little. Stave off that little slip.

Alara is harper-bred and harper-raised. She's trained to catch those little slips. "Ther…" She leans forward with a small smile. "I caught that." She wants the continuation of hearing about Randi's behavior in front of this guy. "Tell me more about Randi, then." She grins more widely. She'll let him have his little slip for now, but she does let him know she's aware of what he said.

"And?" perhaps T'ryn leaves it there. Sure she may allow him the slip, but he will ask. Her opinion has always been one he's listened to. Even if the words he might not like at the time. As for about Randi, he's coughing and picking up a grin and pushing right on there. "Well. I told her, I'd chase this guy that was crooning at her, kinda ribbing her. However fella just laid it on thicker. Can't tell if he's th' type to bed and run, or such." a shrug. "Still he was flirting hard. Randi told em, it'd take at least five wildcat pelts t' bed her- Zen, this new guy, said he'd bring her six." A raise of brows. "I didn't know sex had such a high price these days. I remember in m' younger years it was a skein of wine, and a good meal. This economy.."

"And…" Alara is put on the spot. "I'd not be … I'd not be adverse, Theron Klanapan." She blushes fiercely. "I wasn't aware there was a … set price." She looks back down, gazing at the papers, making a new movement with her graphstick. It's a slanting circle, off to the right, one of the basic movements of script. "It sounds like Randi was pulling his chain, I think." That's rather obvious, but Alara's flustered. "But it's kind of nice to see she's affected like the rest of us." Jealous much? Maybe just a tiny bit.

T'ryn is good at putting folks on the spot and putting himself on the spot if the needs be. Still he is looking back over towards Alara, and he's scratching his pencil along. No longer are their neat figure eights or such, but mainly now it has degraded down into doodles. "Oh." silent for a bit, as now he is drumming the tip of his graph pencil on the parchment. "Well…I would not be adverse either." There, with that out, the brownrider's cheeks hue reddish. And then he is moving on. "You never know with Randi. First time I've seen her flustered though." And there's a pause as he looks over towards Alara "What's that mean?"

"She's usually a lot more together than I am." Alara admits, softly. She looks up to see his face redden slightly, and it makes her own blush deepen. "I don't know. I've often envied her a bit for her confidence." Alara doubts herself all the time. She sets her graphstick down and stands up, moving around a bit to bleed some of the stress from the situation. "Maybe she should have gone up first." Then she could have had the fun of all this stress and headache. "But that's not how it happened." So, she'll soldier on, and just do what she can.

"You're a lot more put together than you realize." said back. T'ryn is now done writing or pretending to write as he is turning to face the goldrider more directly. Even as she is moving he is remaining seated, even if one leg is bouncing up and down out of nervous habit. "She wasn't meant to go up first. You were. It's how nature wanted it, if you want to look at it that way. But, really-and we all know this- you're the best for it. You have a cool head." a pause "You are diplomatic, and you have a good heart. The perfect things for a senior weyrwoman to have." But that is just T'ryn's opinion. He's never been a weyrwoman, so he doesn't know.

"You're a flatterer, T'ryn." Alara turns away from him, fiddling with some of the little knicknacks on her shelves, dusting them a little, and moving them as if she wasn't quite happy with their placement. "But thank you. I know Rauzath's a good Queen; she can keep most anyone in line, with just the use of her … " She was going to say 'tongue', but that's not quite right. "…acerbic wit alone, so I think we'll be alright." Rauzath flicks her tail at Alara, probably objecting to the wording and sentiments of that part of the conversation. Alara hurries over to her gold, embracing the huge muzzle, and planting a kiss on the top of her head, between the headknobs. "Luv, you know I'm joking. You're perfect as you are." There's real depth of emotion in her voice. "Training is going well?" She intentionally shifts subjects, a little uncomfortable with the more emotional parts of herself.

"Oh come now, you know I am not no flatterer. I got too much humor in my words to ever just flatter someone needlessly." T'ryn counters before he is is getting up and crossing his arms over his chest, though that doesn't really hold for long before he's moving over to join the rider and her dragon. Of course respectful not to break the embrace or come in too close to the Queen's side. A change in topics and it catches him off guard. A faint nod though is given. "Very well-least as well as I can believe it can go." And with that he's rubbing his jaw. "The Leader has us going through the paces, and that's pretty rigid. I like it."

