Fisher Ladywoman


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Date: 21st July 2010
Location: Randi and Kaseth's Weyr
Synopsis: Ciara goes to Randi to report on her progress at Landing. She finds the junior Weyrwoman in a less-than-perfect state, and ends up leaving with a new rank entirely.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Ciara

Once inside this space, the first impression is of size. The ceiling arches high, high above the main room. Even the largest of dragons could move in here comfortably. Along the western wall, where it can be warmed by the same springs that warm the Sands, a wide couch sits. It hasn't had the chance to be smoothed and curved by years of dragon-use, but the builders attempted to compensate for this by chiseling a slight curve into the stone. The surface is a bit rough, but not enough to be harmful. There's a large desk along the back wall, its surface covered in a myriad of hides. There's a small nook along the east wall that leads to an even smaller room containing only a bed and sidetable and an odd indentation in the rock just north of the dragon's couch. Scattered throughout the room are canvas bags and wooden chests. Most are open and have something dangling from the edges. Behold the process of organization. It will be finished. Someday. Maybe.

For once, the night is warm and cloudless; a rarity during the continent's rainy season. Sitting on the pile of furs in Kaseth's couch and wearing nothing but a breast-band and a pair of shorts is a young blonde weyrwoman. Two empty skeins litter the ground near the couch and a third one is tossed aside as the weyrwoman drains it dry. Her eyes are red and puffy from crying - though they and her face are dry now - and her hair is an absolute mess. Her small gold dragon lounges in the couch behind her, crooning reassurance and keeping a single, slowly-whirling yellow eye on her lifemate.

Ciara steps confidently onto the weyr's ledge, but more slowly into the actual weyr, eyes sweeping the ceiling of the large cavern. "Wow," she says softly - but that's before she notices Randi sat beside Kaseth's couch, with the gold herself behind her. The dragon's yellow eyes are noted, but the Holder girl has no idea what they mean. Randi's appearance, on the other hand, is much more telling, and the fisher girl stops right there in the entrance. Her hands go behind her back, fingers twining and untwining. "Oh, um…." Whatever her reason is for this visit, she doesn't immediately state it. Instead, a worried, "are you okay, Randi?" comes out, the usual rank dropped as Ci gives the dishevelled Weyrwoman (and the skeins about the floor nearby) an anxious look.

Head jerking up from where she'd been staring contemplatively at the wall, Randi takes a moment and a half to focus her gaze on Ciara. "Oh, s'you." Leaning back against her dragon's cool hide, Randi sighs. "Yeah, m'fine." One hand reaches up to brush over her face, wiping sweat from her brow before making the same motion over her neck and collarbone. "What'd you need, Ciara?" Kaseth, calmer and more sober than her rider, rumbles a gentle greeting the girl's way, but stays quite firmly away from her mind.

Ciara stands there, awkward and patient all at once, while Randi focuses on her. The young woman's face has an almost earnest expression. "Um…I was just going to report to you about how I'm getting along at Landing." She bites the sentence off, worrying her lower lip a moment. "But um…I…could I get you some water?" Kaseth's gentle greeting is reassuring at least, Ci shooting a less concerned look her way, but when she looks back at Randi her face shows concern again for the woman's state.

"Water." Randi's left eye twitches twice. "Yeah, water would be good." Reaching up to scratch an itch her queen just couldn't reach, she loses a bit of balance and ends up leaning even further against the dragon's side. "Landing." Her face wrinkles up and she seems to be trying to think through a fog until a sudden jerk has her blinking and at least a bit more focused. "Right. The fish. How is that coming?" When she thinks she's sure Ciara isn't listening, she leans over to place a gentle kiss on Kaseth's shoulder. "Thanks, queenlet."

