First Unmanned Flight For Dragonets

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Date: 04.12.2010
Location: Eastern Bowl
Synopsis: “Unfortunately there are always those that due to their own laziness or lack of commitment that do not progress at the same pace as the rest, but I am not holding all of you back for the few that are not putting in the effort, after today I believe they will be inspired to catch up quickly.”
Rating: PG
Logger: W'red

Waiting in the eastern bowl for the Weyrlings to assemble for today’s lesson the big Weyrlingmaster has what some would interpret as a smirk on his face but actually it is a satisfied smile of sorts as he watches the weyrlings and dragonets coming to where he has positioned himself, he and Tavaith are standing at the highest point in the bowl where one could walk to the floor of the bowl sloping away at this point down to where it flattens out onto the smooth floor, probably the furthest most point from the barracks, quite a steep walk up to this point but this too has its purpose. The southern sun has clear access to this area and makes it probably the hottest area in the bowl but this is the best vantage point for the lesson today.

With the exercise and training the Weyrlings have undergone during the past few months, the light sweat that beads across L'ron's face as he trudges up the slope has less to do with being unfit and moreso with the sun beating down on this area of the bowl. Balkrith of course, is not sweating. He does however have his neck stretched far out forward with his wings slightly unfurled to counter his balance as the blue waddles his way up behind his bonded in an awkward and undignified manner. But then, this is Balkrith who pays bearing and its perception by others, little mind and as such he's likely not feeling as ungainly as some of his clutchmates might be.

Ciara and Suosith are walking slightly apart from the other weyrlings, and for good reason. Suosith's walk is interspersed with jumps, the gold using them to spring forward more rapidly than her somewhat ungainly movements on the sloping ground. Balkrith's walking style does not go unnoticed the the gold's next words are for him. « It's so much quicker to jump Balkrith, you should try it! » At least she's polite enough not to comment on his waddling. Ciara squints up at W'red, and by the time she's in position, with Suosith settled beside her, she's sweating a little from the walk and the heat. She uses her shirt to wipe her forehead, but doesn't seem too bothered about looking red from the exertion.

Among the weyrlings is M'zen and Tuorth, making their way up to the Weyrlingmaster in the heat. While not visibly discomforted by the heat, at least not beyond the point of sweating. the two make their way without complaint, bronze and man in perfect sync with their movements. When one stops, the other matches and they only come to that point when settled into their proper placement.

The Weyrlings and dragonets seem to be milling around and struggling to get into the familiar formation to which the class has now become accustomed, greens in front then blues behind them followed by the browns and bronzes, the gold’s taking up their position off to the side of the green line up. The uneven ground making it difficult to stand in rows but today it will be overlooked. W’red waits for the normal murmuring and shuffling to slowly subside and the dust created by the dragonets to settle. Arms folded over his large chest blue eyes scanning over the assembled. “Weyrlings you are showing good progress and some of the dragonets are showing good signs that they are ready.” Ready for what he does not yet divulge.

Balkrith swings his head in Suosith's direction taking note of her springy style of moving up the slope, and gives it a go, with a little whuff punctuating the air each time he lands. « This is fun! You are a true leader, mi'lady. » thus stated by the one who thinks turnips will be the end of Thread. L'ron sidesteps the two hopping dragonets and falls in step next to Ciara briefly, a warm smile in place, giving quietly, "You do know that if she told him, putting his head in the lake and blowing bubbles out his nose was fun, he'd do it, yeah?" A crooked grin and then he's quickly falling into position, M'zen given a short nod of acknowledgement before all attention goes to W'red. Ready? Brown eyes slip sideways onto his blue who seems as pleased as punch with that little 'game' Suosith just showed him.

Suosith seems rather pleased that Balkrith likes her suggestion. Ah, but as if there was any doubt. She's just full of good ideas, of course! « Thank you, Balkrith! » Her voice tinkles like stars with delight. Ci rolls her eyes at L'ron's comment, but it's a good-natured expression, and the smile she gives him is warm…maybe a little too friendly too, given W'red is watching them all get into place. "Don't give her any ideas," she whispers back, before L'ron goes off to join the blues and she's off in her place. W'red's words have her looking interested. Ready? She looks to L'ron and M'zen, eyebrows lifted enough to give a look of 'for what?'.