"Well, that's good, then." The fact that he likes the drills. "J'cobi's a harsh taskmaster, but it's what we need to get us up to full fighting strength." She turns toward T'ryn again, and moves to sit down again, now on the edge of the dragon couch with Rauzath. Rau moves her forelimb to wrap protectively around her rider in an obviously practiced gesture. "You might not be a flashy person, but you do flatter from time to time." She knows him well enough for this.

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath shares the sensation of curling with her rider: contentment, peace, affection. « Mine seems taken with Yours. I can rather understand. He's a brilliant bloke. » As if this was in question. She's testing, pushing a little with her mind, seeking new nuggets of information.

"I'll be interested to see what we get on search, an all once them eggs come around." T'ryn notes, before he is looking back at the Queen, and grinning at the gesture. He remains actually rooted for now. "I agree. And when we get our weyrlings, we'll need to push 'em harder. With out size we need everything we can put in the air." said plainly before he is chuckling at what Alara said. "Maybe sometimes, when I take to a person. So it's not an all out occurrence."

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath allows his own strength to be felt. A stirring as if he's been feeling lively. « His heart is in the good of it, as far as him being brilliant goes. » As for the pushing, she will find that the brown is rather receptive and in a talkative mood just now « Oh, I know that my Little Brother is taken with Yours. It has come more to my attention though recently. »

Alara agrees. "Me too. I think there are a couple of the brats that could Stand, if we asked them…" That's usual practice, and Alara has been keeping track, watching with the eyes of both former nanny and Weyrwoman. "But it will be interesting to get to Search all over. That will be a new experience for us." Most of the time, they just search their own areas, or get special dispensation. Like crafters. "I rather like the way you say things, though." That's fairly blatant for the shy girl.

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath accepts the information, and seems to send another tendril of thought toward the other dragon. « We'll have to watch them though. Mine gets so … weird about the procreation and things. » A mental hmmmph, and Rauzath continues. « These humans are so strange. You just fly, entwine necks, and make eggs. » Simple really!

"Brats are used to standing. Harder to do with a Candidate that you get off the ground. Some of em, think as soon as they've been searched, that it's their right to become a rider." A grunt though as he shifts his wait into a rather more comfortable stand. Though to the next declaration whatever T'ryn was going to say about the search is lost in a stammer. Something that can be easily done. "Well." a beat is given. "Then I should say more things then, when around you." And there he is wishing he had pockets in his jacket to slide his hands.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath chuckles along the line. « Mine sometimes gets too flustered to think. You think they would understand how nature works. I should just give him a nudge. » And the chuckle continues. «I agree though with watching them. I know mine needs to learn how to use his tongue. » and speak properly at times.

"I'll be thinking about which brats to ask." She looks away from him, blushing again. "Yeah, I'd like that." Alara would listen to about anything the former Trader would say. She unwinds from Rauzath, and moves over to him, placing a hand on his arm for a moment. "I am really glad you came down here with us." Did she say that already? Probably. "I … " Her voice falls away, and she returns to the safe subject. "I know. Those not raised in a Weyr don't quite understand the process, do they?" Any of it. Candidacy, weyrlinghood, or anything.

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath is smug. « Well, My Own is almost smart enough enough for the both of them. But she worries so much. I tell her, Girl, it'll all work out. Does she listen? No. » There's a hint of amused annoyance in the gold's tone. Nothing can bother her right now. She's broody and happy, and is willing to share that feeling with the brown.