"I won't be a moment," the fisher girl says, and indeed she isn't more than a few minutes gone, returning with a skin as big as the wine ones scattered around Randi - though this one is filled with water, of course. Ci moves over to Randi to offer the thing over. She hangs back at a respectful distance once that's done…after a slight crinkling of her nose at the smell of alcohol coming off the weyrwoman. "Very well. I think I'm on track with the knowledge of southern species, and I'm ready to begin teaching the basics of fishing here, if you'd like." She politely looks the other way when Randi kisses Kaseth's shoulder, as if faintly embarrassed by the show of affection between rider and dragon.

Embarrassment goes right over Randi's head. It gets like that sometimes - forgetting that other people don't understand the big thing that lives in your head. Still, she accepts the skein politely and drinks a good portion of it in one go. A smothered burp and three more reasonable drinks later, the weyrwoman seems a bit more like herself, though weary. "Good, that's … that's good, Ci." Another drink of the water; now that she's started, it's like she can't get enough. "What do you think about people, Ciara?" It seems quite like the question a depressing drunk would ask. "I mean. What makes them tick the way they do? What makes them act and say and move in their own ways?"

Ciara looks bamboozled by that question, now that her concern for Randi is fading away. Or was. The water seems to be sobering her up, but that question doesn't seem like sober fare. Nor does the teen look confident in how to answer it. "Erm…I don't know. I guess whatever it is that makes us different to, like…animals? Minds?" She grapples at the abstract concept and fails miserably, letting her fingers fiddle behind her back as she watches Randi, waiting for her to say something else.

"In the past sevenday, Ci, I have seen a man break and pulled him back together again only for him to shut down and give me the cold shoulder. I've had my wits scared out of me - and earned a concussion to boot - by a man who had lost his wits in a moment of rage. I won a woman's livelihood in a game of dragonpoker and she was taken away from her home all to fill a need we had here. I've seen one of my good friends beat the shit out of a rider who needed an attitude adjustment and just now I've had a letter from my mother who can't get leave to visit me from my own grandmother because it wouldn't be a 'politically sound strategy'." She stops then, biting her lip to keep from starting to cry again. "I don't … They just don't make sense anymore and Kas is too close to clutching

Ciara stays utterly silent through the entirety of Randi's outburst. They may be close in age, but the similarities in their lives and lifestyles apparently end about there. Missing your family is not something Ci is able to grasp easily, apparently. She stands there looking lost, lips twitching and muscles moving around her mouth as she tries to summon up a reply, or some kindly words, or just about anything that might vaguely help the situation. "Will you be able to go after she's clutched?" She manages finally, asking the question quietly.

Pressing the back of her wrist against her upper lip and sniffing deeply to keep from snotting everywhere - Randi's still a teenage girl after all - the young weyrwoman shakes her head, shrugs and then shakes it again. "I don't know, Ci. I really don't. It depends on my schedule and her schedule and most of all," and it seems for her that this is the worst bit. "It depends on these stupid Holders and whether or not they decide to make war on AIVAS." That last is spat out with all the venom a young woman still mostly drunk can muster. Still, once it is said, she seems to sag a little, her fury spent and dwindled into weariness. "Why can't people be more like dragons?"

Ciara nods slowly, feet shifting and sandals scraping against the stone floor. Awkward. "Oh." Again, you can practically see the cogs turning in her head as she desperately tries to think of some sort of apt reply. "I don't know what dragons are like, Randi. Would it…would it make things easier?"

"Don't … don't … " Randi seems dumbfounded by this. Being weyrbred, herself, she's sort of taken it for granted that the people she associates with on her home turf know dragons. After her mouth hangs open like a dying fish for several breaths, however, she does catch up with herself. "Oh, that's right. You're holdbred, aren't you." Her nose wrinkles up with concentration. "Nerat, right? Or was it Ista?" She waves a hand in front of her face - quite a bit too broad a motion (Goodbye fine motor skills) - and dismisses it as unimportant. "Either way, that just won't do. Not if you're going to be my Fisher Ladywoman." She stops, realizing that doesn't sound like it should. "Woman Ladyfisher." Again, not quite right. "Well, the person who keeps us fat on fish." She giggles a little at her own joke, lifted a bit out of her funk just by virtue of having some company. "Plus, I like you. I love my Kaseth. I think you should have a Kaseth. Or a Rauzath, she's sassy. Or possibly a Zhiyth or an Escaeth or an Ockath or an Erikath or a … " She goes on to name several other dragons in the weyr, then cycles back to Erikath and starts repeating them until she names another bronze. "No, wait. You're a girl. You can't Impress a bronze, that's just silly." As opposed to the rest of this conversation, which has been so serious.