M'zen's attention along with Tuorth's, fall onto Balkrith and Suosith, briefly, watching their movements with a mild interest as they spring forward to move up the slope. Green eyes briefly find L'ron before Zen returns the nod and turns full attention forward to listen. Though a single brow raises in inquiry of the ready, though just as easily looked over with so many other weyrling's present, he simply remains quiet and patiently waiting for the answer that they all are likely to ask. Ready for what?

Again the murmuring and whispering amongst the class rises and subsides as all attention is placed back firmly on the Weyrlingmaster and the brown hovering to the left of him. “Unfortunately there are always those that due to their own laziness or lack of commitment that do not progress at the same pace as the rest, but I am not holding all of you back for the few that are not putting in the effort, after today I believe they will be inspired to catch up quickly.” Perhaps this is what the smirk was about, talking only achieves so much giving some the chance to try new things and leaving the slackers out would perhaps bring them all up to the same level much more than merely talking. Again blue eyes scan the class, “alright I will announce names and those called out will step forward, and stand here right in front of me, the rest will remain where they are and observe.” Taking a small piece of folded hide from his pocket W’red unfolds it and is about to read out the names written on it.

L'ron shifts in his at ease position, setting a wary look onto the Weyrlingmaster. Brown eyes shift sidelong onto his blue, « Balkrith, I though we spoke about where you hide turnips! » - « I only put them in that empty couch like you told me to, L'ron >. The blue is swift to come back with, a faint sudsy scent to the hurt tone of voice. « Mmhmm. » And the blue weyrling leaves it at that, eyes going front and center, waiting for the shoe to drop, sure that he and his turnip-head are to be amongst those being held back despite the extra hours of practice he's had to put in to keep the little guy up to speed.

Disliking the suspense intensely, Ciara shifts from foot to foot as she listens to W'red's lack of explanation as to what exactly they're ready for. When the weyrlingmaster starts to call out names, her hands find each other behind her back and she starts playing with her fingers in a nervous gesture. Suosith looks less worried. « Of course we'll be called up, Ci! We're good at everything. » Ci gives her dragon a look and a shrug. She's not feeling the gold's confidence right now.

There's no particular worry for M'zen right now, only a hand lifting to rest briefly upon his lifemate while the rest of his attention remains focused forward. It's a silent interaction between the two, no words, not even through their link. Just the single touch with complete understanding. Green eyes are focused upon the hide with the list of names.

”The following Weyrlings step forward, Ahnika, A’kon, L’ron, P’ret, V’tol, L’don, Belira, M’zen and lastly Ciara and Rio, the rest of you can find somewhere to sit and watch as none of you or your dragonets have shown the required efforts to make me believe you are ready as yet.” With that said the Weyrlingmaster turns his attention to the Weyrlings whose names were called and are now assembling in front of him, although confusion may be displayed on all the Weyrlings faces these were about to be set at ease.

A brow twitches upward in surprise as he finds his name amongst those read out with L'ron sending a querying look first to Ciara and then M'zen, as if somehow one of them might know that this is all about. As to Balkrith? He's right there with Suosith in sentiment, and even includes Tuorth in his statement of pride through a clanging of pots « We got good turnips, we do. »

Ciara puts a hand on Suosith's side before the gold gets to her feet. Next thing, the weyrling is looking over at L'ron, shrugging - no, she hasn't got any idea either - and finally her eyes are back on W'red as she and her dragon move up to the front to join the rest of those whose names have been called out. « I told you so, » Suosith says smugly to Ci, as she trots up and sits down again in front of W'red, head held high. Ci stands beside her, looking at W'red in mute confusion.

M'zen twitches slightly in movement as his name is called, not moving forward until he casts a final look to the others who have been called. They move again, making their way forward though with Tuorth casting a look to Balkrith. « I do not believe they would call it turnips. » Is noted in a rather dry tone, briefly before returning to silence and resettling beside M'zen as they look to W'red for answers.

