The Fishing Rider


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Date: 16th July 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Upper Hatching Galleries
Synopsis: Ciara meets F'min, and discovers something she didn't know about riders.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Ciara

The galleries appear to be rather typical for type. Long rows of benches surround the warm sands, giving the guests a clear view of the place where it all happens. Six tiers of five benches each provide plenty of room for anyone to come in and sit during Hatchings or other times. The natural warmth of the Sands wafts up into the room, making it a more popular place in wintertime, especially for those reared under the hot Southern sun. A bar runs its course around the edge of the dais, protecting one and all from a fall, or worse yet, an angry gold dragon.

The warmth and cover of the hatching grounds is a welcome relief from the rain outside, for all that it is only a light drizzle. Ciara's up in the empty stands messing about by herself, walking along the highest row of seating and…examining the bench, apparently. Apparently she's got time to kill on an evening like this.

Entering from the drizzle, with droplets clinging to his hair, F'min slings his riding jacket over his shoulder with one finger. He strolls along the bottom tier of the galleries, his eyes on the sand, before he looks up and around, inspecting the Hatching Ground that is new to him. His eyes finally light on the woman in the upper galleries, and he pauses watching her for a moment.

Ciara straightens from rubbing the bench and, on turning to start walking again, spies F'min standing there watching her. She in turn watches him, though in her case she waves a merry greeting. "Hey!" The thought that he might be there to kick her out doesn't even cross her mind, and she carries along the row without a care, and the same happy expression on her face.

F'min half smiles, and lifts a hand to wave back to her. "Hey," he replies. He leans slightly back against the railing, a slight furrow on his brow. "Bit early for cleaning the galleries, isn't it?"

Ciara blinks at F'min a moment, not understanding the question. Then a lightbulb goes on and the young woman's mouth forms an 'o'. "Ohhh, no, I was just looking around." She starts to grin with delight as she explains. "I've never been in a hatching gallery before. Are the seats comfortable? They seem really hard."

F'min nods slowly. "Ah, I see. Yes, th' benches are hard, but durin' th' Hatchin' people don't seem ta notice in th' excitiemtent." He smiles, turning to rest his palms on the railing in front of him, looking at the sands below him. His blue eyes rove over the expanse, a reminiscent smile coming to his features.

"I seeee." Ciara turns to give the benches a disbelieving look, before swivelling back to look at F'min - who's now looking down at the sands. "It must be really exciting then. I don't think I've ever known anyone who's been to a hatching. Not at Nerat anyway, but I've met riders here. Obviously." She starts to come down the steps towards where F'min is stood. She notes his knot. "Who's your dragon?" It's just question after question from this one.

"Brown Voldrath," F'min answers the last question. He turns back to the girl, "forgive m'manners, or, lack o'manners, as it were," he grins extending his hand. "I'm F'min, lately of High Reaches Weyr."

Ciara sticks out her hand to take F'min's squeezing it firmly and giving it a little shake. "I'm Ciara…erm, formerly of Nerat." Formalities are weird. She draws her hand back after the shake is over. "Did you come in here to get out of the rain? I got in here just as it was starting. I think I might go fishing soon though; I always catch more when it's drizzling like this."

F'min nods, the grin still there, unwavering, at the introductions completion. "Pleasure t'meet y', Ciara." He shakes his head at her question. "I just had some time t'm'self. I thought I'd take a look at th' Hatcthing Grounds here, since we have a queen soon to lay." His head nods once in agreement as he turns to look back towards the sands. "Rain is always a good time t'catch fish."

Ciara looks out at the sands thoughtfully, leaning against the safety bar, a little down from F'min. "Oh, you fish?" She asks, when the rider adds his agreement on the statement about rain. "Or used to?"

F'min smiles with a nod. "Aye. I was raised in th' seacraft before I was searched. M'father is still plyin' th'craft along th'Reaches coast. Still fish sometimes, when I have th'time." He pauses. "Voldrath likes t'fish, too."

Ciara looks highky excited by this new knowledge. "Ooh! My dad's a fisherman - though he probably doesn't know your dad, being in different places and all." Breath-taking postulation there. "I didn't realise dragons could like that sort of thing. Hey - where do you go fishing? I go to the river just near here, cos I can get there by foot. It must be easier to go wherever you want by dragon."

A call comes from the entrance to the galleries, with Ciara's name distinctly in it. The young woman jumps to attention. "Oh no…nice tomeet you F'min - I need to run!" And she's off like a rocket, towards the not-impressed-looking waitee.

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