Ciara opens her mouth to correct Randi, but the woman waves the matter away and Ci closes her mouth again. She lets the weyrwoman go on, naming a number of dragons…some twice. "Um." What exactly can you say to that? "Don't I have to be Searched for that sort of thing? Not being born in a Weyr and all. Who'd keep Eastern stocked up with fish, too?" She adds, and now lets her polite expression morph into the beginnings of a grin.

"Oh." It seems that's a point Randi's still-mostly-drunken arse hasn't thought of. Silence for a moment reigns supreme until Randi snaps her fingers. "I've got it!" And pushing herself off the couch - quite clumsily, too - she stumbles to her desk and digs through a good five piles of messily stacked hide until she comes to a little niche in the wood and holds up a fist triumphantly. "Aha! I knew I had one here somewhere!" And moving more slowly - though also more gracefully - towards Ciara, she holds out an Eastern Weyr knot with a white thread woven in. "There. Fix that on your shoulder and you're all done up proper-like!"

Ciara shuffles back a little when Randi clumsily gets to her feet, watching with patient curiosity as the weyrwoman starts rummaging about at her desk. The item that Ci takes slowly from her hand is scrutinised for a long moment as knowledge learned many Turns ago by the holder girl struggles to the surface of her brain. "White…this is a candidate's knot, isn't it?" She runs a finger along the white thread woven into the knot, looking up at Randi's face. "So this means…I'm a candidate?" Slow on the uptake! Yes.

"Yes, white means candidate!" Randi's grin is inordinately bright. "I'm glad those Harpers teach you holder fish something useful, anyway." A bit light-headed (probably from all that movement) she takes a few steps back and flops back into the pile of furs and Kaseth. The dragon 'oofs' out a bit of air at the light impact, but doesn't seem to complain. There's far less yellow in her eyes now, slowly whirling a mix of that and greens and the occasional blue fleck. "That is exactly what it means. It also means that it'll be your job to teach the rest of the incoming Searchbait how to fish for their own dinners and what kinds of stuff is okay to eat and all that other … fishery business."

Ciara even ignores that 'holder fish' comment, too entranced by the knot when she looks down at it again - and then too busy replacing the knot currently at her shoulder. The old one goes into her pocket. By the time she looks up again, Randi's back on the pile of furs. "Oh…neat!" She brightens up out of her reverence of the new position, with a broad grin for Randi. "Thank you! I'll…try not to let you down, I s'ppose?"

Ciara ignores it and Randi doesn't even realize there's a problem with it. Alara would probably sigh though, or roll her eyes. Those seem to be common reactions when Randi starts talking. Speaking of talking … "There are a few things I've got to tell you. Um." She starts ticking off on her fingers. "They haven't finished carving out the Candidate barracks yet, so you lot will be bunking in the Weyrling barracks. You can move your kit up there from the Lower Caverns. Um. You'll need to make a plain white robe for the Hatching and you can't leave the Weyr without getting permission and with a rider escort." She glances at Kaseth's growing belly. "Well, that one isn't so strict until they've clutched, but don't spread that around, yeah?"

Ciara nods along to each point - whether she's taking it in or not in her delight is another matter entirely. "I won't! And…thank you, again!" Practically bouncing on her heels with contained excitement, it comes out in a burst of speed as Ciara heads sharpish to the ledge. "I'm gonna go find Ahnika! I can move cots to be next to her! Thank you!" The gratitude just doesn't stop, even as she flees out to the bowl.

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