W’red looks them all over quickly, a stern look on his face as he addresses them, “Just because you were picked out of the rest does not mean you are any better than them, you are just showing more advancement than they are but they will catch up quickly now I am sure.” There is a short pause before he continues, “today your dragonets will fly for the first time, unmanned of course but fly they will, now there are some things which you need to know before we proceed, which is why I have called you forward, firstly, you need to be in control all the time, the dragonets once they get the feel of the air under their wings will be tempted to fly higher and further than they can at this stage and you have to ensure they do not, secondly, -you- must keep calm and not get carried away by the occasion either, I know it is exciting and every step forward takes you closer to the end goal but if you cannot carry out these simple instructions then your dragonet can get hurt and set you back three to five months.” The big brownrider gives a few seconds for this to sink into the minds of the Weyrlings, “thirdly, Tavaith will if required ground your dragonets, this is a last resort, but if you cannot keep to the first and second, then we will have no other choice, do you all understand?”

Balkrith simply gives a little twitch of wings in response to Tuorth's comment, unruffled by the tone taken. Flying? Now that gets both L'ron and his blue's undivided attention! Flying means being able to gather together more turnips for his Cunning Plan! A light frown of concentration forms on the blue weyrling's face as he takes in what W'red cautions on, a warning look being sent Balkrith's way as the little blue fairly jiggles with delight at the idea.

M'zen nods once to the fact that they are indeed, not better than the rest for being chosen. Though Tuorth has certainly puffed up just a bit more with his ego. Not that Zen's encouraging it, either. The mention of flying has the bronze straightening whatever fraction more that he can, shifting his wings in anticipation but nothing more than that. Green eyes focus on the bronze, intently, making sure that he completely understands the rules and the rules that he must follow. "Yes, sir." Is said for the askance of understanding once it is drilled in Tuorth's head to not disobey. At all. Not even a slight fraction.

As Ahnika and Jhath are among the last to marshal forward when called up to the front of the class on the hill, they both hold a neutral, indifferent expression, though for any of the others who seem confused or alarmed, Ahnika gives a reassuring smile, brief though it is. Discipline! They are in formation here! Or so Ahnika thinks. She remains dutifully quiet and attentive as W'red speaks next, though that neutral expression shifts slightly as her grey eyes sharpen at the thought of Jhath having her first unmanned flight. Her gaze slides to the space before them and the area, she presumes, that Jhath will be doing her first flying attempts. Committing it to memory? Perhaps, or just looking for something. Or someone. Her gaze slides back to W'red then and she nods very slightly in acknowledgment, otherwise remaining still and at attention.

Quiet and subdued, the younger of the Weyr's grown weyrwomen walks alongside her shining lifemate. The gathering of weyrlings and their instructor catches her attention and the first hints of a smile tug at the corners of her mouth. Silent communication means that both dragon and rider change course in sync. A silent nod of greeting to W'red precedes their movement around the left flank of the group to settle at the base of the little hill and watch; both Kaseth and Randi are eager to see their children soar.

The air of excitement from the selected Weyrlings is palpable, a nod of recognition is given to Randi as she takes a place out of the way before once again addressing the Weyrlings, “okay this is how we will proceed, Ahnika you will be first, take Jhath over to the place where Tavaith is sitting, you will instruct her to crouch on her hind legs, Tavaith will crouch with her to show her how, she must then launch herself up and into the air spreading her wings as she launches, she may not get it the first time, but she can keep trying until she gets airborne, then she must glide a few feet off the ground in the direction of the barracks, I have arranged with the guards to keep the path clear, so she should not encounter any obstacles.” W’red waits for acknowledgement from the young redhead. “once there she can land and turn and do the same to get back here, on the return trip she will need at least one or two wings thrusts to get enough height to return to this point, never let her get more than a few feet off the ground, you must control it as such, if she gets to high the thermals will pick her up and she may well get out of control and this will confuse her and could possibly cause problems so keep her down as low as possible.”