"Only th' strong ones. well, th' little uns too." T'ryn adds, before he's rubbing a finger along those tattoos under his right eye. A nervous habit that has ever yet to leave the man. Had since he got them-which those first two weeks of healing were quite painful, let me tell you. A crinkling of his nose, before he is bringing a hand to rest on hers. A squeeze as if to reassure, or perhaps it is those fledgling steps into the great unknown of well-this. And there's a faint nod. "Yeah well, we figure it out as we go. It's a rough road, but it's not too hard to get the hang of. I mean I turned out alright as a rider goes." A chuckle there, and he'll take that step in. To be uh close for conversation…That's right.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath projects « She's a good one, Yours. » the brown rumbles along, his own earthy feeling-the dryness of dirt and the way a rock shifts, evident. « What excuse did he use to finally come and talk to her? » Ockath, curious? Of course he is, where his Little Brother is concerned. « He just has to get his grit up. It'll come. »

"Well, sometimes, some of the riders have a good idea which — " And then T'ryn steps in, and she flails a bit. "Which … " Oh, shard it. She inhales sharply and nods. "I think that's true for a lot of things. That we'll get the hang of it." Alara's being a little bold. "And it'll probably be alright." She smiles shyly.

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath projects « His letters, if you can believe it. You can guess how much actual practice they've gotten in. » Rauzath's mental voice snickers, and the happy sounds of children at play filter through. « They are such silly children. » Broody queen alert. Indulgent contentment for now. « He's got grit. Deep within, I think. It's deep, but it's there. »

T'ryn grins as he lowers his head for a second. One hand coming up to reach for Alara's chin, and raise it just a small bit. Oh my, what is going on here? Deep breath and he is nodding. "Yeah, we will. It's just a matter of time." Bold indeed. As for weyrlings being discussed, that is what they are discussing. "I can teach, if we need me to." or Master or whatever. And then with that there's a mutter. "Well now'er never." and then there's a plunge as he leans down to plant his lips firmly against hers. Not the best, but not certainly the worst.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath's laughter comes like rocks rolling into the road. « His Letters? » and more laughter abounds from the brown. « Perfect. I can see how that went. He should have just asked to use his tongue. » a snicker, before he comes a little reserved. « I know. It'll shine through. He just needs his time. »

"I'll keep that in mi—" Alara knew it was coming, but when it comes, it's still somewhat unexpected. She reaches her arms around him, and leans into the kiss. She tilts her head a little to allow it to deepen. There's a quiet chuckle as she kisses him. She stays close, but pulls her lips away. "Rauzath. That wasn't polite." However, it must've been pretty funny, as she snickers, leaning her forehead in to touch his.

See what happens, when you finally get rid of the jibber-jabber? People can finally be people. And of course T'ryn will take the chances for deepening kisses, and lingering there, till she breaks to talk to the gold, lounging nearby. A brow arches before he's flicking eyes. "I'll assume, though, it was a compliment." grinning madly, he leans his head in to touch hers before sighing, softly. "Been waiting a while to do that."

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath's smugness increases when the pair begins to kiss. « Grit. Right there. » She snickers and mentally points to the pair, sending her affection down the link. « And chin stubble. »

"Rather." It's not certain whether Alara is referring to the 'compliment' or the 'waiting a while' part. "It was rather off-putting though." Oh. Must've been the former. "I've been waiting a while, as well." It's her turn to start things. She pulls his head closer again, and presses her lips to his own. It's a little better the second time; they're getting more used to each other.

"Yeah well. I meant to before we moved over here.. bu-" now it's T'ryn's turn to have his words swallowed up in a kiss. And like that the brownrider is falling into it. Oh. He's lost for words, however…not for kisses. He has plenty of those to give, and he will be giving them now, much more easily.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath sends along his own warm feelings. That sun on the rock heat as his own affection surging along back to the broody queen. « I knew he could do it. » and his own rock-like chuckle continues to the other note. «He doesn't care much for grooming..Well least on his face. »

Alara maneuvers T'ryn to sit on the bed beside him, lowering her arms to wrap around his frame. It probably won't go much further than a few heated kisses tonight, but it's a fair start, and Alara is happy.

Nothing like a few heated kisses, and holds. They have a history, and likely the fire'll grow till both are down in that burning ring. It's been a long wait for T'ryn. But one he would argue in front of a gathering, that it was worth it.

There is previous character history between these two. Ockath caught Rauzath once, back at Igen, as well as the two have probably been dancing around each other for Turns.

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