As soon as Randi and Kaseth's presence registers, Ahnika turns and salutes the weyrwoman while Jhath bows her head with a sobered affect on her draconic features, though probably few could tell save Ahnika, perhaps. Their attention then returns back to W'red as he speaks, and they both seem to listen, though as he is describing the process and procedure to them the green pair studiously switch their gazes to Tavaith and then to the area beyond. It's not out of distraction or disinterest, quite the opposite. They are merely taking in everything they can to prepare themselves better. When W'red finishes speaking, Ahnika salutes to him in acknowledgment, "Yes, sir," and dutifully walks with Jhath over to where Tavaith is. Ahnika comes to a stop well before, Jhath, however, who continues the next few steps closer to Tavaith, and finally comes to a stop relatively next to him, with enough space between them for her wingspan, bowing her head to the much larger brown respectfully and awaits to be shown what to do.

The arrival of the weyrwoman and her gold draws a flicker of attention sideways with a brief smile of greeting sent in her direction if she looks his way and then L'ron's concentrating on what W'red explains to Ahnika. Balkrith's attention hasn't wavered from the big brown for a change. Well maybe a little when the blue turned his head fractionally toward his bonded, « What if a thermip, » getting that one completely wrong, « catches me, L'ron. How will I get down again? » The blue weyrling sets his dragonet with a long suffering look, « Thermal, » he corrects, and then adds, « Just do like W'red said and you'll be fine. » Attention goes back to the weyrlingmaster's brown and Jhath as she prepares for her first glide.

M'zen's eyes briefly find Randi and Kaseth, brows lifting curiously before he salutes the pair easily and falls back into attention. He is listening to the instructions for Ahni as they are given. Making notes for himself and for Tuorth while mentally playing out how it should work in his head. A slow nod is given once that is worked out before his attention is being drawn back to Ahnika and Jhath, watching as they do it and also committing that to memory.

Mention of thermals has a light flush rising to Randi's pale cheeks and she exchanges a sheepish sort of glance with her dragon, who is completely unrepentant. « I was perfectly in control, so don't start. » As Jhath is singled out, however, Randi's attention shifts to the redhead. She doesn't seem to notice, but her queen shifts her own weight, tensing and crouching as if she, too, would take to the skies. Still, for now, she remains earthbound.

"The rest of you will follow one after the other, until all have had one turn, we will continue until all of your dragonets have got it." W'red smiles and nods his head as Ahnika and Jhath head off towards Tavaith. Standing with his chest a little puffed out, the Weyrlingmaster watches as the green moves into position. Tavaith warbles softly to the young green dragonet softly beating drums and symbols floating on the air, « this young one is the beginning », the big brown crouches as if he were about to launch himself into the air showing the young green exactly how to do it. « Now, young one now. » Waiting for Jhath to launch and complete the exercise, W'red and Tavaith watching carefully always prepared to step in if required.

It is a good thing that in some ways Jhath is more disciplined and soldier-like than Ahnika, particularly in times like these where Jhath's performance is more under scrutiny than Ahnika's. While Ahnika has been studying hides of wing anatomy over and over again and keeping an eye on her green, Jhath has been doing her wing exercises every day with regimented timing, as she does most everything else. On top of that, she and Ahni have been paying closer attention to the dragons who take off and land or fly close over head to skim the lakeshore or some other aerial display. All of that disciplined research and exercise has brought them to this singular moment together. Showing no fear or nervousness or even awkwardness, Jhath merely observes Tavaith's crouching example, acknowledging with a simple, economical response of: « I see. » And then she is doing it, crouching down in a very close example of Tavaith's crouch, a nearly perfect example, in fact, and knowing Jhath it will likely be perfect her second go around. Ahnika can't help but look on, smiling proudly, and then opens her mouth a little in awe as Jhath springs forward on those long, powerful legs of hers, snapping her wings opened and tucking her legs up under her as she has seen other dragons do, even without instruction and gliding. To say her first time in the air is exceptionally perfect and graceful and on the mark would be inaccurate. It is her first time, after all. So she does wobble a little, but reacts quickly, seeming instinctually, adjusting the tilt of her wings so as not to go more than the few feet above the ground as instructed, and neither crashing into the ground sooner than anticipated. She remains on the proper trajectory of the cleared path with rigid, disciplined control, though her landing is a little rough, but no more so than would be expected for the first time doing it and she is unharmed in her brief stumbling. Unable to help herself, Ahnika gives a little hop of excitement and covers her opened mouth with her fingertips as she watches.

Now Jhath prepares to make her return trip, turning about and facing the group from the distance. She sounds out one of her obnoxiously loud trumpets in warning « I am returning now! Be on the watch! » dutifully calling attention to the fact in case something goes horribly wrong and she ends up crashing into someone or something. She's a soldier alright. Then with a little flexing of her wings, she crouches and without any pomp or ceremony she launches once more, again with that regimented control and this time with a little less wobble in the wings, as her glide takes her a little nearer the incline, she instinctively pumps once, only seeming to need the one time with her efficient and controlled way of the exercise, keeping her a few feet off the ground before she stumbles again to a landing near where she started, though slightly more graceful this time. A little more practice and she will nail that landing without stumbling, no doubt.

With Jhath's successful landing down near the barracks, Balkrith announces jubilantly to all within clanging pot hearing distance, « The Thermip didn't get her! » As if Thermals were some kind of air monster just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting weyrlings. « Ther//ma…Oh forget it! » L'ron gives with an inward sigh; eyes never leaving the green during her entire jaunt, although he does take an instinctive step backward, ensuring he's well out of her path once she returns. A wide grin goes Ahnika's way with a surreptitious thumbs-up accompanying it.
Jhath's progress is watched with a critical eye, though Randi says nothing. It's only upon the second successful landing - very near to where the weyrling began - that she shows a reaction. Where before she would have whooped and jumped with a cheer, there is now only a smile. "Good job, Jhath," is murmured under her breath, but Kaseth has no such compunctions. A short wheezing trumpet is followed by a widely broadcast sense of pride. « An excellent beginning. »

”Well done Jhath, Ahnika,” W’red applauds with a quick clap of hands, “the landings will improve with time and practice,” Turning back to the Weyrlings, “A’kon you are up next, remember what you have been told and do it as Ahnika and Jhath did, no straying or cleverness or Ranuth will be grounded, off you go.” Sauntering into position A’kon and Ranuth follow Ahnika’s example, Tavaith giving the same instruction and crouch as he did for Jhath, Ranuth lifts off the ground and glides towards the barracks, makes a bit of a clumsy landing, W’red reassures A’kon, “Don’t worry she will get the landing with a bit more practice.” The green then turns and once again launches into the air with two short beats of her young wings she glides back to where she started.

The weyrling master checks his list and looks at L’ron next, “Alright L’ron, let’s see if Balkrith can do this without any turnips to lure him to the other end and back again.” A light chuckle escapes the big brownrider’s lips as he watches the young blue pair take their place near Tavaith.

Settling her wings back into place, Jhath bows her head deeply to the queen and her praise, and then to Randi. A slightly more shallow bow of her head is given to W'red for his praise, and then another for Balkrith and L'ron as she moves away from the hillcrest and Tavaith and returns with Ahnika back into position to watch the rest of the weyrlings take their own first flights, offering quiet encouragement with her reassuring presence. Ahnika, not nearly as stoic and refined as her green lifemate, grins brightly and salutes Randi and W'red, bowing at the waist to Kaseth and Tavaith, and then bouncing a little and grinning even more at L'ron and his thumbs-up as she returns with Jhath to their position. They quiet down a bit and sober as they observe Ranuth, with Jhath offering a praise-laden bugle to her fellow green once Ranuth returns and there's no danger of startling the other green mid-flight with Jhath's mouth. Then Jhath and Ahnika turn to regard L'ron and Balkrith, with Ahnika smiling encouragingly.

One of the very rare times one is likely to see Balkrith strut, if one can even call it that given that he fails in execution and it ends up looking more like a constipated shuffle, is now as he makes his way over to the jump off point. L'ron, standing off to one side, arms folded across his chest sets the blue dragonet with a stern look of warning to mind all that had been said. A short whuff in acknowledgement and then Balkrith's hunkering down, butt wiggling as he positions himself and tail a-twitch. Then with a shove of spindly hind legs, he launches skyward honking out in the manner of car horn, « Look our Thermip, here I come! » Wings instinctively unfurling and stretching wide, he teeters a little from side to side at first, his distance off the ground rollercoasting a little until the barracks loom before him and he lands in a skittering spray of pebbles and dust. L'ron, back up on the hillock has gone wide eyed, chest rising and falling quickly for the shared exhilaration through their mental link of air rushing beneath wings. Quite pleased with himself, the blue gives another honk of sound, and then he's turning himself about and doing that whole butt wiggling thing again before launching back up in the air. Unlike Jhath, he needs an extra downward stroke or two of wings to lift high enough and almost doesn't make it, as he suddenly veers off to the right, « Woooah!! L'roooon, the Thermip's coming, the Thermip's coming!! » Oh lookie, dip this wing, lift that one and you can go back the other way. More luck than Cunning Plan has the dragonet landing almost on target, in a sort of land-hop-hop forward motion, as he announces most solemnly to Tavaith, « I beat the Thermip, great one. »

Balkrith's rather … unique way of proceeding has Randi turning into her queen's shoulder to stifle laughs that shake her narrow shoulders. « That shake of your posterior is most attractive, Balkrith. » Kaseth's tone is incredibly dry, but her mental touch is laced with maternal affection. « Well done. »

W’red watches the young blue, with his butt wiggling and has a moment of hesitation that the turnip head and his blue –were- actually ready for this and as the blue launches into the air with his rollercoaster type glide up and down and up again, the landing at the barracks seeming very much like a younger Tavaith, flopping down with as little effort as possible, then the side to side return, the Weyrlingmaster breathes a sigh of relief as the blue makes it without much mishap, a quick clap of hands is all he can manage as his mouth is suddenly very dry. Tavaith however always the encourager, his mind voice calm and melodic, « well done young one, yes the thermal didn’t get you, and you managed a good flight. »

Of course, Jhath doesn't look worried. She rarely looks worried about anything. Angry and indignant and intimidating, sure, but worried not so much. Of course, that's not to say a part of her wasn't, she's just calm and serene enough of a dragonet at this point not to show it. She remains standing next to Ahnika, her long neck giving height to survey the course ahead of them as Balkrith takes flight, observing quietly and still so as not to potentially do anything that might distract him. Once L'ron's attention is on Balkrith and Balkrith gets ready to take off, Ahnika's own expression of encouragement falters a little, unlike her serene green, and shows a wee bit of concern. It is only when Balkrith makes that first landing that Ahnika grins broadly, the concerned look wiped away entirely. She and Jhath remain dutifully quiet during Balkrith's return trip, as well, but once he has landed and there's no fear of distracting him, Jhath lets out another praise-laden bugle for Balkrith and Ahnika joins W'red in his quick clap, offering brief applause herself and then giving L'ron the thumbs-up signal this time before returning to attention and watching the rest of the dragonets take their turns.
To Kaseth, shy reverence whispers into his tone the soft echo of floors being scrubbed in the background, « My rear end was…wiggling your, Grace? My humblest apologies madam, it has no sense of decorum. » Because he and his butt are not one and the same thing. Are they? L'ron, having briefly looked in the weyrwoman's direction and catching both his blue's response to her gold and Randi's attempts at stifling laughter, flushes as bright as a freshly picked redfruit which he tries hiding with a hand palming over his face. As it comes away, the blue weyrling puts a slightly pained look onto W'red which seems to silently read, 'Shoot me. Shoot me now!' Tavaith's added words of encouragement have the spindly little blue puffing his chest out slightly, « Thank you, great one. Soon we shall hunt turnips together! » Brown eyes drift over to Ahnika and L'ron produces a wan little smile for the thumbs-up given and then gratefully turns to watch the others do their thing.

”Ciara, you are up next, remember Suosith will have to put more effort into her launch as she is that much bigger than the other dragonets, just let her follow the instructions and she will do fine.” Tavaith waits for the gold to take up her position and then crouches, crooning softly to the gold, « push with your haunches young one and you will feel the wind under your wings. » W’red waits for the gold to complete the flight to the barracks and back to where the rest are all watching with great interest. Rio’s Eovarijath is up next and does the distance and the return flight with ease and grace expected of a gold. Tavaith sends an encouraging bugle although softly as Eovarijath completes her short flight to the barracks and back. P’ret waits nervously watching the dragonets going before him hoping the Weyrlingmaster chooses him last but as luck would have it, the deep voice booms out, “P’ret, you are up next, Kidath will do this with ease, you just remember you are in control, Kidath is not, keep to the instructions and you’ll be fine.” The Weyrlingmaster watches as the blue trundles into position, Tavaith doing his crouch before launch as he has done for all so far, « go young one this is going to be fun, » Tavaith’s mind voice floats reassuringly on waves of melodic orchestral music. Belira is up next and her blue, Sauth, follows Kidath’s example exactly making the turn at the barracks and flying back to her position with little sweeps of her wings. M’zen is up next, “M’zen, follow the instruction as given and lets see how Tuorth does.” As the bronze pair move into position Tavaith sends in a melodic mind voice, « young bronze one, make sure to give enough effort to lift your weight when launching. » Next are the two browns of V’tol and L’don both making the short flight to the barracks and back without incident.

With L'ron and Balkrith back in the "advanced" weyrling formation, the green weyrling pair, Jhath and Ahnika, observe the rest with studious silence. Ciara's Suosith and M'zen's Tuorth's performances, whether good or bad, engender another encouraging and bright smile from the redhead of the pair, though. Not only are they both eager and interested for her classmates to achieve this milestone, but they are also interested in who shows what strengths and weaknesses. Who needs to work on their landings, aside from Jhath, or their control, or their launch, and so on, strategizing an analytical as this pair often is. They pay close attention until everyone called has had their turn.

Balkrith watches the flights of each of the others with great interest, or should we say, he's watching the air about them, as if to perhaps catch that Thermip getting up to mischief again. L'ron happy to have his quirky blue occupied in such a manner puts his attention onto the technique's employed by the others, giving a quick clap and a smile of encouragement to each of his fellows weyrlings that make it successfully.

Amused laughter turns into a loose, wet cough and after a warning sort of rumble from Kaseth, Randi and her gold toss a salute towards W'red and trundle off in the direction of the infirmary weyr.

W’red returns the Weyrwoman’s salute, however he is satisfied with the way the chosen Weyrlings have carried out the task and smiles broadly, “Right Weyrlings those of you that have had your dragonets first unmanned flight this will be practiced every second day, remember control, no rising above a few feet off the ground their wings need to get stronger and this is now part of their wing exercises.” Turning to the taciturn lot sitting off to one side, the Weyrlingmaster runs a stern eye over them, “this group needs to up their training regimes and get your dragonets into a position that they too can take to the air, the onus is on you now, I’ll be keeping a careful eye on you and will take you one at a time as I feel you are ready to do the same, then and only then may your dragonets fly at all.”

Once everyone called has had their turn, Ahnika and Jhath return their attention to W'red. There is little betrayal of emotion in either of them as he speaks of continued structured practice in place, but those who are observant might see a twinkle of pleasure in Ahnika's grey eyes.

L'ron's delight at this now becoming a regular part of Balkrith's training, and his by matter of keeping control of the blue while he's up in the air, is openly displayed in a wide smile and a firm nod of head given in understanding of what the weyrlingmaster reiterates.

Scanning over the Weyrlings W’red, smiles it all went better than expected, he was prepared for at least one mishap and had the infirmary on standby for any eventuality. “Well done to all of you that successfully completed your first flight, are there any questions?”

Remaining dutifully quiet as she and Jhath continue to listen to W'red, and even a few moments after he finishes, Ahnika does not appear to have any questions. Her gaze moves from him to some of the other weyrlings curiously, and then back to the weyrlingmaster.

"Thank you, sir," this echoed by L'ron along with others and then with a deep frown going Balkrith's way for the mental urgings being sent to him. « No Balkrith, I am not going to ask that! » - « But the Thermiiip!! » the blue all but whines in return. None of this gets said aloud however, with the blue weyrling simply giving a firm shake of his head to indicate that he has no further questions.

With there being no questions from any of the group W’red dismisses the class, with a crisp salute for the Weyrlings as they are all now becoming dragon riders.

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